Sunday, 26 March 2017

March - Week 4

Once again I find myself at Sunday with no idea where the week has gone. I usually pick up the laptop once a day to catch up with all the news but bits and bobs have been going on and there doesn't seem to have been time even to do that this week. 

I'm not up to speed where annual events are concerned either and didn't even realise it was Comic Relief this week, although they didn't do anything at school this year which is usually my reminder. I think the reason they've not bothered is because a pupil is very poorly in hospital so they're doing some fun things next week to raise money for Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. 

Mark has been itching to get out and start on the garden and has been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts. This weekend was decreed 'G' Day and by the time I got up Saturday morning, he'd tidied the shed, emptied and washed the storage units and was just about to start jet washing. My main job was to  point and say 'keep or throw'. I'm very good at this job as I can't be doing with clutter and we ended up with several bags of rubbish that we took to the tip.
I love it when the garden has had its annual clean up. The patio gets a good blast and the summerhouse and decking get a lick of paint and every so often we put new gravel down.
It's 2 days well spent as it always looks good when it's done. All I need to do now is wait a few weeks until it's a little bit warmer then buy some plants for the tubs. My nephew is painting Mums fencing for her at the moment and is doing a grand job so we may ask him to come down and do ours for us. 
Bury was definitely on the cards this week, there's only so long I can go without truffles and wool. I'm knitting up a baby boy set with the a ball of Navajo in between carrying on with the cribs and angels. 
My sister went to the Docs this week with high BP, so high in fact that they sent her straight to A&E for an ECG. Worryingly it wasn't normal and shows something not quite right with the left hand side of her heart. She's waiting to go for a scan but with my history it's left me feeling jittery on her behalf, although she's carrying on regardless.

Amy isn't too well. She's had a sore throat for a few days and spent Friday in her PJ's curled up on the sofa. I bought a bottle of lemon barley water yesterday mainly because the sun was shining and the gardening was hot work, but also so I could add some hot water to it for her to drink which seems to be giving her a bit of relief. 
And today is Mother's Day. Matthew came with Sienna yesterday and brought me a lovely basket of flowers and Thomas bought me a huge box of chocolates.
The boys did good but I'm afraid the same can't be said of Amy. She can't find my Mother's Day card in her pit of a bedroom - she's possibly thrown it out by mistake and she's ordered something on line that hasn't arrived yet. I'm not bothered. It's just a day isn't it although after the events in London it seems more poignant this year.

Children have lost parents, parents have lost their sons and a daughter and there are many families affected by what happened. It puts everything into perspective doesn't it and the best present I have is that we're all safe and together. 

My heart goes out to everybody involved and sadly I'm once again reminded how fragile life is. 

Have a lovely week. 



  1. Lovely to have the weather to get started in the garden isn't it? Roz has made a start on our front today and planted up some beautiful pots for me which I will take a picture of tomorrow.

    Sending positive thoughts for your sister.

    Poor Amy. I do sympathise. I think everybody we know has a cold at the moment. You can't get away from the germs and they don't seem to want to go once you get them either.

    I nearly bought a box of the Lidl truffles the other day but remembered I have to go for my annual health review in a couple of weeks so put them

    Have a lovely week.

    1. It's been so good to have the doors and windows open this weekend Sheila, a bit of warmth and sunshine makes a huge difference. You are lucky to have an in-house gardener. Mark's good for the maintenance and I'm OK for planting tubs so we make a pretty good team.

      Amy thought her throat would turn into a cold but it hasn't. She's had tonsillitis a few times so I hope it doesn't turn out to be that again.

      I saw the Lidl truffles but didn't buy any because we'd already stocked up at Bury but I may just start my Christmas cupboard this week if they're in date. I have blood tests on Thursday but I don't think they test for chocolate levels so I should be OK :)

      Have a lovely week. Going to try my best to catch up with everybody over the next couple of days. xx

  2. Happy Mother's Day! It's not 'til May 14th here. You have been busy in your yard. The weather has been really nice here for the last week but very windy. Consequently a lot of the snow has gone, yeah! Still can't put any plants out 'til the end of May though!
    Our granddaughter is in the hospital since Thursday. She started out 3 months premature and has had lung/asthma problems ever since. She is now 26 and it is getting worse, not better, which isn't normal. She has a really good doctor in the hospital, a lung specialist, who is determined to get to the bottom of this because she feels there is more than asthma at play here. So she's testing her for everything under the sun to try and figure this out! She is on large doses of prednisone at the moment, which makes her feel really good, but as it wears off the has a difficult time breathing and can hardly make it to the bathroom. Hopefully we'll get some results tomorrow, it is very worrying!
    Hope Amy is feeling better soon. Have a great day, and enjoy the chocolates!!

    1. Thank you Janice. It's been a nice day, nothing out of the ordinary really but I have a lovely box of chocolates to work through and a neat and tidy garden to sit in and enjoy.

      I'm really sorry to hear about your granddaughter it must be really worrying for the family. Not being able to walk more than a few steps is definitely cause for concern and certainly doesn't sound like it's just down to asthma. Have they ruled out IPF? I hope her Doctor manages to get to the bottom of it. Sending our best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and diagnosis. xx

    2. Kelsey finally came home from the hospital this morning after 9 days. She finally has a diagnosis after being tested for everything under the sun. That would include TB, where she was in isolation for 3 days and we had to glove, gown and mask before going into her room-negative, cystic fibrosis-negative etc. The diagnosis is bronchiectasis. There is no cure but if she is very diligent in her at home treatment it wont get out of hand again. She has to use a flutter device 3 times a day, a nebulizer twice a day, physio, and a boatload of medication. And this is for the rest of her life!! OMG She's to stay off work another week and then see how she feels.
      It was good to get the diagnosis, finally, and therefore have a treatment plan, but it pretty scary to now she will have it for the rest of her life.
      Just thought you'd like an update as I now you were concerned.

    3. Oh goodness Janice, that certainly sounds life changing for Kelsey the poor girl. I bet you're all relieved to finally know what the problem is though and that it can be managed. It still comes as a shock though when something you think you're eventually going to get over turns out to be something you have to learn to live with. I hope she starts to feel better now she's on the right medication and tell her not to rush back to work before she's ready. Thank you for letting me know. Hugs to all the family. xx

  3. Spring has finally sprung. It was snowing here on Tuesday and caused traffic chaos in the morning.
    My daughter visited at luncgtime tiday with a card and gift. I made us all lunch and then she went off to meet her husband. I felt a bit aggrieved as I'd like to have been treated to lunch even if it just meant me not making it for once! I have been spending a lot of time sewing this week in an attempt to bring down the stash even just a little bit. Norrie cut our grass on Friday and Ai tidied up generally to make the front garden look a bit neater. We sat in the gazebo today after lunch then I went for a walk to work off my cheesedoffness-lol. Sorry to hear about your sister-heart problems run in my family so I'm always careful about my BP but refuse to take statuns as they cripple my joints/ muscles. Won't be long til caravanning weather but we're nit anle to ho away in the van until August. Happy week! Catriona

    1. You can't beat British weather can you. We can go through all 4 seasons in 24 hours :)

      Mmmm, know what you mean about the lunch. I'm not fussed on eating out especially on 'busy days' but I still made Sunday tea like I usually do and cooked something for Thomas. All the while thinking - well I can't type what I was thinking actually lol, but you probably get the gist.

      It's good to get out and do some jobs isn't it especially if your job is just directing others - like I've done this weekend.

      Fingers crossed my sister will be OK but it's a worry, especially with me having had a HA. I started on 80mg statins and felt like I was in a fog for months, couldn't think straight. Finally went to the Doc and he reduced me to 40mg and mentally I feel much better. I do struggle a little bit with aching legs but only when I'm walking and to be honest that might be due to lack of use!

      We're off in the van a week on Friday. Can't wait. Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Bill and I were talking earlier today about the two little girls who have lost their mum in London this week, on her way to pick them up from school. What an awful Mother's Day for them. Makes me so sad and so angry. Life can be so harsh and unfair.

    Just been reading your email, shall reply in the a.m as have been at the champs and am likely to ramble incoherently! But I love your idea and say totally and utterly go for it!

    Hope you've had a good MD. I'm with you about still having jobs to do. Bill was meant to cook today and somewhat shakily offered to bake me a cake. Suffice to say, I've had no cake and I've done the cooking... and ironing ... and scooped Dud's loo ... and made packed lunches .. you know, the usual stuff. But that's ok, we had the whole weekend together and that has been rather lovely. Very rare, so much appreciated.

    Your garden is looking fab! Nice to get it all sorted out and ready for that word that starts with S!!

    Love your sisters attitude to keep calm and carry on. can understand your worry over it though, hope all is found to be well. xxxx

  5. Laughing so much at the list of things you've done today Sadie. I think if truth be told a lot of Mums opened cards and presents this morning and then carried on doing what they usually do which is pretty much everything. If Mark had offered to bake me a cake my heart would have sunk. Not at the cake baking but at the clearing up I'd have to do afterwards. Thank goodness he decided to go to Tesco for custard slices instead. A much tidier option.

    It's just so sad about the little girls isn't it and also the policemans's little girl as well. Just being together and safe was enough for me today.

    I'm very happy with the garden especially as that's it for the year now. I love a proper garden as long as it belongs to somebody else! Our patio, gravel and decking is perfect for us.

    So glad you like the idea :) Mind you, you might wake up sober tomorrow and think "well that's rubbish it'll never work".

    Have a lovely evening - what's left of it. xx

    1. Ooo nosy me wants to know what it is!!!!

  6. The garden is looking good... I've not even thought of starting mine yet, so it's a bombsite.
    I hope your sister is okay. Like you say, given your history, it's easier to worry more!

  7. Hi Jo, Hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day. I have Mark to thank for the garden, he's happy to do it every year because it only takes a weekend and then that's it for another 12 months. I know for a fact if he had to mow the grass and weed flower beds every week it would look like a jungle!

    It is a worry with my sister and it's looking as though something isn't quite right but even if that's the case hopefully they can do something as prevention is always better than cure. She's really good with her diet and exercise as well and asked me if she thought she should carry on with her gym sessions. When I asked her what she does she said she steps on and off a box with weights strapped to her back and arms!!! My big sister advice was "NO, go for a walk or take up knitting for the time being!"

    Hope work is going well and business is good for Peter. Have a lovely week. xx

  8. Suzanne, happy (belated) Mother's Day! It's not until May, here, in the US. I hope your sister will be OK and it is not anything too serious. I'm on statins, too! Hope Amy feels better soon and nobody else comes down with whatever she has. Your garden looks nice! I love how you spend one weekend a year cleaning it up and that's it! That's as maintenance free a garden as possible!

    Hope the week ahead is a good one for you and your family.

    1. Thank you Bless. I had a pretty normal but very nice day. Fingers crossed everything will be OK with my sister although the ECG reading is a bit worrying. Hopefully if anything is discovered it will be dealt with quickly before it turns into anything else.

      Amy feels much better today and is going into college but Thomas is off school. He started with a sore throat last night and then developed a rash on his face, body and arms. I thought it might be scarlet fever, we had a letter sent home from school about it a few weeks ago, but now I'm not sure. It's still there but seems to have faded overnight. Anyway, he's off school today so I can keep an eye on it.

      I think I'll be on statins forever now. I asked the Doctor if I could come off them last year for a few weeks and he agreed but when I went for a blood test my cholesterol level had doubled in just a few weeks so I went back on them. I know there's a lot of bad press about them but in some cases I do believe they're necessary.

      The garden is perfect for us. The spirit is willing but the flesh is definitely weak where gardening is concerned so it suits us perfectly.

      Hope you have a lovely week as well. Take care of yourself. xx

  9. We have parallel lives - although you definitely win in the beautiful garden stakes! It looks brand new and thus weather is just right for me. Not too hot, pleasantly warm with little chance of prickly heat! The parallel life bit concerns our frankly awful daughters. Mr 19 gave me a purple hydrangea for the house ( that we all joked won't be alive much longer ) and a HUGE box of Lindt chocs and a card that was funny but made me cry! I'll show you on my blog...anyway
    My selfish mare of a daughter??? I waited and waited. All morning. No text, no Instagram, no fb no kiss my arse no nothing. I was at least expecting a pic of Freddie. Hmmmmm. Her Dad texted, she replied about 10.30 - I just got up. ( She'd been out the night before )
    Still nothing.
    We went out and about and had a lovely day.
    Still nothing. To be honest, whilst I don't hold court with the commercialised celebrations that go with these days, I do fully expect my children to shower me with gifts and adoration on Mothering Sunday. I was betwixt fewmin and disappointed.
    I went outside to clean my bird feeders. Took me a couple of hours. Her Dad rang her and bollocked her. Good.
    Eventually she face timed me and of course my card is on it's way and she had stretched out my Mother's Day she said. I wanted to stretch her neck!!!
    I said I'd have been happy with a text first thing.
    I asked her how she will feel in June when I don't wish her happy birthday till 5pm and make sure she doesn't have a card. I was so cross I was very passive aggressive. All is well now and Freddy face timed me too which made up for it. Bloody kids!
    Ho hum. I sincerely hope all is treatable for your sister and I bet you are having kittens over it all. Five days left at school for me, four for you. We can do it!!

    1. What are these girls like. Seems to be a bit of a theme this year with some of them. Thank goodness we have such lovely sons. According to Mark, Thomas had a list as long as his arm of things he wanted to buy me bless him and was more than happy to draw money out of his bank account to do so. Mark eventually steered him to a big box of chocolates. He was definitely my golden boy yesterday :)

      I have a sneaky suspicion that Amy was going to get me something in Manchester on Friday but of course she was in bed ill so the on line order was a last minute thing. She paid extra for 2 day delivery as well not taking into account ordering something at midnight Friday and lack of post on Sunday has to be taken into account! Presents I don't care about but I do like a card and yes, in the grand scheme of things it's not important, but I want it to be not important to me.....not her!!!

      Under no circumstances must you kill the hydrangea until she next visits when you can show her what her thoughtful, kind and considerate brother bought you :) And if the chocolates last that long (which would be highly unlikely here) you have to stand strong and not offer her one hahaha.

      I've got mixed up with the school holidays. No idea why I thought they were finishing on Thursday but they're not, so it's still 5 days for us, although today doesn't count as Thomas is off. He started with a sore throat last night and a rash so he's staying home today so I can keep an eye on that.

      Right off to get dressed before it's suddenly lunch time. Have a lovely week. xx

  10. I hope Amy is feeling a lot better by now. It's not a lot of fun feeling under the weather at the best of times, never mind when the sun is shining.
    It's been a beautiful weekend to be outdoors. I have tried to strike the balance between pleasure and getting stuff done in the garden. Lets just say it's a work in progress and I think you have the right idea having a low maintenance garden. It's looking great.
    It's good to see your chocolate stash is being replenished. X

    1. She's feeling much better thanks Jules and she's gone into college as normal. I have Thomas at home with me though. He started with a sore throat last night and then came out in a rash all over his top half. Don't like rashes at all - they scare me. I kept him off today just to keep an eye on it and it seems to be clearing up but now he's started with the sniffles.

      The weather is definitely on the turn isn't it. Everything seems that much better when the sun is shining. Mark worked like a trooper this weekend and now all I've got to do is plant up the pots. It's just the right amount of work for us. We both like gardens but not the work involved. The lack of grass wouldn't suit everybody but with having 2 dogs there's definitely no point trying to have a nice lawn as well.

      Hope you are all well and you had a lovely Mother's Day. xx

  11. Good job on the garden. I'm still gearing up to get cracking on ours (which will involve more than two days work, I'm sure). Hope the cold bugs have departed and that your sister gets reassuring news. Has the missing card turned up yet?

    1. Yes, I got a card eventually - she went out and bought me one and my present arrived Monday - Enid Blyton Five Forget Mother's Day - she does make me laugh, she's got a brilliant sense of humour - and obviously so have I!

      Amy was in college Monday but Thomas has been off all week. He's had a touch of everything, rash, tummy bug, earache, temperature. I know when he's ill because I can't even tempt him with crisps or cake.

      My sister should be going for her scan soon. There's something wrong with the left hand side of her heart which sounds as though she will be on medication in the future. Just need the consultant to confirm things.

      Hope you and yours are all keeping well. xx

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