Sunday, 12 March 2017

March - Week 2

Well, it's been totally uneventful at Number 38 this week. Usually something or other happens that is slightly out of the ordinary but nothing of any consequence has taken place since I last blogged. We have all plodded on each doing what we do best and here we are again at Sunday. I only hope this isn't the peace before some sort of storm. 

You'll be pleased to know I've kept grumbling about housework to a minimum, mainly because I haven't done very much! I've kept on top of the basics but jobs like wiping down door frames, lifting the suite cushions to hoover underneath, cleaning all the mirrors etc have been left. These things have all become part of my weekly routine and I feel guilty when I don't do them but really they don't need doing every week.

For a change I've cleaned behind the scenes and the kitchen cupboards were first on the hit list. Our eating habits have changed slightly over the past few weeks but I've still been buying the usual things so a good sort out and stock take was needed. I've discovered I have enough tinned tomatoes to see me through any tomato looming crisis! Looking at this photo I've decided fajitas are on the menu tomorrow night. 
My wardrobe was pretty messy with wool that I'd just shoved in there so that got sorted out as well and I feel better for doing it. I've come to the conclusion I don't mind any housework that leaves me with that satisfied 'before and after' feeling and my cupboards and wardrobes certainly filled this inner need.

A couple of days have been nice enough to have the windows and doors open which has made me less hemmed in. It's been lovely hunkering down over winter but I'm ready to let the outside in now. We tend to do the big garden clean up in April ready for summer but I'm going to try and get out there this week and tidy some pots up. My bleeding heart and clematis are growing and there are trees around us with blossoms on which makes me feel very happy indeed.  
I've been knitting and crocheting and the sleeping bag is finished. I didn't work to a pattern I just made it up and it was a bit annoying to discover I needed to buy another ball of wool for the sake of a few rows on the chest panel and the straps. Never mind, it'll get used for something. 
I forgot to buy flowers on Thursday. Lidl is being extended and it's throwing  me off a little bit, so I either walked past them or they didn't have any. Either way none came home with me. But the daffs from last week are still doing strong. 
The smell of daffs always reminds me of primary school. I was 6 years old and we were allowed to go outside and play in the garden which had 2 old rowing boats in it. The teacher let us all choose something out of the dressing up box - nothing like the dressing up boxes of today with princess costumes and superhero outfits - these were just old clothes, hats, handbags and shoes. Anyway, I chose my outfit and me and my best friends Andrea and Gillian rowed ourselves to the seaside. Daffs were growing out of the grass hence the connection. Funny how some memories always stay with us isn't it. 

I tried to find a photo of myself aged 6 to show you but couldn't but I did come across this one of Amy and it always makes me laugh. This ended up in the Middleton Guardian and I was mortified at the time; now I love it.
She'd be equally mortified to know I've put this one of her on here. She'd pin curled her hair and wrapped my scarf around it to keep the pillow dry.  A few pieces of fruit and she'd look like Carmen Miranda. Sparky loves sleeping next to her. No wonder he suffers from anxiety separation when she goes out, they're like an old married couple. 
I've not seen her for most of the weekend, she's been staying with her friend but she's not been far away. Mark went into the back garden this morning and heard his name being called and there she was, leaning out of his window waving to us. 
Chocolates were on the shopping list again this week and we decided to break with habit and go for strawberry creams. I used to love the cream chocolates when I was little, not so much now, but these are divine and not sickly at all. The idea was to give up something every week during Lent and the first thing was chocolate.  Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else I want to give up so I've failed miserably. I might turn it around next year and instead of giving something up, make a point of doing something instead. It's a much more positive outlook and I'm all for the positives in life.
One person who won't be giving up chocolate is Aunty Edith. It's still a pleasure in her life and at 93 years old why shouldn't it be. She's invited us all around for tea on Easter Sunday so we'll take this egg for her. Thomas loves going over to visit. Him and Ken always end up in the garage sawing and knocking pieces of wood together to make something or other.  
And that's about it for this week. Just a quiet 7 days of life ticking over as normal. But normal is good.

Hope you've all had a lovely week and if anything out of the ordinary has happened it's been 'good' out of the ordinary.



  1. I can't quite get my head around a ball of wool that knits it's own amazing. The sleeping bag is so pretty.
    It's a good job there are no shops open now else I would be off to find some strawberry creams. Thorntons are my favourite ones too.
    I could do with a sort out in my kitchen cupboards again. I have been running stocks down in them so it might be time to make a list of things that need stocking up. All the tinned stuff is in my outside store so this will just be a stock up on things like different vinegars, mustards and oils for making salad dressings and any baking stuff I might need.
    Love the photos of Amy. I have many I could embarrass my pair with but I am not allowed to put pics of them onine. Neither of them have changed much and would be recognisable.
    Hope you have a good week next week.

    1. Haha, I know Sheila, the stripes are one of those things that will always flummox me as well, it does knit up nice though doesn't it.

      I always used to go for the strawberry or orange creams when I was little and hated the chewy caramels; now it's the other way around but these strawberry creams are delicious.

      I've had to put some tinned stuff in the wardrobe because the cupboard was that full, but that little stockpile will be coming with us to the van in a couple of weeks so it'll save me having to buy anything.

      We try to make a point of embarrassing Amy and Thomas as often as possible haha. She's obviously not seen this yet because she's still speaking to me!

      Doors and window are open again here today. Lifts the spirits no end. Hoping to get into the garden at some point and start on the tubs.

      Hope you have a lovely week as well. xx

  2. oh Amy is going to kill you when she sees this post! ha ha! Love the photos, and the one of her head in the roof! My bedroom at my parents was in the attic, so that brings back fond memories.

    You've been busy. sorting out the pantry is on my list, but so far I have avoided doing it this year. Need to do it though, and you, you wretched woman are inspiring me to get on with it. But not this week. Have other things to deal with first.

    An uneventful week sounds just the ticket. I want one of those. Where do you get them from? Can I have it delivered?!

    Just found out today that my 92 yr old MIL will be here on Easter Sunday. going to need all my strength for that. Bill was telling me some of the things she said to him yesterday and seems she can be quite nasty at times. It's a shame. Not her fault. But hard work.

    Daffodils aren't my favourite, but they are such cheery little souls. They certainly bring a touch of spring to a room.

    Your sleeping bag is adorable! I need to get sewing this week, just because I haven't made anything for a while. You've inspired me again!


    1. She is Sadie, but she's obviously not seen it yet because she's still speaking to me :)

      I do like an attic room. We looked into converting ours a few years ago but there wouldn't have been enough head room. Her friend lives in a newish build and they seem to make the apex taller so you can convert if you want to.

      Uneventful is good at times isn't it and totally different from boring. I rarely get bored to be honest but it's nice sometimes that the week just ticks over with no hiccups or bumps along the way.

      Sounds like Easter Sunday with MIL might be difficult. It's horrible when they turn nasty isn't it and I'm not always convinced they don't know what they're saying. I'm sure sometimes the little buggers just think they can get away with it because of their age. I bet she'll enjoy her visit though, regardless of how you feel I know you'll spoil her rotten and make it special.

      I love daffodils, you're right they are happy little flowers indeed.

      Hope you have a lovely week and your build project is coming along nicely. xx

  3. I did d a stock take a while back andbetween us I reckon we could open a tomato shop! I'd also be able to do a side line in tuna!
    Your week sounds perfect. I knit a cardigan in that sleeping bag wool. Blows my mind when it comes out in apattern. HOW DOES IT KNOW????

    Enjoy your strawberry creams and maybe the screams from Any when she sees what you did!!

    1. I could provide pudding as well Rachel. I seem to have semolina coming out of my ears so I need to eat some this week - such hardship!

      The wool is fantastic isn't it. I can't even begin to think about how they do it but I'm glad they do because it knits up lovely.

      Ate the last of the strawberry creams last night while pondering the washing machine full of water incident. Thankfully, after pressing a few buttons and turning it on and off several times it seemed to re-set itself.

      Amy obviously doesn't read my brilliant blog anymore - the traitor - because she's still happily talking to me. Might squeeze in a few more photos of her in future if that's the case!

      Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Uneventful is just what is required at times, although I still think you've been busy. The sleeping bag is so sweet. It looks very cosy. For someone who feels the cold badly I wouldn't mind one in my size.
    The bottom of your wardrobe looks a lot like mine. Have you run out of truffles now? ;-)
    Love the photograph of Amy. I can imagine Lily will treat us to one like that some time soon. She still looks adorable. X

    1. We didn't go to Bury this week so truffles are at an all time low Jules and we're having to ration ourselves :(

      The wardrobe is supposed to just have a small box of wool in it. The box is huge and there's wool stuffed in bags as well. It also houses the sewing machine. Good job I don't have a fetish for shoes!

      The photo was passed all round school - I was mortified but the teachers thought it was hilarious. It's definitely one that scores high on the 'let's embarrass Amy' scale.

      Hope you've all had a good week. xx

  5. I know I read this post earlier and I thought I had posted a comment, but apparently not! Oh, dear! I can no longer claim "chemo brain" for my forgetfulness since I'm done with treatments; has to be old age! Sorry this comment is so late! Uneventful can be a blessing; better than one crisis after another! Enjoy it while it lasts. Cute pictures of Amy! Glad she's still talking to you! :D Hope you've had a lovely week.

    1. I sent Mum a text this week Bless and only realised the day after when she'd not replied that I'd not pressed send! I used to blame it on baby brain but that doesn't really hold any weight now Amy and Thomas are older..

      Uneventful is good. I do enjoy nothing going on in my life at times. It's not been as uneventful this week, Wendy ripped a claw out of her paw. Thankfully Mark was here as there was blood and I don't deal well with blood at all.

      Calm has been restored again thankfully. xx