Thursday, 22 December 2016

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

.... I did my Christmas shop and bought the turkey. I've put it in the fridge and will get it out tomorrow to continue defrosting so it can be cooked Christmas Eve. 

It's been a day of doing bits and bobs like covering the  Christmas cake in marzipan.
Then making chocolate marzipan balls for Mum with the left overs. She's coming down later to stay with us until Christmas Day or longer if she wants.  She comes and stays over on Christmas Eve but I wanted her to come earlier this year as I fancied her company a bit longer than for just an overnight stay. Plus she's the only one brave enough to pull the neck out from inside the turkey!
While the kitchen was a mess I decided I may as well make Thomas some Christopher Elf Cookies as they will forever be known at Number 38. He thinks they're delicious. 
Amy has been helping Thomas with his talent show props for Christmas Eve. Oh, I haven't told you what I'm doing yet have I. A one woman Nativity shadow show. You know the thing, where you stand behind a sheet and you become a shadow. Should be fun as I have several characters to play and of course it will all go wrong, so I very much doubt I'll be £10 richer at the end of it, but at least it will be a laugh. 
I've had a re-jig of some of the decorations and Betty Boop has now joined us for Christmas. The ivy has gone, it had dried up and I couldn't be bothered to cut any more. More candles have also been bought.
And a little bunch of cream roses with some of my Christmas twigs have been added to the dining table. 
Would you look at what Christopher Elf did this morning after Thomas sneaked in bed for a cuddle and went back to sleep. He must have been out for the count because apart from a couple of nose wiggles he didn't move while I did this. Shame Christopher could only draw freckles on one cheek.
I was expecting him to walk around most of the day like this, but his morning routine is to obviously admire himself in the mirror because within 2 minutes of him going in the bathroom he shouted "MUM, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE". 
Tonight we are out with my brother and his partner. We're going to The Albert Square Chop House. We went for Marks' 50th and it's definitely worth a re-visit. I was prepared for the area to be heaving with people as it's near the town hall where one of the Christmas markets is set up, but apparently the markets all packed up yesterday so it probably won't be half as bad as I expected.

Right, going to have a brew and an hour with my feet up. It's an early start tonight, a 6pm set off, eating at 7pm. Which suits me fine. The older I get the more a late meal doesn't agree with me so eating early is perfect. 

Hope you've all had a lovely day and the Christmas excitement is beginning to build up. 



  1. Oooooh not long now. I'm getting a bit more in the mood after spending the day dancing around to Christmas music with me Ruby yesterday.
    Shopping is absolutely except for hubby who wants to nip out and fetch a pork pie from the bakers in the morning.
    Just love the elf biscuits and what a little monkey Christopher is....drawing on Thomas like that. You have inspired me to do the elf thing next year even with a household of adults. I can always take pics and send them to DDIL to show to Ruby.
    The roses look so beautiful with the twigs. I was drooling over a Christmas bouquet this morning at the town veg shop. It was flippin' stunning in white, cream and green. Unfortunately Andy didn't take the hint :(
    Have a lovely time at the Chop House-x-

    1. After a couple of day of no feeling very festive at all, we seem to have found our Christmas mojo again. Mind you, a good night out is always a good bet for kick starting Christmas.

      You really should do the Elf, i bet Ruby would love it and your idea of taking photos and sending them to her is perfect.

      It's nice to have flowers in the house at Christmas but if I left it to Mark to buy me any I'd be regularly disappointed, although when he does buy me some the fact it's such a rare occurrence makes it all the more special :)

      Not long now, only 2 more sleeps. Every year it suddenly arrives and takes me by surprise. No idea why, it's not as though I don't know when it's coming! xx

  2. your cakes looks so good.
    And I love Betty Boop! She's so pretty. I need a festive BB in my life now.
    The elf biccies are cute, and ha, to his latest naughtiness. Poor Thomas!

    Love your flowers. My festive flowers this year are pink and white. Which isn't exactly shocking I know, but I found the pale pink and white flowers reduced in Asda,and thought 'that'll do'. Which really is the attitude!

    ha ha.

    Enjoy tonight. Lucky you. Sounds fabulous. xxx

    1. I love my Christmas BB :) That elf is a little monkey. As well as all the tricks he's been up to he's now responsible for rotting Thomas' teeth with his sugary biscuits.

      Yes, there's an element of 'that'll do' here as well. I'm quite happy when the shops shut Christmas Eve because it really is a case of what we've not got now we'll just have to do without.

      We had a lovely night out. We were home just before midnight but they were going somewhere else! Mind you, after brewing up and chatting to Mum none of us went to bed til gone 1am, but at least I could kick my boots off and lounge around which is all I ever want to do when I've been out for a meal. xx

  3. Enjoy your evening - sounds great. Still laughing at Thomas' blue eyebrows!
    Mmmmmm marzipan. Me n Miss 22 LOVES it. My house is all dressed and ready. We are going for the turkey tmrw. Then I'm not putting a foot out of doors

    1. I like marzipan but not too much of it at once. The blue eyebrows are great aren't they. Bit miffed I didn't get a full day out of them but there you go :)

      It's lovely when everything is done, especially the shopping and all you've got to do is wait for the day to arrive. Get your feet up, pour yourself a tipple and enjoy the holidays, you deserve it. xx

  4. Ooh, love marzipan! My goodness, but that elf is getting a bit too much, drawing on Thomas! It's a good thing he'll be leaving soon! Your white rose centerpiece looks very Christmas-y.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening out.

    1. We had a lovely evening thanks Bless, it's always good to catch up with family.

      I thought Thomas would walk around with his blue eyebrows most of the day although how we'd have kept our faces straight I don't know. Christopher leaves us tonight, can't say I'll be sorry to see him go :) xx