Sunday, 20 November 2016

November - Week 3

It was an early start at Number 38 on Monday and Thursday as Thomas had to be in the gym for 8.30am which meant we were up a lot earlier than usual. He was certainly put through his paces and had a good session on the walking machine, the treadmill and a mini trampoline. Have to admit my heart was in my mouth when that was brought out. Thomas does not have a good relationship with trampolines.
Think this was his favourite piece of equipment though.
Back home he ate his breakfast, changed into his uniform and I dropped him off at school.  Then it was home again to start my cleaning rota. Amy doesn't go into college until lunchtime so she's started to help me which is a big bonus timewise.

I wasn't expecting the material I'd ordered for the quilt until later in the week so was really happy when it arrived in the post Monday lunchtime.
I spent some time in the afternoon and evening cutting 72 half hexagons and sewing them to black strips.
I expected to be working on this for at least a couple of weeks but it's amazing how simple it is to do and how quickly it comes together and by Wednesday it was pretty much finished. On the MSQC tutorial a solid colour border was added so I just need to decide on a colour and it's done. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of making this quilt and can't quite believe I've actually done it.
This week I finally managed a trip to The Range. They have lots of lovely things on display but there was nothing I really needed. I'd gone specifically to see if I could find a tablecloth and napkins and although I didn't have any luck I did buy this table runner for £1.99 which I'll cut and make into 4 napkins.
I also picked up this cute little reindeer for Amy's tree decoration - an annual tradition that's been going since her first Christmas. 
We've had another clear out, this time it was some of Mark's things. His photography hobby has been taken over by boating, so rather than let the equipment gather dust any longer, he's selling it. No doubt he'll fill the space created with something else. 
I'm also trying to keep on top of my money. I start off with good intentions every month but lose my way pretty quickly so I'm making an extra effort this time and so far I seem to be doing OK. The Tesco voucher was a nice surprise. We only buy petrol and a few top up bits every now and then but I think a few points have come from things we've needed for the van.
Number 10, our regular haunt for coffee when we're in Bury. 
      Image result for number 10 coffee shop bury
There was plenty of material left over to make another quilt or two so I've started another one. Considering I'm supposed to have put the crochet and sewing away until after Christmas there's a surprising amount of it going on!
The weather has been wet, windy and cold this week and we even woke up to a smattering of snow Friday morning. Typically on the coldest day of the year Thomas was wearing PJ's to school for Children in Need. Life would be so much easier in the mornings if PJ's were the norm. No buttons, no ties and no zips to faff around with. 
This weekend we've been away in the van. Mark set it all up on Thursday so we were able to pick Thomas up from school Friday and set off straight away. It was a bit nippy when we arrived but within an hour we were sat down and tucking into homemade pasties.
We went to another site this time, still over on the Fylde coast but at the windmill end. 
The weather was cold but mostly dry and we ventured out Saturday for a walk. We wanted to go on the pier but they'd cordoned it off because it was slippy so we got no further than the cafe where it was hot drinks for me and Mark and a gingerbread man for Thomas. 
No matter how cold it was, Thomas still preferred to go without a coat even though he had it with him. 
I also managed a bit of shopping without the boys and chose Amy a couple of bath bombs for Christmas. 
It might have been cold outside but we were toasty warm in the van and I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon adding to the crochet squares for the blanket. 
Back home and reality sets in pretty quickly with bedding to be washed, ironing to be done and packed lunches to make. But I'm not complaining. Those couple of days we manage to get away can set me up for weeks so it's all good. 

Hope you've all had a good week and are staying warm. 

Thanks for dropping by, it's always lovely to hear from you. 



  1. Love the quilt, like stained glass homemade pasties look tasty especially in this cold weather. Very cute reindeer for Amy xx

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I'm really pleased with the quilt especially the fact my black borders line up - something I always struggle with. The pasties went down a treat. I usually make something at home and take it with us for our Friday meal, saves us having to go out in the car when we've only just arrived, but Saturday is always fish and chips day :) xx

  2. That quilt is glorious. I love it.
    The thought of snuggling up in a caravan after a wintery walk really does it for me. Sheer bliss.
    You've just reminded me to add a tablecloth to my Christmas shopping list. I need a new one now that we are having guests.

    1. I keep looking at the quilt and thinking have I really made that! Snuggling in the van was lovely and as there's no jobs to be done I can really relax with the crochet or a book without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else.

      I've decided to go posh this year as there is no FC any more. Even Thomas is under strict instructions to wear something on his top half when we sit down to eat!

      We're having Mum over for lunch again then Aunty Edith and Ken will come Boxing Day. I love having people over for Christmas. xx

  3. Gosh, you've fitted in so much into one week I'm feeling rather inadequate reading it all ! Well done on the quilt - your piecing looks fabulous :)

    1. I wouldn't feel too inadequate Jayne, I'm very good at making a few things sound like I've not stopped all week. Don't be fooled, I have procrastination down to a fine art :)

      I'm most pleased with the black strips that actually line up - something I always struggle with. I think it's marvellous how people come up with these designs - they're the really clever ones. xx

  4. what is it with kids and the whole no coat thing? Violet is the same, if she can get away with not putting her coat on, she will. I thought she'd got out of the going into school in jarmies on Friday, as they had a school trip, but no. They've decided Year 6 can do it this Friday instead! Bah! I bought her warm fleecy leisurewear from Primark rather than flimsy jarms, really don't want her coming down with some horrid bug because she was in a thin layer of clothing instead of proper uniform!

    You've had such a busy week, and that quilt you made is amazing. I know you said it was easier than it looked, but frankly, I don't believe you! I know from hexy quilting how easy it is to mess up, so with those shapes and the border, I can imagine how fiddly it must have been. So well done you, it looks amazing, and you made it so quickly. I'm a little bit jealous. Last week was a Getting Things Done sort of week, and I am determined that this coming week I am absolutely going to get my time in the Cosy Nook to read and sew.

    The Range are rubbish for napkins, if you have a Dunelm near you, take a look in there. They have a good selection of them, and if you wait until late January, Debenhams usually have some nice ones seriously reduced. I'm biding my time until then to stock up. Oh, and of course, TK Maxx are always worth a look.

    that pasty looks good, and so does the candle next to your crochet!

    1. I just don't think they feel the cold. And to be honest he's never still, always spinning around or fidgeting, so he probably is warm. I LOVE PJ days, it makes getting ready for school so easy. I also love summer uniform which is polo shirts.

      Honestly, it really is an easy quilt and if I can do it anybody can. The pieces sew together so easily and then you just trim them down into squares.

      No Dunelm near us I'm afraid, well there's one in Rochdale but it takes an age to get over there. The Range isn't near us either which is why I don't get over there very often. I was really pleased with the table runner though. I'll get 4 lovely napkins out of it for 50p each. Bargain.

      Hope you manage to get some time in your cosy nook this week. Don't know about you but there's always something to do in the house so if I didn't make a point of sitting down to something I like doing I'd be cleaning or tidying all day. And where's the fun in that?! xx

  5. I tried to leave a comment but Google wouldn't let me all of a sudden, so here I go again!
    Lovely to see Thomas looking so well, and your pastie looks delish! I used to make pastie pies to take on picnics ... i.e. one large one which I would cut into slices to have with salads and chutneys.
    I've only been in The Range once, I can't say it was my natural habitat but I might have another go ... I didn't much care for Lidl on my visit first visit, but it grew on me and now I gravitate between Waitrose and Lidl, the alpha and omega of food shopping! (I've not been in a McDonald's or Iceland, either ... I tell you, I've not lived!)
    But what a busy week you have had! I've not yet done anything towards Christmas, but it is over a month away, and it's only for one day. Let's not lose sight of that!
    Margaret P

    1. Oh that is really annoying. I left 2 comments on a blog but forgot to press publish, came off the page and of course they didn't register so I had to type them again.

      Mum would make pies like yours. There were six of us and I expect it was a lot easier than making pasties for all of us.

      I hated Lidl when I first went but back in the day the local store was pretty grubby and very much stack it high, sell it cheap. Then they built a new store and it's lovely and clean and has pretty much everything I need. Plus with only 4 aisles I can be in and out of there so quickly and who needs a choice of 1,000 types of baked beans?

      My friend went in McDonalds once having never been in before and asked where the cutlery was. Still makes me laugh thinking about that.

      Our Christmas lasts for 3 days here. Christmas Eve is silly party games night, something I thought Amy and Thomas wouldn't be interested in any more but they say its their favourite part of Christmas. Christmas Day, obviously is the main event and Mum will be here for lunch. Then on Boxing Day we host Aunty Edith and Ken for tea. But then it's definitely over for us. I'm pretty much ready for it actually. There's been lots of list writing and bits and pieces bought. I like to have it sorted so I can enjoy it myself. xx

  6. You are really going to town with your quilt making! That quilt you made is lovely! Nice selection of fabric, too. Your crochet is making me want to pull out my stack of granny squares and do something! I haven't done any crafting recently. Glad you got to have another weekend away in the caravan. Sounds like you had a good time. Loved the picture of Thomas enjoying his favorite piece of equipment in the gym! :)

    1. Thank you Bless. I think clearing the wardrobe and having a good sort though of everything has given me the incentive to start sewing and crocheting again. I think you have to be in the mood for crafting. I can get fed up of it, put it all away thinking that's it for a few weeks, only for the need to make something wash over me again just a few days later.

      All Thomas was short of in that picture was his Xbox controller and a TV in front of him! His legs were hurting for a couple of days afterwards, might have to mention that to the physio this week. xx

  7. Glad to hear that Thomas is still enjoying his physiotherapy, as long as it is doing him good that is the main thing. I like going into The Range for bits and pieces and I find various items of stationery which I have a weakness for. I have notebooks and notecards coming out of my ears, but there is always another design I can't do without (said with tongue in cheek). I like your material and your stained glass patchwork quilt. Very clever and eye-catching. I'm not a sewer, but I do have some fat quarters I must do something with. It will have to be after Christmas now as I am feverishly knitting a snowman Christmas jumper for my grand-daughter to wear for the Christmas jumper day. She specifically asked me to do it and I can't let her down, can I?

    Joan (Wales)

    1. Hello Joan. Oh you'd be in great company with me, Amy and Mum then as we are all addicted to stationery as well.

      I didn't do any sewing until a couple of years ago when I made a pillowcase dress and it just seems to have gone from there. Mum was brilliant at it and made all our dresses when me and my sister were little. Sometimes it's wondering what to do with the thing you've made which can stop you doing anything so being able to donate them to charity is perfect for me.

      The snowman jumper sounds cute. I'm sure your grand-daughter will love it and there's nothing like a deadline to make you get on with something is there? xx

  8. I love your quilt, are you keeping it or giving it away? Nice that you were able to get away for a few days, change of scenery is always nice. Thomas seems to be doing really well with his physio. It can be -30degrees here and we still see teenagers wearing little denim jackets, short skirt, no socks or tights and flimsy ballet slippers. Crazy kids!

    1. Hi Janice, hope you are well and there have been no more incidents with bobcats and bunnies!

      I'm giving the quilt to Project Linus. I enjoy making them but we don't really use them and I don't have room to keep them. I'd rather somebody used it anyway than it be stuck in a wardrobe.

      I know what you mean about dressing in skimpy clothes in freezing weather. I don't know how they don't freeze to death. Now I sound like my Granny! xx

  9. You have been busy! I love the bright colours for your quilt. They are lovely.

    1. Hi Sharon. Thank you, I really enjoyed making the quilt. I struggle a bit with matching colours and tend to play safe so this was perfect as no pattern, just a jumble of colours seems to work well with this design. xx

  10. It's amazing how effective that quilt is, though I doubt it's as easy as you say!!
    Thomas is on my favourite piece of gym equipment! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend at the seaside, even if the weather was a tad brisk!
    I think I'm finally old, I ALWAYS have a coat with me! Think I took six on holiday!!

    1. It is Rachel, I bet you wouldn't struggle to make one. It's just hexagons positioned to make it look effective.

      The weather was certainly a tad brisk as you say but at least it was dry which is always a bonus when you're packing up a caravan.

      I bought a new coat last year but it was never cold enough to wear it. I've had it on all week and it's only mid-November. Think it might be a bad winter. xx

  11. I do love Thomas's favourite piece of equipment. I can totally understand why. He's really put through his paces isn't he?
    The quilt is beautiful. I've never seen one done like that before. I thought it looked like stained glass as well.
    I'm pleased you all had a lovely time at the caravan. The cafe on the pier looks very welcoming, especially in this colder weather. I never understand this going without coats thing. I just like to be warm (even when I was younger) and dry.
    Christmas is slowly creeping up on us isn't it? I'm getting little bits in when I remember too. The bath bombs are a great idea and have given me the idea for stocking fillers, so thank you for that.
    Now put your feet up and have an rest after all that activity! X

    1. He is Jules and in between going on the equipment they play football and run up and down. His legs were hurting this week so I'll have to mention that to the physio.

      Nobody believes me but the quilt is really simple to do and I'll probably make another one at some point.

      We were really looking forward to walking down the pier, never mind, at least the cafe was open and it was lovely and warm in there. I know Thomas doesn't like wearing things but you'd think it would be different in cold weather wouldn't you.

      I think I've bought most of the stocking fillers and bits and pieces for Christmas Eve. Amy has asked for a few bits and money and I expect Thomas will have money as well which makes it eaiser. I don't mind. I'd rather they bought something they wanted when they see it than buy for the sake of it. And of course no FC makes lack of presents a lot easier. Have a lovely week. xx

  12. Love the quilt, the yellow really pops against the black.

    I know what you mean about people not believing you about how easy some quilting projects are. I always say "it's just cutting fabric up and stitching it back together again", people dress crafting up a lot but when it boils down to it that's what we're doing!

    1. Thank you. The plain material is really striking isn't it. I'm pretty OK at quilting blocks but can struggle when it comes to lining them up to join. No matter how careful I am with the cutting I always seem to be a smidge off which stands out a mile on a quilt. I must be progressing though because this time I managed to do it. xx