Tuesday, 20 December 2016

On the 6th Day of Christmas....

.... I ate my first mince pie of the season. They're only little, 2 bites and they're gone so I had another three! Not all at once though. Delicious.
Christopher Elf went camping last night. Looks as though he had good fun melting marshmallows and reading ghost stories. 
I did a bit of Christmas food prep this morning and made mushroom and cheese sauce for the vol au vents. On the day I'll add some bacon to the cheese one and black pudding and bacon to the mushroom.  
Thomas will be my waiter on the day and as he likes to do things properly I've bought this plate and some cheap champagne glasses so he can serve our pre-lunch fizzy and nibbles in style.
Matthew and Sophie's boiler broke at the weekend and the earliest anybody from Homeserve can come out to look at it is tomorrow. Anyway, Matthew came round for a shower today and brought Sienna with him. Her and Sophie have both got colds and he says the house is freezing. Sienna could have stayed but Matthew says she's not sleeping and to be honest I can only just about cope with feed wake ups let alone a poorly baby who isn't sleeping at all. 
And once again the events in Berlin last night remind me how fragile the world is. Those poor people and their families. I've told Amy to steer clear of the Christmas markets this week. A lot of people say we should carry on as normal and I admire that train of thought, but for the sake of a bratwurst and a bit of atmosphere I'm not willing for her to risk her safety just to prove a point. If she's desperate she'll probably find the same sausages, cheese, chocolate and mulled wine at our local Lidl store anyway. 



  1. The mince pies keep disappearing in our house and I couldn't work out where they were going until I realised....I'm the only one that likes them...ooops.

    Gosh....those vol au vent fillings look tasty. Never tried cheese and bacon but it's making my mouth water.

    I do hate it when babies have colds. You just feel so helpless not being able to do much for them. Marlowe has had a right stinker of one. Hope Sophie and Sienna get well soon.

    I think your advice to Amy is spot on and I would do exactly the same if I thought any of mine were going anywhere that could be a possible target.

    1. I haven't had a mince pie today but there are only 3 left in the box of 12 so I may as well finish them off later and make some room in the cupboard :)

      Aww poor Sienna, she wasn't very well at all. Snuffly and hot and bothered. I took her babygro off as soon as she came in which seemed to settle her down a
      bit and Mark took her for a drive to get her to sleep while Matthew played with Thomas on the Xbox!

      As unlikely as it is anything will happen I just don't think it's necessary for Amy to put herself in certain situations at the moment and a heaving Christmas market in a city centre is one of them. If that's considered giving in well then, so be it, but I bet a lot of people are thinking the along the same lines. xx

  2. ooh, I want your vol au vents! I keep looking to see if I can find some ready made but no luck yet. I ordered some with Waitrose a couple of weeks ago and was so excited, but they replaced them with mini tartlets instead. Gutted.

    Three mince pies! you are as bad as me.

    Hope Sienna gets over her cold quickly. Snufflebabe is a good thing to have, though I'm sure Sophie will have tracked that down already.

    Rotten thing to have happened yesterday. Poor people. It's all so sad. xx

    1. The fillings were really easy to do Sadie and although they don't look anything special they taste really nice. I just did a basic white sauce, divided it and then popped mushrooms in one and grated cheese in another. Took about 10 minutes tops but it's one of those faffing jobs that you can do without on the day.

      Three mince pies, plus the one in the photo. And then another 2 after tea last night! No matter how big they are the fact is I've now nearly eaten a box of 12 all by myself :(

      Snufflebabe, of course! I mentioned Vicks to Matthew but told him not to use that as it's quite strong but couldn't think of the baby equivalent until you've just said.

      Hope you are feeling better and have enjoyed your day with Violet. xx

  3. I'd be exactly the same as you with Any, though I'm positive that security will be much higher and that it's the safest time to go! TBH those markets do not float my boat at all. A fiver for a gingerbread man? I don't think so!!
    I feel so sad for all the families of the people who died. It's incomprehensible.
    Am catching up on all your posts !

    1. I do try and keep a good balance when I'm telling her things like that and I just said "stay away from the markets this week after what happened", but inside I'm shouting "I absolutely forbid you to go anywhere near a market stall at Christmas ever again in case you get killed".

      Yes, security will be higher but call me cynical I'm not sure what an extra few policemen walking around the stalls will actually achieve. Surely they just become part of the crowd themselves?

      She hasn't been into college today anyway. They brought the last day forward and she only had a lesson where they were watching a film so she hasn't gone in.

      Glad you got the card. Wasn't sure what the posties were up to this week. xx

  4. So sad for Berlin. It won't be the last atrocity and I think you're wise to advise Amy in the way you have. I love mince pies. I made a batch for the freezer but then I ate them. Also, can't find the Christmas placemats but I definitely haven't eaten them.

    1. It's awful Liz and what makes it worse is I think this will just be the way of the world forever now which is terrible. I absolutely get the attitude of carrying on as normal and I try not to over think her being in Manchester every day or going shopping in the arndale or travelling on public transport - like a lot of people those things are part of her life. But she has a choice about things like the markets and I just don't want her to go to them.

      What can I say about the mince pies. I might have come to the party late but I've more than made up for my poor timing. There are 3 mince pies left in the box and I don't think anybody else has had any, which means I ate 9 yesterday :( Oh the shame, the absolute shame! xx

  5. Glad you are enjoying the mince pies; don't forget you are having some of them for me! Looks like the elf had a fun night camping!

    1. Oh you've given me an idea. I could toast all my lovely bloggy friends with a mince pie which would give me the perfect excuse to eat so many. Thank you! xx