Sunday, 19 March 2017

March - Week 3

Well, it's not been entirely uneventful here this week. Wendy has had a little accident, bless her. She was jumping up at the french doors to go out like she usually does and as I opened them she was mid jump and managed to pull one of her claws out on the locking mechanism. Thank goodness Mark was here because I don't deal with blood very well and there was quite a bit of it. I phoned the vet and they suggested I dip her paw in flour to stem the bleed. Credit where it's due, if I ever ring them they never automatically say "come in". Anyway on the third dip the bleeding finally stopped. It completely knocked her for six though and she spent 3 days literally licking her wounds on Amy's bed. Last night she seemed to come round and today she's bouncing around as usual and begging for food again - a sure sign she's on the mend.
Not long after posting last weeks news, the washing machine got stuck full of clothes and water. It does get stuck sometimes but usually only when the cycle has finished, never halfway through. After switching the power back on and off which generally works but didn't, we then spent half an hour pressing buttons trying to re-set it. Eventually it just seemed to rectify itself and touch wood has been fine since. 

I did a bit of baking this week mainly for Thomas who always comes in from school hungry. I bought some Mr Kipling Angel Slices one day and the little monkey came in and ate 4 of them straight off. Mind you, there's nothing to them, 2 bites and they're gone. I find homemade cake is more substantial and cheaper!
My first batch of 10 angels have been knitted up and 10 sets of wings have been crocheted. I just need to stuff their heads and sew on the halos.
Mark needed some acetate so we had a trip to Hobbycraft and I naturally gravitated towards the wool section but was very good and didn't buy any. When I got home though I could have kicked myself because I completely forgot to look for some sock wool while I was there. 
My Avon arrived today which was a nice surprise as I'd forgotten I'd put an order in. I really like their room sprays. I'm not a lover of air fresheners, a lot of them get up my nose and give me a headache, but these are really light. I chose Cherry Blossom and it smells lovely.
We didn't go to Bury on Wednesday so truffle stocks are dangerously low. In fact there are only 2 left and they're rum truffles. I'm not keen on them so I'll donate mine to Mark. The problem is there are Easter Eggs in the wardrobe and it's going to take a lot of self discipline not to crack one open tonight while watching Vera. 
Amy was bored yesterday so I asked her if she wanted to sew a taggie for Sienna. She started off OK and sewed the 4 floral pieces together and pinned the ribbons on that she chose. 
Then she got fed up so I ended up finishing it off for her. She likes the idea of sewing and knitting but it doesn't come that naturally to her. 
Yesterday marked 23 years since Dad died. I always put his anniversary on my calendar and every year I think "I don't know where those years have gone". So many lovely things have happened that he's missed. These days, after having a near brush myself around about his age, I also think how young he really was when he died. When we were looking at photos last week I came across a few of him and as strange as this might sound to a lot of people, I find it hard to look at him. It's just too sad. A quick glance and then they get put back in the box. 

And that's about it again for this week. My days are full of routine which I think is why they sometimes all blur into one and the week is over before I know it. 

I spend my mornings doing the housework, followed by a couple of hours of knitting, crocheting or catching up with blogs in the afternoons before school pick up time. When Thomas gets in, I make him something to eat, sort his school bag, make lunch boxes, tell him off for leaving his uniform on the bathroom floor and his socks in the sink and threaten him with no pocket money if he doesn't hang his clothes up. 

Then I sit down with a brew for 20 minutes before getting started on making tea. After eating, clearing away and tidying the kitchen it's usually about 6.30pm. An hour on the laptop followed by a couple of hours watching something on TV, takes me to supper time for Thomas, where I find myself in the kitchen making toast and warm milk and probably telling him off again for raiding the crisp box when I wasn't looking.  

Then after chivvying him upstairs at 10pm to brush his teeth and get into bed  (late I know, but that's his routine and he's fine with it), me and  Mark do a house sweep which is basically all last minute pots in the dishwasher, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, check the cars are locked, lock the doors, lights off and bed. 

It's hardly exciting stuff is it. But it is what it is and for the most I love my days. Routine also makes anything out of the ordinary quite exciting! Like Mum buying me a packet of Pontefract cakes.
Or deciding on a danish instead of a vanilla crown and pale pink tulips instead of daffodils! I am a simple creature indeed. 
So, whether your days follow routine or you lead a devil may care exciting life, I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you. 



  1. Pretty much routine like mine is. Not exciting stuff, but I can do without too much of that. It was interesting in what you say about the dogs claw, and that is a useful tip if something like that happens to our dog.
    My dad was 46 years old when he died 54 years ago and although I could look at photographs of him, although there weren't many, it has only been in the last few years that I haven't shed a tear or two when I thought or spoke about him. Very sad. My mum died in 2015 and at her funeral I could not look at her coffin nor the photograph that was displayed there.

    Joan (Wales)

    1. Routine is nice isn't it Joan although I don't mind a bit of excitement, as long as that's what it is and not drama.

      Your Dad was one year younger than mine when he died. It's not until you reach that age yourself though that you realise how young it is. I can glance at the photos but I can't let myself go there because it's too emotional.

      We didn't have photos or even an order of service sheet at Dad's funeral but the music was bad enough especially when they played Mum and Dad's song. Mum is adamant she doesn't want a funeral at all. She just wants to be taken from the funeral directors with no fuss. To be honest the amount of emotion involved in the whole thing makes me think maybe that's the way it should be. xx

  2. Flour! fancy that. Never knew.
    I'm like your Amy, like the idea of sewing and knitting but in reality not so good.
    Easter eggs are for Easter!!! Lock that wardrobe! ( but enjoy if you're tempted - I'm sure Easter egg chocolate is nicer than other chocolates)

    1. As soon as she said it I remembered reading about it when we had the guinea pigs. I was looking up how to cut their claws and a top tip was to have some flour on hand - cornflour preferably - to stop any bleeding just in case you nick them. I used cornflour on Wendy because I had some in, but the vet said any flour will do. Obviously you have to watch for the wound getting infected etc. but it's a good tip isn't it.

      I'm determined not to open an Easter egg and you're right the chocolate always tastes nicer for some reason. xx

  3. Have a lovely week yourself too :) Routine is definately helping to distract me fom house sales at the moment. Think I will get a batch of cakes soon xx

    1. Hi Faith, routine pretty much sums up my life but I don't mind. I can be flexible when required to be which is a bonus - I'd never say no to an outing because it was the day for cleaning the bathroom :)

      Are you moving house? It's supposed to be one of the top 5 stressful things to do so I hope you're managing to avoid becoming too frustrated with what can often be a long drawn out process.

      Yes, bake some cake then sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy a slice - it's a certain cure for restoring equilibrium. xx

  4. Oh no....poor little Wendy. I am so glad she is healing the little sweetheart.

    Homemade cake is definitely more substantial than bought cake and to be honest I don't think I have ever had shop bought cake that I enjoyed. They all seem so sickly and taste of chemicals to me.

    I was absolutely gobsmacked by the new flavoured Easter eggs I saw in T***o......Marmite.....with actual Marmite flavoured chocolate....and Pot Noodle. Can you believe it? Just too disgusting for words.

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your Dad at such a young age.

    There needs to be some routine re-established here this next week as things have slipped a bit over the last few days what with the show and then not feeling awfully well today....another cold with a hacking cough. I'm just about fed up to the back teeth with one thing after another.

    It doesn't take much to make me happy either Suzanne but I would just like a bit of good weather for a few days together instead of one nice day and four wet ones. I think it would do us all good.

    Have a fabulous week.

    1. You can't beat homemade cake. I'm not a lover of shop bought at all, apart from things like vanilla slices etc.

      I've not seen Marmite or Pot Noodle eggs! What crackpot thought of those. I love Marmite and Mark loves Pot Noodles but neither of us would thank the other for buying one.

      It's good to have routine but equally good to let it slip every now and then especially if it's so you can go out and enjoy yourself and spend a little bit of lolly on some nice things for yourself.

      Sorry to hear you've got another cold and cough - it's horrible when things won't clear up fully isn't it. At least you now have heating at the flick of a switch if you're feeling chilly :)

      It's rained here for 4 days now, we're itching to get in the garden as well but will just have to be patient.

      Take care of yourself and have a good week. xx

  5. Hope Wendy is feeling better. We were at my girlfriends house on Friday night. Garry was setting up her new tv for her. She has two dogs, maltese, and she was babysitting a friends papillon. We heard a big commotion with the dogs-barking, growling and then yelping. We rushed over to see what happened and the papillons eye was full of blood and, of course, she wouldn't let us near it. So, off my friend and I go to the emergency vets. She had a little scratch on her upper eye lid. He cleaned her up, gave us some pain meds for if she needs it, she hasn't, and sent us on our way after paying $182!!! I think we all went into the wrong profession!
    My granddaughter is just like Amy. All gungho about whatever the idea of the moment is. Whether it is sewing, knitting, crochet, jewellry making etc, but it is always very short lived!
    Routine is a good thing, it's when unexpected things come along and upset the apple cart that sends everything into a tail spin!!

    1. She's much better thanks Janice. Still a bit quiet but her paw seems to be OK touch wood. Wow $182 to treat a scratch - it's ridiculous isn't it, but probably about the same over here. It's certainly worth putting in the study hours for being a Vet!

      Our Vet is pretty good really. When Sparky had his fur problem they gave him an initial shot which was fine but then said to go and buy some piriton over the counter as it's cheaper. I always think it's advice like that which is good for business in the long run.

      Yes, Amy and your granddaughter sound very similar. All excited and raring to go but within half an hour enthusiasm is waning. I don't think crafts materialise as quickly as Amy would like. She's better with her writing - there's always something substantial in front of her within the hour.

      Give me routine over drama any day - although I don't mind a bit of excitement thrown in here and there.

      Hope you are keeping well. xx

    2. Sorry....I had a giggle at Thomas complaining about the sandwiches he never eats being different!! At least you know he's taking notice!

    3. He's obviously very particular about what goes in his lunchbox that he's not going to eat, the little monkey. He still has a pass for going into the lunch hall first but it doesn't seem to make any difference, the sandwiches come home untouched and he comes home starving to a plate of the exact same things I send him to school with which he wolfs down! xx

  6. I quite like that gentle hum of everyday life. Makes the exciting bits even more enjoyable. Hope you managed to resist the Easter eggs (I ate two Ryvitas whilst watching Vera!). Do you buy Beech's chocolates (I love them as they're mostly vegan)? They've introduced small boxes of champagne truffles to their range at a very reasonable price. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Liz, There is something comforting about routine isn't there, I just wish routine wasn't always housework!

      I watched Vera minus chocolate Easter eggs so I'm feeling very virtuous, although I'd probably feel even more angelic if I'd eaten 2 ryvita :)!

      I've never heard of Beech's chocolates but if they do champagne truffles then I'll have to track them down and give them a go. Just need to make it to Wednesday now when stocks will be replenished. xx

  7. I love a quiet week of routine and order. Though I'm sorry you had the drama with Wendy, that must have been horrible to see and deal with.

    Ha, to Thomas and being hungry after school. Violet is much the same.

    Hope you have a good and drama free week ahead xx

    1. I could definitely have done without the doggie drama that's for sure. I'm terrible with blood, don't deal well with it at all. I've no idea what I'd have done if Mark wasn't here, just the thought of having to look at her paw and see what was wrong makes me feel queasy.

      I'd made sandwiches for Sunday tea and there were some leftover so I bagged them up for Thomas' lunch. They were ham and although I wouldn't normally make ham for him he doesn't eat his lunch anyway so I didn't think twice about it. But he didn't half moan about them when he got in on Monday. Couldn't get my head around that at all as to me it doesn't matter what's in his lunchbox - he doesn't touch any of it. Kids!

      The week so far has been pretty OK although there has been a bit of drama with my sister. She went to the Docs becuase her BP was ridiculously high, was sent to A&E immediately for an ECG that didn't look good and is now waiting for a heart scan. She's home and feels fine but I'm a bit jittery about her especially with my history.

      Hope you're having a good week. I've not managed to visit any blogs yet and we're at Wednesday already. Need to make some time to catch up with people. xx

  8. I'm pleased both Wendy and the washing machine are on the mend. Bless her. I must have been so painful.
    There's nothung wrong with routine. My days are very similar to yours. As you say, it makes any change seem quite exciting but I find huge pleasure in the simple things in life. I think anyone who has experienced a significant unpleasant experience in life is more than satisfied with the seemingly mundane.
    I do, however, hope you find more truffles in your life this week. X

    1. It could have been worse on both counts I suppose Jules and both would have been costly as well!

      Yes, anything out of the ordinary is really exciting isn't it although there's a difference between excitement and drama. I don't mind my days ticking over with routine, although I sometimes wish there wasn't so much routine under the heading of housework.

      It's not been entirely without drama this week, as you'll see from my reply to Sadie regarding my sister, but again, things could be a lot worse, so we're counting our blessings.

      Truffle stocks have been replenished. Yipee! Have a lovely week. xx

  9. Once again, I know I read your post but apparently, I didn't comment! I think, what is happening is, I read your post, compose a comment in my head and then, go about thinking I typed and sent it off! Sorry to hear about Wendy, but glad her paw is healing. I didn't know about flour/cornflour to stop the bleeding! Thank you for sharing that!

    Hope your sister is OK and all the test results come back fine.

    I'm sorry you lost your father at a relatively young age. My father was in his early 50s when he died; I was 7 years old at the time. My life would have been very different had he lived, I think.

    I hope this week has been a little less routine for you and I am glad to hear that the truffle stocks have been replenished! :D I am both longing and dreading the time when my taste for chocolate returns!

    1. My forte is typing replies then not pressing publish, so you're in good company! The flour trick is useful to know isn't it especially in emergencies.

      My sister is a worry to me although she's just going about her business as usual. But the sooner she has her scan the better.

      You were very young when you lost your father Bless. That must have made a big impact on your life. Thomas was 7 when I had the HA and I can't bear the thought of him or Amy being left without a parent while they're so young.

      Truffle stocks are well and truly replenished although Amy has taken to joining in our nightly treat so we may have to buy even more. xx

  10. I'm glad Wendy is healing. The power of cornflour - who knew?!! We all do now!

    1. Great tip isn't it. I should have asked if it was appropriate for humans. I'm rubbish with blood but I think if somebody cut themselves I'd be capable of throwing cornflour on them from a distance! xx