All About Me


Hi.  My name is Suzanne and I’m a 46 year old Mum to 13 year old Amy and 7 year old Thomas and also step-mum to 27 year old Matthew.  I’ve been married to Mark for 18 years.  Other members of our family include our miniature poodle Sparky and our guinea pig Sparkle.
Having worked since I was 16 we made a decision just before Christmas that I would give up work to have some time at home pottering around doing bits and bobs.  To be honest I thought 12 months of this would be perfect after which I’d probably look for a part time job again.  So,  I handed my notice in at a primary school where I worked in the office and finished on the last day of term, 21st December 2012.
I was excited about Christmas but truthfully more excited about packing the kids back off to school in the New Year so I could have some time to myself doing a bit of what I wanted.  However, things never quite turn out as expected do they and just after noon on New Years Day I had a heart attack which resulted in emergency surgery and 2 stents being fitted.  Since then I’ve been up and down physically and mentally so thought I would start this blog on my 46th birthday as a way of reminding myself that everything in my life now is a bonus.

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