Sunday, 9 October 2016

October - Week 1

Monday brought some good news. The Doc rang with the results of my second blood test and after lowering the dose of the tablet all seems well again with my kidney function. I must admit I'd let the twice yearly blood tests slip a little, pushing it to 8/9 months in between each one, but I shall stay on track now and go every 6 months.

Crochet project this week was this little cardigan. Just need to wash it and it will be added to the pile for Knit For Peace.
I've also finished the blanket and added a few extra rows at the top and bottom to make it oblong.
I've spent a lot of the week while I've been sat crocheting thinking about Christmas. This week I've been concentrating on games which have become a favourite part of Christmas Eve at Number 38. I've come across a really simple one where a story is read which includes lots of the words LEFT and  RIGHT. Somebody starts off holding a present and every time the words are said the present has to be passed either left or right. Whoever is holding the present when the story is finished gets to open it. 

Sienna stayed with us Friday night and we've now added a travel cot to our collection of baby things. I'd forgotten just how much noise babies make even when they're asleep. It was like having a little piglet at the end of the bed with the amount of snuffling and grunting she did in her sleep.
My Prima magazine arrived this week and I decided to try a rosti-topped chicken recipe from it. I shan't be bothering again. Mine didn't look anything like this and when I made it I realised it was basically a chicken pie filling with grated potato on top. The filling was OK but I'd have preferred it inside pastry, so next time I'll just make a chicken pie.
There was a major catastrophe at Lidl this week. Their ovens weren't working and the bread and cake baskets were bare so I had to forgo my vanilla crown! I did spot this lovely tin though, pretty enough with nothing inside it, but the added bonus is it's full of shortbread.  
Mark went down to London again but he was under strict instructions not to bring any Turkish delight back with him. Instead I chose 2 bags of chocolates from Thorntons when I was in Bury; Cappuccino and Sicilian Lemon. I have one of each every night and if I'm feeling particularly generous will pass one over to Mark. It's like feeding a donkey strawberries though because he shoves it all in at once whereas I nibble mine to savour it. 
We took Mum to Wythenshawe hospital today to visit her brother who is having heart bypass surgery tomorrow. He should have had it done last week but for one reason and another it was delayed. Hopefully it will happen tomorrow so that he can start on his road to recovery. It amazes me how a heart bypass has become such a 'run of the mill' operation with a stay in hospital of no longer than 5 days expected.

Other snippets of our week can be seen on Instagram and include:

Amy dying her hair pink. She was aiming for a candy floss colour but it didn't work and she's spent most of the weekend washing it out. It might not have taken on her hair but what it has done is left an imprint of pink on  my cream leather sofa where she's been sat. Not that easy to see on the photo but it's actually quite vivid. 
I did another charity shop drop off and was pleased to see Thomas' wedding jacket I'd donated a couple of weeks ago set up on display as I often wonder if clothes just get all dumped together for a 'cash weigh in'.
I've started to buy ingredients for the Christmas cake which gets made on Stir Up Sunday which for anybody who's interested is on 20th November this year.
And I finally got around to sorting out my crochet and knitting patterns into some sort of order. Basically I've stuck a photo and printed off a pattern which I've inserted into a cheap photograph album.
I have a busy week ahead of me. Thomas is at physio on Monday. Amy is at the Doctors on Tuesday. Sienna is sleeping over again Tuesday night and won't go home until Wednesday evening. Thursday I need to pack and organise for a weekend away in the van. Friday I'm going shopping with Mum then straight from school will be setting off to Blackpool for the weekend. 

I wasn't supposed to be doing this, but the monthly took too long and I forgot some things so I think weekly on a Sunday will be better.

Hope you've all had a lovely week. 



  1. Hooray a No 38 post to read ! I'm going to go and read it again! Fingers crossed for the heart op x like you say, no one blinks an eye . The cardigan is adorable and you are a very good crocheter indeed. If this weather holds, you'll
    Need to wrap
    Up at night but be hot n sweaty in the day!
    Your little grandadaughter is sooooooooadprable and you are so
    Lucky to get to share her so
    Much! Not that you'll be getting much sleep! I saw a thing on the news where we in this country are now giving new mum's boxes for their babies to sleep in like they do in Finland! Good idea for sleep overs as you can pack all the crap in it for carrying!!
    I really hate travel cots. All that bending down to pick them up! I hope another young man looks as handsome in Thomas's jacket - though being the hoarder I am, I'd have probably bought it back!!!

    1. Oh yes, they have no problem sharing Sienna that's for sure. They move house on Friday so when they picked her up Saturday evening I said "bring her over one day while you get some packing done". They interpreted that as another sleepover at Granny's!

      I can't bend very well so was pleased to find a travel cot that has a hanging basinet thing in it which makes it no harder than lifting her out of her pram, but I know what you mean, most travel cots have them practically sleeping on the floor.

      Funny you should say about buying Thomas' jacket back, because the thought flitted across my mind! I resisted though and handed over his coat from last winter instead. xx

  2. I think weekly is much better too!
    A busy week you have had with lots happening.

    1. Thanks Sue. It's easier on the grey matter. I can just about hold a week's events in my head, but a month was pushing it a bit. I think I just lost my daily blogging mojo and needed a break. It's good to be back though. There's always something going on here that's for sure. xx

  3. That's still a lot of news for one week! 😊 I do enjoy your posts. It's good news about your blood results and must be a relief.
    What a shame about Amy's hair (and of course your sofa) I would have loved to have seen it pink.
    You crochet work is looking fabulous as always. Love the colours in the blanket.
    I hope all goes we'll for your uncle's operation and your family's various medical appointments.
    Much love Suzanne. X

    1. It was a huge relief about the bloods because I'm not sure what the next step would have been. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that for now.

      Amy's hair was a massive disappointment. I was looking forward to showing you all how it had turned out. There were tears and refusals to go out of the house - you know what teenage girls are like. Thankfully most of it has washed out and she's gone off to college as usual this morning :)

      It does seem to be a medical week at Number 38 but it can be like that sometimes can't it. One down today though as Thomas has been for physio. xx

  4. Fab to read your news today and so pleased about your results from the doctor.
    I have lately seen the most fabulous infuriating game to play at Christmas.
    You place a bag of sweets or something similar inside a cardboard box and wrap it in Christmas paper. The you need a woolly hat, a pair of oven mitts and a pair of dice. One person wearing the hat and gloves tries to open the wrapping paper while the person next to them tries to throw a double with the dice. As soon as they get a double they quickly take the box, hat and gloves while the person next on from them tries to throw the double. It carries on around the table until the present eventually gets opened. It looked hilarious.
    Would have loved to have seen Amy with pink hair.
    Now shove over on that sofa Mrs.......I'm on me way if you have cappuccino chocolates in the

    1. I've budged over so feel free to drop by for a choccie any time you want to :) Not too keen on the lemon which is odd because I love lemon desserts. My favourites are still the champagne truffles though.

      That game takes me right back to my childhood, we used to play it at the Sunday School Christmas party only we had to put the hat, scarf and gloves on then run to the middle of the circle and try to cut a piece off a block of chocolate using a knife and fork. Great fun. I bet Ruby would enjoy playing the present game :) xx

    2. I first played it at Sunday school too - wouldn't be allowed now unless all participants had their own plastic knife and fork. All that spittle? Metal implements? Health n safety would spontaneously combust!

  5. Weekly is good. Good news on the blood tests! Sienna is a sweetheart and lovely crochet as usual. x

    1. Yes, weekly is better. I struggle to remember what's happened yesterday let alone a month ago! Was really pleased with the blood results, hope it stays that way. Crochet project this week is another baby jacket for a boy and some more granny squares for the poncho. xx

  6. hurrah. from a supremely selfish point of view, I am thrilled that you are doing weekly blogs!

    You pack such a lot in your weeks. Little Sienna is just adorable! I love your crochet projects, you are so good at it.

    Need to reply to your email, meant to do it today but got sidetracked trying to update Bill's website and then mucking it up! Oops.

    lots of love to you xxxx

    p.s such a shame the pink hair didn't work out.

    1. Oh dear, hope you got Bill's website sorted out. I've been thinking of updating this blog but I'm too scared of losing everything!

      Bet you all pack just as much in your weeks when you think about it, there's always something to be done isn't there.

      Amy was really disappointed with the hair dye. I've suggested every colour under the sun but all she wanted was pink so I've given up trying to be helpful and just accepted she will need to work through the disappointment herself in the way only teenage girls do ie. strops, sulks, moping around. All this will be heading your way sooner than you think haha. xx

  7. Siena is a beauty! And your week is packed. I'm surprised you didn't like the lemon, though, it's one of my favourites! But the cappuccino is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Angel Jem, she is pretty cute especially when she's asleep. I was surprised myself about the lemon, but it was more of a mousse filling, a bit too light and airy for a chocolate. Back to champagne ones this week along with rum truffles. xx

  8. Beautiful crochet. Sounds like you pack lots in,that pink mark makes me wonder how 'pink' her hair must have been! xx

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I'm taking the granny squares to the caravan this weekend and hoping to get them joined up into a poncho.

      She was aiming for bubblegum/candyfloss pink and was really disappointed it didn't turn out. I would have liked to have seen her with pink hair but have to admit after seeing the sofa was glad it hadn't taken. Don't fancy pink patches all over the house and Amy does a LOT of lying down! xx

  9. How great to start the week with some good news. Love the colours in your blanket. Shame about the hair and the sofa. Good idea to start stocking up on baking ingredients. I remember one year every shop round here had sold out of currants when I was about to make our cake.

  10. It was good news Liz. I'd got myself a bit worked up because I'd got the time he was supposed to ring wrong and was sat here thinking "there's something amiss and he doesn't want to ring me", so a big sigh of relief when all was well.

    I was looking forward to seeing Amy with pink hair. She is most definitely not a pink girl and I think I was as disappointed as her that she still isn't.

    I think I just need black treacle for the cake now and then we're all ready for Stir Up Sunday, which I know should be Christmas pudding but we use it as our Christmas Cake making day. xx