Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day

Aunty Edith and Ken came round for tea as did Matthew, Sophie and Sienna. The first two have been expected since last Boxing Day, the other 3 were last minute additions.

We swapped gifts, had a good chat and spent a lot of time fussing over Sienna which often happens when she's here. Poor Aunty Edith had taken another tumble in her house on Christmas Eve and is sporting a whopper of a black eye. 

The table was laid yet again....

For our traditional tea of ham salad followed by a home-made trifle, Christmas cake and mince pies, although thinking about it I may have cheated last year and bought the trifle.  
Just a few snapshots of the past couple of days for posterity.

Christopher Elf has returned home. As a thank you present he left Thomas and Amy a pair of elf socks with bells on :)
The Christmas Eve Games went down well especially the 'Minute to Win It' challenges. I didn't realise that for such a laid back family we're actually quite competitive.

Amongst others we did a one handed pyramid stack
A malteser pick up - which for all the lung capacity they have when it comes to talking Mum and Thomas were both totally rubbish at and didn't manage to pick any up!
And a snowball toss - much harder than it looks.
Christmas Day started later than usual but was still as exciting. Presents were opened.
And as well as more traditional gifts some very strange ones were found under the tree. 
Pre-lunch fizz and canapes turned into lunch
And lunch turned into an evening meal
I received lots of gifts. A new book, candles, chocolates, slippers, perfume. All the things I love.
And from Amy a calligraphy pen. What a fantastic and original present. She chose it herself when she was in London. I've had a go at 'normal' writing with it and it's lovely to use. I can't wait to have a go at calligraphy or cursive writing. When she gave it to me she said "it's for a new hobby" and I'll definitely be taking this up. 
And that's it. Christmas is done and dusted for another year at Number 38. Everybody has gone home and I'm sat down with a brew. We've had three days of fun, good food and excellent company. Gradually gifts will be put away, the festive food will disappear, decorations will be taken down and life will return to normal.

And as much as I've enjoyed it, normal definitely has a certain appeal to it now.

Thank you all for your comments during my 14 Days of Christmas. The biggest part I miss when not blogging every day is chatting to all you lovely people.

I'll be blogging again next Sunday but will be back on the gram this week.

Hope you all have a lovely week. 



  1. what a gorgeous Christmas! Sorry about Aunty Edith's shiner though! Blimey, that was some tumble. She looks in good spirits though.

    Thank you for sharing all your lovely Christmas Day photos. Mine went mainly on the gram. One thing I have to say I absolutely loved this year, was seeing all the Christmas pics on the Gram. Seeing snippets of Christmas as it happened was really nice.

    You got a decent stash of your luxuries of life there. Spoilt! and aha, a new hobby for you to do in the new year.

    Enjoy putting your feet up. xxx

    1. Thankfully she fell inside and didn't bang into any furniture or it could have been a lot worse. The cracking bruise has come from just falling against the carpeted floor!

      I didn't take as many photos as usual this year but the few I've got will give a flavour of the festivities for me to remember.

      Yes, feet up was a lovely way to end the day. There'll be a fair bit of that over the next few days as well xx

  2. Oh a lovely Grey Persephone - enjoy Few's a good chunky read but not cheerful!

    1. I'm thrilled with the book Sue especially as I didn't realise it was a peresphone. Mum got a book voucher from my sister and she's ordering herself some as well.

      I've started Few eggs and I'm really enjoying it. It might be nearly 600 pages long but already I wish it were longer! xx

  3. Oh dear...our Christmas dinner was late too. I think the oven didn't like all we had thrown at it and was on a bit of a go slow.
    Looks like you had a brilliant time though.
    Must admit I am ready to get back to normal and get the decs down but we do keep the tree up for Rozs' birthday on Jan 3rd.
    I'll miss your daily blogging.

    1. We had a great time thank you and even though timings didn't go to plan it didn't matter as lunch was the only meal of the day. In years gone by we've had to eat so early because we had to go to Mark's side of the family for tea, so just eating when we felt like it was good.

      Yes, I'm ready for normal now. A few decs have come down today, nobody has said anything so I may take a few more down tomorrow.

      The best bit about daily blogging is talking to everybody but I shall just visit everybody else now over the next few days. xx

  4. Sadie at Life in the english rain has taken her blog down, any ideas where she is on the Gram?

    1. Hi Sue, I can see from visiting Sadie's blog that you found her which I'm glad about, she's too special to lose :) xx

  5. Glad you had a lovely Christmas with your family and loved ones. So sorry to hear that Aunty Edith fell! Having fallen, myself, I know how scary that can be. By the way, I had an aunt named Edith, myself. :)

    1. A fall can completely knock your confidence can't it. She fell outside a couple of years ago on her driveway and it was a while before anybody found her. She's never gone out on her own since then. She's actually still really good on her feet and more agile than me to be honest. She bent down to say goodbye to Sienna and I wouldn't have been able to do that! xx

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. x

    1. We did, thank you :) Hope you all enjoyed yours and Flo had a fun day. xx

    2. I have just been having a catch up on your posts from the last week.
      I seems like you've had a lovely time, just how a proper family Christmas should be. I do enjoy seeing your family photographs, you all look so happy.
      We also had a later start to our Christmas day. Lily didn't wake until eight so it was a very relaxed day.
      I hope you are now able to take some time to rest up, relax and enjoy your Christmas gifts.
      Sorry to read about your Aunty Edith. I do hope she's feeling a bit better by now.
      Much love to you and your family Suzanne and thank you for allowing us to share in your Christmas celebrations. Xx

    3. Thank you Jules, that's really nice of you to say that about our family. It's not always sunshine and rose but we try to make special occasions happy ones.

      It's lovely when little ones wake up a decent hour, especially as Christmas Eve can be quite late for parents after they've done everything that needs to be done. I bet Lily's face was a picture when she saw all her presents. That's something I definitely missed this year.

      Aunty Edith's bruise is a corker isn't it, but she doesn't seem bothered by it at all. She was still her smiley happy self and having Sienna here made her day. She's lucky that she has Ken to look after her but they bicker like a husband and wife which is really funny. He's really good with her though.

      I'm glad you enjoy visiting our family, I know I love joining in with what you've been up to, especially those lovely walks you take us on :)

      Best wishes for the New Year Jules, hope it's a good one for you all. xx

  7. have a very happy New Year. Enjoy your celebrations! See you in 2017! xx

    1. Thank You Sadie. They were muted celebrations this year as we had Sienna staying over :) Happy New Year to you all. xx