Sunday, 5 March 2017

March - Week 1

As much as I love being at home and looking after the family there are times when I get fed up of the monotony of it all and this week has been one of those weeks. Usually when Amy and Thomas return to school I'm raring to get started on sorting the house out but after a good start on Monday my enthusiasm for all home-making activities vanished. In fact, I have internally and more often than I care to admit, externally, grumbled my way through the washing, ironing, cooking, shopping and pretty much everything else house related this week. I can only hope my love of pairing socks, dusting, mopping floors and changing beds returns soon!

Anyway, moving on from the mundane what else have we been up to this week.

Well, there was snow on Tuesday although after wishing for it since December I was glad it came and went pretty quickly this time as I needed to go out.
There's something about sticking your hand out of the door to try and catch snowflakes isn't there.
And of course it was pancake day. Mark, Amy and myself ate 3 each and greedy guts Thomas managed to put 6 away.
We are on a bit of a healthy eating drive at the moment, if you don't take the pancakes into account, and salad features quite a lot at lunchtime. This one was extra tasty because Mark made it.
Amy has taken to drinking proper tea so I bought her some English tea leaves and a strainer. It's a bit of a faff actually. The tea leaves are too small or maybe the holes in the strainer are too big, but either way leaves end up in the cup. It doesn't seem to bother her though.
Just while we're talking about tea this was my Nanna's tea strainer. She was born in 1910 so I reckon if she bought it when she was setting up home it could be around 80 years old. 
Wednesday was Bury where I restocked with wool, lace and angels for the cribs and halos for the angels. Mum has also passed on some wool so I have plenty to keep me going probably for a good few months. 

I had a look for some wool so I could have a go at knitting some socks but couldn't find any so I think I'll have to buy it on-line. As every pair I've got seem to have holes in them I treated myself to some new ones
Thomas wanted to play a board game one evening so out came the roulette table - a stocking filler - and we spent an hour gambling our coloured chips away. I'm not sure I should be encouraging this sort of thing really but we did we have fun playing it. 
I've been to the hairdressers for my usual wash and cut. I enjoy my visits here. It's a local salon, although salon really is too fancy a word. The chit chat and gossip is always entertaining and clients and staff always end up talking across the room together about something or other that's happening in our lives. It's like something you'd see on a TV programme. 
Thursday was World Book Day at school. Thomas wasn't keen on dressing up this year, I think he feels too old now. Amy suggested going as Percy Jackson which was perfect. Normal clothes, a sword and a bolt of lightening. He wasn't even bothered that the sword would probably have to be stored in his locker. So there we have it. Our final book day. I admit I feel nothing but relief that these sort of events are finally coming to an end. We heard this week that he got into his High School of choice so that's a weight of our minds. He seems excited and ready to go and not in the least bit concerned about the change. Primary hasn't always been easy for him but he's come on in leaps and bounds lately so my only worries are those every Mum probably has about their child moving to High School. 
Broadchurch has returned and after not enjoying the last series at all, this one has grabbed my interest from the start. I'm willing to overlook the fact that Hayley (I don't even watch Corrie but I'm afraid whatever role Julie Hesmondhalgh plays I will only ever think of her as Hayley), wasn't taken straight to hospital even though she had a head wound and seemed to be suffering from memory loss, but apart from that little oversight, it looks like it could be a good story line.
On Friday I had the house all to myself so I indulged in a film called Florence Foster Jenkins. It's based on a true story about the most awful opera singer (the term singer is used very loosely) and it had me rolling around laughing and also crying at the end. Definitely worth a watch especially if you like Meryl Streep.

Amy finally remembered to tell us her results from her psych test. She's terrible for not keeping us informed. It's not that she's trying to hide bad grades she just lives her life in a "oh that's been and gone and I've moved on to the next thing" kind of way. I'm quite envious of her ability to do that actually. She really doesn't over think or dwell on very much at all. 
And today Matthew, Sophie and Sienna came for lunch. I did roast beef with all the trimmings and Sophie kindly provided dessert - homemade chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream. I'm not over keen on chocolate desserts but these were lovely and pretty much melted in your mouth. The jar was packed full when they arrived and the fact there's only 3 or 4 left is testament to how delicious they are. 
Sienna sat at the table with us although she has to sit where Thomas can't see her because he can't eat his food if she's got hers all round her mouth! She had some of Granny's vegetables and finished up with some rice cakes. Seeing babies sat at the table eating with adults gives me a lovely "family" feeling.
They've not long gone so I'm just about to put the old PJs and settle down to a bit of TV. I've poured myself a gin with raspberry and lemonade as recommended by Rachel and have to say it tastes pretty damn delicious. I think a second one could well be on the cards. 
Reading back, this post is a bit all over the place which is exactly how I've felt this week. 

Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday and as always, thanks for popping by. 



  1. Welcome to the grumblers club Suzanne.
    Eeeeh I do it all the time...mostly because I live in a house of three adults and one dog and nobody apart from me knows how to work dusters or the hoover. Andy isn't too bad as he will wash up but Roz just has never got to grips with the concept of housework or cooking. I have to practically threaten to kick her out to get her do anything...she's 37 for goodness sake....insert huge rolling eyeballs

    I can't believe you got snow and didn't send me any. I call that proper mean I do. Mind you it is a bit late now so I'll just have to hope again for next winter.

    Oh I love babies in high chairs at the family table. Christmas Day was our first time with Marlowe but she was a bit cranky so the visit to the pub for lunch with her was the best. I have never seen a baby eat so much.....even going so far as to ferret in the scoop bit on her bib to find things she had dropped....hilarious.
    Sienna looks scrumptious.... I could just eat her.

    Well done Amy on getting an 'A'. That is just brilliant.

    Well I hope your housework mojo comes back for you this personally I could do without

    1. Haha, I think I'd have won gold medal for grumbling last week Sheila. The trouble with being home all day is I can't sit here waiting for everybody to come in so they can hoover or wash up. I've started asking Amy to do some ironing and Thomas will do some bits and bobs at the weekend. I don't usually mind any of it but last week the whole housewife thing just felt so boring.

      I love watching babies eat and feeding them. It's amazing where they can put it isn't it. Sienna was really good at the table as well and Matthew and Sophie manged to eat their lunch in peace.

      I'm still not in full housework mode, I think half the problem is the weeks go so quickly it only feels like I was doing the same thing a couple of days ago. But trying not to be lazy I did empty the kitchen cupboards and give them a good wipe out and tidy this morning.

      Hope you're some way to back to normal now after all your work. Have a lovely week. xx

  2. (((HUGS))) Sounds like you need a little break from all the housework. Maybe just do the bare minimum one day and treat yourself to a day off?

    Congratulations to Amy on her excellent test grade! And congratulations to Thomas for getting accepted at the high school of his choice. Over here, elementary school is from grades 1 to 5; middle school is from grades 6 to 8; and high school is from grades 9 to 12. Is it the same there, too?

    I like your new socks! Very pretty! And that salad lunch looks good; reminds me I need to eat more salad! I'll join you in having a drink, too, just make mine the raspberry lemonade, only, please, as I don't drink any alcohol. :) Hope you have a pleasant second week in March and all will be well with you and your family.

    1. I think you're right Bless, I probably need to relax the schedule for a few days. Sometimes it doesn't even need doing and it certainly never looks any different when it has been done - I just know it's had a going over.

      We were really pleased with Amy's psych result, it genuinely wasn't expected which made it all the more sweeter. Thomas is really happy he got into High School. Unfortunately, getting in your first choice isn't an automatic guarantee any more for a lot of children.

      When I was little we had primary school (4-7), junior school (7-11) and secondary school (11-16).

      These days there is Reception (4-5), Key Stage 1 (5-7), Key Stage 2 (7-11), KS3 (11-14) and KS4 (14-16) although KS3 & KS4 are just called High School. Talk about over-complicated!

      We really enjoy salad and quite often have it on the side of a meal even in winter. There's just something refreshing and virtuous about a salad :)

      Sounds like you and your DD had a lovely weekend together celebrating her birthday. Hope you have a lovely week. xx

  3. Awwww, isn't Sienna coming along. I unleashed a beast with my 21 month old niece yesterday, she has a dairy allergy so mil SIL has asked me about some products that we buy. She tried her with some chocolate spread yesterday, I'm not sure any went into her mouth!

    I know just what you mean about the housework mojo.

    1. She's coming on a treat isn't she and she's cut her first tooth as well. Oh a dairy allergy doesn't sound much fun - bet that's hard work for her mummy. What a good Aunty you are managing to find some chocolate spread that your niece is able to eat. Aunties really are the best.

      Housework Mojo is still missing but I've decided to do different jobs this week which is why the contents of the kitchen cupboards ended up all over the counters this morning. At least I can see some difference for my efforts which makes a change. xx

  4. Perfectly normal to get a bit 'meh' about housework every once in a while. Sounds like a good week overall though xx

    1. It was a good week MMC if we don't take the grumbling and muttering into account!

      We're quite tidy as a family so it never looks any different when I've done housework either. When Amy and Thomas were little by the time I'd tidied up after them it looked like we'd moved into a show house and I loved that WOW factor.

      I can't sit here and not do anything though so I'm going to do some behind the scene jobs this week.

      Hope you're all back to normal now regarding the ceiling saga and that Flo enjoyed her party. xx

  5. at last I am here. Well, actually, I was here before school, but I left the page open and would not let myself read and comment until I'd done all the housework and food prep!

    Send Mark round here to make me salads please, and if he can bring some snow with him too, that would be good. I'm refusing to give up hope until after Easter.

    You've been busy. Even if you haven't felt like the housework, bet it still got done anyway didn't it?
    Love Thomas's WBD costume idea. We've always had to think of characters who would wear normal clothes instead of a dressing up outfit, so I'm glad it's done and dusted too. It was just an extra hassle we could do without.

    Love that tea strainer. What a beautiful heirloom. Fortnum's sell something very similar, I'm always hankering after it. This might be the year I go for it, after seeing your Nan's, so it's all your fault.

    I must toodle. Spent so long faffing around cleaning (including showers, think I must be coming down with something to do those without reluctance), and now it's nearly 2 p.m, my face needs sorting out!

    Like those socks by the way, I normally get Primark cheap ones, but I think I need to check out NL instead. xxx

    1. I'll send Mark to yours if you promise to post yourself to mine to do some housework! You're right, even though I didn't want to do it I still did, I just grumbled my way through it all. Having a change of plan this week though. I'm doing a few behind the scenes jobs that will actually give me some before and after visual pleasure and satisfaction.

      I am so glad things like WBD are coming to an end. In fact that's probably it for Thomas. I can't think of anything else coming up that involves dressing up or coloured T-shirts. I'm a little bit sad but there's a bigger part of me that's relieved.

      You definitely need to put the tea strainer on your shopping list. We do use my Nanna's occasionaly but I'm not sure if we should - not because of the age but I've no idea what it's made of and it doesn't look a great colour does it.

      Hope you have a lovely week. Won't be long until I'm out in the garden doing my Gardener Bill impressions. Lots of green shoots are coming through. It was even warm enough to have the french doors open this morning. Spring is coming! xx

  6. Congrats to Amy on her excellent results and to Thomas for getting into the high school of choice. I'm sure it's a relief to know that he is going somewhere he wants to be. I'm with Thomas and the baby goo-I'm not really squeamish except about food mess-gives me the boak as we say up here!
    Sienna's smile is worth the wait-it lights up your world I'm sure.
    I got my birth sign tattoo this week on my wrist-everyone thinks I'm kidding and it'll wash off. It was easy peasy and I don't know why I waited so long. My daughter thinks I'm never going to grow up-she's right!
    It's still fairly cold up here and a bit wet so no gardening done yet.
    Look forward to reading your exploits next week. Catriona

    1. Thank you Catriona. Amy was so pleased with her result she forgot to tell us! Thomas was thrilled about High School, you can never be 100% sure these days they'll get in the school they want so it's a big relief.

      I'm laughing at people waiting for your tattoo to wash off. Good on you for having it done if it's something you've always wanted. Do you think you'll be having any more?

      It's been nice here today, spring is definitely on her way. I've had the doors and windows open and I've noticed lots of green shoots are coming through. We usually do a big garden tidy in April, washing the patio, painting the shed and decking, cleaning furniture etc. then it's all ready for summer. We'll still go ahead and do all that even though we won't be here for a big chunk of the summer hols.

      It's not long to our first van outing of the year now. Really looking forward to the weather warming up and the caravan season starting again.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  7. So many things had me nodding in agreement! I love the idea of pink gin!

    1. I bet a lot of women can identify with my first paragraph but probably not as many grumble about it as much as I did last week!

      You have to try pink gin it's delicious. The raspberry drink is a bit tangy and gives it a nice sharp taste.

      Hope you are all well and that you're enjoying your world of Hygge. And congratulations on your new publishing career :) xx

  8. Oh Suzanne, I think it's that time of year for everyone. We've all had enough of the Winter months and are ready for some warm Spring days to put the bounce back in our step. It won't be long (I think we've already had a hint of it this week), until then we have to be kind to ourselves. The dust and housework will always wait.
    Good for Thomas in looking forward to secondary school. Change is difficult at the best of times and a new school is a big leap.
    And well done Amy for her results. She must take after her mother for brains. X

    1. I've loved every minute of hunkering down over winter but I'm definitely ready for spring now Jules. The weather has been nice enough to have the windows and doors open a couple of days this week and along with the lighter nights everything seems much brighter and more on an even keel than it did last week.

      I'm relieved Thomas is looking forward to changing schools and not worrying about it. He's done enough worrying about things to last a lifetime so it's good he's taking it in his stride. He's getting cheeky as well, which I quite like, it's good to see his character coming out a little bit.

      Oh that's a nice thing to say about Amy and me having brains thank you. Actually I think she's brighter than me but totally lacks any common sense which I have oodles of although in retrospect it can be quite a hindrance as it sometimes makes life boring :)

      Hope you and the family are all keeping well and you've managed to get some mud-less walks in this week. xx