Sunday, 22 January 2017

January - Week 3

January is still rolling by at a gentle pace and there seems to be plenty of time to do the things I want to do rather than have to do. 'Wants' are jigsaws, knitting, sewing, reading, TV and eating truffles. The 'haves' covers everything else involved with looking after a family and running a house. 

When I think about it there is a lot of routine to my days but I like that - knowing what I'm doing and where I'm supposed to be makes life easy and the added bonus of routine is anything different thrown in is always welcome. 

The week started with a lovely surprise package in the post from Sue at Our Quiet Life at Suffolk. It was a thank you for finding her a game she'd been looking for. There is a beautiful cross stitched fridge magnet, a notebook with my favourite coloured flowers and the sweetest teddy picture which I'll stitch for Sienna's Christmas card this year. Thank you Sue :)
It's been all about knitting here this week. I thought I'd have a change of charity for 2017 and I'm knitting for angel babies again - something I did several years ago. This is what I've made so far. A gown, 2 angel wraps and an angel. 
The charity I'm knitting for asks that 2 of each item are made so parents get an exact duplicate of what baby was given which they can take home for their memory boxes. I wrote a post back in 2013 which you might like to read.

I'm still making things for Knit For Peace, although I won't be doing as much this year. Rather than blankets I've decided to knit some  baby sleeping bags. This is what I'm aiming for.
This is what I've got so far. It may looks like a hot water bottle cover for a giant but I'm confident it will turn out fine one it's sewn up and has the straps and buttons added. 
My new jigsaw is proving a lot easier than the last one. There is colour definition for a start which is always helpful. It's called Bicycles in Amsterdam - somewhere I would love to visit one day. I don't have a bucket list but I think I should definitely start a 'now the children have now left home, let's do this' list. 
Thomas went back to school on Wednesday, still coughing a little bit but a lot better than he was. Matthew had got tickets for the City match yesterday and thankfully he was well enough to go. It's too long a story to go into but Matt's work connections meant they were given complimentary tickets and passes to a VIP box. Thomas was really excited. He loves a bit of the high life and couldn't stop talking about them having a waitress who kept bringing them drinks and food - not that he had anything!
There was an added bonus of a goodie bag waiting for him with a scarf and a shirt signed by Kevin de Bruyne. They both had a brilliant time and it'll be something Thomas will always remember. 
Other snippets from this week.

Sienna came on Saturday. We're having her at the end of the month for 2 nights so we weren't asked and we didn't offer to have her overnight this time. Photos of her smiling are very thin on the ground - she's a serious little character.
Mum and I went on our usual weekly shopping trip although this week was a little different as we were both looking for clothes. I bought myself a cardigan and a pair of jeans. I've not worn jeans for years and they're a lovely fit although I have to confess I'm scared of washing them in case they shrink! I mentioned to Mum that I was going to treat myself to a nice lipstick in a gold case and when I found one she very kindly bought it for me. It's far too nice to be shoved in a make-up bag so it's on display on my bedside cabinet. 
I bought some cod from the fish market in Bury and we had chippy tea Number 38 style. It was delicious and even Thomas cleaned his plate, so it will definitely be on the menu again.
Flowers from Lidl this week were lilies and I also picked up this primula to add a splash of colour to the kitchen.
I was a glutton last night and after our quota of truffles got out some stilton and port that my brother had bought us for Christmas. When I opened it I said to him "oooh that's fancy" and in true man style he replied "it's only from Aldi". I'll have to pay a visit o see what they've got. I love gifts that look fancy but don't cost the earth. 
Tomorrow I'm going to physio. I decided just before Christmas that I'd struggled with my back long enough so self-referred on-line. Only it got lost in the system so I had to do it again last week. This time when I rang to make sure it had gone through I was given an appointment straight away. I'm surprised I can get in so quickly and even better it's at the local health centre which is literally a 2 minute drive away.

It's trying to snow here at the moment. There's just a very light fluttering but if it does come down heavy it will definitely stick as it's dry.

This afternoon is dedicated to more knitting and possibly a film. Sadly the truffle stash has gone so it's not a totally perfect way to spend Sunday - but it could be a lot worse!

Hope you are all enjoying your day. As always, thanks for popping by, it's lovely of you to drop in for a catch up. 



  1. Thank you for making the beautiful items for Angel Babies. I run a program here in Canada for families who have experienced the loss of a precious baby during pregnancy or anytime after birth. It's 20 years old this year and unfortunately, it's a very popular program! Best wishes as you create these sweet items for grieving families. X Chy

    1. It's a very bittersweet thing isn't it Chy. You don't want there to be a need for the things, yet you hope they offer some comfort to somebody.

      It's lovely of you to run a group for families who have experienced such sadness. I don't always think 'least said, soonest mended' is the right way to go and having the opportunity to talk to people who've gone through the same thing must be a great help.

      Because of the operation I was put on a surgical ward with older ladies and although the nurses were good in a practical sense nobody actually ever talked to me about what had happened. I came out of hospital with nothing and I just think occasionally it would be nice to have something to hold as a memory if that makes sense. xx

    2. That's exactly how I feel Suzanne. You put it perfectly. Your angel babie items are just beautiful ( typed with teary eyes ). I don't think I could knit them ( yet ) but I'm glad that you do xx

    3. Thank you Rachel. Sometimes it's just about having something tangible to go with the memory. I knew you'd get it. xx

  2. Oh Suzanne....I am desperate to get back into my routine. There is light at the end of the tunnel though as Andy goes back to work on January 30th.
    Your knitted wraps, gown and angel are so beautiful. Love you to bits for making them to help people through such a heartbreaking time.
    What a fab treat for Thomas.
    Sienna does look serious doesn't she......but very, very cute.
    Despite having no appetite at the moment your fish and chips made my mouth looks divine.
    Andy would love that set of ports but he is still not allowed alcohol.
    Hope your physio goes well tomorrow and that you get some relief from your back pain.
    Lovely to catch up with you as always.

    1. I know how you feel Sheila. I love the school holidays but by the time they're over I'm glad to have the house back to myself again. Not long now before Andy is back to work, hang on in there :)

      Thomas loved the footie experience, it was a brilliant treat for him and Matthew has said there will probably be another chance to go again - lucky boy.

      The fish and chips was lovely but very messy. I don't have a chip pan or a deep fat fryer so used a normal pan but then it meant I had to clean it out afterwards which was a bit of a faff. Worth it though - every so often!

      I've been to physio and apparently I have very tight muscles - all in the wrong places unfortunately haha. I've been sent home with 3 exercises to do and have to go back in a couple of weeks.

      Hope you are feeling better, I have lots of catching up with blogs to do this week. xx

  3. Lovely Sunday post-I enjoy your weekly diary! Love the brownies that have appeared on Instagram just now. What a kind gift from Sue-I'm sure it was a lovely surprise. I am still finishing up last year's makes. I made a sign for our new R:evolve shop today, prepped loads of fabric and shut the door on the yarn boxes because I'm sure they are breeding.
    Your angel baby gifts are beautiful-if you are interested, I signed a petition online today to have the law changed for babies born before 24 weeks who do not survive. Apparently coronation Street has highlighted this issue but I remember when it happened to a friend 40 years ago and she also had a hysterectomy too.
    Sienna has such a serious expression but the photo of her eating is delightful. Glad Thomas had a good day out with his big brother-was the babysitting a trade off?!
    Can't believe how time is flying by. Going to watch CTM now-hankies may be needed. Catriona

    1. Hi Catriona, hope you are well. The cross stitch was a lovely surprise. I always have a list on the go so I'll be making the notebook first. Do you run crafting sessions at your shop and what type of things do you make?

      I'll have a look at the petition. I don't watch any soaps but I've seen a couple of articles in the papers about the storyline in Coronation Street. If it points people in the right direction for getting help it can only be a good thing.

      Sienna is very serious indeed, she reminds me of Thomas, just sits and quietly takes it all in. Totally the opposite of Amy who would giggle at the smallest thing and was very airy fairy - still is actually. We asked to have Sienna last week then Matthew got offered the tickets so he said he'd take Thomas -yes I think it was a thank you and a bit of pay back for looking after her.

      I found CTM a bit heavy going last night and I'm not very impressed that Sister Julienne has been demoted. The older I get the more I do not like change!

      Have a good week. xx

  4. I like your weekly blog format! Do you write a bit every day and then, finish it up just before you post?

    I'm glad that the days are still going at a gentle pace for you, allowing you time to do the wants as well as the haves. Sounds like your routines are working out well for you and you've had a good week. :)

    Love the knitted items. I am sure they bring comfort to those receiving them.

    Hope you continue to have more days that are gently paced and another lovely week ahead.

    1. Hello Bless, hope you are well. I sit down mid-week and write up what I've done so far, then add all my photos and finish it off Saturday or Sunday, ready for posting. This is the 4th month I've done weekly posts and I'm toying with the idea of daily again - but probably just a snippet of a post rather than a long one. We'll see.

      I really enjoy January. It's a long month and after the hectic run up to Christmas always goes at a slow pace - some people say it drags, but I prefer to think it stretches out nicely.

      I think the week ahead will be just as easy-going. More knitting etc. is on the agenda, although I'm also keeping up to date with my household rota. Things are good at the moment for which I'm very thankful. xx

  5. I'm glad Thomas is back at school and feeling better. The football outing looks like it was good fun.

    Sienna is adorable. I love her serious little face.

    the angel babies made me tear up a bit. A kind thing to do, but so heartbreaking.

    Your knitting is fabulous.

    Next time fish & chips & mushy peas are on the menu, give me a call. That looks so good. I'll bring a bottle. promise. or choccy truffles!

    1. Hi Sadie, thankfully the cough was short lived. I didn't fancy him having a full blown one like Mum, she was really poorly with hers. Sienna is a serious little thing isn't she, she just sits there taking it all in and weighing us all up!

      Knitting for the babies is sad but hopefully it brings some comfort to parents. The charity I first started to knit for was set up because miscarriage and stillbirth wasn't always treated so sensitively as it is these days.

      You are welcome to chippy a la Number 38 anytime with or without fizzy and chocs - although both are always welcome :)

      Hope you're feeling better and that Violet is back in school. Have a lovely week. xx

  6. Soooooo I was writing my comment and my iPad shut down! No idea now then next day what I'd waffled on about. I know I said that Matthew is such an ace big brother to Thomas. I always wanted a big brother and used to get rather petulant when I realised it'd never happen! Your mission is to capture Sienna with a smile! Get Thomas on the job of entertainment - I'm sure he'd dream something up!

    1. I'm the eldest and I'd have loved an older sibling mainly so I didn't always have to be the responsible one!

      He is a good big brother to both of them. He'll come and take Amy out occasionally for a meal or to the cinema as well.

      Thomas does a brilliant chicken dance for Sienna, he puts loads of effort into it but she just gives him a Simon Cowell look. There's very rarely even a hint of a smile. Mission accepted for the smile. I have her for 3 days next week so I might get lucky! xx

  7. Catching up with your news (albeit later than everyone else😊) gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. It's so lovely to know all is well with you and yours.
    I can't think we'll be in February next week, although I do feel like I've been in hibernation so far this year.
    Your knitting is so beautiful. You are very talented and give of your time so generously for these deserving causes.
    It looks like Thomas had a great day out. What a fantastic memory for him.
    I do hope your back improves soon Suzanne. X

    1. That's a lovely thing for you to say Jules, thank you xx I'll be sorry to see January go. I love the fact that it always seems such a long drawn out month but once it's over the year seems to fly by.

      It's been a long time since I did any knitting for the babies so it will be nice to make some things this year.

      Thomas had a fantastic time. Mark has found a mounting kit thing on Ebay so we can frame the shirt for him - we just need to actually press the button and buy it!

      Ah the back. The exercises hurt and it's easier not to do them, but I suppose the adage no pain, no gain applies here. I now know what Thomas was going through poor thing.

      Hope you all have a lovely week. By the way, wanted to say I love it when Lily pops up on the gram, a dose of her gorgeous little face and big happy smile is a real treat and makes my day. xx