Sunday, 13 November 2016

November - Week 2

The big event this week was on Tuesday when at 10.02am precisely Thomas turned 11. The birthday boy had a very low key day after the excitement of the limo and paintballing. He got a Pokemon book and DVD from Amy and a new gun from us but apart from that he couldn't think of any presents he wanted so was given money instead which he was very happy with.  
I also made another birthday cake. It's not unusual for Amy and Thomas to have 2 cakes, one for if they have a party and one for their official birthday, because everybody has to have cake on their birthday don't they. This one is based on a game called Minecraft which Thomas plays.
Unfortunately, life continues even on birthdays and he had a physio session in the afternoon but he didn't seem too bothered as it meant he came out of school just after lunch. The physio wants to see him on a treadmill so he's hitting the gym tomorrow. When he heard this Thomas said to the physio "Great, I've got a favourite machine in the gym". "What's that" said the physio. "The snack machine" replied Thomas. I've heard that joke loads of times but the physio obviously hadn't because he fell about laughing. 
I've been working my way through the kitchen this week. One or two cupboards a day on top of my usual routine hasn't taken up too much time and I'm pleased to say I've managed to get through all of them. Everything out, shelves wiped down, bits and bobs put where they should be, you know the sort of thing. Not a job I enjoy doing but I always feel very satisfied when it's done. 
The crochet has made a re-appearance in the evenings. I'm making simple granny squares for a blanket. They take no thinking about and are easy enough to pick up and put down when I have some spare time. 
I've also made a start on another quilt. It's a pattern from the Missouri Quilt Company called sashed window and uses half hexagons. 
I'll be making 12 blocks in total and I've put these together to give you an idea of the design. I'm waiting for some material to be delivered and then the colours will be better matched. I don't find this bit of quilting too hard, what I do find difficult is the joining and lining up of the blocks so that they look OK. 
Other highlights of the week at Number 38:

I was feeling cold in Bury so found myself naturally gravitating towards hats, socks and scarves. 
Avon Calling with new perfume and salted caramel and almond shower gel. 
Christmas bits are slowly but surely creeping into the house. The big cracker is for a Christmas Eve game.
After eating a McD's treat of chicken nuggets, Thomas came in, dramatically flopped on the chair and declared he couldn't move.
Having another go at growing a hyacinth. Hope this one doesn't turn out like the last one. 
Mark's project of the week was changing all our light bulbs to LED's because he's fed with Amy and Thomas leaving all the lights on. Apparently they can leave these on all year for pennies if they so wish. Peace has finally descended on Number 38 again.
I spent a productive hour in the garden cutting back some ivy on the back fence. It was cold but I enjoyed being out in the fresh air. I even finished the job off properly and went to the tip.
And another sleepover. Sienna now happily sits in her chair watching what we're all doing. She especially loves the dogs.
She's Grandpa's favourite treat partner as well. He gets to eat the chocolate and she gets to play with the wrappers. It's a match made in heaven. She's not for sharing her milk with him though. 
And that's it really. As usual, nothing out of the ordinary has really happened but I would like to say there has been WONDERFUL news this week on a couple of blogs I read that has made me especially happy for the people concerned. It's also reinforced that every day is precious and should be enjoyed as best you can, even if for the most they are repetitive.

Hope you've all enjoyed your week. 



  1. That birthday photo with the Pokemon games is one of my favourite Thomas pics. He looks just over the moon. I laughed at his joke! I've not heard that before but will use it at dinner parties!*

    The new quilt looks impossibly difficult but so effective.

    We are too on LED lights but the dining room is so bright I'm shocked that an aeroplane hasn't come into land yet! It's good for crafting mind.

    Two cakes are always better than one and your mine craft one is fab!

    Can't believe the weekend is over so soon. Sienna looks teeny in Mark's arms. Awww almost an Athena poster !!

    *cannot recall last time I went to/held a dinner party.

    1. Have to say I did think "ooh, Rachel obviously holds loads of dinner parties", then laughed when I read you last line :)

      When I watch how these fancy quilts are made up I'm blown away by the fact that somebody has thought through how to cut a square, re-jig it slightly and end up with something that looks fantastic.

      Mark put 'cool white' in the dining room first and I could hardly look at them so he's had to change them for warm white which are better on the eyes.

      Sienna was a darling this week and you know I won't just say that. There was no crying, lots of smiling and the fact she'll sit in the chair is a bonus.

      BTW next time you hold a dinner party, I'll send Thomas up. He'll keep you entertained all night haha. xx

    2. Oh he can be my star turn and I can pay him in sausages!!

  2. Yes, that news was fantastic! So pleased for them, they can have a glorious and very happy Christmas now.

    Talking of Christmas, no denying it, it is well and truly on the way now isn't it. Somewhere on the internet this weekend I saw 'six weeks 'til Christmas' and thought blimey. That's come around quickly. Going to try and get some pressies sorted out this week and start sneaking out a few decs!

    You are a good mum to make two cakes. I can't be faffed, and buy them. Though I do make Bill's because it's more of a faff to try and find one in the shops on January 2nd!

    I'd not heard Thomas's joke before, I'm storing that one up now!

    You've had a busy week again. I love seeing what you've been up to. Little Sienna is such a cutie. And so small!

    That quilt looks pretty complicated to me. I'd mess it up for certain, but you'll make a cracking job of it. Looking forward to seeing progress.


    1. Yes, what a weight of their shoulders. So pleased for everybody concerned.

      Goodness, when you say 6 weeks til Christmas, that doesn't sound long at all. If I was working that would be one more pay day. Scary.

      I used to buy their party cakes when they were little and wanted whatever was the in thing, but as they've got older they've requested home made and I do like to faff around in the kitchen occasionally although not as often as I used to.

      The quilt is so much simpler than it looks. I love the MSQC videos. I watch them for fun as I find it really relaxing. Last night I lay in bed watching her make an attic window one. Really fancy having a go at that.

      Hope you have a lovely week. I'm looking forward to you blogging about all the lovely things you'll be getting up to. xx

  3. Lots of lovely pics this week Suzanne....Thomas's gorgeous, teeny weeny Sienna sitting up her chair...oh they grow so quickly. Christmas stuff...yay I am always up for a bit of Christmas stuff and my carrier bag of it boiled over into a carrier bag and a bit this morning when DD bought home a gift for Ruby.
    You are so brave tackling the Sashed Window quilt....not sure if I am. I've seen it MSQC and love it.
    Have a super week three and I look forward to reading about it next Sunday.

    1. I was going to type "they grow up so fast" but then thought that sounds silly, she's only 4 months old, but they do! In a matter of a couple of weeks she's gone from having to be carried around to being content to sit in her chair and watch what we're doing. Of course, there's always somebody moving around here so plenty to keep her entertained.

      I have a whole shelf in the wardrobe full of Christmas stuff, but I like to be organised well before the event so I can sit back and enjoy the run up to it as much as everybody else.

      The quilt is a lot easier than it looks. A bit time consuming with adding strips and cutting etc. but quilts aren't meant to be rushed are they. And as long as I keep my blocks all the same size I'm hoping it will join up nicely.

      Week 3 started very early for us. We were at the gym with Thomas for 8.30am! Hope you enjoy your week as well. Will be popping over to say hello. xx

  4. You have, as usual, had a very busy week at Number 38. A productive and happy one by the looks of it.
    I love that top picture of Thomas. Now there's a chap who looks happy with his lot.
    Your quilting looks beautiful. I wouldn't know where to start. I have no idea with fabric so I think I'm better off sticking with the woolly stuff.
    Christmas (gosh did I really just type that word?!) is slowly creeping in here too. Some new lights were purchased for the tree today and a few presents have been hunted down.
    Have a wonderful week Suzanne. X

    1. Oh I like that Jules, productive but happy is spot on :) Amy and Thomas both love Pokemon and will discuss it till the cows come home at the dining table. Mark and I are completely out of the loop!

      I honestly don't know how I've got into making quilts. I used to be terrible at sewing, but a couple of years ago something just clicked. Mind you it really helps that there are loads of videos out there showing you how to do it.

      It's good to be organised for Christmas. The majority of us Mums are the ones who pull it all together so I think the sooner it's sorted the better, then everybody can enjoy the run up to it.

      As always, it's lovely of you to pop by and say hello. Hope you have a lovely week as well :) xx

  5. Lots of things happening at your house! So glad that Thomas is still enjoying(?) his physio. We finally got all the leaves raked this week. There was quite a bit of rabbit fur to clean up as a bobcat had killed a bunny in my front flower bed. I think the bunny put up quite a fight as there was fur everywhere. Poor thing. I wrote about it on my blog. We've had some beautiful weather but it's supposed to be below zero next weekend.

    1. He enjoyed physio today Janice. He went into the gym and did the walking machine, the treadmill and bounced on the trampoline. Must admit my heart was in my mouth when he did that. Thomas does not have a good history with trampolines!

      Oh the poor rabbit. My sister had a rabbit when she was about 7 and the cage got left open. An alsation got it. We saw it being tossed around in a neighbours garden. Really upsetting. I'll pop over to your blog and have a read.

      Weather here has warmed up a little bit but it's grey and drizzling. We're still off to the van this weekend though. We're tough old cookies haha. xx

  6. Sounds like you've had another lovely week! A nice mixture of cleaning and crafting, spending time with the family and getting things done. Hope the week ahead will be equally pleasant.

    1. Hi Bless. Yes another good week, I'm very lucky to have time to do things I enjoy in between the bits I'm not so keen on!

      Just waiting on some material and hopefully I'll be able to crack on with a bit of quilting. We're also away at the van this weekend. The weather isn't great but I like cosying up in there anyway, so I'm looking forward to that.

      Glad you had a lovely weekend with your daughter and hope you have a good week as well :) xx

  7. Sounds like it's been a busy week at your house! I keep meaning to tackle the kitchen cupboards but, like you, it's not my favourite thing to do! Nice looking quilt.

    1. Some jobs are very easy to keep putting off aren't they :) I decided I could cope with one or two cupboards a day though. It's surprising when I've given myself permission to do a big job in baby steps how much more inclined I am to put a bit extra in.

      Thank you. I have to cut 72 half hexagons to make the 12 blocks so that's kept me busy today. xx

  8. Great post Suzanne and agree about the good news for from the others.
    I need to explain the difference between a retired person and yourself-housework fits into crafting time not vice versa!! That said,I must shift myself and do some food shopping and vacuuming today-sometime soon, after my coffee perhaps. Enjoy reading your blog weekly and that baby is so alert she'll be eating the chocs soon. Lots of laughter for the coming week. Catriona

    1. Hi Catriona, lovely to hear from you. Hope you and hubby are both keeping well. The housework has to take priority here before I allow myself to craft, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I refuse to admit to it being the other way around, she says sat her with crossed fingers and a growing nose :)

      We are off in the van this weekend. Not to our usual haunt, we couldn't get in there, but further down the road. Really looking forward to it even though it's a bit nippy.

      Have a lovely week. xx