Sunday, 15 January 2017

January 2017 - Week 2

Oohh it's been cold here this week. The sort of cold that has meant we've had the fire on and Wendy has taken on the role of 'cute dog by fireside'. 
And the sort of cold that meant we finally had snow, even though it was short lived. We had a fluttering Thursday and Friday evenings but it was all gone by the mornings. Ah well. I think I'll just have to accept that once again, my yearnings for snow days aren't going to be fulfilled.
We've had some lovely moonlit evenings as well. This tree is just a couple of houses down from us. It's a bit spooky looking but it also reminds me of The Magic Faraway Tree and I'm sure Moon Face and The Saucepan Man would be right at home living here. 
The days have quietly ticked over this week with the usual routine of school, housework and hobbies. The slower pace of life is very welcome and for a change the days are stretching out nicely rather than whizzing by. 

I had a trip to The Range one afternoon where I toyed with the idea of starting a family scrapbook but the thought of playing catch up overwhelmed me so for the moment I'm shelving the idea. Instead I bought myself a new cup and a couple of trays which will be perfect for sandwiches when I do an afternoon tea. 
Jigsaw fever has taken hold again and I make no apologies for the fact a lot of time has been spent at the dining table doing this which I finished on Friday. 
I knew I'd want to start another one so bought this set of 4 from The Works when I was in Bury. They're only 500 pieces each and I've passed one on to Mum for her to do. I was going to use my Christmas gift card but I had enough points on my loyalty card to buy it and I still have a few left over. Mum chose the cottage and I think I'll start with Bicycles in Amsterdam. 
The truffles have been re-stocked.... by both of us! Great minds think alike and all that..... At Number 38 getting the chocolates out is the equivalent of cracking open a bottle of wine and we even have dry days :) 
One of the things on my 2017 list was to keep track of money and I've done a mid-month calculation of what I've spent so far. I could probably break these headings down further but for now this is fine.
Food £173 - My main shop is at Lidl but I top up with some things from Iceland and Tesco and I keep the £1 shop in business buying cheese & onion crisps for Thomas! I budget around £350 for food a month so I'm pretty much on track here, which is good to know. 

Cleaning items, kitchen items and dogs £22 - this covers extra items I can't find at Lidl or I know I can buy cheaper at Wilko, plus poop bags, chocolate drops and food for the doggies. 

Household items £39 - So far this month I've bought a new iron, shower curtain, bed sheet, a small kitchen knife, sandwich trays and some cake forks. The forks and trays should probably go under personal treats as there was really no need for them, they just took my fancy!

Medicines & Family toiletries £16 - I don't usually spend anywhere near this much in a month let alone 2 weeks, but I needed to re-stock a few medicinal items. I also bought vitamin tablets to give Amy and Thomas a boost and there's a small pack of nappies in this for Sienna.

Personal treats £25 - I have a certain amount each month for bits and bobs. So far I've bought a couple of make-up items, shower gel, chocolates, a new cup and been out for a coffee with Mum.

Vets - £75 for Sparky to have his bald patch seen to!

So, in 2 weeks a total of spend of £348. I'm hoping the next two weeks will show £0 for household, medicines and vets, although Sparky needs a haircut. It's been interesting seeing where the money has gone and I'll try to make it a fortnightly job. Having the index box to just shove receipts in so I can keep track is a big help as well. 

* Add another £4 to personal treats for wool I bought yesterday. I have a project on the go again!
On the family front, Thomas isn't too well. He has a hacking cough and although he says he doesn't feel too bad his chest and ribs are hurting. Hope it isn't what Mum had, she was really poorly with hers for a couple of weeks. 

I've not seen Amy since Friday evening as she's stayed at her friend's house all weekend. Her first week back at college went well, especially as she had an extra two days off because one of her tutors was ill.

And that's about it really. Just the usual humdrum days of family life. But humdrum is perfect at the moment. I like a bit of excitement and drama in my life but the older I get the more I think it's far too overrated!

Hope you've all had a lovely week, whether it be humdrum or otherwise. 



  1. Sounds like a lovely week Suzanne....I can't be doing with drama too often either. Just enough to keep life interesting will do for me.
    Isn't that wool beautiful?
    I hope Thomas gets well soon. I've gone down with it as well and feel like poop.
    Hope you have another lovely week.

    1. I agree Sheila, interesting is good enough these days, but no major dramas please. I'm really pleased with the wool, it's knitting up into a beautiful pattern. I'm making a baby sleeping bag - hopefully. I say hopefully as I'm making it up as I go alone. A little bit of unpicking today, but it seems to be OK.

      Thomas has had a day off today but think he'll be in tomorrow.

      Hope you have a lovely week as well. xx

  2. Have also succumbed to the dog bark with runny nose! I am still doing UFOs but am not really in the mood to concentrate so now eating lovely soup. Watched Michelle Keegan in as story of Bobby Moore and thought she was very good. I love watching for the sixties fashions as this is my era. Have a good week. Catriona

    1. Sorry you're not feeling too well Catriona. Did you enjoy your break? I've decided to take my crafting in a different direction this year. I used to knit for preemie and angel babies and I'm going to do that again.

      Glad you enjoyed your TV time. We watched Colonia at the weekend which was based on a true story, it was really good. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  3. I love your updates! Thanks for sharing your life with your readers. Have a great week!

    1. Hello Chy and welcome to Number 38 :) Glad you enjoy reading about what we get up to, which is nothing very exciting at the moment but it's early days yet and I'm sure 2017 will throw something at us as we go along! Hope you have a lovely week as well. xx

  4. We've had the cough/virus for a couple of weeks, it's been quite nasty but I think it's on it's way out now. It is lovely to get back to normal, very pretty puzzle, matches your knitting xx

    1. Sorry you've not been well but glad to hear you're getting better. Mum was really poorly with her cough but thankfully Thomas seems to be on the mend already - touch wood and fingers crossed.

      The puzzle wasn't exactly enjoyable but it was challenging. Think that's why I've bought smaller ones this time round! xx

  5. Hope Thomas is over his cough quickly.

    love seeing what you've been up to, and I'm with you 100% humdrum is perfection! I can live without drama.

    Smiled when I saw your new cup, I have one very similar that I got from Range, it makes a nice cuppa.

    Congrats on the jigsaw, I don't know how you have the patience! I give up after about half an hour, just gets me all stressed.

    You are good to break down all your expenditure. I don't do that. I know what I've got, I know what I've spent, but no on needs to know exactly how much I spend on flowers and whatnot! I know, and that's all that matters ;o) xx

    1. Thanks Sadie, he seems to be getting over it and although he's had a day off school today I think he'll be in tomorrow.

      I LOVE my new cup! Even more so since I picked one up in Debenhams that was very similar but was priced at £9.

      This jigsaw was really challenging which is why I've bought a set of smaller ones!

      Oh, I'm not good at all with my expenditure. I generally have no idea what I've spent my money on but thought it would be fun to make a note of it. One of the reasons is when I read my Nanna's old diary from 1977-82, occasionally she will mention the price of something and I find it fascinating. So when my great grandchildren read my blog (as if), they'll have an idea of what great-granny squandered her cash on.

      I'm going to try and have a tot up every couple of weeks but that will be just for me now - I don't intend posting anything else.

      Hope you've had a lovely weekend and you are all well. xx

  6. I've tried to comment a few times but for some reason my phone wouldn't let me. I really hope Thomas is feeling a lot better by now. There are a lot of germs around at the moment.
    The jigsaws look gorgeous. It's a while since I've done one (well, one that has more than 35 pieces 😊), they can become very addictive.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind words. They mean a lot. It's been a difficult time. X

    1. Hi Jules, Thomas is back at school today, still coughing but definitely on the mend. He was most put out when I made him do his homework yesterday morning :)

      You're right, jigsaws are addictive, I've already got my next one on the table. I really must do some housework at some point!

      I'm sorry to hear you've had a difficult time of late. Things happen that can completely knock us off course and it can be a while before we're back on any sort of track and even then it's sometimes never quite the same as before. I hope you're finding some time for yourself and I know Lily will be keeping you in smiles and hugs. I'm in touch with a couple of the ladies on here where we randomly rant about life to each other via e-mail - feel free to do the same if you ever feel the need. xx

  7. I'm so glad you added the word 'scrapbook' at the end of your Range sentence! Your dog is just so photogenic! I hope Amy made it home safe and that Thomas is feeling better x I think that wool is the same as I used for a cardi I knit a while back. Really lovely to work with I thought. I always try to save money every month but then summat always crops up! Oh well, was fab to read a post - though with Instagram, it's a bit like seeing the spoilers/trailers!!

    1. Haha, I think my family days are over, although I did grow up thinking I'd quite like to give Ma Walton a run for her money.

      Amy had a great weekend with her friend and Thomas has returned to school today, still coughing but much better.

      The wool has knitted up into a lovely pattern, I'm really pleased with it, I got a huge ball for £4. I'm knitting a baby sleeping sace although at the moment it looks like a hot water bottle cover for a giant!

      Money doesn't stay with me very long either, as you say there's always something, usually not for me!

      When I started the gram I was determined not to put the same pictures up that I use on my blog, but sadly it's obvious I lead a very dull life because the photos are generally the same. This week I shall make a concerted effort just for you :)

      Have a great week and hope you are all keeping well. xx

    2. Nooooooo it wasn't a criticism!! I love ❤️ instagram AND the blog seeing the full story!

    3. I know, you're far too nice to criticise and no offence was taken :) Some days there's nothing very much to photograph at all but this week I've been knitting so I have some different photos for the blog tomorrow! xx

  8. I enjoyed reading about your week. Well done on keeping track of your expenses. I enjoy knowing how much I spend and on what, so I am keeping track of my spending, too. :) Hope Thomas is feeling better and this week is coming along well for you. Looking forward to reading the next update.

    1. It was quite an eye opener when I added everything up. Might have to pour myself a stiff drink before I do it next time!

      Thomas is fully recovered thank you. He's just gone to a football match with Matthew. Let's hope their beloved Manchester City win or it will be glum faces all round. xx