Sunday, 18 December 2016

On the 8th Day of Christmas.....

..... we visited Tom's sister. She's very easy company. There's no conversation as such, all we do is sit there and let her talk. She doesn't come up for air but to be fair she's quite entertaining.

When we got home I made some sandwiches and then me and Amy sat and watched The Snowman. It gets Amy every time. She blubs like a baby at the end when he's melted away. 

I popped some stollen into the shopping trolley this week which we've never tried before. It's a butter one because Mark isn't keen on marzipan. It's quite a dry loaf but very nice with butter or jam. Another thing I've never tried is panettone. I might pick one up this week although according to google the only difference, apart from shape, is that stollen has marzipan and twice the amount of fruit in it. 
Christopher Elf sneaked into Thomas' bedroom last night and pinched his light shade and a pair of his underpants, then made a hot air balloon and went for a ride around the house. I think he gave Amy quite a scare in the night when she came down for a drink. Usually I tell her what he's up to but she was asleep when I went to bed so she wasn't prepared for him to be dangling from the ceiling when she came down.
And I've stuck all the tickets on the double or quits board for our Christmas Eve game. There's a prize on every ticket but there are also some Humbug tickets and if you choose one of them you lose everything you've won so it's all very much a gamble. I can tell you now Thomas will be nearly wetting himself playing this. 
And that's about it. The days are pretty much ticking over as they usually do here. There's nothing especially Christmassy going on and having decorated the house, written and posted the cards and bought and wrapped the presents it now all seems very laid back and just a case of waiting for it to arrive. 
Which won't be long now. Only 7 more sleeps and it will be here.

Just have to tell you this before I press publish. Amy has just said to me "I was telling somebody the other day you use a Halifax". Me and Mark looked at each other and burst out laughing. She means my filofax!

She's on her way out to see her best friend John. They've known each other since pre-school although it's only in the past couple of years they've become really close. When you see them together you'd easily think they were boyfriend and girlfriend but that's definitely not the case. This is his Christmas present from her, a beautifully wrapped box, full of bath bombs from Lush! 



  1. I am really loving this elf's ust soooo funny.
    Have to say though that Christopher is way more inventive, naughty and hilarious than another one I have been seeing on Facebook who is quite tame by comparison.
    Not over keen on either stollen or panetonne but the panetonne makes a fabulous bread and butter pudding....I don't actually butter it though-x-

    1. I'd like to take credit for Christopher's shenanigans but I've just googled them and adapated a couple to suit what will make us laugh with our crazy sense of humour.

      The stollen is nice and I think I will buy a panetonne just because, but I don't think I'd be upset if there were none to be had. I much prefer something a bit more moist like malt loaf.

      I bet Ruby is getting really excited now isn't she and counting down the 'sleeps'. Love that part of Christmas. xx

  2. Oh, that elf is too funny! That stollen looks delicious. I like panettone; it is very similar to a type of bread my grandmother used to make at Christmas, which we used to eat with butter and cheese.

    Sounds like you are all ready for Christmas. Wish you could come over and help me with my preparations!

    1. Oh Bless, you've inspired me to do something. I'm doing a cheese board on Christmas Eve after our games, literally cheese, crackers and grapes but wanted something else to add and now you've mentioned your Grandmother's bread I think I'll add a panettone to it as well, especially as we all like a piece of Christmas cake with a chunk of lancashire cheese on the side so it will probably go down well. Thank you for the idea :)

      I love the decs you've put up so far, especially the baubles in the photo frame. xx

  3. that Elf has no shame, sitting there in a pair of pants! ha ha.

    ooh, I love panettone. I often buy one of those mini ones and scoff with a cup of tea, they are so good.

    Can't believe that Christmas is so close now. Seems just yesterday we were at the start of November, and now we are practically falling off the end of the year. Where did the time go?

    I was feeling all calm and relaxed about Christmas until the leak business earlier this week. It caught me off guard and just threw a spanner in the works. Now the side of the bath has just been put back on, so I can work on making the house feel 'normal' again. Some lights died in the kitchen, so I have had to remove those .. but I have a cunning plan for a replacement. I think once I've had a day pottering about alone tomorrow, things will feel sorted out and Christmas ready again.

    Have a lovely evening. Watch out for that Elf. xx

    1. At least he didn't rifle my drawers for my big white sensible knickers haha.

      Panettone is definitely on the list this week, especially as Bless' comment has inspired me to pop one out with the cheese on Christmas Eve.

      The time is going so quickly. I was looking for a chair dec I'd done last year and started scrolling through my blog for December 2015. It's amazing the amount of stuff that I'd forgotten and yet it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating last Christmas.

      Anything like a leak at Christmas is a nightmare. We gear ourselves up to be organised and then something like that happening can really throw everything out. And the house always feels untidy when a job is being done. Thankfully, it's happened with plenty of time for you to sort it out and get back to normal.

      Yes, make the most of the next couple of days before Violet breaks up. I don't have a day to myself now until 9th January which seems a veeeeery looooooong time! Especially as I like my own company. xx

  4. You sound very organised Suzanne. I need to sort out the last of the decorations and finish the wrapping.
    I love your idea of getting a new decoration for the tree every year too, so we're off to get one later today. My friend sent a lovely angel one along with our Christmas card so we'll be off to a good start.
    I have to admit I have never seen The Snowman right the way through. I really must try and do this at some point over Christmas.
    I'm in agreement with Mark over Marzipan - It is the devils food! Although I have got some Stollen in for the others.
    It's a delight to read about your Christmas preparations every day. Not long now..... X

    1. I'm pretty organised but won't settle properly until the food shop is done which will be Thursday as usual.

      Oh yes, a decoration every year is a lovely thing to do. Amy loves getting all hers out and hanging them on the tree. And an angel is a perfect start to the tradition.

      The Snowman is a lovely animation, Amy had tears streaming down her face at the end. She's really not that emotional about things but when something touches her it really does.

      Laughing at marzipan being the devils food - I like it but not as much as Mum who can eat bars of it covered in chocolate.

      I bet Lily is getting very excited now isn't she. There's nothing better than having a little one in the house at Christmas, it's just so lovely. xx

  5. I've never had panettone either! But I can quite easily scoff an Aldi stollen all to myself over a few days! I bet Thomas killed himself laughing over his pants being used!!

    1. We're two panettone virgins together then Rachel! The stollen was fine but give me a malt loaf any day.

      Thomas thinks Christopher Elf is very funny indeed and loves reading the notes he leaves behind. He's going back to the North Pole on Friday night though, I've had enough of him and his messy ways now. I think if he comes back next year he might bring daily advent gifts. Much easier to do, especially as I have to wait for Thomas to go to bed before I can set him up and we don't do early nights especially in the holidays. xx