Sunday, 16 April 2017

April - Week 3

Happy Easter! 

Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday. In a little nod to the holiday I bought some decorative eggs and hung them on my flower lights...
...filled the dish with mini eggs then removed them pretty much straight away as Wendy discovered them.
....and put out all the eggs for Amy and Thomas plus the Magnum one I bought for Mark.
This year we went to Aunty Edith's for tea. We invited her over to us but she insisted it was her turn and there's no arguing with Aunty. Looking at this photo Thomas is ready for another growth spurt. He grows round first, then shoots up.
Thomas is quite happy to leave the Xbox and visit as Ken has a garage and they take themselves off into it banging and sawing and making whatever men make in their man caves. 
And very occasionally as a special treat there is a bike ride, although not today as it was raining, so he just wore the helmet instead. 
We've been to the van and very enjoyable it was too, even though I spent Saturday sweltering in a long sleeved top and knee high boots.  I could have put my 3/4's on but hadn't taken any shoes to go with them so had to suffer - but not in silence as Mark would testify!
Although the bacon butty he made for me kept me quiet for a while.
Random photo of the facilities just for interest because if you've never been caravanning before you could be imaging all sorts. 
You've all been to the Fylde coast with me plenty of times by now so instead of waxing lyrical I'm just going to post a few photos for you to look at.

Tradition dictates we cross the stepping stones and back again. I can tell Thomas desperately wants to accidentally fall in every time.
Matthew and Sophie came over on Sunday and we took Sienna on the little train and she had her first donkey ride. We then retired to a hotel for grown up activities of a long lunch and drinks.
We had plenty of walks along the front and although it doesn't look like it, this evening was a very windy one. It certainly blew my cobwebs away, so much so I bought a jar of hot chocolate on the way back to the van to warm myself up.
I think it's the first time we've been to St Annes without going on the pier - Thomas wasn't interested in the arcades this time. Instead a lot of our time was spent at Lowther Gardens where we played tennis, also known as 'whack the ball as hard as you can, get Mum or Dad to chase it and bend down to pick it up, then repeat'. To be fair by the time we came home he could hit the ball over the net to the person on the other side - admittedly after a few stern words from the red faced, sweating mother about looking where the other person is before hitting it.

We had a walk around Lytham which is very nice but my preference is St Annes mainly because it suits our shopping needs/activities better.
Although when strolling around shops is on the agenda Thomas' preference is neither, but he puts on a brave face.
Should you ever need a flamingo umbrella then Lytham is the place for you.
While Cleveleys is the place for bright red boots, which Amy says I should have bought for her.
Thomas' bravery scale is measured in how high up he'll go on the swing and I think he definitely achieved a silver this time.
While the more sedate activities of Connect 4 took place in the evenings.
In other news. Middle age has taken hold of Mark. This week he bought a work bench and he's ordered some shelving for the shed. 
Nothing to do with DIY around the house though. After buying another boat he's been evicted from the house with his toys.
Plans for this week include a trip to Hobbycraft and a haircut. Although there won't be much cutting as I've decided to grow it a little bit. This is what I'm aiming for - a choppy bob. Of course, when I don't come out of the salon wrinkle free and looking 20 year old I will be sorely disappointed.

And official baby minding begins this Thursday. Sophie returns to work this week so our weekly routine will now include Sienna. I'm looking forward to having her for the day even though it will be along one. A 7.15am drop off and we'll take her home at 6.30pm. Thursday is shopping day so she'll come with us to do that. Then in the afternoon I'm planning to take her to story telling for under 5's at the local library. 

And that's about it really. It's been a lovely 2 weeks of late nights, late starts and no packed lunches to make. But come Tuesday and we'll be back in our school/college routines. This term is the dreaded SATS although Thomas doesn't seem bothered by any of it which is a relief.

Hope you're all keeping well and as always, thanks for popping by. 



  1. Lovely to catch up with your family news as always. Have a good back to normal week ahead

    1. Hi Sue, lovely of you to pop over and leave a comment especially after such a busy weekend I expect you've had with visitors. So very glad to read that Col has been able to spend Easter at home with you all - what a tonic that must be for him.

      Yes, normality resumes as of Tuesday, plus housework! I tend to let standards slip during school holidays which is nice, but it needs a good going over now. Hope you have a good week and that you and Col are taking care of yourselves. xx

  2. It sounds like you had two lovely weeks, Suzanne. Hope you had a very happy Easter. I would love to have a pink flamingo umbrella! :)

    1. We've had a lovely Easter holiday Bless. Amy and Thomas are happy to just stay home these days which is fine, we just all enjoy the break from the school runs and not making packed lunches is a treat for me :)

      I'm wishing I'd bought an umbrella now. Not to use but to stand in the corner of the room. Mind you, I have a feeling there'll still be plenty for sale when we return in May. It will be my birthday week so I may just put in a request. Hope you are keeping well. xx

  3. I've been following your photos so I knew where you were! That's not the CC site unless the toilets have had a serious makeover-wherever it is it looked lovely. Glad the weather was reasonable and that's the 'van been christened for this year. Did you ho to Cafe Grand for your grown up lunch? We like Lytham although it is lacking in the M and S foodhall department which loses it some points. I like Booths between the two towns as there coffee shop is lovely. We are now starting to think about our anniversay trip which is only weeks away now and the details of flights and two nights in Berlin have artived. I'm blanking out the flying part until I'm at Edinburgh Airport on the day. Although it will be lovely to look after Sienna, you'll be needing Friday each week to recover. I like that your going to take her to the group at the library-my friend tells me she takes her grandson to our local one on a friday and there are no parents-all the adults are the grandparents. Look forward to reading more family adventures and say hello to everyone and happy easter. Catriona

    1. No, it's not the CC site Catriona. We tried somewhere different last year and really liked it so we returned there. It's not far from the CC and it's called Piper's Heights. The biggest bonus is you can choose your pitch and they are all super pitches. They also do a bonus card as well which reduces the cost.

      We didn't go the The Grand, we went further down to The Chadwick, another hotel we spent many a weekend at back in the day. The food was lovely and I'd definitely recommend it.

      Going to Berlin is a lovely anniversary present. I've really taken a dislike to flying but I could if I had to. My 'never been to but would really like to go' place is Amsterdam.

      I can imagine how baby activities during the day are mostly attended by grandparents. Sophie is returning to work 3 days a week. Sienna will go to nursery for 1.5 days, we have her a day and Sophie's mum will have her half a day. It's such a balancing act for mums these days isn't it.

      Have a lovely week. Hope you and Norris are keeping well. xx

  4. That sounds like a lovely week you had. I still keep trying to persuade Andy that we need a van but he is having none of it.Enjoy your first day of looking after Sienna....we've had Marlowe here for about four hours today and my nerves are
    Have a fab week.

    1. Oh dear, what a shame - mind you I think it's definitely something you both have to want to do - not sure there's a middle ground with camping and caravanning. You either love it or hate it.

      The biggest problem when Sienna comes is where to put her down safely. I usually just sit her on the settee then get somebody to sit with her but I'll be on my own some days so can't do that. I think I'll have to bring the travel cot down which can also be used as a play pen. I can't for the life of me remember what I used to do with Amy and Thomas - I've probably erased that part of my life completely from memory lol.

      This stage is still probably quite easy as she isn't crawling yet, but Lord help me when she's walking. I'll need eyes in the back of my head then especially with having the dogs.

      Hope you've had a lovely birthday weekend and your party went well. Have a lovely week. xx

  5. Looks like you've packed lots into your two week break. Did Amy stay at home?
    Kelsey is feeling much better and is getting her head around all the stuff she has to do on a daily basis to keep healthy. She says she feels so much better in the mornings after the treatments. She facetimed us yesterday from the Dominican Republic. She has gone there with her fiance and her mom and dad. The parents, son#1 and DIL, are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary there.
    We are having a very quite Easter Sunday. Just the two of us so we are treating ourselves and barbecuing steak and lobster! Delish!

    1. Hi Janice, yes Amy stayed home. She wanted to revise for exams and enjoys the peace and quiet of an empty house. The dogs stay with her for company though. She has a few options when we go to the van - she can come with us, stay home, come and return early or we take the dogs and she can follow a few days later on the train.

      So glad to hear Kelsey is feeling better. As well as the physical aspect of an illness, getting your head around something that will affect you for life is hard as well so I'm glad to hear she's coping and getting on with things. Nothing like a good holiday to take your mind off worries. Congratulations to your son and DDIL on their silver wedding - ours is only 3 years away which makes me feel ancient!

      Your quiet Easter sounds perfect especially with steak and lobster thrown in :) xx

  6. Those two weeks have flown by haven't they? You certainly packed a lot into yours. Ours has been pretty quiet after the first weekend. Can't deny it though, it has been lovely.

    I do like those brollys. That hair cut is really nice, hope your hairdresser can recreate it for you. And send you out looking like a wrinkle free twenty something!

    Enjoy today, then it's back to normal again! x

    1. They have flown by Sadie, no sooner are they back at school than they're on holiday and vice versa. The 'big one' will be here before we know it and then it's High School for our 'babies'.

      Quiet is good. I think that's one of the best things about the van. It's just a few days of pottering around doing nothing very much apart from what we fancy.

      I immediately thought of you when I saw the umbrellas - they had Sadie written all over them :)

      Ah, if only a good haircut could turn back the clock. Alas, I doubt I will look any different, but I shall enjoy a few days of thinking I may come out looking younger while I can haha.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  7. The facilities at the site look fantastic. I haven't been on a site for many hundreds of years, nice to see them looking so swish these days.

    My Mum prefers St Anne's to Lytham too, she says Lytham is nice but not very useful, and there's no beach. Although I'm not sure what it is that she needs when she visits LSA that one town has over the other!

    Fingers crossed the hairdresser can do the business with their scissors.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised at the facilities, they were spotlessly clean and there were even had fresh flowers in a vase. I use the shower in the van but if I had to I would be happy to use these.

      Yes! Your Mum is spot on with what she says - Lytham is very pretty, but St Annes is more useful, although it sadly lacks pink flamingo umbrellas!

      Sadly the hairdresser can only cut hair, getting rid of wrinkles and knocking 30 years off me is a bit beyond her remit, but for a few days I shall live in hope!

      Hope all is well with you. xx

  8. Another wonderful update Suzanne, and again you manage to fit so much in to your week!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at the van. The facilities look very nice and it must be so relaxing, especially knowing you can decide to go pretty much when and where you like. The weather looked beautiful for you - no need for a flamingo umbrella.
    I hope Thomas and Amy have settled back into routine. It's so good that Thomas isn't bothered by the SATs. It's back to business next week for us so we're still in relaxation mode for now. And we got the good news that Lily has got a place at our preferred school so that is a relief.
    I'm looking forward to a glimpse of your new 'do' either on here or the gram. X

    1. Hi Jules, lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and the family. Glad to hear Lily will be going to your first choice school - unfortunately, it's definitely not a given these days, so I can understand how happy you must be about that. I'm sure she'll love it.

      We had a lovely time away thank you. Our next jaunt will be my birthday week at the end of May which seems ages away but no doubt will be here before I know it. The big 50 this year as well. Not overkeen on the zero numbers I have to say :(

      Old age is already kicking in because I'm not going to the hairdressers this week but next week - I don't know what day it is half the time. If it looks OK I'll post a photo.

      Have a lovely week and enjoy the remainder of the holidays. xx

  9. A lovely post to read through. I did LOL at the sweary sweaty mother! My boy used to get round then tall like Thomas. Sadly, I just did the get round bit!! Holidays are just the bees knees.

    1. Must admit I did start to worry about the old stents holding out after 45 minutes of bending down and 'running' - well, when I say running, imagine quick walk with bent knees. Mark ended up whacking the ball down the other end of the courts for Thomas to get so we could at least get a few decent hits in ourselves.

      Amy used to grow the same as Thomas - round like a little oompa loompa then up. You should see her now, she's a right skinny minny although she stopped growing at 5'4". The plus side of that for me is I'm 5'5" so if I need to shout at her I sill feel like an adult Nothing as strange as telling a child off who's taller than you haha.

      I see Mr 19 has left his teens and is now in the twenty brigade. Hope he had a lovely birthday. I wish Thomas would stay just as he is now. Once they get to High School it all changes and I don't think I'm ready for that just yet. Ah well, circle of life and all that. Have a lovely Sunday. xx