Sunday, 26 February 2017

February - Week 4

One of the more exciting things this week has been nipping to the local shops where there's a big car park so that Amy can have a go at driving. I'm not teaching her as such because we drive automatics and she'll be taught in a manual, but I thought it would be worth doing to give her a sense of what it's like behind the steering wheel. We'll stay on the car park for a few more days and then maybe I'll take her out on the road. It's very quiet where we live but as soon as you leave the area you have to deal with dual carriageways and motorways so we'll only stay local.
On Monday me and Amy had plans to watch La La Land. We'd really been looking forward to this and it turned into a bit of an event with Thomas and one of Amy's friends coming along as well. Unfortunately, none of us enjoyed it apart from Amy's friend, who quite possibly was only being polite. In fact, after an hour me and Thomas came out. I found it painfully slow, I wanted to wind them up when they were talking, and there didn't seem any story to it. 
In fact the best bit was the popcorn even though it caused an argument between Thomas and Amy. I bought Thomas a big box and he wouldn't let Amy have any. Now, I'm not defending him but we all know he has a thing about his food so there's no way he's going to let anybody dip their hands into his popcorn. Amy is totally the opposite. Nothing like that bothers her, (although I'm surprised she was willing to eat something his hands had been all over). Anyway, she called him selfish and an argument ensued. I offered to buy her a box, but no, and I quote "that's not the point". Strewth! I was glad when she stuck a bon bon in her mouth and couldn't speak.
The quilts and preemie set were parcelled up and posted off and I've had two lovely e-mails back from the charities. I've been strict with myself and not started anything new this week. Instead I've got the back of the sleeping bag on the needles and have been quite happily knitting this up.  

I also had a lovely e-mail from Tigerlily Trust thanking me for sending the gowns, cribs and angels. I feel quite honoured actually because I've been asked if I would make 50 angels for their annual remembrance service in October. Of course, I didn't need to think twice about it. More cribs have also been requested.

My friend visited on Wednesday, we've known each other since we were 11 when we met on our first day at High School. She came for lunch with her little boy who has Downs Syndrome. He's adorable and a little live wire. Luckily it wasn't raining and we managed a trip to the park to feed the ducks and run off some energy - his not ours! Back home, he decided he'd like a go on the Xbox. Thomas was very accommodating and after hiding his controller gave him the spare one that he didn't think was working. You should have seen his face when he realised it was connected and 'C' started moving things around on the screen! He actually blanched, probably worrying that all his hard fought for levels were about to go down the drain. 
I've had a hankering for cherry and almond cake for a while and finally got around to baking one today. My cherries always sink even though I wash and flour them. Still tastes good though.
Wendy went to the groomers where I asked for 'short' - you all know I like my monies worth where the dogs are concerned. I was a bit taken aback when I picked her up though. All her feathery bits had been completely cut off. Might need to clarify short and shaved next time. 
In a bid to not be too predictable I chose a different pastry from Lidl this week
My Valentine's flowers are still going strong
And my friend brought me cutest little rose.
And that really is about it this week. There have been no days out as planned mainly due to the weather. No shopping trip with Mum. No faffing around like I usually do with wool and material. No goodies bought from Bury. Not even much instagramming or blog reading. In fact the days have just all rolled into one really. 

But considering what I've not done, it's been a most enjoyable week. I really must get on and do something productive this week though. 

I'm now just waiting for some samosa's and spring rolls to come out of the oven to go with our Sunday tea and then we'll be settling down to an evening of TV.
Hope your week was more productive than mine - if you wanted it to be of course. If not, then never mind, it's good to relax and let things slip sometimes :)



  1. Sounds like it has been a really nice week, Suzanne. I remember trying to find an empty parking lot to teach my daughter to drive, but we couldn't find one! I eventually took her to the cemetery and that was a good place in which to learn to drive! There are no L-boards here, and I wish they had that, here; only the commercial driving schools have "Student Driver" written on their cars. But there's nothing to warn other drivers if someone is learning behind the wheel of the family car.

    That was very nice of Thomas to share the Xbox controls with your friend's son, even if he didn't want to share his popcorn with Amy!

    Well, looks like Wendy won't need to visit the groomers for a bit!

    I am sitting here, drooling over your pastry and your Sunday tea! Roast beef sandwiches, ham sandwiches, and I'm trying to figure out what the topping is for the 3rd type of sandwich - tuna? Plus samosas and spring rolls? And cake and eclairs? And fruit cocktail? Yum! I think I need to start doing Sunday tea, myself! Maybe next Sunday, when my daughter will be home.

    1. It has been a nice, if uneventful week Bless. Car parks are hard to come by over here as well - especially since the big stores started 24 hour opening, but the one near us is perfect. I wouldn't take her out if we didn't have L plates I'd be too nervous! As you say, how do other drivers know who's behind the wheel.

      Oh the popcorn saga was ridiculous. Sometimes they just get on a roll though with their bickering and can't seem to stop. Yes, the intention was good regarding the Xbox but Thomas had planned on it not working the little monkey.

      You're right it's tuna. We're trying to cut down on our bread intake and we're eating thins now which is why they look very flat. Plus in a bid to be extra good we're sacrificed the top slice as well. Still very nice though. I love Sunday tea and so does everybody else. It's nothing much but seems to satisfy us all and is so easy to throw together.

      How lovely that your daughter will be home next week. I bet you're on a countdown aren't you :) Hope you are feeling better in yourself. I'll be popping over to catch up with you and everybody else tomorrow. Need to get back into my routine with things this week.

      'Speak' to you soon. xx

  2. oh. that is so funny.
    'I was glad when she stuck a bon bon in her mouth and couldn't speak.'made me laugh so much! Sort of thing I say about Violet. When she lost her voice recently I was sad she had a sore throat and cold, but ooh, the quiet!

    I'm with you on the popcorn thing. He's funny with his food, it's not a secret, so let him scoff the lot.

    It must scare you to see Amy behind the wheel. Not because you think she can't do it, but because you must look at her and still see her in her pram. She's your baby! And now she's getting ready to drive by herself. Oh, it's a cruel world. Time goes too quickly. Though I am going to persuade Violet to learn asap, just so she can chauffeur me around! ha ha.

    So. Cake. No slice sent to Sadie then? I see. I'm not bitter. Nope. Not in the slightest. Looks so good. Actually, yes, I am bitter. I want cake!

    And I want your afternoon tea. I spy éclair. I love an éclair! Mouth is now watering, have just remembered the rose and raspberry ones I got from Waitrose recently, oh Dear God, they were so good.

    glad you had a good week, even if you couldn't get out and about. Said it on the Gram, but have to say it again, Thomas's stance there is just like he's playing the game, look at his hands! Must have been so annoyed to see his devious plot failing before his eyes! ha ha. Kids!
    Ok. I'm off now. Off to dream about cake.

  3. forgot to leave a kiss


    not because I'm sulking about the lack of cake you've sent me, honest! ;O) xx

    1. Oh Lord she didn't half go on about it. She's not even keen on popcorn that's why she didn't get a box but sometimes she starts yipping and can't stop. Then afterwards she's totally remorseful and always says sorry. Thomas is so accommodating about everything but not his food and he stood his ground which she's not really used to haha.

      When I took the photo of her driving (well posing for me) I thought she actually looks pretty good behind the wheel but then I thought I'm OK with this because I'm with her but I don't actually like the idea of her going out on her own - so yes, I'd rather her still be in her pram at times. Your chauffeur idea is excellent. These pesky kids come in useful at times.

      We usually have custard slices but I fancied a change this week so eclairs it was. I had mine with fruit for the healthy element! Mind you I had a piece of cherry cake for lunch so probably too much cake has been consumed today, although in the spirit of friendship I could always eat a piece on your behalf just like you ate a violet cream for me :)

      It's back to my routine tomorrow which I'm actually quite looking forward to. It's been a very quiet week but very enjoyable but jobs have mounted up as I don't like doing loads of housework when it's school holidays so a bit of catching up needs to be done. Hope you have a lovely week. xx

  4. Cherry and almond cake - can't remember the last time I had that and now I want some! x

    1. I love almond flavouring but I didn't put enough in. It was too subtle for my liking, I prefer a big hit! Will double up next time. xx

  5. Your Sunday tea looks delicious. We're having chicken fajitas which I love! I think that is so funny about Amy and the popcorn, it's not like this is a new thing with Thomas and his food. Good for him for sticking to his guns. I think I mentioned before that we don't have L-plates but sometimes you see a car with a sign in the back window that the parents have made saying 'New Driver' or 'Student Driver'. Will she be taking lessons soon?

    1. I like chicken fajitas as well, in fact I've got a pack in the cupboard so I might do them this week.

      See, even all my bloggy friends know what Thomas is like about food and she's lived with him for 11 years so why she thought he'd let her stick her hand in is beyond me. When the girl put the box on the counter I picked one piece off the very top and he didn't even like me doing that!

      I can't imagine being able to learn to drive without having some sort of official signage for the sake of both the learner and other drivers. She has her first lesson in April. There was a mix up with college times, she can really only do Tuesday mornings and the instructor can't fit her in until then.

      Hope you are keeping well and still healing nicely. xx

  6. I'm guessing the weather was made in heaven this week for Thomas! The food story made us all laugh because we do mot share food of any kind in our family. Don't know if you are a "Gavin and Stacey" fan but the episode where they are ordering the take away curry and James Corden goes ballistic make my daughter nearly need revived due to the amount she laughed. Because she has a severe nut allergy, we always brought her up to eat her own food and not take anything from other children. I once watched her jab her FILs hand with her fork in a restaurant because in my SILs family no one seems capable of just eating there own food. I remeber the L plates well and being really impressed at hoe well my daughter could park! Should really be sleeping now instead of on t'interweb as I am teaching basic patchwork tomorrow for 4 hours (volunteer=mug) so should be sleeping now. Have a good week catching up with your routine. Catriona

    1. Thomas had a perfect week Catriona and thoroughly enjoyed being rained in. I know the Gavin & Stacey episode you're talking about and it had me and Mark in stitches as well. It's so true to life isn't it when you order a take-away. If your daughter has a nut allergy I can definitely understand the no food from other people rule.

      My SIL is the same with food, she doesn't think twice about just helping herself to what's on her children's plates, she doesn't even ask, if she fancies it, the fork goes in. It drives them mad.

      My sister has been known to verbally kill her children for 'double dipping'. You know when someone sticks a bread stick in, takes a bite, then goes back for another dip.

      And I never ate anything other than what was on my plate at Joans because Tom would stick his fork that he'd been using into the salad, coleslaw, pickles etc. Used to turn my stomach watching him do it. It's just basic good manners and hygiene isn't it.

      I still can't park properly. I need at least 3 spaces either side of me and I have to be able to drive in and drive out - I'm not that bad actually, but not far off. xx

  7. I quite often get weeks where the days just blend together and I get to Sunday and wonder just what I did with all of those hours.
    Ooooh your Sunday tea looks so delicious. I love a buffet tea and will be doing one for us and The Doodles when I get the house straight again.
    Gosh....Amy looks very grown up behind the wheel of a car.
    How lovely that you have been asked to make more angels.
    Hope you get caught up with all your housework this next's always there waiting for us isn't it?

    1. I've no idea where the week went Sheila but it was nice not least because I indulged in my natural sleeping pattern of late to bed, late to rise. Wasn't too keen on getting up so early this morning. Thomas and Amy take after me as well so they struggled a bit.

      I do like our Sunday teas, they're so easy to put together and then it's just a case of help yourself. Sometimes there's even a jelly on there - all for me because nobody else likes it.

      I'm hoping to get a few angels made this week. My plan is to make 10 at a time otherwise the head stuffing and halo sewing is a bit monotonous. I'm really happy to be able to make something for their service.

      I've been doing some housework this morning and my 10 minute breaks have been spent reading comments and replying. That's my treat for working hard :) It's never ending though, so just a couple more jobs and I'm calling it a day.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  8. Hello!!
    Wouldn't you think they'd have grown out of arguments by now?! NOPE!!! Bloody kids! My kids would know better than yo ask for popcorn at the cinema - it's too expensive lol
    Though I was with Thomas!! No Amy you can't have any!!! I'm not fussed about that Lara Land and now definitely won't go following your review. I often think that anything that it 'Citically acclaimed' is rubbish!
    Valentine flowers are looking lovelyy and now I want cherry cake - so badly. Very nice spread for Sunday tea and I love that posh pink drink so much - it tastes really nice with gin too!

    I'm so glad you got the thanks you deserve for your charity makes - even though I know that's not what you do it for xx
    Have a great week lovely xxx

    1. They don't argue very much but when they do it goes on for ages, so it makes up for the fact they don't do it very often! Food at the cinema is a total rip off. I always take bags of sweets and drinks with us. I took 4 bags with us and it cost me £4. They were selling exactly the same as what we'd taken but it would have cost us £15.96! Not getting suckered into that rip off. Popcorn is a different matter though. It's a ridiculous price as well but Thomas loves it so I don't mind paying for that as a treat. We don't go very often so I don't mind.

      I'm fed up of hearing about La La Land to be honest especially after the Oscar fiasco last night which has been 'breaking news' all morning on Sky - really? with everything else that's going on in the world. Strewth! That's my word of the year by the way :)

      I am so having a gin with my raspberry drink tonight. Sounds delicious.

      I was really chuffed with the letters and being asked to make the angels. Must get a few knitted up this week. September will be here before we know it!

      Hope your first week back at school went well. Are you in your 'new' job yet by any chance? Have a lovely week xx

  9. I had to laugh at the popcorn argument. I had visions of it ending up all over. Very funny, but what a shame you didn't enjoy the film. I remember feeling that way about Moulin Rouge. Everyone was raving about it but I didn't get it at all.
    Amy looks very much at home behind the wheel of the car. You'll be needing to hide the keys before long.
    I love how you have set your table for Sunday tea so everyone can just help themselves.
    Yay! for finally making the cake. X

    1. I could have poured the popcorn over her head Jules. I think she began to realise how silly she sounded but it was a case of saving face so she carried on!

      There's plenty of things people rave about that I don't get and I wonder is it me that's uncultured or have others just jumped on the bandwagon because they're unable to form an opinion themselves. The good news is the older you get the less you care what people think and being part of a crowd doesn't appeal at all :)

      I do like my Sunday tea routine. It won't be happening this weekend though as Matt, Sophie and Sienna are coming for lunch so I'll be up to my neck in roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings.

      Hope you've had a lovely week and if Lily took part in World Book Day that she enjoyed dressing up. xx