Sunday, 11 June 2017

June Week 2 - Photo .12

Photo 12 - my healthy breakfast of yoghurt, strawberries and blueberries. This week has been a get up and go kind of week energy wise and I've been paying more attention to what I've been fuelling up on. It won't last, it never does, as you'll see further down, but all I can do is embrace the energy and the healthy eating while I can. 
So, what's been happening this week. 

Well, as you probably know there was a bit of slime making going on in the kitchen. I think Thomas got cold feet about taking it in though in case he was caught with the contraband so after all that mess it stayed wrapped on the windowsill for 3 days until I binned it. At least he had fun making it. 
I got another Works voucher for my birthday which I love receiving and bought a new book. It's full of handy little tips which I expect we all know but it's a good book to pick up and flick through.
A surprise parcel arrived in the post - they really are the nicest ones aren't they.  This was sent by the lovely Liz at lovethosecupcakes. She probably won't remember but not long after the HA I posted something about it always being on my mind and she wrote a comment that helped me deal with it more positively. You really should visit her blog if you haven't done. She posts lovely photos and goes off on the most exciting adventures for her holidays. I feel truly blessed that I've made so many lovely friends in bloggy world. 
It was Mark's birthday yesterday. He spent the day in Manchester drinking real ale under the guise of attending a watch meeting. The meetings often happen around his birthday so it was an added bonus it was on the actual date. We're not precious about things like that. Sometimes we make plans and celebrate, sometimes birthdays just come and go quietly - unlike Mark who made a noisy entrance last night staggeringly drunk!

On Friday just after school pick up there was a break in the wet weather and the sun popped out, so I quickly took myself out in the garden for an hour to do some more crochet. 
The granny square blanket is growing nicely.
The jigsaw has been finished, photographed, added to my jigsaw page, broken up and put back in the box. It will go in the charity pile now. Once I've done something I rarely go back and do it again. I generally don't re-read books, re-do jigsaws or re-watch films, although I did put Braveheart on yesterday but I was crocheting and getting up and down pottering around while it was on. 
Matthew and Sophie popped round earlier on. They'd taken Sienna to a cake smash photo shoot. I'd never heard of them but apparently they're the in thing at the moment. Basically you put a big cake in front of baby and let them do their thing while photos are taken. It's usually done to celebrate their 1st birthday. Cute but messy and it seems like a waste of a good cake to me! This is a photo off the internet to give you an idea. 

Related image
I've made my own cakes this afternoon. No smashing these though. Every crumb will be eaten. 
Parklife is on at Heaton Park this weekend and we can hear the music even with the doors shut. Amy said they did a roaring trade in wellies yesterday and had sold out by lunchtime. It's all good fun if that's your thing.  

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. 



  1. now I know that I am cracking up....I have just spent a good five minutes wondering how on earth whisky can be lighly pleated.
    Talk about should have gone
    What a beautiful box though.

    Arrrrgh....cakes smashes. I can't stand to look. You should have seen the mess both Ruby and Marlowe made on their first birthdays with just one slice of was horrendous.

    Your cakes look so yummy.

    Have a fab week.

    1. Haha, pleated whisky, that would be something to see wouldn't it. Mark poured me one last night and as soon as I went to drink it I remembered I wasn't keen. It's like drinking cigarettes - definitely an acquired taste. I like whisky and I like Jura but it's not this one.

      I can imagine how much mess Ruby and Marlowe made with their cake, it's amazing how far a little bit of anything can spread when babies are mashing it up with their hands. xx

  2. I'm glad Mark had a great day and by the look of the box on the mantel he might be in for another!
    The blanket is looking lovely and as for those cakes...delicious! Definitely no smashing of them.
    It would seem you have the perfect way of enjoying a festival. Cosy and dry in your own home. Not a wellie in sight. I fear I may be dealing with the aftermath, however.
    I'm off to have a quick look at the blog you have recommended, then I might just do something about feeding my family. X

    1. He certainly enjoyed his day and ricocheted off every door frame in the house when he came in. I made him 2 pieces of toast, thrust a mug of tea in his hand, left him to it and went to bed.

      Mark said Manchester was heaving with festival go-ers and every other person was wearing wellies. It really wasn't a nice weekend for it to take place but I expect they were having too much fun to care about the weather. Did somebody in your household go?

      Liz's blog is lovely I'm sure you'll enjoy it. xx

  3. I don't get the cake smashing thing either, just a big mess and a big waste! Your cupcakes look very yummy. Happy Birthday to Mark, sounds like he had a great time, how was his head the next morning?
    I had to look up the Works store to see what it is. It sounds like it is similar to our Chapters/Indigo stores. Books and all the trimmings!
    Is Park Life a concert?

    1. It's just the latest thing Janice - I don't know what they'll think of next. Sienna was a bit overwhelmed by it all apparently and had to be encouraged to do it. Funny isn't it, they'll mash food up and make a right old mess any other day apart from the day you want them to.

      The Works is a cheap book/stationery/craft/art store. It's great for picking bits and pieces up but if you were looking for something specific I doubt you'd find it.

      Parklife is a music festival that's been held for the past 5 years at Heaton Park. It takes place over 2 days but you can't camp overnight so all the local hotels are jam packed full of wellie wearing young uns. Mark said Manchester was packed with festival go-ers making their way there on Saturday. xx

  4. Cake smashing photo sets?!! I wish I dreamed up these fads! Lovely jigsaw by the way. Reet summery. Fancy strawberries on your delicious looking cakes. Why do the weekends go so fast?

    1. You and me both Rachel. The money that can be made from the most ludicrous ideas is unbelievable. Don't think Sienna was keen actually and had to be encouraged to do it. Funny when you put them in a staged set up how they won't do what they're quite happy doing every other day.

      Really enjoyed the jigsaw. ELC pieces are definitely the way to go I think, so much easier on my eyes!

      Some weekends fly by don't they especially if you're doing something nice, like making gorgeous looking bags from tea towels - I love what you made.

      Only 5 weeks and 2 days until end of term, we have one of those 'finish mid week' end of term, then you've got a lovely long summer to enjoy. xx

    2. I cannot believe the school year is at an end! I'm actually loving my work at the moment and am not actually counting down the way I have in the past. It'll be tinged with sadness as one of my best friends has a new job as deputy head to start in September at a different school ... posh afternoon tea to look forward to as her leaving do though x

    3. It's great when you actually enjoy going to work isn't it. Will you still be in your new role next year? Every teacher/TA I've ever known enjoys afternoon tea but can also be found happily propping up the bar as well! They are very adaptable creatures:) xx

  5. yeah, the cake smash thing is lost on me. Sort of. I see the point of giving a smaller cake to the birthday child to do with whatever they'd like, so the nicer one can be enjoyed by everyone else. It's a pretty good idea really, just seems a bit wasteful to the sacrificial cake!

    Well I have to say, that you and your positive thinking helped me quite a bit over the weekend. Thank you for that. You made me see that even though the week hadn't gone anywhere near as I'd planned, that there are still some positives to all that's gone on. For that I am grateful.

    Healthy eating never lasts with me either. Though another good thing, I lost my appetite over the weekend and feel sure I've lost a pound, which is another good thing to focus on.

    Glad Mark had a good birthday! Slime making looks messy but fun.

    I popped into the Works the other week and couldn't find a single book I wanted. Don't think that's ever happened before. Hope they get some fresh stock in soon.

    Have a lovely week. xxx

    1. They're always coming up with something new to make you part with your money aren't they. I bet it cost a pretty penny. Sienna wasn't too keen which doesn't surprise me - children never 'perform' when you want them to do they.

      The Works has loads of cookery books in at the moment and healthy eating type reads, but their other books are a bit thin on the ground. I'm sure their novel section used to be a lot bigger than it is now.

      Glad that you're able to look on the crap week you've had in a more positive light. You've got it all weighed up and each thing on their own probably wouldn't have caused you too much grief, but when everything happens at once it can get the best of us down.

      Hope your coming week is a lot better than the one just gone. xxx

  6. I am sitting here, drooling over those strawberry topped cupcakes and telling myself, no, I mustn't think about making cakes now, not when it's 1:20 a.m. and I should be going to bed!

    1. Go to bed you naughty girl! Are you still struggling to sleep? After saying my sleep seemed to be getting better I woke at 2.45am and after half an hour got up and ate a strawberry cake! It must have been 4.30am before I got back to sleep and of course now I feel shattered and guilty because I just rammed the cake in without really enjoying it. Ah well. xx

  7. Don't know about all the smashing but I've often stuck my face in a cake. Saves on the washing up! Love the colours in your blanket and the strawberries on your cupcakes. Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Thank you for my gift! I'm showing off that I have a bloggy friend who is adventurous enough to go to the 4 corners of the world on her holidays :) I was rather proud of my strawberries even if I do say so myself. I look at the cake smash photos and think rather them than me. Seems a lot of mess and money for what they do every day in their highchairs, but they are rather cute. xx

  8. Love the look of those cup cakes. Yum. I agree surprise parcels are just divine. I want to lean to crochet, I keep looking it up on YouTube, hopefully I'll meet someone who can teach me. The squares are so useful.

    1. Thank you Tania. Parcels and letters are few and far between these days so it was definitely a lovely surprise. Mum taught me the basic single crochet stitch when I'd just had the heart attack. My mission was to finish a blanket before I had another so the kids had an heirloom lol. I'm self taught after that and have watched plenty of youtube videos! xx