Friday, 16 December 2016

On the 10th Day of Christmas.....

..... I stopped thinking about Christmas for half an hour, transported myself to next year and booked our holidays for Easter, May half term, October half term and a big 3 week whopper for summer :) 

I also referred myself to physio for my back. It's getting to the point where I'm struggling to get out of bed and something needs to be done. Hopefully the appointment won't take too long to come through. 

It was the last day of school for Thomas. Unusually there was no last minute fancy dress or Christmas jumper requests this year. In fact, it's all seemed a bit low key. Not that I'm complaining. I wonder if it feels like this because Thomas is getting older. He didn't want to take any cards or presents in for his teachers either - I think he was embarrassed at handing them over in front of everybody. Every child is given a book for their Christmas present and this year Thomas received White Fang. It looks just up his street. 
I popped into Middleton for a couple of household bits and came back with 3 bags full of stuff that I decided I needed. My knuckles were touching the floor when I walked in. No wonder, there were 6 candles in there, 2 big dog bones and a bag of frozen chips as well as everything I'd bought. Thomas told Amy he hopes to get a sketch book for Christmas so while I was there I picked one up for him and filled a pencil case with a couple of bits. I've accepted he is an Xbox junkie but if he shows an interest in other things then I definitely like to encourage him.  
I also had to buy more crackers because Christopher Elf has been up to his tricks again, the little rascal. Thomas was not at all happy about this even though Christopher had saved one for him and Amy.  
I spent an hour prettying up Amy's presents with ribbon and bows. She loves fancy wrapping as much as the present itself and I absolutely get that as I like bows, ribbons and pretty bags myself. 
I also found this in the wardrobe which I'd forgotten about. It's a music box and the train moves when you wind it up. Pity it wasn't out when Sienna was here I'm sure she'd have loved it. 
I've been looking through my shopping list for next week, ticking off what I already have and adding bits I'd forgotten about. The turkey will be a last minute purchase as I fancy a 'proper bird' again this year but can't get it in the freezer so I'll have to buy it late enough so I can leave it on the side defrosting. It doesn't panic me doing this, if there were none to be had I'd just pick up a couple of chickens instead or even a joint of beef which would make Mark's Christmas!

For every job I've crossed off the list today I seem to have added another two. Lunch was a banana and a cup of tea on the go because I've been chasing my tail all day. I need to rectify this over the next few days and make a bit of time for myself, starting right now. I'm going to have a bath, put my PJ's on and eat this. All of it! 
Hope you day has been a bit more chilled than mine. 



  1. Aww... I wish Ruby had finished today. She is absolutely shattered as they have had so much extra stuff to learn and practice over the last few weeks.
    I remember reading White Fang at school so it's a good age that book now.
    Was sorry to hear about your Mum being poorly and I hope she gets better soon. We have Marlowe on antibiotics at the moment as she has picked up Impetigo from somewhere. DDIL came in a panic on Wednesday with Marlowe. Her poor little face was covered in sores which I recognised so sent her off to the docs. The antibiotics are kicking in now but her face is such a mess.
    The presents for Amy look so pretty. They remind me of my most favourite film....Frozen.
    Hope you enjoyed your truffle bar.

    1. It's a busy time for them at school. One year KS1 did the Nativity 2 afternoons and 2 evenings. They were exhausted by the end of it and the Head said it wouldn't happen again. It was too much for them with everything else that's going on as well.

      Poor Marlowe, impetigo is horrible and contagious so I really hope Ruby doesn't get it. I bet having you so close to hand is such a comfort to DDIL, Mums need people to turn to because blind panic does set in at times. Hope the sores clear up quickly.

      The truffle bar was delicious although I relented and shared it with Mark. He can half half the extra inches on his waist as well :) xx

  2. Definitely remember to take some time out for yourself. Hope you enjoyed your chocolate! I am still looking forward to the day when chocolate will taste good again!

    1. It seems such a simple thing to do doesn't it Bless, sitting down for 10 minutes hardly seems hard but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

      The chocolate was lovely although I ended up sharing it with Mark, better for me in the long run. What a shame you still can't enjoy it. A lot of things don't taste the same as they used to. I think part of that is down to tablets but also a change of ingredients. Those 'additives' might not have been good for us but boy were they tasty! xx

  3. What a thoughtful idea of a book as a gift from the school. I've never known schools to do this before.
    I hope you're looking after yourself and you get your back rested. Carrying all that shopping can't have helped.
    Now why have I not seen those chocolate bars before!!? Xx

    1. It is nice of them to give books out isn't it, especially as it's a big school - 420 pupils. The only year I don't remember him getting one is Y3 but the school covered the whole cost of the pantomime trip that year, ticket and transport which usually costs us between £10-£15.

      My back is driving me mad. I'm OK as long as I don't have to bend but as any Mum knows we spend half our life bending. I've been self-referring for weeks and only just got round to doing it yesterday. I really need to start putting myself a little bit higher on the list of things to do.

      Get yourself to the £1 shop for the chocolate, it's delicious! xx

  4. Blimey. Not only does Thomas finish earlier than Violet, but he gets a book too! Don't think Violet's school have ever handed over pressies for the kids. Though I might be a little harsh there, I might recall a teacher giving out little pressies she'd bought herself once.

    That elf would be given a swift boot out the front door if he pinched all my crackers like that. What with his shenanigans with his lady friend the other night, I've decided he is quite an unsavoury character!

    Love your gift wrapping. Am with you there. I always yearn for a super wonderful white fake fur, in a massive box filled with tissue paper, wrapped in crisp white paper and tied with a huge, fat, white satin ribbon in a massive bow. Oh I'd love that. Think I've watched too many b&w films. they always seem to have such parcels in them, it's given me unrealistic expectations!

    Good for your for making a bit of time for yourself. And, I'm with you regarding getting your festive beast late. We are very much the same, and often leave it until Christmas Eve.

    Hope your appointment comes through quickly, back pain is no laughing matter.

    Have a glorious Saturday xx

    1. His teachers have always given out something like a small bar of chocolate and a card, can't recall Amy or Thomas never coming home empty handed at Christmas to be honest. Easter Eggs even made an appearance a couple of years when Amy was in primary. It's a big school as well - 420 pupils, so it is good of them to do it. The only year it didn't happen was in Y3 I think when they covered the cost of the panto instead which saved us between £10-£15.

      Thomas' face was a picture especially as I won't let him pull any crackers (once he starts he can't stop and last year I had to keep buying them), so it was extra naughty of Christopher.

      Oh we are two of a kind where wrapping is concerned then. I wouldn't mind the present being a pair of socks if it was beautifully wrapped. Not sure what that says about me though - all top show, more into the beauty on the outside than the inside, fur coat and no knickers haha.

      We can self-refer to physio in our area and yet it's still taken me weeks to do it. I have to start putting myself a little bit further up the list of things to do in the future.

      Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your books! xx