Sunday, 30 October 2016

October - Week 4

We started half term with a few days away on the Fylde coast again. The site was a last minute find but what a good one it was. We'll definitely be returning here, if only because it's flat and has beautifully tarmaced roads which meant after some encouragement and  a lot of confidence boosting Thomas finally got back on the scooter and by the end of the holiday was happily whizzing around on his own. 
We did our usual trip into St Annes, a walk along the front and a trip to Cleveleys where I bought more wool and Amy bought a crochet hook. She's happy to just chain and concentrate on her tension for now but I'm sure it won't be long before I can persuade her to 'turn' and crochet a first row. She's strung her chain up between her shelving and has pinned a few bits onto it. 
I posted off what I've already made to give me some space in the wardrobe, but I've still got 3 dolls heads rolling around so I've crocheted  squares for these and will sew them up and send them off separately.The only project I'll have on the go between now and Christmas are some large granny squares to make into a blanket. I feel the need to keep my house and brain tidy over the next few weeks and granny squares will feed the crochet addiction without wool and projects ending up all over the place.
Amy went for her blood tests and the results will be back next week. They took 5 vacutainers (new word of the week) and seem to be testing for everything you could think of, although I'm sure if there's anything wrong at all it will just be anaemia. She was allowed to choose a sticker for being brave!
We also met up with my brother and his new partner for a meal at Mr Cooper's House and Garden at The Midland Hotel. 
Walking through Manchester at night is lovely, especially in Autumn when the lights in the trees are all lit up.
The prices didn't seem over expensive until the portions arrived and then I changed my mind! The food was delicious though and my brother treated us so I can't complain. We had a great night and I was happy to be designated driver until they all ordered cheese and port which I really fancied. Mind you, I'm not the best drinker in the world and I'm always thankful the day after that I don't have a hangover to contend with. 
I've been meaning to decorate the shelf for Halloween all week but didn't find the decs until Friday. We don't really do anything for Halloween but it's nice to have a few things up for a bit of atmosphere.
Amy and Thomas have carved their pumpkins. Thomas wanted to make a cannibal one and spent ages sticking cocktail sticks in and colouring them red for bloody teeth. 
Amy's theme was less gruesome and she decided to use small marshmallows for eyes and teeth.
She went to a Halloween party last night and took her favourite tipple with her. I don't object to her having a drink because I'd rather she was doing it with our knowledge than behind our backs. I think it's just the idea that appeals to them all though as she brought the bottle home with her and there was still half left. 
Other random photos of the week at Number 38 are:

More things for the charity shop. 
A kangaroo and her little joey bouncing around the house. 
A purchase of 200 candles which might seem a lot but at the moment I'm burning 12 every night for our Halloween set up. It's surprising how warm the room becomes when I light them all!
Bath salts. A small treat to myself although I've no idea why the box is so big as the salts only half fill it.
A sparkly gold dish which I thought would look nice with sweets in for Christmas. I don't spend much on ornaments and things for the house as I change them fairly regularly and end up passing them on to charity, so at 99p I thought this was a bargain.

And a lovely bouquet of flowers from Mark just because....
And once again that pretty much rounds up the week. 

Hope you've all had a good one and thanks for popping by :) 



  1. I really enjoy your weekly round up, it's something I really look forward to reading :O)

    Well done to Amy for having the bloods done. It's a scary thing to go through, hope the results come back ok.
    And good for Thomas! I love how he's become so confident this year. I think it's definitely a 10 thing. He and Violet have gone through such changes in attitudes during this year. It's a good thing to see and hear.

    Ah, good to see someone else having a declutter. And I love your Halloween shelf. Going to confess something now, I've just sneaked our Halloween decs back into the garage! Well, Violet is back at school tomorrow, when she's back home it'll be homework, food, bed, so she won't be bothered about them, and I'm keen to get started with my White Month clean and declutter. Thing is, neither she nor Bill have even noticed they've gone, which makes me really glad I bothered in the first place!!! Ha ha. I went outside yesterday and put up one set of fairy lights in the front garden. Nah, I've not gone bonkers, Bill had his little car out of the garage, so I had to take my chance. He's not keen on leaving it on the drive, so while it was out of the way I thought I'll just get the set that will cause most trouble to do if the car is all toasty in the garage. Rather pleased to have got that out of the way. The rest will go up later this week, but don't get switched on until December, I just like to know it's been done.
    Ah, candles. Well, you know I love to burn my money away on them, but they are worth it aren't they? And I agree, they do make a room warm up more than you'd think.

    Gorgeous flowers, you lucky lady!

    Time I was off. Bill and Violet have just been carving their pumpkins, Bill put a pic on the gram. His is hilarious! Love Thomas & Amy's, very creative.

    1. Thank you Sadie, that's a lovely thing to say.

      It's only the 2nd time Amy has had blood taken. The first time she was fine and didn't bat an eyelid, this time she was OK but really didn't like it and was squirming even though it didn't hurt. I think it's worse when you've had something done and you know what's coming.

      Oh I'm always up for a de-clutter. There's always something I can find to throw out although I think that comes from having children. A lot of the stuff is ornaments I buy for the shelf which I have nowhere to store when I have a changeover and as I don't spend a fortune on them I'd rather pass them on to charity for somebody else to enjoy instead of hoarding them.

      It's funny what family don't notice going on around them isn't it. I used to ask about things that hadn't been used, touched, played with etc. for ages but stopped because they would never let me get rid of anything. Now I just do it and so far nobody has missed anything.

      My 200 candles only cost £2 so nothing fancy but I do like to light them over the autumn and winter months. Makes the house feel cosy and Mark's all for it because the heating doesn't go on :) I like a nicely scented candle as well and bought a gingerbread one yesterday but that's being saved for 1st Dec. Better to send your money up in smoke with a niceley scented candle than with a cigarette!

      From what I've read White Month has certainly taken off within our little circle of blogginess. I'm looking forward to joining in with you, although I have no plan of action as such.

      I'm off to have a look at Bill and Violet's pumpkins now, then it's Poldark, although I've rather gone off him since he did the dirty on Demelza last week.

      Have a lovely week. xx

  2. Yay, you found your decorations! Where were they? Love how Amy put her crocheted chain into good use. Your granny square blanket is going to look lovely when it is done. I really like the color combinations that are shown in the picture. Hope Amy's blood test results come back showing everything is fine. Both pumpkins look awesome! I miss those days when I'd carve pumpkins with my daughter.

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

    1. Would you believe they were in the shed all the time! I knew I had the cat and the lanterns but had completely forgotten about the spooky tree so every time I felt it in the black bag I assumed it was part of our Christmas tree. Mark eventually went down and actually opened the bags to look and there they were.

      Thomas spent ages on his pumpkin and then setting up his display on the dining table. It must have kept him occupied for over an hour. He totally got into it this year. Mark's having one next year. I can tell he's itching to get in there and do it for the kids but apart from the dangerous bit of cutting they won't let him help at all. xx

  3. Great to hear you enjoyed your days away in the van. I still wish Andy would let us have one...I love caravans.
    Fabulous pumpkins. I've not bothered with one this year as I am not doing a party for my Daughter in Law whose birthday is on Halloween. We had a fab party last year with pumpkins and decorations but I didn't think Andy would want the upheaval this year.
    Gorgeous flowers from Mark.
    Thank you so much for your comments on my posts. Writing my blog has really kept me going this last couple of weeks-x-

    1. We had a lovely time in the van. I feel at my most relaxed when I'm in it even with the 4 of us and 2 dogs in there. It's just so cosy and is proper downtime from everything.

      The party you held for your DIL sounds fab. What a lovely MIL you are to do that. I can understand not doing a Halloween party this year though from both yours and Andy's point of view, you have enough on your plate at the moment.

      I found blogging was a great stress reliever when we were going through Tom's cancer. Writing things down seems to put it all into perspective somehow. And your blog about how he was getting on your nerves made me laugh. Not many people would admit that, which is why I loved it. You can't beat a 'proper' blog. Hope all goes well on Tuesday. xx

  4. I love the photograph of Thomas on the scooter. I'd love to join in. And good for Amy for being brave. I hate having blood tests. My arms seems to ache for days afterwards.
    You lucky lady getting flowers. That Mark is a keeper.
    Yet another busy week at No.38! I do enjoy your weekly round ups. X

    1. Thank you Jules :) I had a go on the scooter - my balance isn't what it used to be and I was a bit wobbly but at least I didn't fall off and make a fool of myself.

      The needle was in for longer than I expected even though the nurse was actually very quick at changing the tubes over. I used to have bloods taken every couple of weeks when i was pregnant with Amy - hated it. Even twice a year is too much for me but it has to be done :( xx

  5. It's a good job you have given up work - you'd never got it all in! Sounds like a lovely restful half term and the crochet looks lovely! I'm remembering that Miss A went as a cat last year to a Halloween party?? Or did I just make that up?!! Well done to Thomas for getting back on his horse er I mean scooter. Last year I bought tons of sweets for the trick or treaters and none came. This year I e not bothered and I bet we get loads, especially as it's half term! My neighbour's put out an honesty pumpkin full of sweeties on the door step! Though for the children I'm sure it's part of the thrill to scare the door openers!! I just remembered the year before last opening the door in the HG's really vile scary old man Halloween mask and making some small people cry!! Cruel of me but I laughed my fat ass off!!!!
    I love lighted candles too and use tons this time of year but I also use ( for health n safety reasons ) the led battery ones you can get. Fantastic! Though after last year's floods I'm needing to stock back up again.

    1. Your memory serves your well - sort of - it was a NY Eve party. She's just about to take Thomas out trick or treating in her kangaroo onesie. It's just an excuse to bounce around the Avenue! Her friend is going as well dressed as a koala bear - not sure what the Aussie theme is!

      We've had that happen before. Loads of sweets at the ready and not one person knocking on the door. We have new houses behind us now with small children so the past 2 or 3 years have been fairly busy and we've had 3 lots of children already. Why is there always one that grabs as much as they can and then sticks their hand in again for another go.

      You can't beat a candle or two for a bit of atmosphere when the nights draw in. At Number 38 it's windows thrown open in the morning for fresh air then candles in the evening for a nice smell.

      Laughing at making the children cry - poetic justice for all the littlies that have got on your nerves over the years at school. Are you intending to don the scary mask again tonight? Happy Halloween :)xx

  6. Just catching up after a few days away in our van, it was lovely and toasty warm even in the bad weather :) As you say, great downtime.
    I've never been one for candles in the house but in the summer I bought some salt tea light holders from Ambleside and they are so pretty I'm lighting them every night.

    Hope Amy's blood test results come back OK.

    1. Glad you had a lovely time in your van. I love snuggling down in ours in the colder weather, it's just so cosy. We are going away again in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.

      Candles are mostly an autumn/winter thing here, I love them when the evenings draw in. I don't think I've ever seen salt tea lights but they sound lovely.

      Amy got her results, thank you for asking - everything is fine which is good news but I've put her on a daily vitamin tablet to give her a boost. xx

  7. Beautiful bouquet, how thoughtful. Love the scary pumpkins, cannibals and marshmallow ones too. What a bargain the gold dish is, it'll look very festive full of sweeties xx

    1. The flowers are lovely aren't they and still going strong one week later :) Thomas always goes for a scary pumpkin, Amy's not so keen and likes a nice happy smiling one. The dish was a bargain wasn't it, I have to limit the sweeties that get put on though because no matter how many go in a dish they all get eaten! xx