Friday, 30 September 2016


Goodness September, have you really been and gone already? I shall be sorry to see you go this year. You've brought an autumn nip to the air over the past couple of days but for most of your stay you've given us plenty of warm and sunny days. But it's time to move over now for October, so until next year.....

So, what did September bring to Number 38. 

Well, torn between missing posting little snippets of my day but not wanting to get too tied down to the laptop, after my last post I decided to have a go at Instagram. Mark set it up for me as I'm rubbish at things like that so all I do is take the photos and post them. In fact I've accidentally managed to 'Like' some of my own posts which looks very narcissistic! Anyway, if you look on the right hand side of this page you'll see photos. I'm not sure if you have to officially follow me or whether you can just look at them on here but I put 2 or 3 up on a day if you fancy popping by to have a look. 

Thomas went back to school quite happily. I can't believe he's in Year 6, I want my little boy back right now! He's settled in really well, in fact it's the best start to a school year we've ever had. The first few weeks can often be fraught for both him and the teacher while they get to know each other but touch wood, so far we've had no issues.
He seems to be getting more independent as the days go by which is a good thing and one of his requests has been to walk home on his own. I'm not prepared for him to do that because it's too far, but I've signed a form which allows him to leave the playground unattended and walk down to the corner where one of us waits for him. He loves doing this, it makes him feel really grown up and I think it's a good step towards getting him ready for secondary school. 

One day he staggered down with this pile of books from Year 5, every one filled to the brim with work. The orange are English, blue are maths and the rest are made up of science, learning journal, spellings, dictation etc.  No complaints from me about teacher's not putting in the effort. 
He may have got a tick for his use of alliteration, metaphor, simile and onomatopoeia, but I don't mind admitting I had to look up the last word. This past month he's been focusing on verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbials, determiners, modal verbs etc. etc. Thank goodness the lad knows what he's doing, because I certainly don't.
Amy is enjoying college. Her timetable is pretty good, the only full day she puts in is Friday, the rest of the days are made up of late starts, early finishes and on Tuesday just one lesson in the afternoon. The classes are small, less than a dozen students in each and she's made friends with a few girls. There are some gaps between lessons but she quite happily takes herself off around Manchester for coffee, shopping and has even visited a couple of art galleries.

There was a bit of a gulp when we realised her travel card was going to cost £225 but having looked into it, it's actually a really good deal. For this price she can have unlimited travel, 7 days a week covering a huge area. Compared to paying £3.20 for a daily ticket the major outlay makes it worthwhile. 

Sienna has had a few sleepovers during September including a 3 night stay while mummy and daddy went to a  hotel.
I think she's slowly moving in with us actually. Matthew and Sophie have bought a few things for us to keep here and we provide the nappies, wipes and milk when she stays which means they don't have to bring everything with them when she comes. We've not really got the space for all her stuff but it didn't stop me from buying this vibrating musical bouncy chair mainly because she now weighs 12lbs and my back kills me from holding her all the time.
We've had 2 birthdays this month. Aunty Edith turned 93 on the 14th, although I don't think she looks anywhere near that old. We took Sienna over one evening and even though she was a bit grouchy Aunty wasn't for letting go, eventually rocking her to sleep. 
And Joan also celebrated her 86th birthday. We took Sienna to see her as well but she struggled to understand the Great Grandma connection and I think she thought the baby was Mark! She kept asking if 'he' was OK and did 'he' have everything he should have, bless her. Here she is eating a piece of birthday cake with not a care in the world. 
Thomas has been to the physiotherapist to have his heel lift fitted and he now has one of these inserted into his shoe. Thankfully it doesn't seem to bother him. The physio seems to think that he may be able to 'train' him to walk a little differently so we have around 6 weeks of appointments, twice a week ahead of us starting in October. In the meantime he gave Thomas a simple exercise to do, which is to walk on an imaginary tightrope with his foot straight in front of him rather than out at an angle.
 I went back to the Docs about my blood results and kidney function to be told quite matter of factly, "one of the tablets you take is known for causing kidney damage". I always choose this Doctor when I actually  need to know something important because he's like Doc Martin and just comes right out with it. Anyway, my BP readings were fine so the dose has been lowered from 8mg to 4mg. As long as my BP remains OK I can stick to the lower dose and he's pretty sure the next set of blood tests will come back normal. I don't think I was in there for more than 3 minutes!

Looking back, I seem to have crocheted rather a lot this month. Another 3 jumpers have been sent off to Knit for Peace. My favourite is definitely the bobble one. It's such an easy stitch to do but really effective. 
I've also mastered shaped crocheted long sleeves at last! Knit for Peace sent a lovely e-mail acknowledging receipt which is really good as sometimes you do wonder if things arrive. 
I may also have purchased even more wool during a trip to Bury for a little bit of blanket making.
I've tried to master this stitch before but for some reason I couldn't. No idea why because now I've got to grips with it, it's very simple.
My new found skill means I've also been able to make a bunny cuddle/comfort blanket. I've got a blue one on the go which will have a teddy head.
And here has also been a little bit of doll making going on, so as well as all the above a few of these will be in the next package I send. 
After a few weeks of not reading my bookworm seems to have bedded in again. The nights drawing in and the school routine means we are all in bed at a decent hour and for me a couple of chapters of a book is an excellent way to wind down at the end of the day. 
My daily housework routine has been fairly easy to stick to. In fact only having one room a day on my list means there's plenty of time left and I find myself doing extra jobs that I would normally turn a blind eye to. Of course not being on here as much helps as well. 

There have also been a few save the difference opportunities this month, mainly on end of season sale items and I've been able to add a few £'s to the jar, although I seem to be the only person who doesn't have a new £5 in my purse. 

Shopping sprees have been pretty sparse this month with my main purchase being a new pair of ankle boots. I've also welcomed Autumn with a shelf re-vamp courtesy of The Range.
Mark went down to London to do something with watches and brought goodies back with him.
The little box was full of Turkish Delight which I absolutely love, but although the colours were pretty it was disappointingly tasteless. Never mind, the hot chocolate more than makes up for that.
We didn't manage to get away in the van during September and the sites we wanted to visit at half term are fully booked which is really disappointing. Never mind. We're going to Blackpool for a weekend in October and I've also booked Chester for a weekend in November. I'd really like to take the van out at Christmas, maybe to Bolton Abbey, but I think that will be a last minute booking depending on the weather. 

And I think that's about it for September. Next time I post it will be Halloween which is scary - in more ways than one! 

Hope you've all been keeping well. Do drop by for a chat and a catch up. Look forward to 'speaking' to you.