Sunday, 12 February 2017

February - Week 2

Thomas was off school Monday and Tuesday. He'd not really eaten anything all weekend, still looked pale and couldn't face his breakfast so Mark made an executive decision for him to stay home. It was my turn for decision making in the afternoon and after being cooped up all weekend I thought it would be nice to blow the cobwebs away so we went for a walk in the park. 
I love Foxdenton Park. It's not very big and the gardens are well maintained - the gardener was busy raking up leaves as we walked around. Sadly the same can't be said for the house. It had some money ploughed into it several years ago but it seems to have been left to fall by the wayside again with rotting window frames and broken and boarded up glass. 
It's the same for the bowling green club house which is practically falling down. Again, it's not that long since this was re-vamped and was being used, yet here it is in all it's derelict glory. It would make a lovely cafe but I don't expect renovation is near the top of any Council priority list at the moment. 
I finished knitting the baby things this week and got them off in the post. Two gowns, 4 angel pockets, 2 cribs and 6 angels. Then, as I hadn't got any fleece for the lilac quilt I started to put together a fiddle mat. These are fun to make as it's a case of anything goes.
Sometimes I like to set myself a challenge to keep the old grey matter working and this week it was baby shoes. I've actually astounded myself with how these have turned out. I've no idea what to do with them so I won't bother crocheting up a matching pair - but they are ridiculously sweet aren't they. 
My shopping bargain of the week were these 2 fleeces from Wilko. They cost £1.50 each and I may go back and get some more. I thought the grey would go nice with the lilac quilt. It's not the most exciting of colours but the hearts bring it to life. 
Thomas came home from school all excited on Thursday. The other Y6 class had been evacuated through the fire door onto the field as one pupil had a bit of a moment that involved hitting the teachers, throwing chairs across the classroom and turning desks over. Thomas was fine about it, it probably made for an exciting half hour, but you know what he's like - before he went in Friday morning he'd worked out his escape route just in case it happened again and he got caught up in it.

Amy is 17 on Saturday and is now the proud owner of a provisional driving licence, Lord help us. We've bought her the theory book for her birthday and she's having her first lesson in a couple of weeks. She's not exactly chomping at the bit, it's more a case of having a go to see what she thinks. I don't mind paying for the lessons, but I won't be as keen to pay her insurance if she passes! 
Other bits and bobs:

My car tax demand came which I quite happily didn't pay!
Daffodils springing up all over the park.
Little wooden butterflies from The Works.
Wishing I was 7 again and not only so I could read Enid Blyton!
Pretending I am 7 with lashings of ginger beer and cream cakes for tea.
A new book on the bedside cabinet. Cast-Off Kids is about a lovely couple who fostered in the 60's. I'll probably get through this one in a few days.
Something blue on the hook. Loved these colours until Mark said it reminded him of a prayer shawl!
Just fancied a refreshing G&T last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it, although one was enough. 
And that's another week over with. I can't believe we're already nearly halfway through February - see what I mean about the weeks flying by after January. 

There is just one week left before Thomas finishes school for half term and 3 days before Amy finishes college. By the time they return February will be all but over. 

We have no plans for going away but I'm hoping we can have a couple of days out and if we can use our National Trust cards even better. 

Hope you've all had a lovely week and managed to stay warm and cosy. It's been bitterly cold and windy up here so I've only gone out when I've had to and most of the week has been spent inside pottering around. But I'm good at pottering, it's what I do best, so no complaints from me.  



  1. Oh poor Thomas. I hope he is all better now.
    What a shame about those derelict buildings in that lovely park. The house would make a lovely craft centre where people could go to do classes and I agree that the club house would make a lovely cafe.
    Love those blankets. I was thinking of using fleece to make a throw and some cushion for Ruby's doll bed so that it can be used as a sofa and those colours would be perfect.
    Ooooh you should start reading the Enid Blyton books so that you are ready to read them to Sienna when she is older. We got Ruby the Mallory Towers books and she loves them. I have had a sneaky read because she likes silent reading now.
    How cute are those little shoes?
    Good luck to Amy with her driving lessons. DD was late doing hers at about twenty one as she never had any interest in driving but living were we do it is great having two drivers in the house.
    Bitterly cold here too and I also have spent most of the week inside pootling about doing bits and bobs. I'll be glad when it warms up a little though so that I can throw all the windows's a bit too cold for that at the moment.
    Have a lovely week all of you at No 38.

    1. It is a shame about the buildings. They're Grade II listed which probably makes any work harder to do as well. If I won the lottery that's exactly the sort of house I'd love to live in.

      I love Enid Blyton books. Amy's favourites were the Amelia Jane ones and I used to read them to her.

      There has been a mix up with college times so Amy's first lesson won't happen now until April. Never mind at least she's booked in. I didn't enjoy my lessons one bit and can honestly say I've never really enjoyed driving since, but it's handy to be able to jump in the car and go where I need to.

      It's really windy here today but dry so there's a load of towels pegged on the line. It's nice not to have the airer up in the house. I open the bedroom windows every morning although sometimes it's only for half an hour, by which time I'm blue and need thawing out!

      Hope Ruby enjoyed her birthday. Have a lovely week. xx

  2. Oh my favourite cakes!
    What a waste of useful buildings - if only there was enough money around.
    Good luck to Amy for her driving. Eldest learned ASAP and whizzes round the country. Son didn't learn properly 'til he finished Uni when he was 23, by then he was working so had to pay for himself! Youngest did a 2 week intensive course but now doesn't like driving.
    Have a good week.......spring must be on the way soon I hope -freezing here today.

    1. I have to confess my lunch today was an iced custard slice and a banana! It's a crying shame about the house isn't it especially after spending on it not that long ago. Doesn't take long for buildings to go to rack and ruin though does it.

      I'm with your youngest. I don't like driving very much at all. I'm OK local but hate motorways or going anywhere I don't know. Just as well I've got Mark. It doesn't faze him at all, even abroad.

      It's very cold and windy her today but dry and sunny as well so can't complain, especially as I've managed to get some washing out on the line.

      Hope you and Col have a good week. Can't be long now til the move? xx

  3. Lots of lovely goodies this week, Suzanne. I love the photo of Thomas-I think he is very like you. I well remember the days of my daughter learning to drive-she started on the day of her 17th birthday with a local driving school and passed first time 5 months later. Guess whose car insurance she went on?! She's 42 next month and collects her new white MX5 on the 1st March (mine was red).You'll be surprised to hear it's the same day I get my first/only tattoo- Eeeek! It's a real shame about all the older buildings you have photographed and it's a pity that there are not more incentives to preserve and use these buildings instead of replacing them with inferior, but profitable, rubbish that certainly won't have a long life.
    I'm currently learning to rag rug and am enjoying it very much except the essian backing makes me sneeze and wheeze. Enjoy the rest of your weekend-it's the school holiday here until Thursday so I'll just stay indoors I think! Catriona

    1. Driving is a great thing to be able to do isn't it, although how youngsters afford the insurance these days is beyond me - it costs a fortune. I'm rubbish with cars - I got the red and white bit but had to look up MX5 - very nice indeed, you lucky ladies.

      A tattoo! Go Catriona. Are you sharing your design or is it a secret? My brother has a pink panther on his arm which I love - Mum loathes it haha. If I were brave enough I'd have something very girly like a butterfly or a flower, but I hate needles so it's something I never have to contemplate :)

      The rag rug sounds fun apart from the sneezing and wheezing of course. I've seen some kits and Bless showed one she was making herself on her blog a while ago.

      Yes, staying warm and cosy inside sounds a good idea, at least until the little ones are back in school. Have a lovely week. xx

  4. Eeeeeeh, I love a good bloggy catch up. Poor Thomas feeling poorly. It's bloody cold here n blowing a gale. It's such a shame to see good resources like those in your park going to waste, especially after being done up. I do like those wilko fleeces. Might rent a couple myself to make a new sausage dog to keep out the draughts! Pay no attention to Marc. Your stripes are wonderfully colourmatched! I nearly had a GnT last night but was too comfy on the sofa to get up n get one!! Google Top Town Deals - we got Mr 19 a ten lesson half price deal. There are often lots on there for here, but there may be for near you too.

    1. Cold and windy here as well Rachel, but there's washing on the line so I'm not complaining.

      Fantastic news about OH, I'm jumping for joy here - well in my head - really I'm just sat down feeling super happy for you all.

      The fleeces were a good buy weren't they. A bit squeaky to the touch - made me go goosey - but they've washed well and are lovely and soft now.

      I've booked Amy in for lessons already - although there was a mix up with dates so not until April now. I got a 'deal' £230 for 10 hours! I looked up a few and it seems to be the going rate. Mind you I also looked up average number of lessons to pass a test and it's between 30-50. Not told Mark that bit yet - he took 10 and passed first time so it didn't cost very much for him. I was another story - but I'm not quite ready to admit how many times I took my test just yet :) xx

    2. I had 52 lessons. I used to sit on the stairs hoping the instructor would've had an accident so he didn't turn up. I hated driving. So nervous about it. I passed my test first time aged 19 and have never driven since! I always said if I had to in an emergency, I'd drive. But seemingly,Kidney Cancer isn't emergency enough as all the while the HG was out of action, the car just sat outside our house n I used the bus, lifts off friends and Shank's pony!!
      I think it cost us £1000 in total to get Mr 19 n through his test. He's not driven since, only through extortionate cost of insuring him plus he doesn't 'neeeeed' a car and I certainly don't 'neeeeeed' the stress of worrying about him crashing!!

    3. It took me 4 time! I think eventually the examiner was so fed up of seeing me he just passed me. Didn't help (although this is definitely an excuse) that my lessons were in a small town but the test centre was 20 miles away in Cheltenham which shock horror, had roundabouts, one-way systems, pedestrian crossings etc. etc. Mind you that was nothing to do with it. I just couldn't reverse - hit the bloody kerb every time so it was a definite fail. Told you I can't reverse my brain!

      That's the thing these days, the insurance. No idea how much Amy would cost to be put on mine as it's only a tiddly car but does that even make a difference? There are also these black boxes that monitor speed and won't let you drive between 11pm-7am to reduce the cost so we might look into that. Same as Mr 19 though Amy doesn't need a car. She wouldn't even use it for college as it would be too expensive to park every day.

      My friend passed her test 30 years ago and has never driven since mainly because she lived in London but is thinking of getting a car now she's back up here and has a little one. She would scare me more than a learner driver who'd just passed!

      Don't blame you for not driving even in emergency situations. It's stressful enough these days without trying to do it under circumstances like that. The second thing on my lottery win wish list after buying Foxdenton Park would be to hire a chauffeur :)

      Hope you're enjoying the half term. xx

  5. I do hope Thomas is back on form by now. These germs have been hanging around far too long for my liking.
    It looks like a lovely park for a gentle stroll but, I agree, it's a shame about the buildings.
    It must be exciting/scary for Amy learning to drive. I remember not feeling ready at seventeen so I waited and took my test at twenty five. I then got a job that required driving which did me the world of good and helped with my confidence. I hope she enjoys it.
    I just saw your reply to my instagram comment. I'm sorry, I automatically assumed you were at the concert too! I now realise you meant near where you live, although I'm sure you would have enjoyed it. 😊 X

    1. I don't think Amy is really bothered about driving lessons, she just sees it as something else to do that will probably be of benefit to her in life. She might hate it but I've booked 10 lessons to get a discount so she can only really really hate it after they've finished! I think I was 21 when I passed my test. Not sure why I put myself through it really. I used to feel ill before the instructor came and have never really enjoyed driving, but it's a handy thing to be able to do

      No, I wasn't at the concert, but I was only about 6 miles from you. I've spent many a good night at the Arena and plenty of afternoons there as well watching children's shows with Amy.

      It's freezing here today so not sure I'd have ventured to the park if Thomas hadn't been well today. I've got the heating on full blast and I'm just about to turn the fire on as well. No doubt in 10 minutes I'll be sweltering and will have to turn everything off - it seems to be that time of life.

      Hope you are all keeping well. Have a lovely week. xx

  6. Hope Thomas is feeling well again; he must be if he went back to school. Glad the incident at school didn't upset him; he seems to have dealt with any anxiety in a very positive way, figuring out an escape route, if needed!

    That little crocheted shoe is cute! Maybe make a pin cushion with it?

    Your cream cakes look delicious! You have me wanting some cake, now!

    Happy birthday to Amy and best wishes on learning to drive!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Hi Bless, yes he's fully recovered now thank you although he's still complaining of sore tummy muscles which might be through being so sick. We've come a long way with Thomas so I was pleased he wasn't upset by the incident at school, but him having a plan of action didn't come as a surprise!

      When I next post Amy will be 17 which is hard to believe although I say that every year. But she really is nearly a 'proper' adult now and being able to drive just takes her one step closer.

      Hope you are keeping well and that you also have a lovely week. xx

  7. glad Thomas is feeling better. I hate that schools have to deal with these dramas, especially primary schools.

    you've been busy. I hope Amy had a great birthday.

    speak to you soon. xxx

    1. It's hard to comprehend how angry children must be to do things like that isn't it. Trouble is teachers are very limited in how they can deal with this sort of thing and there's always a colleague who loves to comment negatively, saying they'd have handled it better. Rumour has it the child has been expelled but who knows. There seems to a high tolerance level these days before it gets to that and I'm convinced it's more to do with a school's statistics than the well-being of other pupils.

      This time 17 years ago I think I'd been in hospital for over 2 weeks with ridiculously high BP just waiting for it to become pre-eclampsia! Thankfully the Docs decided waiting wasn't worth the risk so induced me which didn't work. Never mind, she was worth the wait and all the hassle :)

      Hope you are all well and enjoying your half term with Violet. xx

  8. A good week had by all! I love the idea of Lashings of Ginger Beer and cakes! I really need me some cakes. Or ginger beer.

    1. Oh yes, I could definitely live in an Enid Blyton world of ginger beer and cakes. I'm sure I'm reincarnated from the 40's/50's era! If I do nothing else tomorrow I'm determined to make a cherry and almond cake - I just feel the need for a slice with a cup of tea. The ginger beer is delicious, it hits the back of the throat perfectly. xx


    Two needle socks! x

    1. Thank you MMC. I'll be ordering some sock wool in the week. I believe they're quite addictive to make :) xx

  10. Hope your son is feeling better. A walk in the park sounds like a great idea. Lots going on - good luck with your daughter's lessons. I remember those. Our three kids are all two years between so for a while there it was one after the other - glad they are all in their twenties and done with the learning part!

    1. Hi Sharon. Haha, sometimes I wish the age gap between the two of them wasn't quite so big, but apart from it taking me 5 years to get over the shock of Amy coming into our lives, from a financial point of view it's also quite handy! xx