Sunday, 16 October 2016

October - Week 2

It's been a bit of a medical week at Number 38. My uncle finally had his heart bypass on Monday and is doing well. So much so that he was discharged from hospital on Friday. 4 days exactly from being taken down for the op to be discharged. Amazing.

Thomas had his first physio session. It lasted one hour and he was certainly put through his paces but the physio made it lots of fun for him. Somehow learning to juggle was incorporated into the session and there was plenty of laughing as the balls went flying all over the room. Another exercise was to bend down on one leg while holding a cup of water on a book. I'm proud to report Thomas didn't spill one drop. It wasn't easy though and some of the exercises hurt him which was hard to watch but he gritted his teeth and persevered bless him. 
Amy also went to see the Doctor and has to have some blood tests. The earliest appointment we could get was in 2 weeks time, then we need to make an appointment to see the Doc a week later, so we'll be well into November by the time we get the results. 

This week I've been crocheting a jacket for a baby boy.
And I've also been adding granny squares to the poncho.
Which I managed to finish off at the van. That's one of the best bits about the van, there is always time to crochet.
I did put the hook away for a couple of days this week to concentrate on the house. Although I've been keeping up with my daily routines it suddenly felt untidy behind the scenes. This is a wardrobe clearing session. I've also gone through drawers, the airing cupboard, the medicine boxes, the bathroom cabinet and the book shelves. It feels better but there is still a fair bit to do.

It's a good job I'm doing it though because I've started to buy bits for Christmas which need to be hidden away. This will be the first year in 16 years that the big jolly man won't be visiting Number 38. I have mixed emotions about this. I'm sad because that part of our life has been and gone, but pretty upbeat because there is now an official present budget :) As usual there will be little surprises and I bought this bottle of dried ingredients for making brownies and these little bottles of hot chocolate flavours for Amy from Wilko.  
Sienna had another sleepover and we took her to Bury on Wednesday. Very inconveniently she woke up early and needed feeding, so my browse around The Works came to an abrupt end with no purchases. We hot footed it over to our cafe, where the ladies passed her around while we sorted out the bottle, water, milk, muslin etc etc. Then we took turns to eat while the other fed her. Brought back awful memories of when Amy was little and we never seemed to get a meal in peace!

We've all been to the caravan for the weekend, including Amy and the dogs. Mark set it up Thursday and we all went over Friday after school. I've missed it. It was only a short visit but it was good to get back out in her. It's been 7 weeks since we were last at Blackpool and the seasons have definitely changed.
Saturday evening we drove down the front to see the illuminations and then headed home with fish & chips. 
I tried to get a picture of a train tram passing, but ended up with this instead.
We arrived back home today about 2pm which gives me plenty of time to sort myself out and settle down for an evening with Mr Poldark, a glass of fizzy, carried carefully all the way home, and a champagne truffle or two.

This week is the final one before half term. Things to do this week include another physio session on Monday, carry on tidying behind the scenes in the house, finding the Halloween decorations, start organising Thomas' birthday party and to do a little bit more for Christmas.

We've also managed to find somewhere to go next weekend so I need to get organised for another van trip.

What have you all been up to?



  1. You've mentioned that Christmas word a bit too often for my liking!
    Go Thomas and good luck

    1. Sorry about that Sue! As long as I've got my lists written with what I'm doing, cooking and buying I feel I'm pretty much there, so this week will probably just be paperwork/thinking exercises.

      Thomas does well at physio even though it's painful at times. It's getting him to do the exercises at home that's difficult mainly because I'm a big softy. Mark has to get his stern voice out for both of us lol. xx

  2. Hi Suzanne.
    What a little trooper Thomas to get through his physio....bless him.
    Beautiful poncho in those gorgeous bright colours.
    Glad someone else is gathering bits for Christmas. I picked a couple of lovely little craft kits up for Ruby yesterday and some decorations. All the paper and tags are ready for wrapping so just need to get the bigger gifts and sort the food later. I love me some Christmas.
    I'll be joining you in bit of behind the scenes cleaning as I need everything spotlessly clean for when hubby comes out of hospital.
    Fish and chips at the can't beat that-x-

    1. I felt sorry for him today at physio, the saying cruel to be kind is spot on. The guy is really nice though and injects some fun and humour into it which I appreciate.

      I like to be organised for Christmas as much as possible and as long as I know what I'm doing, buying, cooking etc. can relax. I'll just pick up a few bits and pieces as I go along for Amy and Thomas and ask them nearer the time what they want as their main present.

      Hope everything has gone according to plan today with your hubby and that he's back home with you soon. Take care of yourself. xx

  3. Wait what???? What did I miss? No FC at Number 38? You going to be away for it?
    Once Mr 19 us sorted/loved up etc etc me n the HG said we'd 'piss off for Christmas!!!
    Good for the young up getting on with his exercises. Hope Amy will be fine and I too need to de clutter!

    1. No we're not going away Rachel. We are now a fully fledged family of non-believers :( Like I said to Sadie, I'm quite surprised we got away with it as long as we did with Thomas.

      Mark has always fancied going away for Christmas, it doesn't appeal to me at all. I just want to be in my home, although I'd be happy to go somewhere in the van.

      Ah these boys, what can you do with them. Thomas will still be here when we're old and grey. Amy has made it quite plain she can't wait to leave and Thomas has made it equally plain he'll be staying put.

      Physio is hard but he's a trooper. Treated him to 15 minutes extra off school while we went to the cafe for a gingerbread man (he didn't realise it was break time) but he totally deserved it anyway. xx

    2. Gasp non believers ....WHAT ARE THEY?????? It's like I don't even know you anymore!! I find the appeal of going away and suiting ourselves massive! But I'd never ever go with my boy at home. Nope! So I think by the time he does branch out, Miss 22 might have produced a grandchild or eleventy nine so then I will become that awkward 'no WE had them last year, it's your turn' Christmas PIA! The circle of life!!!

    3. I don't think I'd even want to if it were just me and Mark although a quiet Christmas here doing our own thing, just the two of us, now that does seem nice.

      I've been thinking about FC and worked out because of the age differences he's been to our house 13 Christmases with Amy and Thomas 'knowing' about him. I knocked off Amy's first 3 years because she didn't really have a clue. 13 isn't bad though is it. Probably more than most people get so I've been lucky. xx

  4. I really need to go through the illuminations. I think we're going to brave the crowds to see the Lightpool Festival, can't believe we've not been through yet though.

    Sounds like a good physio, making the exercises a bit more interesting, hope they have the desired effect.

    1. It was packed on Saturday night with families out enjoying themselves. I much prefer the Bispham end of the lights but we like to drive past the Big Wheel and the Tower which is where it gets pretty congested with traffic.

      The physio is really good with Thomas. He's the 'main man' so I feel we're finally in capable hands with somebody who acknowledges there's a problem and will try to do something about it. I can't ask for any more than that, but feel annoyed when I'm watching Thomas wince his way through exercises because I've been fobbed off a few times about his leg. xx

  5. Glad your uncle is doing well. And bravo to Thomas for doing so well. Physio is HARD WORK. Not easy at all.

    You've had a busy old week. Ah, I see the magic of Christmas might have altered then? Violet still believes in the big FC, though she has asked questions about him. I just said that everyone believes what they want, some don't believe, some do, and it's all good. She already knows who actually buys the pressies, so I've a feeling she knows what goes on really.

    Right. got to go. Bill will be home soon and we're off for a drive. It was meant to be rainy today, but it's actually sunny, which is handy! ;O) xx

    1. You're right, physio is hard work. According to the expert Thomas is working muscles that are weak as well as trying to correct 7 years of walking 'wrong'. Today he spent the session on his tip-toes which wasn't easy.

      Yes, the magic of Christmas has gone this year. Although they are in the same year Violet is a fair few months younger than Thomas so probably just about hanging in there like Thomas was. To be honest I'm surprised we got as many years out of it with him as we did - he's a bit Mr Spock about things at times but you could still see the disappointment when we confirmed his suspicions.

      Your new car looks lovely. Glad the sun is shining for you today and you can have the roof down. I can't wait to see some photos of you whizzing around town. xx

  6. Well done Thomas for pushing through with the physio.

    Ah, the 'do they still believe' issue.

    Last year Flo told me that some of her school friends had said Father Christmas wasn't real (grrrr!) I just said to her 'well I firmly believe in the magic of Christmas' and she said 'I do too' and we left it at that. We don't give the main present from Father Christmas, that is always from us (I'm not letting some beardy stranger get the credit for what I have had to work to pay for!) but Father Christmas does stockings a few small gifts for Flo (pens, pencils, a couple of reading books) and usually one or two family games labelled to 'To the ..... family from Father Christmas'!

    1. From what Thomas has said there is a child at school who follows a religion that doesn't celebrate Christmas and there have been 'discussions'. I'm not bothered about it because they're probably all at an age where they pretty much know anyway, but I wouldn't have been happy about it in the past. I'm happy we got as many years out of it as we did.

      The way you do Christmas is exactly (I'd underline that word if I could) the way I'm going to tell Amy and Thomas to do it with their children. Start as they mean to go on. A main present from parents, bits and bobs and stockings from FC. It's the way I would do it if I had my time over for exactly the reason you've stated - they grow up and ask for expensive things! We also had a family game from the big jolly man as well.

      Thomas had 2 physio sessions booked for next week but we're away for a couple of days so he gets out of one. The hard bit is getting him to do it at home. Not as hard as getting him in the shower though lol. xx

  7. I'm so pleased your uncle is doing well. They don't keep them in hospital very long do they?
    Well done Thomas on his physio and I hope all is ok with Amy's bloods.
    I must say, I quite like your photograph of the tram - very arty!
    I'm hoping for a good few years of the bearded one calling at our house, although (presents aside) the very thought of it when I was a child used to terrify me. Even now I have a phobia of beards and I can't buy Christmas cards with his picture on! X

    1. They certainly do have them up and out of hospital as soon as they can that's for sure. You have lots of Santa years ahead of you, you lucky thing. I think Lily's age is perfect for the magic of Christmas. Their little faces when they come down on the day and see the presents and stocking is fantastic.

      I've looked up the name for phobia of beards and it's called pogonophobia, so I've learned something today :) xx

  8. I think many children would find learning to juggle fun. Including it as part of their session would help them to relax. At the same time, it would help their muscles and improve their dexterity. Those exercises seem like a lot of fun and make the sessions less intimidating. I think that would be true for patients of any age. Kudos to Thomas and his physical therapist.

    1. Hi Emmett, Yes, it certainly detracts from what can be pretty painful exercises at times. The physio is great with Thomas, he keeps it light hearted and fun but gets the job done.

      Their warm up routine these days is a bit of football which Thomas really enjoys as well. We waited a long time for the problem to be acknowledged but I couldn't ask for a better physio to work with Thomas. xx