Sunday, 23 April 2017

April - Week 4

It's been a lovely weekend weather wise. The sun has been shining, the birds have been singing, all the windows and doors have been open, there are buds on the clematis and the woman who lives behind us has been doing a fantastic impression of Barbara Woodhouse which as well as entertaining, has driven me nuts.
They've got a new puppy and the whole neighbourhood can hear her 'singing' at the top of her voice "wee, wees Barney, good boy Barney, well done Barney" along with lots of clapping. Bad enough during the day but at 11pm? Why anybody thinks clapping loudly when a dog pees is acceptable at 11pm is beyond me. The problem isn't that she's doing any of this - it's just the volume she's doing it at. People have no consideration these days. 

Not much has been happening at Number 38 this week. I didn't have my hair cut because as is often the case lately, I don't know what day it is, let alone what week it is and I'm not booked in until this Wednesday.

There are lots of appointments this week actually. Sparky is having his hair cut tomorrow, we have the opticians and the dentist on Tuesday, hairdressers Wednesday and Sienna Thursday.

Speaking of the little lady, our first stint at baby minding went quite well. It's a long day though. Matt dropped her off at 7.15am and Mark took her home at 6.30pm. The story telling session wasn't on at the library because some schools are still on holiday, so I took her for a long walk instead.
Sophie sent her routine over but of course, she's far more interested in watching us and the dogs mooch around than going to sleep. The hardest part of the day was tea time. Sophie asked if we'd bath her because it's part of her bedtime routine but to fit this in before taking her home meant it had to happen just after tea. To be honest this just about finished me off. In fact I didn't eat because I knew I wouldn't be able to bend over the bath afterwards. Plus she didn't enjoy it. She might love splashing around in her own bath with mummy - but she screamed the house down with Granny. I think in future it'll have to be a quick wipe down and PJ's on. 
I'm in sort out mode again and will be going through the house with a fine tooth comb this week making my rubbish/charity piles. The shelving in the Xbox room is my go to dumping ground and definitely needs a good tidy.
I did my wardrobe yesterday and have gathered all the bits of knitting I've stuffed into corners that I've done over the past few weeks which I'll post off to Knit for Peace.
Thomas' wardrobe and bedroom is my main priority though. I need to sort through his clothes and buy a couple of t-shirts for him not to wear this summer! He refuses to wear tracky bottoms any more, preferring shorts - no matter what the weather - so I need to buy a couple of pairs of those as well and of course re-stock the PJ bottoms. His helmet/hat obsession is also over and I've got his permission to donate these to school if they want them for their dressing up box.
I've just had a spurt of energy and done an hour of tidying up, made lunch boxes and wrestled Thomas into the shower. 

Now it's time for a cup of tea and a flick through a magazine. In a while I'll be watching The Durrells (didn't realise there had been a first series of this but hoping I'll be able to pick it up) and Grantchester - I do like a bit of Robson Green and his cheeky smile.

Then it's our bedtime routine and tomorrow we'll be back at Monday starting all over again.

Hope you've all had a lovely week and have enjoyed your fair share of sunshine. Thanks for dropping by, it's always a pleasure to read your comments and have a chat.  



  1. Oh gawd Suzanne...that brings back memories of when I childminded Ruby after DDIL went back to work. I had her for between three and five days a week depending on my son's shifts from 7:30am until mostly 6pm but sometimes it could be 7pm or even after if DDIL was late. I also cooked a meal for them to heat up at home every night and had to bath Ruby and have her in her nightie ready for pick up time. After she'd gone it took nearly an hour to clean up all of her toys before I could collapse on the sofa. I did that for over three years. Not something I would like to repeat so I am glad that London Grandma comes up to look after Marlowe and we just help out with getting Ruby to and from school.
    Decluttering is ongoing here too. How do we ever accumulate so much stuff?
    Have a good week.

    1. Flipping heck Sheila, I'm knackered just thinking about the amount of time you spent looking after Ruby. That's a full time job in itself! And to also cook a meal for them - you deserve an award. Were they not able to get her into a nursery even for a day or two? I've always said it's easier to go to work than look after a little one. Not only is it exhausting but I've remembered how mind numbing it all is as well :)

      You're right it doesn't stop when they've gone either. We had the travel cot down, the highchair and pram set up, her changing things all over the table and bits of toys, food tubs, bottles etc were everywhere. That's why I said for Mark to take her home. Normally I'd go as well, but the journey is 20-30 minutes each way on the motorway (which is always an unknown quantity), so by the time we'd done the drop off and got in it would have been pushing 8pm and to come in and start tidying up at that time - no way! I definitely wouldn't have been able to repeat all that on Friday let along 3-5 days a weeks.

      You really are a star. xx

  2. Sounds like you had a busy week! That is a long day of watching Sienna! But she does look very cute and is that a smile that I see? Good to see her not looking so serious all the time! You've done a lot of knitting and crochet! I should be sorting out my house, too, but I don't have the energy to do so. Even the daily tidying is too difficult and often goes undone. I hope I get more energy, soon.

    Hope you have a lovely week, Suzanne; looking forward to reading about it.

    1. It was a long day Bless and lovely as it is to have her, it's hard work. Just wait until she's walking - I'll have my work cut out then! It is indeed a smile you can see :) She seems to have turned into a right little giggler overnight. She especially loves Amy - she only has to look at her and she beams. Think it might be to do with the glasses Amy wears as her mummy wears them as well.

      It's surprising how the knitting mounts up and where I stuff it while it's waiting to be posted haha.

      I wouldn't worry too much about the house - looking after yourself is your number one priority at the moment. I can only imagine how hard recovering from cancer is while trying to run a house and going to work. Some things need to be put on the back burner and dust and tidying would be top of my list. Putting your feet up and resting is more important.

      Hope you have a good week too and that you manage to work a couple of days from home if possible. I should think not having to commute makes those days a real blessing. Take care of yourself. xx

  3. Oh Suzanne! You have made me laugh with the tale of the 'dog lady'. Some people don't realise how silly they sound, or the volume they are projecting. It's only going to get worse with the warmer weather and windows being left open. Let's hope the dog suddenly turns into Lassie. 😊
    Sienna looks such a happy baby. I hope you enjoy your minding but be careful it doesn't become too much. It's a long day (and of course it doesn't stop for you at 6.30pm.) and it is hard work keeping just one entertained.
    Thank you very much for your kind comments on my blog. They are much appreciated. I'm hoping to get back to my usual daytime routine today. Feeling fitter and less of a lump again will take much longer.
    I hope you had relaxing evening and look forward to your next post. X

    1. Glad Barbara Woodhouse brought a smile to you face Jules. It's really quiet where we live so even normal conversation levels travel for miles which is why in summer when the windows are open any disagreements between myself and Mark are discussed in a whisper through gritted teeth while we go around closing them! We've heard many an argument in the 20 years we've been here and many a late night 'whispered' conversation in back gardens. Makes us sound right curtain twitchers doesn't it but it can't be helped.

      Sienna is lovely to have but it is a long day and there's nothing much you can do with a baby is there? Sophie says she goes down for a sleep every 3 hours but not here. She had 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon - just long enough for me do quickly wash up and have a brew. She may have gone longer but the dogs barked and woke her up. Seething? Just a lot haha.

      Glad to hear you are improving every day and managing to get out and about. Don't overdo it. Better to take your time and get there slowly but surely. Take care of yourself and take it easy :) xx

  4. you have certainly had a busy week. It's hard work looking after a teeny all day long, and you are right, even sticking to their normal routine isn't as straightforward because they get used to the routine in their own home. It's different in another house, but I'm sure it'll all work out and settle down.

    I need to get a bit of decluttering done again, it's a never ending faff! xx

    1. I don't think there's any such thing as a routine when little ones aren't in their own home. There's too much going on here for Sienna to settle properly, even the dogs moving around, let alone barking have her on high alert. It probably took me 30 minutes of pushing her around the patio in her pram for the 45 minute sleep as well. That brought back bad memories actually. When Amy was a baby I spent longer trying to get her to sleep than she actually slept. Complete nightmare.

      De-cluttering is in full force here at the moment. Trouble is I'm creating as much mess doing it, there's stuff everywhere. Could really do with going through a whole load of paperwork as well but I need Mark for that and it's not his favourite job in the world. Me, I'd shred everything in the house and be done with it. Honestly, the sooner I can de-camp permanently to the van the better. I'd so done with 'things'. A bit of wool, a pair of knitting needles, a book to read and a cup for my Earl Grey and I'd be more than happy! :)

      Have a lovely week. Hope Violet and Bill are well. xx

  5. Hi Suzanne I wrote a big long post yesterday and it disappeared! I'm hearing stories like yours from lots of friends-our families seem to expect a lot of us these days don't they? I told my daughter that I would pay for some nursery days because I don't think I could cope with lifting and laying a wee person now. Sadly, that's not going to be a reality as no children are going to come along. I have a friend who does two days and she is completely knackered. She is needing a knee replacement and the young couple can't think when she would fit in her op. I asked her what the couple would do if one of the grandparents had a serious illness but at 70 they are both hoping to keep well! We're looking at getting the caravan ready for the year but although it's sunny here, it's cold with a wind that would cut through you. I love the photo of Thomas and Sienna-he looks really grown up with the baby on his knee. Catriona

    1. I'm only 50 so I suppose a fairly young grandparent but honestly, one day a week is more than enough for me although like anybody if they were really struggling we'd step up as much as we could. Sophie's pretty relaxed about what we do but I know some people nearly kill themselves trying to meet parents requests which is why the bath will now turn into a wash.

      Your friends sound like an older couple who used to live up the street. They were in their 70's, the lady used a walking stick and the man had had a hip replacement, yet their grandchild was dropped off Monday morning and seemed to be picked up again Friday. It was when Amy was little and I used to bump into them sometimes. The reason was "Mum and Dad work in high pressured jobs and fly to Europe in the week". A couple of years later and baby sister was also there! You have to wonder why don't you.

      I'm sorry to hear grandchildren won't be in your life, because take away all of the hard work involved and they really are a joy.

      I want to live in my caravan permanently at the moment. I'm fed up of playing house now - the caravan is much more fun and there's less cleaning to do :)

      Sunny here today as well but there's a chill in the air. Not complaining though, it's dry and the washing is on the line rather than all over the house.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  6. That is a lovely photograph of Sienna and Thomas. x

    1. Thank you. He was looking at how much her hair had grown. He's really good with her, just can't be anywhere near her while she's eating lol. xx

  7. Well done on the baby minding. Just wait till she's on her feet! Our littlest is like a whirlwind, he's never still. And he also lives too far away for us to offer our services so he spends a day a week with his other grandparents. I think they take him out most of the time or call in reinforcements! Hope the week is going well and that you've managed to dodge the snow and hail.

    1. Your little man is growing up fast Liz. He'll break a few hearts when he's older that's for sure.

      As hard as it is now, you're right, it'll only get harder when she can move. A few changes here today though to make it easier. No travel cot down because she didn't go to sleep in it like she was supposed to so at least we can move and tonight there will be a quick dip in the baby bath rather than a proper bath which she hated anyway. I'm supposed to be taking her to the library for song time but she's asleep. I'm old enough to know to let sleeping dogs and babies lie though :) I'm enjoying the rest with a brew.

      Hope you are all keeping well. Have a lovely week. xx