Thursday, 15 December 2016

On the 11th Day of Christmas

..... I went shopping at Lidl. I really wanted to make a point of sitting down this morning with my pastry and a cup of St Clements while I flicked through the Radio Times but it never happened because I had to sort something out for Amy. Never mind. 

I bought a few Christmas goodies today. We don't go overboard on food but there are certain things I like to have at Christmas such as trifle and vol au vents. I love v-a-v and mushroom ones are my favourite.
I had to go out to the chemist and popped into Tesco to see if they had anything in the greenery department for the house. I've given up on finding holly and mistletoe but I did spot this which went into the basket along with some other winter twig things - can't think how else to describe them :) 
Mum hasn't been well for nearly 2 weeks so I took her to the Doctors this afternoon.  She has a chest infection and is on antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler. I'm sure the antibiotics will kick in and sort her out in no time and hopefully she'll be well by Christmas. 

Thomas found a book at school yesterday on how to draw manga and the teacher let him bring it home. He spent ages at the table last night trying to perfect a face. I love how children become so engrossed in things they want to do. 
It's been a very quiet day news wise so I thought I'd end with a couple of Christmassy photos. 

Candles and holly.
Christmas twigs (I'm sure there's a better name but basically twigs is what they are).
More chocolate treats on the tree.
Oh and the book blurb especially for Rachel :)



  1. yes, when children really want to do something and concentrate and work, it's quite amazing.

    If you have any recipe for a V-a-V, please share. Last year I bought the cases but could not find any good mushroomy recipes to use for filling, so I fed them to the birds. Still annoyed about that. They were Christmas tree shaped too !

    Thought of you today. I was in town, the flower stall on the market had a box of fresh mistletoe. I was going to buy it, but honestly, I'm too tight to fork out £3 for a bunch of it. I keep hoping my apple tree in the garden will suddenly start growing a bit of mistletoe one year. I love the stuff, but I hate the high prices of it.

    Candles. Dear candles! Nothing nicer than fairy lights and candles. Treated myself to a little on in TK Maxx today. Oh, and I went in The works to look for more books, nothing caught my eye, and I looked for the dead for 13 minutes one.

    Christmas twigs is probably the best way to describe your Christmas twigs! Very pretty, whatever they are actually called!

    Hope your mum recovers quickly. Poor woman, she must have felt pretty grim at times. Glad she got to the doctors before Christmas.

    1. The mushroom recipe I'm going to use is just a basic white sauce with mushrooms thrown in and a bit of salt and pepper. I'd like to do a black pudding and bacon filling for Mark and Mum so I'm trying to think of a way of 'wetting' that up at the moment.

      The Christmas twigs have just finished off the fireplace. I needed a bit of height as everything was on the floor. I'm not over keen on how it looks this year but when evening arrives and I light all the candles it looks lovely. It's surprising what a difference candles can make to a room's atmosphere.

      Mum has been really poorly but she's her own worst enemy (Mum I hope you're reading this). She hates going to the Doctors so when she agreed I could make an appointment for her I knew she must be feeling rotten. Hopefully the tablets will kick in and she'll be feeling much better by next week.

      It's Thomas' last day at school today. It's all seemed rather low key this year, but maybe that's because I don't go in the playground anymore so I've not picked up any Christmas vibes.

      Sat her trying to motivate myself to go to Middleton and do something constructive, but I'm having one of those 'can't be bothered' days. At least there's no early get ups now for 17 days. Bliss. xx

  2. I haven't done any Christmas food shopping yet, so you are ahead of me!

    Looks like Thomas is quite the artist. Good that he is having fun.

    Loving your decorations.

    1. I've been adding a few bits and bobs to the weekly shop for a while but the main shop will be on Thursday, although there's not many extras I really need. The main things I mustn't forget are the trifle and the turkey!

      It's nice to see Thomas sat at the table drawing and it's another interest him and Amy share so she sits with him which he likes. xx

  3. Christmas food shopping nearly done here apart from fresh veg and salad to go with the ham for our traditional Christmas Eve tea of home baked ham, salad and chips. This year I am trying the rich winter berry one in the Asda Christmas book for a change.
    I love Vol au Vents so I might nip and get some of those cases. I do the same filling as you but with an added touch of garlic...coo that's making my mouth water.
    I'm loving my house this year as we have lots more lights than usual and of course candles. My daughter in law got quite teary when she came yesterday and saw my dresser with it's lights. She loves coming to our house at Christmas.
    WOW Thomas.....that drawing is looking amazing. I'd love to see it when you are finished.
    Right....I will go a bit further.....I have to read your Friday blog yet.

    1. We have ham, salad and chips on Boxing Day, I thinkit's one of the nicest meals there is.

      Lights and candles can make such a difference can't they. The best part of the day is when it's just going dark and I switch all the lights on and light the candles. Makes the house feel so cosy. From what I read on your blog you seem to have a lovely relationship with your d-i-l. I always got on very well with Joan and I'm grateful for that.

      I will ask Thomas if we can post a finished product but he's not as willing to show things these days - my baby is getting older :(

      Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. Those Christmas/snowy twigs look very pretty.

    Sorry to hear your Mum hasn't been feeling well. I'm glad she went to the doctor's and I hope she feels better, soon.

    Thomas is a good artist! My daughter too, loves to draw manga!

    1. Hi Bless, If I remember I might try and spray paint/snow effect some twigs myself next year because that's all they are really.

      Mum has been really poorly and she'd banned anybody from going in case we all caught it. I think the antibiotics have kicked in though. She sounds much better and I'm going to bring her down for an hour this afternoon. She's not been out of the house for nearly 2 weeks and says she's going stir crazy lol.

      Yes, I remember your daughter likes to draw manga. Amy loves it and when the mood takes her will spend hours sketching or doing whatever she does on the computer. Wish I had a talent like that but I can't draw for toffee.

      Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. I do hope your mum is feeling much better soon. Hopefully the antibiotics will do their job quickly.
    Your Christmas twigs are beautiful. I'm lucky in that I have a holly tree and an old Christmas tree in the garden so have brought some of the greenery indoors and used some for my door wreath. It's not cheap when you need to buy it, even from the markets.
    No chocolates on our tree, for obvious reasons! 🎄 X

    1. Thank you Jules, Mum seems to be on the mend and is coming down for a brew with us this afternoon. I think after being cooped up in the house for nearly 2 weeks she's ready for a change of scene.

      Oh you are so lucky having the holly tree and a Christmas tree. I think I need to buy a holly tree so I can get my fix of greenery next Christmas. Wondering now if I can grow it up an obelisk. Will have to go and check out what holly does.

      Haha, in the past I've put chocolate on the tree the day we've set it up and it's been gone in an hour. This year it seems to be lasting a bit longer but that's probably because there's a dish of chocolate on the coffee table as well!

      Have a lovely weekend. xx