Sunday, 5 February 2017

February - Week 1

I'm sad January is over and done with already. I love that it always seems a long month and after the hullabaloo of Christmas we're all content to just quietly go about our business doing our own thing. I find from February onwards the weeks fly by far too quickly and I fear Christmas will be here again before I know it!

Sienna stayed with us 2 nights this week while Matthew and Sophie went to Harrogate. The story goes that somebody bought them the break for Christmas, but I'm not convinced they didn't book it themselves. Surely the gift giver should have been looking after her, not us?
She's fairly easy to have at the moment, in bed no later than 7.30pm, dream feed at 10.30pm and sleeps through til the morning. She's growing up fast and is mastering the art of drinking from a cup at the moment. As long as the adult in charge controls the water flow she gulps away quite happily. Not sure how it will go when she wants to do it herself.
We took her to see Joan who didn't have a clue who she was. The name Matthew meant nothing to her so she couldn't connect Sienna at all. She didn't know us either, she thought we were Aunty Edith and Ken. What can you do. She's obviously in pre-1966 mode which means Mark hasn't made an appearance yet. There are 6 lovely cardigans hanging in her wardrobe, yet she's still wearing one that isn't hers. Nothing to get upset about though. She's well looked after and that's the main thing. 
As well as knitting for the baby charity I've decided to choose another charity each month and will make a couple of things for them, because I do like a bit of variety. February's choice is Project Linus although I'm cheating here because I already have 3 quilt tops made and I just need to back them. So far I've done two and I just need to finish the lilac one. I bought the fleece from Asda and I'll get two decent sized quilts out of each, which for a total of £7 is brilliant.
There wasn't much we needed from Bury this week but I can always find something to buy from the haberdashery stall. I've sewn the beaded rings onto the angels as halos which finished them off nicely and the zips are for some fiddle mats I plan to make at some point.
I was supposed to go out Thursday with my friends but one of them wasn't well so we've re-arranged for this week. It worked out fine because Amy had a parent's evening at college which she dropped on us at the last minute. There were excellent reports all round and she did really well in her mocks. Thomas came with us and the English Lit tutor asked him if he was as bright as his big sister. He replied "no" then after a slight pause added "I'm brighter". Classic!

Amy tells me they're knocking the college down in 2020 and building flats which I think is a shame. Yes, it's old and nothing like the modern colleges of today but the building has a wonderful history. It was built in 1897 and was the Central High School for Manchester and in the First World War it was turned into the biggest military hospital in Manchester. A lot of buildings have been converted into flats in the city but I suppose in some cases it's just easier to demolish and re-build. 
The surprise I mentioned last week was my sister and 3 nieces came up to visit. I told Mum I was treating her to coffee at a local hotel and when we walked in there they were, waiting for her. We had a lovely afternoon and then Friday evening they came round to us for something to eat.

On Saturday we all went to see Gas Light. I love the Coliseum theatre in Oldham. It dates back to 1885 and many a soap star has started their career here - especially the cast of Coronation Street. The play itself was dire though. It was billed as a psychological thriller which may have been the case when it was written in 1938 but there was nothing thrilling about it at all as far as I was concerned. 
There has been illness at Number 38 over the weekend. I've been shivery, Thomas has been sick, resulting in 2 changes of bedding in the early hours of the morning and Mark spent all of Saturday lay down not feeling well. 
With the exception of Amy we're still not feeling 100% so we've spent the day sofa surfing and watching TV. Yesterday me and Amy watched Bridget Jones's Baby. I laughed so much at her getting to hospital while in labour that my ribs were hurting. It was the sort of guffawing that turned into "ooh it hurts, don't make me laugh any more". Me and Amy keep looking at each other and saying "we'll walk 10, then rest 10". Brilliant.

And just a few photos from the week

A treat from Matthew and Sophie for looking after Sienna. Truffles from the famous Betty's Tea Rooms. I let Amy have the first one for getting such a good report at college.
 No shortage of lettuces, salad or vegetables at Lidl this week. These vine tomatoes were delicious roasted in olive oil and salt. 
Roses for the vase. I'm pretending I won't buy lilies again after last weeks mishap but really I'm just leading Mark into a false sense of security. 
I love a good mooch around the haberdashery stall and I spied some angel buttons which I've sewn onto the cribs.
A couple of weeks ago Amy brought some Bobo Juice home for us to try. It's a Japanese drink and this one was fruit flavoured. The novelty of it is you add flavoured bubbles to it. When you drink it through the straw the bubbles get sucked up and you can pop them in your mouth. A very strange sensation indeed. It was delicious and so it should be at nearly £4 per cup.
My monthly magazine and the 2017 NT handbook. Didn't really go anywhere much last year so need to try and rectify that. Hoping we can have a couple of days out when we're in the van in summer. 
More shower gel to add to the ever growing stock in the airing cupboard.
And that's about it for this week. There's nothing much planned for the week ahead apart from the re-scheduled night out with friends on Thursday.

Hope you've all enjoyed your week and the one ahead is a good one. Back next Sunday.



  1. hope all illness is cleared up quickly. I really hope we don't get the sickness bug here. I had a lovely snotty text from school last week telling me that Violet's attendance had 'slipped' below 95% (the horror), and did I need to contact them for 'support'. Well, unless they can tell me how to avoid all germs from their germ filled school, then no, they can bog off with their offer. An aside to this was I'd been called to the school the Thursday before to collect Violet as she wasn't feeling well. Other than that, I'd had the downright audacity to keep a child full of cold an lost voice home for a full two days. The shame of me!! Bloody school.

    Sienna looks fabulous. She is such a cutie pie. Even if Joan has no idea who she is, she still looks as if she's loving seeing her.

    Bridget Jones baby is total brilliance. So glad I watched it the day I bought it, as I couldn't try and watch it with Violet home. Tad sweary! The bit where she gets to hospital had me rolling about in laughter too. Dudley kept barging into the living room to stare at me (thought I'd gone insane), but I told him, it was just too funny for words. Am quite exited by the end, hints at another!

    Good old haberdashers. I've been to my favourite one this week, I need to make a point of going there more often. I can lose an hour or so in there so easily.

    Right. Better go. Violet has a friend round today, which is great,but she turns into such a mouthy nutter when entertaining that I don't mind admitting my nerves are frayed!


    1. Wouldn't you just love to write back and say "thank you for your offer of support, if you could come round every 4 hours and dish out the calpol, then mop the bedroom floor at 2am, change the bedding and hold the sick bowl, that would be great"! Bloody percentages.

      Oh the film was so funny. Just my thing. I was going to treat myself to the DVD when I saw you'd bought it, but flicking through Virgin Movies there it was. As I don't really watch films more than once I just bought it from them. I'm laughing now thinking of the revolving doors and her being plonked on the receptionist's desk. There is definitely scope for another, the school playground and nativity costumes would be fantastic!

      Love my trips to the haberdashery stall. Sometimes I only need a length of ribbon but the owner has got used to me just mooching around for ages and leaves me to it.

      Haha, children become unknown quantities in front of their friends don't they. There's many a time I've gritted my teeth with Amy while thinking "just wait til X goes home you little madam".

      Hope you all have a lovely week. xx

  2. excited. not exited. That makes no sense at all! x

  3. Hope everyone feels well soon. We've had a few days of feeling achy, hot and cold, but thankfully no tummy issues. Resting on the couch in front of the fire and watching movies and Corrie has passed the time. Today everyone in my house is heading in to town to do some ice skating. I'm planning a snuggly day at home to write grants for my charity and catch up on blogging. Have a great week! X Chy

    1. Thank you Chy. Being ill is no fun for anybody is it. Hope you're all feeling better soon. Resting and watching TV is pretty much what we've done most of the weekend although I managed to drum up some energy for the theatre. A snuggly day at home sounds just the ticket. I think sometimes we just need to stop and re-charge our batteries don't we rather than always pushing ourselves to our limits. Hope you have a lovely week as well. xx

  4. Hi Suzanne
    I'm sad January is over too. It means the horrible sunshiney, hot weather will soon be here and I will spend months feeling like a wrung out wash rag....I absolutely hate spring and summer.
    Oh look at Sienna bless her....don't they just grow up so quickly. Marlowe is using her cup by herself now and is itching to feed herself.
    Things don't look very good at Derby market so I am expecting to lose the haberdashery stalls I go to. That will be a very sad day indeed.
    The patchwork shop closed there before Christmas and the one at the garden centre closed down at the end of January....they have gone over to the dark side of online and I am not really keen on buying fabric online.
    What a shame that beautiful building is coming down. I'm not a lover of modern architecture so it grieves me to see historical buildings being demolished.
    There are so many nasty bugs going round at the moment. We need a good hard frost to kill some of them off. I hope you are all recovering now.
    I love buying shower gel but Andy has scuppered me for a while as I mentioned that I loved the Rhubarb and Custard one from Asda and I now have about twenty bottles waiting to be
    Your quilts look amazingly pretty and colourful.
    Hope you have a fab week this week.

    1. I love January, Sheila and can't believe we're already on the 5th February. Amy announced today we're 36 days into 2017 which is 10% of the year gone which made me feel even worse!

      They do grow up quickly don't they. I love this stage, still babies but developing little personalities of their own. Not too keen on the toddler bit though - I prefer it when they stay where you put them or tell them to!

      It's a shame the market isn't doing well in Derby. We're very lucky with Bury. There's an outside market, an indoor market, a fish market and a meat market. Middleton has a market but it's not up to much, maybe half a dozen proper stalls and the rest is made up of second hand junk. Buying wool, fabric and haberdashery isn't the same on line is it. I like to see colours and feel fabric although I've never been disappointed with what I've ordered from Ebay.

      We're not usually a 'buggy' family and I'm wondering if we've picked something up from Sienna. Thomas has fared worse and seems to go downhill at night.

      Laughing at Andy and his shower gel gifts. I have to be careful what I say to Mark otherwise I get inundated with stuff as well. But at least they go to the trouble :)

      Hope you all have a good week and that Andy has settled back into work and DD managed to do some gardening. xx

  5. Nooooo Amy, how can we be 10% of the year gone when I've lost approximately 0% of my body weight??!!
    I lolled at you wondering just who indeed bought them their gift!! It makes me smile when I think about how the next generation abandon their childers willynilly for 'me' time!
    I CANNOT WAIT for Miss 22 n the beau to drop babies in my lap as they go off for me time! Miss 22 was superglued to me for babyhood because I adored her so much. She was only baby sat in emergencies! She was so good too. Slept like a dream. So contented! Sigh, if I could turn back the clock I'd not change a thing! My poor mum - how selfish I was!!!
    Love the angel button, perfect.

    I can't wait to watch Bridget Jones baby - going to be a half term treat. Right am off for a bath - I've a load of smellies to get through.

    1. Just read that back and I'm not for a minute suggesting she's not adored by her parents!!!!! That read back really awful!!!

    2. Don't worry Rachel, you haven't written anything I haven't thought! She's very much loved but they also seem to love their time away as well :) They also have 3 sets of parents that they can call on for babysitting and from comments that have slipped I think they do, so they probably get quite a few weekends off.

      You are so lucky that Miss 22 was a good baby. Amy was a total ratbag. She was always ill and never slept. Quite often she would wake up raring to go at 3am and that went on well into primary school. When I look back I honestly don't know how I did it and hold a job down. Sometimes I wonder if the effects of the stress of it all and disturbed sleep for years is connected to the HA.

      It's lovely to look after grandchildren but I think that will be our last 2 nighter for a long time. Even when she's good I'm on red alert and don't sleep properly and it makes me feel lousy for a few days afterwards. The nicest time we had was a couple of weeks ago when she just came for the day. I loved every minute of that.

      You definitely have to watch Bridget Jones, it's so funny. Half term is only 2 weeks away at our end - I swear it'll be the summer holidays before I know it. xx

  6. Hi Suzanne, hope everyone is feeling better at your house. Poor Thomas doesn't look very happy at all. I've had a difficult month or so (blogged about it) but hopefully I'm on the 'good' side now.
    Sienna is growing up so fast and soooooooo cute!! As usual, your flowers look gorgeous and those chocolates look very yummy.

    1. Thanks Janice, us adults seem to be over it and Thomas is on his way. I've kept him off school today as he's not really eaten anything over the weekend so I want to see how he goes with food.

      I popped over to your blog and left a comment - goodness what a shock. These things come from nowhere don't they. So glad you insisted something was done about it there and then. Sincerely hope the news is good when you return to the specialist.

      Sienna is lovely to have - maybe just for not as long! The chocolates are lovely but I have to say Lidl's truffles take some beating. xx

  7. Do hope all bugs are soon away. Lovely crafting as ever. Haven't seen BJ's B yet - I think I will have to rectify that quite soon.

    1. Thank you MMC. Thomas was fine last night but is off school today as he's not really eaten anything for 48 hours so I want to try him with some food and see how he goes.

      Bridget Jones's Baby is just the ticket if you need a bit of light entertainment. I definitely recommend it.

      Hope all is as well as can be expected with your family. xx

  8. Sorry to read that all except Amy were feeling under the weather, but glad everyone is on the mend. Glad you kept Thomas home from school so he could rest another day; hope he's able to eat something without any problem.

    Sienna is growing up so quickly! It's nice that her parents have so many willing babysitters. :) My daughter never spent a night away from me until she was 6 years old; even then, it was just across the street at my cousin's house and, it turned out to be for only a few hours, from about 9 p.m. until midnight, when my cousin called and said daughter couldn't fall asleep! :D

    We are already 10% of the way into the new year? My goodness! That puts things in a whole different perspective, doesn't it?

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

    1. Hi Bless, thankfully we are all fighting fit again at Number 38, although I did keep Thomas off on Tuesday as he still wasn't 100%.

      I used to love the idea of sleepovers but apart from my Nanna's hated it when it actually came to bedtime. I just felt so homesick. I've collected Amy late at night plenty of times when she was younger for the same reason. Thankfully, boys don't seem to do sleepovers and I doubt Thomas would even consider it anyway.

      When Amy mentioned we were 10% into the year it made me feel time was galloping away again which is something I don't like.

      I'm hoping to go out with my friends tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that.

      Hope you have a lovely week as well. xx

  9. Hi Suzanne-sorty for being so late in commenting this week. Glad thet everyone seems to be better now but the lack of frost is what's keeping these germs going round and round. Your makes are all lovely and it's such a nice gesture to make things to give away. I have started Pilates and am enjoying it-some of the movements look similar to your physio exercises! I have been busy with my Tuesday class ladies and we have now moved on to the activities being varied eg two are making bed runners, 2 are making patchwork mats,the others were making cards with gifted materials and I was spinning like a peerie (top) Happy days. Catriona

    1. Thanks Catriona, touch wood we all seem to be over whatever it was. I think we caught it off Sienna as Matthew and Sophie weren't well either.

      Your classes sound fun. I think I'd choose to have a go at making cards as that's something I've never done.

      Half term is only a week away but we've no plans for getting the van out. It's too cold at the moment, although if it were just me and Mark it wouldn't bother us. I'm really looking forward to kicking the season off at Easter though.

      Hope you enjoy your Pilates class. Touch wood my back isn't as bad so the exercises must be helping. I have another appointment tomorrow and No doubt all he'll do is print another sheet off for me.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  10. It really seems to have been the January for germs this year. We have previously been ok, but not this year! I hope everyone is feeling much better by now. And it's true! now that we are into February the days are flying by.
    That really is such an adorable photograph of Sienna and Joan. It might not be her cardigan (why does that always happen?) but it is a lovely one and does suit her.
    I think you should at least insist on the babysitting being reciprocated. Send Amy and Thomas to Matthew and Sophie's while you and Mark go away :-) It's the least you deserve. Joking aside, it is a huge compliment to how much they love and trust you, however. Last Monday was the first time I left Lily overnight and that was with her dad. I was only away for nineteen hours, and for thirteen of those she was asleep! I still felt terribly guilty. She is a mummy's girl, you see. Not that she seemed bothered in the slightest.
    I hope you had a lovely night with your friends on Thursday. Looking forward to another catch up tomorrow. X

    1. We're not a 'buggy' family either Jules and it's unusual for us to all feel under par at the same time. Yes, we could do with a good frost to kill everything off but I'm afraid we're only prone to rain and lots of it in Manchester :(

      Funny you should say about the babysitting. Matthew rang Mark and is arranging to take Thomas to footie again which is really nice of him, but he did add on "you could have Sienna when I do to give Sophie a break". It doesn't bother me to be honest, a few hours is a doddle but the double overnighters will definitely have to be few and far between.

      I was never totally happy about Amy sleeping at Joan's even though I was only down the road but the thought of uninterrupted sleep eventually outweighed any concerns I had :) We're good at feeling guilty though aren't we - even when they've been left with their Daddy!

      You weren't very far from us at the Arena, hope you had a lovely time. A proper night out used to set me up for months. xx