Sunday, 21 May 2017

May - Week 4

I've thoroughly enjoyed this past week at Number 38. There's been baking, crocheting, shopping treats, lots of home loving, good exam vibes, pretty flowers in the house, candles and the garden is blooming.
It's not been without it's little hiccups though. I sat down yesterday afternoon with a piece of cake and cup of Earl Grey all set to spend a couple of hours with Miss Marple, when the washing machine decided to play silly beggars and wouldn't drain. It's happened before but several flicks of the power switch seems to eventually sort it out. Not this time though. In the end there was no option but to open the door and let the water flow out. Turns out the drain was blocked with a tiny piece of metal. We spent nearly 2 hours faffing around with this. I started watching Miss Marple at 3pm and eventually found out whodunit at just turned 7pm!
Then, at 10.30pm we got a text from Matthew. They'd just got out of hospital with Sienna. Even though she's had the MMR vaccination she's got measles, bless her. Funny how things can come on so quickly isn't it. She was bouncing up and down full of the joys of spring when she was here on Thursday. 
Anyway, here are some of my enjoyable moments from the week. 

I've been baking again. It seems I don't make anything for weeks then suddenly a cake is coming out of the kitchen every other day. This was an orange and lemon drizzle. It was good on the day but even better the day after. Yummy.
While at the range I remembered Sadie mentioning burger and fries boxes so had a look and found these. Thomas has never eaten a burger but I thought he might try one if it came 'burger bar' style. I didn't hold out much hope actually, but you know what, it worked. He ate his first ever burger and asked for another one which typically I didn't have. He'll eat broccoli until the cows come home so it had a sidekick of greens as well. 
I bought fruity candles for the kitchen. The lemon & ginger will probably burn out today. The next one I'll light is the raspberry. 
And I couldn't resist these cute little houses for the shelf which look lovely lit up at night. 
I also bought myself this book. The information is really interesting and the pictures are lovely. However, as I can only confidently identify daisies and dandelions I've decided for the time being I'd best not mix a potion in case I poison everybody. 
Just out of interest here's a list of all the good things I can't use. Garlic, ginkgo, echinacea, St John's wort, green tea, ginger, bilberry, ginseng, grapefruit/juice, hawthorn and licorice root. Most of them are good for thinning the blood and keeping the heart healthy but because I take aspirin any of these could work adversely with the tablet thinning the blood too much and possibly causing internal bleeding. Obviously I wouldn't refuse to eat garlic mushrooms or drink a ginger beer but taking a supplement every day would be out of the question. Thankfully dandelion and burdock isn't on the list because I want to try making cordial and the ginger is negligible. I absolutely love D&B.
My first ice-cream of the year. A Mr Whippy. Love this type of ice-cream. In fact I love any ice-cream. This was another first for Thomas as well. Usually he buys one, has a lick to show willing, devours the chocolate flake then gives it away. But this time, he ate it all. I think we might be slowly turning a corner regarding food. 
And our first asparagus. Rub in olive oil, grind some black pepper and sea salt over, pop in the oven and roast for 15 mins. Delicious.
A blanket is on the hook for Sienna. Hoping to have this ready for her birthday.
And a request from Tigerlily Trust for some padded crocheted hearts. I've been asked to make 20 if I can so I need to whip up 40 hearts and embellish them with ribbons, beads, flowers, etc. 
Today, is carrying on in the same vein as the rest of the week. Quiet, feet up, each doing our own thing. Amy is working overtime, she did her 4 hours yesterday, came home, went to bed and slept for 3 hours! Thomas is laughing his head off in the Xbox room with his friends. They're on some mission or other which keeps going wrong. Mark is watching TV and I'm just about to make a cuppa and crochet a few more hearts. 

Hope your week has been a good one although I know that isn't the case for a couple of blogging friends and hugs and prayers are winging their way from Number 38 to you and your families. 



  1. you have had a good week. Well, apart from Sienna! Poor little girl, hope she's better soon. What rotten luck, especially as she's had her jabs (which makes you ask the question. how can they still get it after being vaccinated against something? I'm confused by that one).

    Your crochet work is always so lovely. And so quick. I have no idea how you do it. I've tried, I'm rubbish, I've never bothered trying since.

    I love a bit of paper product for food presentation. Not only does it look rather fabulous, but I really think it helps children eat more. The only burger Violet will eat is one that I've made myself, which I'm rather pleased with really. She claims she doesn't like onion and black pepper, which is funny because I am always heavy handed with both in my burgers. Just don't tell Violet!

    That ice cream looks good. I almost had the same when the ice cream van came round a little while ago, but I resisted. Violet and her friend Tilly both opted for choc chip mint with a flake though!

    Enjoy your weekend. Hope it's nice and peaceful this time! x

  2. I was confused about the MMR thing as well so I had to google it. Apparently it's more common than we think for children to still get measles after the jab, plus some children are completely resistant to the vaccination. Generally speaking if you've had the jab and get measles it would seem you don't get it as bad as if you hadn't.

    I'll have to ring school tomorrow though. A pupil has just returned after having chemotherapy and we've been asked to notify them if any of our children catch measles or chickenpox. Obviously Thomas has been in contact with Sienna so I want to make sure they know that. The connection might not matter but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't inform them.

    Crochet does work up quickly which is one of the reasons I like doing it. It might look like I've sat on my backside all week hookying away but I haven't.

    The takeaway boxes are brilliant - thank you for blogging about them. I'm not as good as you though, I don't make my own burgers - the ones he likes are good old Birds Eye! I'm going to get him to try one from our butcher though. I'm not keen on burgers but even I'll have one from there every now and then.

    I love mint choc chip. They do a candyfloss one on the pier at Lytham and that's delicious as well. Sat here now hoping the ice-cream van comes round later because I want another one.

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Speak soon. xx

  3. Looks like a lovely week Suzanne.
    Another fan of the burger and fries boxs here....I just love them.
    I have also recently bought some miniature fryer baskets for serving chips cut down on portion size. They really work too.

    Hugs to Sienna. I hope she gets over her measles soon.

    1. Hi Sheila, lovely of you to stop by especially after your sad news this week, it must have come as such a shock.

      I'm going to have to re-stock the boxes, in typical Thomas style burgers are now 'his thing' so we're getting through them at a rate of knots.

      There was confusion over Sienna and the MMR jab. Matthew got it mixed up with the ones they have at 2,3 and 4 months. She's not old enough to have had the MMR yet so she's not been immunised which means she could be quite poorly with it.

      I hope everything goes smoothly for you over the next few days with arrangments etc. Hugs to you and all the family. xx

  4. You have had a busy week, Suzanne, but sorry to hear about Sienna. 60 years ago my brother contacted whooping cough despite having been vaccinated by our family doctor. No one could explain why and it was still a fairly serious dose. I howled with laughter at Mark holding Sienna up high so that his face was covered- brave Grandad to have a baby's b*m so near his nose. Enjoy your forthcoming trip away-hope the weather is at least dry. Glad Thomas' eating is improving-every little bit of variety helps. Catriona

    1. It's definitely been a week of spending Catriona! We all had whooping cough when I was little. Four children, 10, 9, 8 and 3 all coughing and spluttering over the house and we'd all been vaccinated as well.

      Matthew got mixed up with the jabs. She's not old enough to have had the MMR yet, he thought it was the ones she'd had when she was a baby, so she could be quite poorly with it.

      Typical of many men Mark doesn't do feeding or changing nappies. Honestly can't remember him feeding Amy and Thomas more than a couple of times. But he came up trumps in other areas so I can't complain - although I suspect I did at the time haha.

      7 days and counting to the van, I can't wait.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  5. So sorry to hear about little Sienna! Hope she recovers quickly!

    Sorry about the washer, too. Glad you were able to figure out what was wrong.

    Yay for Thomas trying his first burger! I didn't have my first burger until I was 18 and came to this country! No body could believe I hadn't had a burger until then and everyone was saying I should try one! LOL. I thought it was OK and couldn't really see what the fuss was all about!

    Yummy looking cake and ice cream cone! Notice I didn't comment on the asparagus! LOL.

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

    1. Thank you Bless. Mark's going over to do their garden today so he'll be able to report back about Sienna. It's hard to get a proper story out of Matthew sometimes!

      The washer was a nightmare. Wet floors, wet towels and buckets of water everywhere. The plus side was we didn't need a new one.

      I'm not overkeen on burgers but I will eat one occasionally. I prefer a spicy bean burger but would be just as happy with a muffin full of fried onions and ketchup.

      You're not a lover of asparagus then haha. We only have it a couple of times, it's one of those vegetables I enjoy but it's definitely not a staple of the household.

      Hope your appointment goes well today. I'll be popping over later on to see how you got on. Have a good week. xx

  6. Big hugs to Sienna. I hope she's better soon. The same thing happened here too, even after the vaccination.
    I'm sorry to say this but I do like to read about Thomas's food issues. It makes me know I'm not alone. Brocolli is very popular here as well. Lily much prefers veggie options such as Quorn sausages. Maybe worth a try although the boxes sound like a great idea.
    It sounds like an enjoyable week Suzanne. Here's hoping for another one x

    1. Thank you Jules. Funny how children can still catch things when they've been vaccinated isn't it, but there's always that 1% change I suppose. I got it wrong about her having the MMR though, she's not old enough to have had it yet, Matthew thought it was the jabs they have when they're 2,3 & 4 months old and I'd forgotten they don't have MMR until they're about 18 months.

      I don't mind talking about Thomas and his food issues because I think there are a lot of parents out there who struggle with the same thing but are wary of saying anything about it. People can be quite judgemental these days about what children eat and Thomas would certainly give Jamie Oliver a run for his money! I don't think I worry about it too much because Matthew used to be the same. He was just as fussy and had a really limited diet but you should see what he eats now. It amazes me how they go from eating just chicken and mash to eventually ending up on spicy curries etc. If Thomas eats broccoli and some apple every day I'm happy. Of course, it doesn't help that he's funny about where he eats but I'm hoping he'll grow out of that eventually.

      It was lovely to read how much better you've been feeling, long may it continue :) Hope you all have a lovely week. xx

  7. Your washing machine picture is very familiar to me, only in my case it was a curtain hook!

    I'm a big fan of mint choc chip ice cream, and I was very happy to discover that the new ice cream bar in St Anne's sells coconut milk ice cream so we can have a sweet treat when we're on the beach now too!

    1. When things go wrong, they tend to go wrong in style don't they. At least we didn't have to buy a new washing machine so I'm grateful for that. The coconut milk ice cream sounds delicious, I'll have to try that one when I'm there next week.

      Hope you are keeping well. xx

  8. I'm just here catching up reading backwards and it's fabulous having so much 'new' news to read!!

    1. Better late than never Rachel! Hope you enjoy the catch up. xx