Sunday, 2 April 2017

April - Week 1

It's April already which means one quarter of the year has been and gone and there are only 267 days until Christmas!

I'm loving the new season. Blue skies, light nights, gardens coming to life, it's hard not to enjoy spring.

Following on from last weeks post, sure enough on Monday a parcel arrived from Amy with my Mother's Day present in. I think the clue that she'd actually forgotten and it was a last minute buy is in the title. Great choice though. It made me laugh when I opened it and I've already read it. I'd have been able to tell you the names of the Famous Five but I'd completely forgotten about Aunt Fanny and Quentin. Took me right back down memory lane.
When Thomas got out of the shower on Sunday he was covered in a rash from the waist up which was really rough to touch and he said he had a sore throat so I kept him off school Monday and Tuesday to see if anything developed. I don't like rashes especially as they've both been vaccinated against all the usual childhood illnesses. Anyway, Tuesday evening it had pretty much gone and he was all set to return to school Wednesday, but woke up and was promptly sick. He was also complaining of earache so he's not been in school all week. He's no trouble though even when he's not well and I'm glad he's not been sick in his holidays.

I went out with friends for a meal on Wednesday and I'm ashamed to say we managed to get through 3 bottles of wine which was one each! I don't think I've ever worked my way though a bottle of wine to myself before, but it's obviously not strong stuff as I felt perfectly fine. My only saving grace is it was consumed over 5 hours which makes me feel less guilty.

Thursday saw me at the Doc's having my 6 monthly blood test. My heart sank when I walked in and it was a new nurse because I knew exactly what was coming and I was right, only it was worse than I expected. I have no idea what she did but I actually yelped when she stuck the needle in. They've struggled in the past but I've never been hurt like that before. She called for back up and my usual nurse came in. I didn't feel a thing with her. Trouble is I'm not sure if taking blood is her job anymore, so I'm already worrying about my next tests.

It has been a very quiet week, I've hardly taken any photos and in between looking after Thomas I've been knitting.

This mock cable stitch is really easy to do but very effective. 
Easter Eggs for Amy and Thomas. 
Cake for Sunday tea.
And new toys for the dogs. All under the sofa waiting for me to retrieve them yet again.
The week ahead won't be as relaxed. I'm looking after one of Thomas' friends on Tuesday. He goes to his grandma's in the holidays but I always offer to have him round for a day. It makes a change for him and it's company for Thomas.

Wednesday is Bury but this time with Amy to do some shopping. That could go either way - will we speaking or not on the return journey!

Thursday we're having Sienna for the day which I'm looking forward to. In a couple of weeks Sophie goes back to work and then she'll be coming every Thursday.

And then Friday we're off to the van. This is the first outing since we packed her away last year, so lots to organise and take with us. From then on the rest of the outings will be pretty straightforward. 

I'm going to have a break from blogging next Sunday while we're away but I will be posting photos on Instagram. 

Hope you all have a lovely week. See you all on Easter Sunday. 



  1. Rashes always worry me too Suzanne. You never know what they might turn out to be.
    I hope he is all recovered and can enjoy his holiday now.
    It seems funny yours being off now for the Easter break as Ruby doesn't finish until next Friday. I'm hoping to get her here for a couple of nights sleepover but with the new arrangements now that DDIL is back at work I'm not sure if it will happen :(

    I have to have my blood tests soon and I really hate it if my Dawnie isn't there. She could take pints and I wouldn't even know she's been near me but the last new nurse I had was a butcher and bruised me really badly with her poking and stabbing.

    I know absolutely zilch about knitting but I do know I like that cable stitch....what gorgeous texture.

    Love Amy's style with the book....fantastic.

    Well have a great time at the van. I hope the weather is glorious for you and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back....oh and lots of photos so that I can get my caravan

    1. I don't like rashes at all Sheila. My brother had meningitis when he was 16, he ended up in intensive care and it was touch and go - so any rash and the 'M' word immediately springs to mind.

      It's a funny holiday this year, they go back to school straight after Easter which seems odd. Some schools are still open near us, so once again they're all doing their own thing.

      I always bruise after having blood taken but Tracey never hurts me, in fact I don't even really feel the 'scratch', but oh my goodness, I have no idea where the new nurse stuck the needle, even after she'd taken it out the area was throbbing for a good 10 minutes.

      There's quite a bit to organise for the van with it being the first time out. We've pretty much got to set it up again with food, bedding, toiletries etc. Not overly looking forward to having to pack everything to take with us, but once it's done that will be it for the season.

      I shall post plenty of photos especially for you :) Have a lovely week and I hope the Ruby sleepovers happen. xx

  2. Hi Suzanne, hope Thomas is feeling better and can enjoy his holiday. Better late than never with the gift from Amy, quite appropriate really!!lol What are you knitting, I love the pattern.
    I hate it when I go for bloodwork and the person doing it treats you like a pincushion. Kelseys arms were full of bruises from all the IV's and blood work she had in the hospital. It didn't help that she was on a blood thinner as one of the drugs she was taking could cause blood clots!!! I talked to her this morning at 11:30 and she was still in bed as she is so tired. She is feeling a little better.
    I hope everything goes well for your sister and they can rectify her problems.
    Enjoy your week. After having nice weather for the last week and almost all the snow gone, it is snowing again today!!

    1. Thomas is much better thanks Janice, still a little bit off his food but then again it's not his favourite thing in life anyway!

      I've probably put the nurse off her profession for ever. To be fair, she didn't attempt it a second time but called for back up straight away. Phew! I've had nurses where I've become a challenge for them and I've had to eventually say 'stop'. Poor Kelsey, it sounds like she's really been through it the past few weeks. As well as the physical it's the realisation your life is going to change forever that's equally hard to deal with and especially at such a young age. I hope she feels better soon.

      Not heard anything about my sister yet. She's waiting to see the cardiologist so we'll know more then. She's staying positive though which is good.

      Snow! I'm over the disappointment of not having any again this year and I'm well and truly into spring now.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  3. Hi Suzanne Hope Thomas in on the mend-like the others, rashes always freak me out slightly. I love that knitting pattern-what's it to be? I love these "grown up" children's books-there are lots of Ladybird ones as well. I am still stashbusting and am making Easter gifts at present as it seems to have become verboten to give children chocolate eggs. I am making book cushions and managed to get 3 suitable books for £5 from The Works for a 1,2 and 3 year old who are all girls. The three boys got dinosaur mats which their Mums assure me they will like ( and they crackle due to the Insulbright wadding). Lucky you going off in the van-think we will not go until early July due to other commitments. Hey ho! Enjoy your break and I'll enjoy living vicariously through your photos. Catriona

    1. Hi Catriona, yes rashes definitely sound alarm bells for me and probably a lot of other parents as well.

      The book was a great gift. Mum bought one for Mark for Christmas - Five on Brexit Island, so I'm going to dig that out and have a read.

      Easter Eggs are unknown territory these days aren't they. Personally I don't see anything wrong with them, a bit of chocolate here and there won't hurt, but I know a lot of parents have a bee in their bonnet about it. Not 100% sure where Matthew and Sophie stand with this but I think I have an idea, so it's a book and a piggy bank donation for Sienna. The no chocolate rule is always more trouble and expense! Your gifts sounds lovely especially the crackling dinosaur mats.

      Looking forward to getting the van out again although I'm never keen on the first set up but after that it's plain sailing. Just hope the weather stays nice - it's always an added bonus :)

      Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Rashes scare the life out of me too, I can imagine your worry there. poor Thomas, what a week. Don't you find that illnesses all seem to come along at once with kids? Last year Violet seemed to get sick around every few weeks. But I agree, best for them to be ill in school time, not holidays! I wondered when you'd be back in the van, seems ages since you were last in it. Saw something in TK Maxx on Friday, I think it was a plastic jug with caravans on it. Pretty sure they were caravans too, not camper vans.

    Love the look of the book. I often stand and chortle at them when I see them at checkouts. I'm sure one day Bill will buy the 'The Wife', I noticed a page going on about how the wife likes to drink wine, so when he spots that he'll get it!

    Ha ha, hope you and Amy are speaking on the journey back!

    Sorry about the painful blood test. That is not a fun prospect. It shouldn't hurt so blimey, what on earth did she do? Stand at the door and throw the needle at you darts style?!

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead, enjoy every minute! xx

    1. Goodness, Sadie, I need a kick up the bum, it's been 8 days since I've been on here!

      We had a lovely time at the van and got back last night. Good timing as it forecast rain this morning and Mark hates packing everything up when it's wet. Matthew, Sophie and Sienna came over Sunday for the day which was lovely. It was quite cold and windy but we still got in a stroll along the front and a lovely long lunch in a hotel we used to stay at many many years ago.

      As usual I'm now chasing my tail with washing, catching up on housework and other bits and bobs but I'll get there eventually.

      Hope you've enjoyed the holidays so far. I've got lots of catching up with what everybody has been up to. xx

  5. Sorry but, with all this Lenten abstaining, all I see is chocolate and cake. Such yummy looking chocolate and cake.....

    1. I only gave up chocolate for one week - it's as much as I can honestly manage! Lent is a bit like New Year's resolutions for me so I don't generally bother. I Might reverse it next year and take up something for Lent instead - obviously something like exercise ...... xx

  6. Hope Thomas' rash went away and he's feeling well again. I like that mock cable pattern. Sounds like you've a busy week but how nice to be going out in the caravan, again. Know you are going to enjoy it. Have a lovely week.

    1. It did eventually go Bless but it took a few days to clear up completely. We had a lovely time in the van. Back home now, with the washing machine on the go! Lots of catching up to do as well with people so I'll be visiting you soon. xx