Sunday, 29 January 2017

January - Week 4

I've gone very high tech this year with my blog and added several pages, the latest being 'Charity' where I'm going to post photos of all my makes in 2017. So far there's nothing on the book one as I'm still wading through Few Eggs, but no doubt there will be a long list by December.

Talking of Few Eggs, it's taking me far longer to read than I thought because I have to keep breaking off to google. Two things in particular I'd never heard about were the Bethnal Green Tube disaster in 1943 when 173 people were crushed to death and a bomb that hit a school in Petworth in 1942 which killed 28 children, the Headmaster, a teacher and a nearby laundry worker.
It's true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words because the children were buried together and seeing a photo of that long grave with all the tiny coffins lined up is heartbreaking. 

I seem to be all over the house this week with projects. I had to drop Sparky at the groomers so while I was there I popped into Asda and spotted some butterfly pillowcases. I buy a lot of pillow cases for sewing projects as they work out a lot cheaper than material which means I have more pennies to spend. One is being made into little bags, the other will be used for quilting.
I also bought this fabric from Lidl. It cost £2.99 and is 100% cotton. Again, a couple of pieces are for bags, the others are for a quilt.
I'm still knitting and crocheting in the evenings and this week I've made the second gown and also worked this little crib up. 
After a lot of looking I finally managed to find a video which showed how to make angel wings. They're really simple to do and take less than 5 minutes to hook up.
Thomas won an award at school this week for 'superb behaviour'. Most of his awards are for good behaviour and it's nice to know his teacher recognises this, but I always think it sounds as though he's generally a little ratbag and has actually managed to be good for a week! They really need to add "as usual" on the end. Here he is looking like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards. Lord knows how he'll go on at High School with the tie, he hates having it right up to his neck but the Head at what will hopefully be his new school is a stickler for uniform. 
No shopping with Mum this week, she didn't feel like de-icing the car. Can't say I blame her, it's been really cold here again this week. But she did come down yesterday for a brew and a drive over to Dunelm with us where I spent the grand total of £4.48 on lace and wadding. 
The lilies from last week have opened and smell wonderful. 
Unfortunately, while Mark was closing the blinds he balanced the vase on the carpet and it fell over and I now have a lovely yellow stain. A top tip for any future lily pollen calamities is don't touch it, certainly don't try to sponge it up like we did because it spreads like wildfire, just get some sellotape and it lifts off straight away. 
Yet another book has been added to the stash. This is about a boy called Harry who every time he dies returns as a child with all the knowledge from his lives previously lived.
We are addicted to poached eggs at the moment. The best thing is I can't make them but Mark can, so it's become his job to provide breakfast at weekends.
I went to my physio appointment on Monday. After pressing down on either side of my spine it was declared I have very tight muscles. Thank goodness he didn't ask me to turn over to repeat the exercise on my tummy - the diagnosis would have been completely different! These are the exercises I have to do. Have I? Well, I'm trying but it flipping well hurts to do anything when you've got a bad back so it's not going too well at the moment. 
I've got a busy week ahead of me. Sienna is staying over Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm out with friends on Thursday, going to the theatre on Saturday with Mum and Amy and there is something nice happening on Friday that I can't write about because Mum is involved and she reads this - but I've written about it just to keep her guessing for a few days. 

I've not been on here very much this week, sometimes it's nice to have a break from the laptop isn't it, so I hope you're all keeping well and enjoying yourselves. 

Have a lovely week. 



  1. It sounds like you've got a busy and fun week ahead of you Suzanne. It's funny how everything seems to happen all at once isn't it?
    Oh dear! On your Lily pollen stains. When I saw the photograph of the flowers it was my first thought. They are so beautiful though. A friend of mine always cuts out the stamens (is that what they are?) to prevent this.
    Huge congratulations to Thomas. He is such a star, but of course you know this already.
    Love the fabrics and wings. Your work is always so beautiful. I must have a look at your charity page. I never realised you could do different pages. I really should sort out my blog. However, just doing a new post is my priority in the next couple of days. X

  2. Hi Jules, Yes, it's quite often all or nothing here at Number 38. It's going to be a busy February as it's Amy's birthday and my niece is coming to stay with Mum for a weekend as well. All good fun though.

    I do cut the stamens out (I've suffered previous disasters with clothes), but not always as soon as they open :( Mark has banned them from the house, but it's a ban I'll be breaking regularly - I love lilies!

    Adding pages is easy when you know what to do. Unfortunately, because I don't do it very often I can't always remember the process and the more I try the harder it becomes.

    I've decided that as well as knitting for the babies throughout the year, each month I'll pick a charity and whip a couple of things up for them as well - I like a bit of variation.

    Hope you all have a lovely week. Looking forward to your post. xx

  3. Gorgeous fabrics. I wonder if they have those in our Lidl. I'll ask Andy to look tomorrow as they would be a useful addition to the stash.
    The crib and angel wings are so beautiful.
    Laughing at Thomas and his tie. That's exactly how I used to wear mine at school.....and got into trouble many times for it.
    Gosh those lilies are stunning. I love the Stargazers when I can get them. I'd read the tip about cutting out the stamens but just can't bring myself to do it.
    Those excercises look rather familiar and I remember the pain too. I do not envy you.
    You have got a busy week this next week. I hope it's all wonderful for you.

    1. They had quite a few packs in our store. There were some lilac ones as well. But just be aware, it says 50x50cm on the pack but they all came in smaller - more like 45x45, just in case you need them to be a certain size.

      The tie will definitely be an issue at High School. He can't abide anything that's tight - wonder if there's a Dr's note for such a thing :)

      The lilies are beautiful and I will carry on buying them. I've no idea what possessed Mark to balance them on the carpet but no point crying over spilt pollen.

      I really need to put more effort into the exercises. I go back in a couple of weeks so still have time to redeem myself.

      I think Andy returns to work today from what I remember? Hope it goes well for him. Have a lovely week. xx

  4. I love lilies but the pollen is a pain so I always pull them out (the staemens)before they end up on me. Love the fabric you bought and the little crib is beautiful. Well done Thomas for getting his award. When I went to grammar school-loooooong time ago- we were the first not to have to wear ties. They had just changed the uniform and we wore an open neck blouse.

    1. I cut the stamens out as well Janice, but not as soon as they open, I generally leave them a day or two just to get the full effect.

      Ties are a pain in the backside. The Head at his (hopefully) new school is a stickler for uniform. Their ties have to have 5 stripes showing and she's not adverse to doing a count, so most of the pupils buy the ones on elastic that are pre-tied. She also stands in the corridor handing out face wipes to the girls if she thinks their make-up is over the top. Don't totally disagree with her actually, I quite like standards, just not where Thomas is concerned haha.

      Hope you and all the family are keeping well. xx

  5. Sounds like you've had a good week. Congratulations to Thomas on his award! You are so clever to figure out how to add pages to your blog! I wouldn't have a clue! Lovely selection of fabric - looking forward to seeing what you make with them. Hope you have another fine week.

    1. Hi Bless, it has been a good week. Pretty uneventful but fulfilling which is always nice. Adding pages is probably one of the few things I can muddle through myself but to be honest Mark usually sets everything up for me so I can just go. I have no interest in how any of this internet stuff works at all - I find it really boring. I just want to be able to type and post pictures.

      The fabric is lovely. Such a difference working with 100% cotton as well. It sews up lovely. Trouble is it's quite expensive so I don't tend to buy it.

      Hope you and DD are keeping well. xx

  6. I am impressed at your pages, I added some tabs to mine back in the Ice Age but that's as far as I got. Your angel babies gifts are absolutely exquisite and make me tear up. Love that photo of Thomas! He's one of the kids who probably never gets noticed for anything and school people think all the little gifts get a sticker for sitting still these days so Thomas who is good every single day goes in rewarded because he doesn't need bribing to keep on track! So well done Thomas. Teachers ADORE you. Lovely colours for the new quilt. Looking forward to seeing it. I'm so trying noT to say


    SO I won't! What are you going to see at the theatre? I was seriously considering the holiday for me and the HG this year ( after watching Let it Shine ) a five day. Real in London cramming in as many musicals as we can. Then I remembered I'm.
    Not a multi millionaire!! But I'm looking at package deals for us, show n a hotel thingy. Waffling on a tangent now! I have commented on so many blogs this morning, I've run out of things to say for my own blog!

    1. Laughing here because as I was scrubbing at the pollen (and making it worse), I could hear your voice in my head. Trouble is I love lilies so they will still be on the shopping list. Mark has banned them but I'm not listening. Instead I've banned him from touching them again.

      Thomas is really good at school so it is nice when his good behaviour is recognised. Some of the awards are really funny, exactly what you've said - for sitting still on the carpet or not talking during lessons. Things that the children should be doing anyway, but if some of them struggle I suppose it's an achievement when they manage to accomplish it.

      We're going to the Coliseum in Oldham to see Gas Light - many a Coronation Street soap star was born there don't you know. I love the Coliseum. It's a smallish theatre and just has this lovely feeling to it, it dates back to 1885 and I don't think much has changed since it opened!

      Oh you definitely need to go to London and see a show. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves when we went a couple of years ago to see The Lion King. We stayed at the Premier Inn Waterloo when we went and it was perfectly placed for all the sights. We managed to walk to them all. Taxi was about £15 to the West End theatres.

      Go on, book it! xx

  7. *Thomas never gets noticed for doing anything bad but all the little GITS not gifts ffs get a sticker for sitting still!

    1. totally agree with your comment Rachel. Little sods get constant applause, good kids get nothing. The times I've said this to Violet's former headmistress about the terrible example it gives.

    2. I think it's probably a gripe of every Mum or Dad who has a well behaved child. At least some teachers seem to acknowledge the good ones, but others are totally swayed towards rewarding the ones whose behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. I'm convinced sometimes it's done just to stay on the right side of their parents who can be as badly behaved or worse than the kids! It is a terrible example to set to children and doesn't go unnoticed by parents so schools really need to re-think what they're promoting and why. xx

  8. another lovely week you've had there.

    Totally agree with the cost of fabric on the roll V buying pillowcases. When I make curtains for the kitchen I use a duvet cover and cut that up. So much cheaper than buying a few metres.

    Cut the stamens out of lilies. As soon as they open, hold them upside down over a piece of kitchen paper, snip, let them drop down onto the paper and chuck away. The times I've left them in and then leaned against them .. you can't get that stain out.

    I love a poached egg, and I'm fussy with how they are cooked. Those look perfect, I'll be round on Sunday morning.

    1. Hi Sadie, lovely to hear from you. Hope you're enjoying your week. The pillowcases work out loads cheaper than fabric but sometimes the material isn't that easy to work with. The butterfly ones aren't easy to sew up at all, the fabric keeps snagging in the machine and it's terrible for fraying. I shall persevere even though I've spent the last 2 days unpicking most of what I've sewn up and then having to re-cut because of the fraying issue!

      Oh those stamens - what a mess they've made. I only leave them in a couple of days before I cut them out but in future they'll have to be lopped off straight away. Yes, plenty of stained clothes here as well, but apparently the sellotape trick really does work - just sorry I googled this top tip after scrubbing the carpet and not before :(

      Poached egss are my favourite but I'm terrible at making them. Mark does the boiling water in a pan thing and I just can't get the hang of it. I have no desire to learn though. I do the rest of the cooking so a couple of eggs made for me at weekend is my reward.

      Loving your houses that you're making at the moment. xx

  9. Hi, I have managed to get rid of lily pollen stains using good old washing up liquid and cold water. Just put some on a sponge and gently dot and dab the stain, then put a white cloth or kitchen towel over to dry, Takes a while but worked for me, also managed to get it out of hubbys shirt using the same method.
    Lynda X

    1. Thanks for the tip lah, I'll give it a go as I can't possibly make it any worse. Thankfully I can't see it from where I'm sat but it's very obvious when you walk through the door. We've got 2 dogs as well so I dread to think what people will think it is! xx