Sunday, 8 January 2017

January 2017 - Week 1

This week has been all about getting back to normal. The Christmas decorations and the tree are down, although it's funny how quickly things become part of our surroundings isn't it. It only registered on Thursday that the bauble wreath was still hung up on the bathroom door!
We had a little hiccup with Amy on New Year's Day when she had a terrible pain in her left shoulder and ribs which was worse when she lay down. She persevered through the night but by Monday morning she needed to go to a walk in centre where she was diagnosed with costochondritis. It's not serious but it is painful. At the moment she's on paracetamol and ibuprofen and it seems to be easing off which is good, as some people can suffer with it for months.  
On Tuesday Thomas went back to school quite happily. I think he was ready to catch up with his friends and discuss latest Xbox tactics. He's grown so much since September that I've had to kit him out with another full uniform and new shoes. He had his final physio session in between Christmas and New Year but has to go back in February for a check up just in case he needs more help.
Sparky also needed to go to the vet this week. He's been nibbling at his leg for a few days and has a rather unsightly bald patch. After a check up there's nothing obviously wrong with him but he had the obligatory jab vets like to give and is on a course of steroids and piriton. I tell you, it's like GlaxoSmithKline here at Number 38 this week. 
There's been no quilting or crocheting this week. I'm just not feeling it at the moment plus I'm enjoying the house being tidy which isn't the case when the sewing machine is out, but I have finished the cross stitch. 
I've also got my birthday jigsaw from Mum back on the table. It's not an easy one, there are lots of shades and my brain tends to lose the ability to differentiate between colours after a while but I'm enjoying doing it. 
And other snippets of the week

My choice of flowers this week were tulips and daffodils and I've also been given 3 hyacinth.
I've had to buy a new iron as it's not been reaching its temperature for a while and then the steam element stopped working. Typically when I was ironing one of Thomas' new school shirts it decided to spit a load of brown gunk all over it then gave up the ghost.
I made flapjacks. Not sure if I'll repeat this in a hurry. They were easy enough to make but it was like wrestling with a crocodile to get them out of the tin, bits were flying all over the kitchen. 
I'm still finding truffles in the wardrobe :) I had a glass of cava one evening but I'm rubbish off drink lately and I've decided the one glass I drink isn't worth feeling like I do pretty much as soon as it's gone, so I'll not bother in future.
But sometimes I want to sit with a glass of something different in the evening so I bought these instead. We had the ginger beer at Christmas and it certainly hits the back of the throat. The Elderflower and Rose is really nice as well even though it's quite a sweet drink.
I went shopping with Mum on Friday and dropped a load of rubbish at the tip and 2 bags of stuff to the charity shop. Then on Saturday Mark needed to go to Blackburn so I went for the ride and a look around the shopping centre. 

And that's pretty much it this week. The weather has been wet, dull, grey and foggy but that's fine. It gives me 'permission' to stay indoors and just potter around doing what I like although I've also made a point of going for a walk 3 or 4 times. 

Hope you are all well and have enjoyed your first week of the New Year. 

Until next Sunday. 



  1. A lovely catch up. I'm trying to get back in the swing of reading and commenting again.
    I hope everyone's health is on the up. Poor Amy's condition doesn't sound like much fun. Pain can be so debilitating.
    It looks like everyday life has returned to normal at Number 38 post-Christmas. I almost forgot about my front door wreath!
    I really wish I could keep finding truffles in my wardrobe. 😊 X

    1. Yes, we are all back to normal now Jules. Amy returned to college today as well so everybody was where they should be :)

      Her pain isn't as bad as it was and Sparky's bald patch isn't looking as inflamed either, so hopefully all things medical are now sorted.

      The secret to finding truffles in your wardrobe is putting them there. I pop them in and then a few hours later when I open the door, surprise, surprise, there they are waiting for me to liberate them. The ones from Lidl are scrumptious but I couldn't see any on Thursday so I'm going to have to revert back to Thorntons this week. I intend to carry on with my dirty little secret of truffle snuffling :)

      Hope you are keeping well and Lily has settled back into pre-school. xx

  2. Oh no....poor Amy. Give her a gentle hug from me.
    Ruby went back to school on Tuesday seemed awfully early to me as they didn't break up until quite late on in Christmas week. Still she is happy to be back too.
    Smudge nibbles at himself all the time and always has a bald patch somewhere....nothing wrong with him though it's just a habit he has.
    Lovely cross stitch and that jigsaw is so pretty.
    I absolutely hate making flapjack. Whatever recipe I use it never comes out right so I have just given up trying.
    Lovely to catch up with you.

    1. I will Sheila, thank you. That does seem an early return for Ruby if she didn't break up until Christmas week but from memory, no matter when they have their school hols I think they all end up with 190 days in school and the rest is holiday.

      I think Sparky has nibbled for whatever reason and same as Smudge it's become a habit, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't mange or anything like that. I knew before I went he'd get a shot of something, it goes without saying! Mind you, she spent nearly 40 minutes with him so I can't complain. Better service than the NHS!

      The flapjacks were really tasty but I don't think I'll be making them again any time soon. What a mess.

      Hope you have a lovely week. xx

  3. Hope Amy is soon sorted, not heard of that - sounds painful.

    Truffles in the wardrobe? Hmmmm where else have you got them hidden :-)

    And there was a forgotten decoration here too. The box was already sealed up when I remembered a hanging bell thingy on the Number 9 sign on front of house.
    Have a good week

    1. It sounds dramatic doesn't it, but apart from being really painful it isn't anything to worry about. Quite common in teenagers and young adults apparently.

      Sadly, the last packet of truffles has been devoured but I will be re-stocking this week!

      I forget a decoration every year. Last year it was a paper ball thingy that I left dangling off the ceiling - don't ask, no idea why I didn't spot that. It spent all of 2016 in the coffee table drawer.

      Hope things are moving along nicely for you with the house move. xx

  4. Poor Amy, that does not sound nice. Glad it seems to be clearing up quickly.
    Yes, it's funny how quickly we get used to decorations. I keep prowling round thinking I'm going to find some rogue decoration hanging around that I've totally missed too!

    Love seeing your weekly round ups of your week. Though I haven't given up hope of you going to back to daily or almost daily! ;o)

    Violet was at school on Wednesday. She was surprisingly ok about going back too. Only a tiny bit of griping!

    1. Amy's pain does seem to be going as quickly as it came. Just a few twinges here and there but 2 paracetamol and she's fine.

      School holidays feel like they've gone on forever here with Thomas and Amy finishing and re-starting at different times. It was Amy's first day back today so my first 'normal' day since 16th December!

      I do wonder what I used to blog about when I did daily posts. Today it would have been jigsaws, tea drinking, housework and a trip to the shops. Nothing exciting at all.

      Glad Violet has settled back into school. I used to hate new terms, Thomas could take a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things, but he's changed so much lately and doesn't seem phased by half as much as he used to be. Touch wood, he's doing great and hopefully it will carry on. xx

  5. Hope Amy feels better soon. Learned something new - I've never heard of costochondritis, before! Glad Thomas went back to school happily. I used to hate going to school!

    Your flowers look lovely, so does your cross stitch, and that jigsaw puzzle looks like fun. How nice to find truffles in the wardrobe! But what I am drooling over the most is that picture of your afternoon tea! Made me want to invite myself over!

    Have a lovely week, Suzanne. Looking forward to catching up with you, next weekend.

    1. That makes 2 of us Bless. I did wonder if it was pleurisy, I've had that and it's really painful but she went one better with a never been heard of before diagnosis :) She's much better than she was thank you. Just a few niggles every now and then but the painkillers are working so that's good.

      I think I may have discovered the last of my truffles now but I'm inclined to re-stock. They may well become a staple at Number 38.

      Hope you're fully recovered from your fall. Take care of yourself and have a lovely week. xx

  6. Poor Amy. Costochondritis is really painful. It does seem to go away as suddenly as it kicks in but can come back, unfortunately. (I've put mine down to all that stretching in yoga.) Hate it when electric appliances give up the ghost but have a feeling our washing machine is only limping along. It'll probably stop working when its full of water and clothes!

    1. She was in agony with it Liz but you're spot on, it's gone as suddenly as it came. She's had a couple of twinges since but nothing as bad and the painkillers seem to sort it out.

      My washing machine will occasionally stick so that I can't open the door. Doesn't happen often but when it does I have to turn it off then put it on a spin cycle again so it re-sets itself. Typically, it's always when I'm in a rush and need to get it on the line and another load in! xx