Sunday, 6 November 2016

November - Week 1

I was determined to finish all my half done projects this week including the hexy quilt I started back in summer. I only needed to add the fleece so it didn't take too long.
Once it was done I e-mailed the Project Linus Co-ordinator to find out where to send them and posted them off. Along with the bundle of crochet, some fleece I sent to my bloggy friend Rachel and a good clear out of some of Mark's stuff I've managed to make a fair bit of room in the wardrobe.
Sparky has had a hair cut which set me back £42. He gets cut to the bone because I like to get my money's worth from the groomers. I've worked out I spend £96 a year on my hair - £12 a time for a wash and cut every 6-8 weeks. Sparky spends at least £168 a year on his!
Last night we had our fireworks. I love fireworks, the bigger the bang the better as long as it's Mark lighting them and I'm stood in a safe place! I made a chili and rice, opened the traditional tin of hot dogs, roasted/toasted/melted? marshmallows over the fire and finished with parkin and hot chocolate.  
Today was Thomas' birthday party. He's 11 on Tuesday but he wanted to go paintballing so he had his party today. He invited 5 friends to go with him, plus Amy and her friend, which is quite a crowd for him. I made the cake, chocolate was requested, and stuck a cake topper on that I ordered off Ebay. 
As a special treat I'd ordered a limousine to take the boys to the venue. An extravagance I know, but Thomas loves limos and would like to own one when he's older, although what he'd really like more than anything is a super yacht! Anyway, I thought it would be nice for him to have a ride in one before he got too old to want to do it. Here he is posing at paintball. 
His face was an absolute picture when the chauffeur knocked on the door and asked for him and they were all out of the house and in there like a shot. Drinks were included and they're all convinced they had champagne :) He was a bit disappointed it was a one way trip though and they all had to come back in our cars haha. 
The paintballing went well and afterwards it was back to the house for cake and a bit of Xbox time. 

Other random snapshots of our week:

Topping up the stones in the garden - a little job for Mark. Delivered on Monday, they're still in the bags.
A shelf change - my tribute to Sadie and her White Month :)
I'm having a bit of a detox so the fruit teas are out again. Rose lemonade is one of my favourites. Really enjoyed the interview with Mary Berry in this months Prima.
Making butternut squash soup. Inspired by another lovely blogger, Jules over at A Hidden Gem.
A Christmas (sorry!) purchase. I've gone all grandiose and for a bit of fun decided instead of a Christmas lunch starter I'd do canapes/amuse bouche. Just need to decide what to put on them now. 
Organising Christmas Eve fun (sorry again!). This is based on a double or quits type of game. Answer a question wrong or turn over a Humbug card and you lose all your goodies. 
Tapioca. I love any milk puddings and would always put my hand up for seconds at primary school. Tapioca takes me right back to the school dinner hall and whispers of 'frog spawn'. 
Our annual gas and electric statements from GB Energy arrived. We've used £506 of electricity and £103 worth of gas. Mark's Dad would have been proud of us :)  I don't think that's bad but we've changed supplier because they've doubled their daily standing charge for electric and half again for their gas. We can spend money at Number 38 but we like to save it as well. 
Random shot of Thomas eating his supper. Talk about taking it easy! 
A new boat for the 'man child' of the house. The spaghetti hoops are for scale.
Matthew took Thomas out for a birthday treat and as we'd not seen Sienna for a couple of weeks we did a child swap. She's teething and her hands are constantly in her mouth. This was taken in a quiet moment in between LOTS of crying. 
Amy's blood test results came back fine which is good news, but I've put her on a daily vitamin tablet to give her a boost.  She says they taste horrible and makes a right palava about taking them. Anybody would think she was 6 not 16. 
And that's another week gone at Number 38. Along with the detox and herbal teas I've made a conscious effort this week to drink more water and bounce around for 15 minutes every day to some music. But you are definitely not having a photo of that :)

Hope you've all had a good week and that those of you dealing with illness in the family are making steps in the right direction. 

Thanks for popping by, hope to see you all again next Sunday. 



  1. Happy birthday to Thomas! Love the look on his face in the car. :)

    Glad to hear Amy's blood test results were good. My daughter has the hardest time swallowing pills of any kind; she gags.

    Your hexy quilt is especially lovely. I'm not sure I could have parted with it! Your shelf looks lovely, too. So serene yet festive.

    I hope you have a lovely week ahead. Look forward to reading your next update. :)

    1. Thank you Bless. He had a lovely day with his friends and the limo went down a storm. Today is his actual birthday and I can't believe he's 11 years old.

      Amy's face is a picture when she's swallowing tablets. She has to throw her head back to swallow them and it can take several goes. I don't think they taste very nice either so I might try her on another vitamin without the cod liver oil part.

      I was glad to finally finish the hexy quilt. It was lovely to make but I've no idea what I'd do with it so rather than stick it in the airing cupboard I think passing it on to somebody who can benefit from it is better.

      Thanks for dropping by, it's always lovely to hear from you. xx

  2. Love to read your weekly catch up Suzanne.
    Beautiful quilts....I have never thought of backing my quilts with fleece. I bet it makes them extra snuggly...fab idea.
    Love those spoons but I can just imagine the look on Andys' face if I gave him one of those.....I'd need something more like a snow
    Great to hear Amy had good results from the doctor.
    Happy Birthday to Thomas for Tuesday.
    Thanks so much for the lovely comments you leave on my blog-x-

    1. Hello Sheila, lovey of you to stop by. Backing with fleece is definitely the easier option but it works really well and they're still very warm even without the wadding.

      Mark is a pile it high kind of man where food is concerned so after the fun of the spoons he can have his mammoth Christmas lunch and pud as usual :)

      Thank you for the birthday wishes for Thomas. He was up earlier than usual today (no surprise there) to open all his cards. Everybody gave him money so he's loaded - I know where to go now if I need a borrow.

      It was good to read Andy is moving around and able to get out - long may it continue. xx

  3. I hope Thomas has a great day tomorrow but what a wonderful day you gave him and his friends yesterday. He looks very grown up stood next to the limo.
    I'm pleased Amy's blood tests were ok. I have to take a supplement and it's no fun as I also hate taking tablets or medication of any kind.
    It's another busy week for you but I'm pleased to read that you're taking time to look after yourself as well. X

    1. Hi Jules, I wish I could have taken a video of him when the chauffeur knocked on the door but he was out of the house like a shot and straight in there, swiftly followed by all his friends. Only got a couple of photos as well because they were too excited to sit still.

      I'm definitely with you on the daily tablet taking being a pain and she really does struggle to swallow them. They're pretty big as well!

      I'm trying to make a little bit of time for my well-being in the run up to Christmas :) I also seem to have hours of spare time now that I'm not crocheting. The days last forever but in a good way. xx

  4. your weeks are always so packed. I love your quilts, and I am so pleased Amy's blood test results were fine. Relief all round.
    ah, love Thomas's party and limo! Nothing wrong with a bit of extravagance, I bet all the lads loved it.

    Love your White Month shelf. Thank you :O) have had a very productive day and am proud of my little old self. Am keeping offline a lot this week as I really want to get on. though I must email you soon. Lots to say.

    Ok. time I was off. Violet has only gone and yanked out yet another tooth. Starting to think she just gets handy with a pair of pliers when she fancies a bit of coin!


    1. Hi Sadie, the boys loved the whole day and I'm really glad I booked the limo. Any older and I think they would have been too cool to be as giddy and excited as they were, so it was good timing :)

      I love the shelf. Sometimes simple is just what's needed don't you think. There's nothing as frilly happening here this week I'm afraid. I'm working through the kitchen cupboards which isn't my most favourite job but the satisfaction when it's done is worth the effort and boredom of doing it.

      Must be the season for losing teeth. Thomas lost one on Halloween and has another 3 wobbly ones. He hasn't believed in the tooth fairy for years now but still wants to put them under the pillow in return for the money 'she' brings! They're not daft are they. xx

  5. Sparky is so lovely. Glad that Amy's results were all good and love the faces of the boys in the limo!

    1. Sparky is pretty cute isn't he, but he's a nervy nellie and I don't trust him with anybody other than us.

      Amy was tested for a whole range of things so we'll just have to go down the vitamin route for a few weeks.

      The boys loved the limo. I was lucky to get a photo because they were bouncing around all over the place :) xx