Sunday, 7 May 2017

May - Week 2

I had lunch with this little lady this week. Avocado on toast for both of us although I managed not to smear mine all over my face. I love feeding Sienna. After the fussiness of Thomas it really is a joy to be able to put pretty much anything in front of her and watch her eat it. 
My mission this week on the crafting front was to finish 4 cribs for The Tigerlily Trust. They're easy enough to work up and this time I decided to knit the blanket and pillow rather than sew them. Next week I will be cracking on with the angels. 
We went to the garden centre on Bank Holiday Monday to buy a few things for the garden. I came home with a clematis, a climbing rose, sweet peas, petunias, bizzie lizzies, lavender and Scabiosa Butterfly Blue. The lavender is to encourage the bees to visit and the scabiosa is for the butterflies. I like to watch bees busy at the work in summer and who doesn't like a butterfly in their garden.
My go to bedding plants are always pansies, petunias and bizzie lizzies and this delicate pink petunia caught my eye this year. 
Amy had some good news this week. She went for an interview at Shoe Zone on Tuesday and the Manager rang her Friday to offer her the job. There's nothing quite like getting your first job is there, even if it is just a few hours work at the weekend. I remember mine was at a newsagents and I loved it. Still at college and living at home I worked as many hours as I could and was pretty well off. I used to cycle down to the village post office every week to bank my wages - after I'd bought myself some new clothes and make-up of course! 

Thomas has started to show an interest in other things apart from the Xbox. He's been boating with Mark this weekend and is also learning how to fly a racing drone. I think the drone in particular will be a hit because it involves manoeuvres at high speed which is just the sort of thing he likes. This is a little practise one and it's been whizzing around the house all weekend. 
I've had two lovely deliveries this week. Completely out of the blue Mark sent me these flowers which was a real surprise. 
And Sadie saw this cute little crochet project in a magazine and thought of me - thank you for sending it :) I'll be taking it to the van with me at the end of the month. I like to do a project or two while I'm there and this will be a perfect way to while away a couple of hours. 
Yesterday was freezing, the sort of day for staying indoors and baking so while Mark and Thomas were boating I decided to make scones from Mary Berry's cookbook.
Then I whipped up 6 vanilla buns and 6 chocolate buns. Delicious even if I say so myself. 
Today we woke up to glorious sunshine and warm weather so we decided to put a couple of finishing touches to the garden. The bottom area was looking bare and after discussing a few ideas  I thought a bench would look nice. We used to have one years ago when Amy was little and trying to remember what it looked like I went on a photo hunt and found this. I look at photos of Amy as a baby and have no idea where the years have gone to. 
Anyway, we bought a bench, we made it (we're still speaking!) and it's now in the garden. We also bought some decking tiles to dot around which Mark has painted up. 
Tomorrow is SATS week for Thomas. Like a lot of schools there is a free breakfast club for all Year 6's, probably to make sure they've all eaten and are in school ready and raring to go. Obviously Thomas doesn't eat anything at school so he's decided he'll have his breakfast at home as usual then go in a bit earlier to meet his friends and try a bacon butty. No idea where he's got the bacon butty idea from because all that's on offer is cereal, toast and juice! Bless him. 

Hope you've all had a good week and good luck to any children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews who are taking their SATS this week.




  1. Gorgeous flowers! Lucky you.

    Aw, Sienna looks adorable. Come on, admit it, you had avocado all around your face too, didn't you?

    Kids and drones! Violet is bored with hers now. I knew it wouldn't last. Mind you, it has a broken wing or something, so basically it's ruined.

    I'm quite glad the SATS are finally here. Perhaps now school can stop banging on about them non stop and let the kids enjoy what's left of primary school.
    I think a bacon sarnie might have lured Violet in to Breakfast Club too! Really hope they get some in, just for Thomas!

    Glad the little pattern turned up. I thought it would be a nice speedy project for you. Your little cribs are so pretty.

    Next time you make a glut of cakey business, shove some in a box and send my way please! xxx

    1. Haha, I may have had it all over my face but I certainly didn't have it between my toes like she did at tea time!

      I don't get the appeal of drones to be honest, once you've sent one up and had a look around why do it again. But, these are racing drones and there are obstacle courses set up for them to fly through which makes it more exciting. Mark and Thomas are both new to this so at the moment they're just flying around the house. I've told them all acrobatic stuff has to take place outside!

      You're spot on with what you say about SATS. Maybe they can finally enjoy the last few weeks of primary now. I certainly won't be expecting any more homework to come home although I bet it does. No idea where the bacon butty idea came from, he's never eaten bacon in his life.

      The pattern is a perfect little project and is in my filofax along with crosswords I've been ripping out of my magazines for the past couple of months in preparation for summer at the van.

      Hope you have a lovely week. xx

  2. Oh bless her little smushy avocado face. Marlowe is a joy to feed too as she loves everything....she's even had some of my chicken pie with
    Ruby was a nightmare early on and just about lived on cheese and cucumber. Thank fully she is better now.

    Lots of lovely things there to make your garden look pretty. The Petunia is a gorgeous colour. I prefer the softer coloured ones and I adore white pansies. My perfect garden would just be filled with white, cream and green with touches of soft pink.

    Lovely that Thomas has some new interests but I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of drones....they scare the pants off me.

    Way to go Amy.....well done on getting your job. Hope you'll enjoy it.

    Don't we both have good husbands? Mine bought flowers for me today too to replace the two birthday bouquets that had gone past their best. I'm never without flowers for long.

    Gosh those cakes and scones look lovely. I'm right off baking at the moment....I go through stages of not feeling like doing it now and again.

    That made me laugh when you said that you and Mark are still speaking after making the bench. I find the best way for me and Andy to remain speaking is to let him build whatever it is by

    Good luck to Thomas with SAT's.

    1. It's lovely when a child will eat pretty much anything isn't it. Sophie makes her some lovely things - she had risotto last week - could have eaten that myself.

      The drone is an acrobatic one so it's about them whizzing around obstacle courses and I think the speed and skill required is perfect to catch Thomas' interest.

      I usually go for the brightest colours I can find for the garden but this year I've been drawn to pale pinks - I probably have Sadie to thank for that :)

      You're a lucky lady if Andy buys you flowers regularly. I have to admit mine are so few and far between I tend to think "what have you done" lol.

      I needed to hold the bench pieces for Mark so I had to help him, but the only way we were still speaking is because I'm wiser and older and just bit my tongue and let him get on with it in his own unique way :)

      Hope you have a lovely week. xx

  3. Good Luck Thomas and well done Amy on her job success.

    Avocado on toast wouldn't have been on offer feeding my lot 30 odd years ago that's for sure! But it must be the in thing as that's what Jacob had when he was visiting last month, and I must be odd as I can't stand avocado!

    Have a good week

    1. Thank you Sue. I love avocado but when I want one I want one there and then and quite often they're not ripe. Last week the ones in Lidl were perfect.

      Laughing about feeding avocado to babies, I'm guessing yours had what I was weaned on - basic carrots, cauli, potatoes etc. All her snacks are organic as well and don't taste of anything really. Amy's snacks were wotsits, cheddars and chocolate buttons :) How times change. xx

  4. Beautiful work on the wee cribs-you have great patience! Well done to Amy and good luck to Thomas in the SATS. Sienna is coming on a treat-thank goodness I wasn't having to feed her avocado-the texture of it makes me boak (retch). Your baking all looks delicious but I'm a sucker for a scone, thank you. I really hope my DH and DD don't buy flowers for my funeral, whenever it may be, as the never buy me them in life!!
    I was looking fir sweet peas yesterday but seem to have left it late as there are none to be had-hey ho. Sorry to be later replying but I have sat glued to the Barbara Windsor biopic on BBC1 this evening and really enjoyed it. Still trying to declutter a little bit at a time and judging by the amount of stuff that has left the house, I must be starting to make headway. Have a nice week-we have enjoyed 2 lovely days of sunshine here which makes the garden look good. Catriona

    1. Another avocado hater - I bet there are plenty out there. Have to say I love them and will be buying more this week if they're ripe.

      Flowers are a rare treat from Mark and I think I possibly only got them because he's treated himself to some more 'toys' although he gets around that by saying "Thomas might like to do this with me". Crafty bugger.

      There were loads of sweet peas last week in the garden centre - maybe they just sold out? Sunday was lovely here but Saturday was like a return to winter. It was freezing. Today is colder than yesterday but the sun is shining so not complaining too much.

      Have a good week. xx

  5. I think baby Sienna looks a lot like baby Amy!

    Congratulations to Amy on her first job!

    Good luck to Thomas on his SATs. Kids here take a test called the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) in 11th grade, because the test scores are needed when applying to colleges and universities. I am not sure how they compare with your SATs over there.

    Looks like you are going to have a gorgeous garden!

    Your scones and cupcakes look delicious! I've never made scones, but I think I might try making some.

    1. She may well do Bless. I have a photo of Thomas and Amy in the bath aged about 7 months and I struggle to tell who is who!

      Amy is thrilled that she got the job. It's such a confidence boost especially after getting the one at the bagel bar but then not being old enough to work there.

      There general feeling of a lot of parents is that SATs in UK schools are mainly used for the school league table which is why teachers get so stressed about them. Obviously the higher in the league you are the better the school is considered to be. Secondary to all this seems to be the children who are put through hell and high water to achieve good grades regardless of their ability. It's about time they were scrapped. You'd think the results were going to set out the whole lives of children - they're only 11 for goodness sake.

      I'm pleased with the garden and how it's turned out this year. The bottom corner looks much better now there's something to draw your eye to it.

      Oh, you have to make scones. They are so simple but so delicious with butter, jam and cream. And a cup of tea of course. Very English :) xx

  6. That's a lovely photograph of Sienna. I can appreciate your enjoyment of feeding her too - I could write a book on fussy eaters! It's such a pleasure to see children enjoy their food.
    The cribs are so beautiful Suzanne. The trust must really appreciate all your hard work and generosity.
    I hope Thomas's attitude to SATS continues. Maybe a bacon butty on Friday is a good idea.
    Well done to Amy on her new job. It's so good to get that first taste of independence. I remember feeling very grown up. Having said that, my first job was in nursing home so it was a very steep learning curve.
    Your garden is looking lovely. Some home made scones while sitting on that bench in the sunshine seems perfect. When shall I expect my invitation? 😉
    Have a lovely week Suzanne. X

    1. I never struggled with Amy so when Thomas came along and would only eat a handful of things it was a bit of a shock. If he fancies a bacon butty though I'm going to make him with one this weekend.

      Thank you for saying about the cribs. It's just a small gesture but from what the charity say they bring some comfort to parents.

      I can imagine how working in a nursing home would definitely have been a steep learning curve. Both Mark and I always say how grateful we are for the staff that look after his Mum and tend to all her needs.

      I think the job at the shoe shop will suit Amy. She needed a pair of black trousers as part of the uniform so bought a pair this morning which cost her 2 hours wage - now will definitely be the time when the value of money kicks in!

      You, my lovely Jules, are welcome to pop in for tea and a piece of cake any time but you have to promise to bring Lily with you :) Have a good week and I hope you are keeping well. xx

  7. Meant to comment earlier but got side tracked. I just saw the picture of Thomas. I think you know how I feel about sunscreen, that's so irresponsible of the staff at his school. When I was working we always had extra sunscreen at school for kids that are out in the sun a long time. In special ed we told the parents to keep sunscreen in the kids backpacks all the time incase we decide to go on an impromptu walk. I hope he's feeling better. I agree with the aloe vera. It's great stuff.

    1. Hi Janice, it's bad isn't it that nobody thought 3 hours in the sun without protection would be too much. I know it's a very personal thing to you and these days we're all so sun/cancer aware I'm really shocked they didn't think it through.

      I'm going to pop into school next week and show the teacher the photo. I rang and told them to keep him in the day after and they probably think I'm some over-protective neurotic mother. Maybe seeing his face will make them think twice next time.

      When I worked in school we weren't allowed to apply suncream to any child - in fact we were pretty much not allowed to touch them at all which is a sad state of affairs, but parents could send suncream in for the child to apply themselves.

      Hope you are keeping well and that Kelsey is finding her way with her new medical routines. Take care. xx