Sunday, 14 May 2017

May - Week 3

This week saw SATs come and go with Thomas taking it all in his stride thank goodness. It's funny how much he's come on confidence wise these past 12 months and how things don't worry him half as much as they used to. The only downside to the week ended up being the result of a treat for the children. Staff let them play out all afternoon on Wednesday so including their lunch time this meant 3 hours in the sun resulting in Thomas coming home with a burned face. I was pretty annoyed actually. They're always reminding us to put suncream on them, especially for sports days or school trips so why it's acceptable to let them play out for so long on one of the hottest days this year with no protection is beyond me. 
I'm really careful with them in the sun - apart from Mark none of us are lovers of being out in it for any length of time and any holidays abroad are mostly spent under big umbrellas in the shade. We usually come back as pale as when we went. I spent all evening applying after sun and making him hold wet flannels over his face. 

We took Sienna vintage shopping this week - also known as charity! We went to the YMCA where they had a really good selection of baby toys and picked up this lovely bead maze for £3 which I didn't think was bad, although I'm well out of touch with toy prices.
When Granny takes her outside she definitely makes sure she's covered up. 
I've put a couple of finishing touches to the garden this week and added two more tubs and a little watering can. 
And we've also replaced the lights on the summerhouse as they'd stopped working. The garden is definitely done and dusted for the year.
There's a nice little stack of angels building up nicely for the Tiger Lily Trust. Each one takes about 30 minutes so a good little project when I'm sat down with a brew. 
And I started a poncho for Sienna which was on and off the hook pretty quickly. That's the beauty of crochet, it grows a lot quicker than knitting. I bought the dress from Peacocks as a spare for when she's here. Sophie puts her in lots of pretty colours so I think the poncho will match quite a few of her things. 
Amy started her job yesterday. It was a 2 hour induction session and she really enjoyed it. She said the staff are really friendly and she was shown how the stockroom works, how to re-stock the shelves, how to label and how to use the till, which I think pretty much covers the job. She starts her exams tomorrow, 5 in total over the next fortnight. She's been a little stressed lately about them which is only to be expected but thankfully, she's very much in a "let's do this" frame of mind now and is ready to get on with them. 
I haven't treated myself to anything 'frilly' for a while so I bought this melon and rhubarb candle which smells lovely. I really need to do a bit of shopping and change over a few things in the house but what with one thing and another there never seems time to think about it properly. 
And apart from the usual bits and bobs that go on every day, I think that's all the news from Number 38 this week. 

Hope you've all had a lovely week. I've some catching up with people to do but it's been a funny weekend extended family wise and my time has been taken up with other things so I'm hoping to stop by and say hello to everybody over the next couple of days.



  1. So daft of school not to let you know in advance they'd be out for so long. Just a letter home and the suggestion of a hat would have been something. I don't blame you one jot for being annoyed, I would have been too.

    Sienna looks adorable as always, loving that hat! She'll look so sweet in her fancy new poncho.

    Glad Amy enjoyed her first day at work, and sending her lots of good wishes for her exams.

    Fairy light heaven in your garden! Looks gorgeous. I like the sound of that candle, may I ask where you got it? I need to try it if I can find one.

    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I'm about to go and wash Violet's hair .. there will be lots of complaining!


    1. Yes, a quick text or letter saying they might be having extended play due to SATs so pack a hat and suncream wouldn't have gone amiss. But that's too simple really isn't it. I'm keeping the photo to show them because they probably think I'm a helicopter mum making him stay in because the sun was shining.

      I love the lights coming on at night. Sometimes I'll go and stand outside for a few minutes just to soak up the peace and quiet. I love it, as long as Barney isn't outside doing his pee-pee at the same time that is!

      Thomas hates getting in the shower then hates getting out! That's one thing I don't miss with having a boy though - the long hair. I find Amy's all over the place and she's had most of it cut off.

      Hope you all have a lovely week. xx

  2. Poor Thomas, typical school way of doing things!.
    Love that dress you got S. I would love to buy pretty things for Florence but Ally has had so much stuff given her that Flo could wear a different outfit 4 times a day for weeks and still not run out!

    1. Yes, text after text message about suncream on sports day and school trip day but apparently 3 hours outside in the sun on the hottest day of the year doesn't count.

      Same here with clothes. Sienna's wardrobe is full - Sophie says a lot of them haven't even been worn - such a waste. Clothes wise I've only bought her a couple of packs of babygros to keep here and this little dress because if Matthew packs her bag there's nothing in it in case of emergencies.

      Hope you and Col are keeping well. I'm behind with all my blogs so I've got a lot of catching up to do.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  3. Ouch! That looks like a nasty sunburn! Poor Thomas. Hope he feels OK.

    Good luck to Amy on her tests! Glad to hear she enjoyed the first day of work!

    Your garden looks lovely! A very serene space to sit and enjoy the evening. The garden bench at the end really pulls everything together, I think.

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

    1. Luckily he was fine after I'd put a load of aftersun on him and made him hold wet flannels over his face. The teachers should have known better though. I shall be showing him the photo when I next see them as they probably think I'm some neurotic mother who's made him stay in out of the sun.

      Amy has psychology today, creative writing on Wednesday and English Literature on Friday. Then next week it's psychology and English Literature again. She's put a load of time into her revision so I hope she does well.

      I enjoy sitting in the garden, especially at the end of the day when the lights have just come on, but I won't be doing that tonight as it's pouring down here.

      Hope you've had a lovely weekend with your daughter and that you are keeping well. Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Sienna looks like a wee model in her sunhat and it's good she keeps it on. Hope Thomas' sunburn is healed without the dreaded peeling of burned skin. Nit long now til the May holiday and I expect you'll be off in the van. Norrie spent all day today kust washing ours-it was really filthy from sitting all winter. I will get into the inside next and give it a good bottoming. Your garden looks such a nice place to sit out but you'll be hoping for better weather to enjoy it more. Embroidery was rescued by washing it carefully as I felt there was nothing to lose! Enjoy your week whatever you are planning. Catriona

    1. I do love a baby girl in a frilly sunhat, they always look so cute. Thomas' face is much better thanks and it hasn't peeled but every time I look at the photo I get really annoyed.

      We're off to the van on Bank Holiday for 4 nights. Can't wait. I shall turn 50 while I'm there - I don't want to talk about it! Funnily enough I spent my 40th in our first caravan at Chatsworth.

      We certainly do need some better weather. After the lovely few days last week, it turned cold at the weekend and today it's pouring down.

      So glad the embroidery was OK. As you say, it was worth washing it as it was ruined anyway.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  5. I am appalled that school let the kids play out until they got burnt to that extent. Poor Thomas. I hope the after sun cream and cool flannels have relieved it for him.

    The bead maze was good value for money. Ruby had one when she was little and I think they are quite expensive.

    Love seeing your pics of Sienna. She is just beautiful. I bet she'll look smashing in that gorgeous poncho.

    The lights in the garden look so pretty. We'll get some for ours this year I think that actually plug in. There are solar lights but they are a bit hit and miss with our weather.

    So glad Amy enjoyed her first day at work. Wishing her huge luck for her exams.

    Rhubarb and melon sounds lush for a candle. Still haven't prettied up my dresser after removing the Christmas decs as I just haven't found what I want for it. Will just have to keep looking.

    Have a great week.

    1. It's disgraceful isn't it Sheila. I rang to speak to the teacher but she was setting the SATs up so I told the office lady he wasn't allowed to go out that day. I felt really mean doing that to Thomas but if they'd let them do that again we'd have really been in trouble - he just needed to stay out of the sun for a day.

      I thought the bead maze was good value but as I say I'm out of touch with toy prices these days. I picked up a drum but Mark took it off me and put it back on the shelf haha.

      I love sitting out in summer when the lights are on - it creates a lovely atmosphere. Add a G&T and I pretend I'm abroad.

      Amy is sitting her psychology exam this afternoon. It's the one that she's worried most about but she's done loads of revision so she deserves a good mark.

      Hope you and the family are well and that Ginger and Skylar are behaving themselves. xx

  6. The garden is looking lovely - love the lights.

    Very bad of the school to let the children get too much sun like that. Sienna is just adorable.

    Good luck to Amy with the exams x

  7. Thank you MMC. Just need some better weather to sit out in it now. It's been a bit chilly here this weekend and it's pouring down today.

    Yes, school should have known better. I'd never let him get burned like that.

    Amy is sitting her psychology exam as I type this. Hope she does well. She deserves to the amount of revision she's put in.

    Hope you and the family are all well. xx

  8. You already know my opinion on the school. Take this as comfort, there are less schooldays than your current age left this academic year. Not that I'm counting. Sienna is gorgeous and I love the poncho xx

    1. I do indeed Rachel and it's a sentiment echoed by myself. Goodness are there really only 21 days left of school, that's gone quickly :) :) :)

      I really enjoyed making the poncho. Have had to stop myself making a wardrobe full for her. I could get one on the hook for charity though but I'm trying to get a few more angels finished first.

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Glad to hear the wool is knitting up nicely. Have a lovely week. xx

  9. I do hope Thomas is feeling better now and his skin in healed. I would have been fuming. I'm always so careful with Lily as she has such pale skin - the opposite of me. I remember mentioning in a post last year that it was the photograph that made her arms look pink and she wasn't actually burned.
    That's a great picture of Amy. Doesn't she look all grown up! It's good she's looking at her exams in a positive manner. Best of luck to her, although I'm sure you've mentioned before how smart she is, so she'll do brilliantly.
    Hoping all is ok with you and your family. Xx

    1. Thanks Jules, he's got a lovely colour to his face now but I'd rather he'd have stayed pale than get burned! His generation have been brought up knowing the dangers of sunburn and he actually said to me "I could get cancer now". Mind you, that's how much he's changed. Not so long ago he'd have panicked about something like that for days.

      Amy has done her first psychology paper and creative writing so far and seems pleased with how they've gone so touch wood her results will be OK which would be a massive confidence boost for her. She suffers from self-doubt at times bless her.

      Little Lily looked gorgeous on the gram blowing out her candles. Hope she had a lovely birthday. She's such a cutie. Wish they could stay that way forever sometimes.

      Have a lovely week and I hope you are keeping well and managing to get out and about. xx

  10. Good to hear Thomas wasn't fazed by the SATs, and I hope Amy's exams have gone well (they will have), but such a shame about the sunburn. I thought, with so much information, everyone was aware of the dangers of too much sun. Just goes to show. Sienna is a cutie and the poncho and dress are lovely. Wish I could say our garden was done and dusted. Maybe if I hang some twinkly lights it will detract from the gaps and mess. Worth a try?

    1. Hi Liz. So far so good with Amy's exams, it's English Lit tomorrow - she's looking forward to this one the most.

      Yes, you'd think adults would be aware of the dangers of sun wouldn't you. Thomas, like most children these days, knows all about it because he said to me "I could get cancer now".

      I think your theory about the lights would definitely work. It's all about detraction!

      Hope you are keeping well in your neck of the woods. Have a lovely week. xx