Tuesday, 2 August 2016

On track but little visitor not playing ball :)

Picked Sienna up at 11am this morning. It's 9pm as I put the last photo on here and she's been asleep for a total of 2 x 1 hours since we got home! Not sure where my 4 hour routine went since she left us on Friday. Ah well. 

Anyway, I was up at 8.15am this morning and after a brew, (but no laptop), I cracked on with the Xbox room.

Drawer sorted
Boxes removed to shed
Weapons carefully secured
Visitor. Fed, winded, changed and daily brain development and hand/eye co-ordination training completed.
Cookies made with Thomas.
And a shop at Tesco for the van has been done.

Sienna is still awake and revving up for another feed. Just going to throw a cuppa down my neck before the next bottle needs to be made.

I'll reply to all your comments tomorrow! 



  1. Litle babies do like to throw a spanner in the works don't they...bless 'em.
    Oh dear.....I have several drawers that could do with sorting out but they won't get done for a couple of weeks now untl hubby goes back to work and he can't see what I am throwing out....lol-x-

    1. The only consistent thing about babies Sheila, is they're so inconsistent. The drawer in the Xbox room and the drawer in the kitchen are the worst. They're just dumping grounds for stuff we don't know where to put.

      I prefer to declutter with nobody around as well. I can hold something up that's not been used for years but somebody will definitely still need to keep it and back in the drawer it has to go. Very irritating. Best to get rid and keep quiet about it is my motto :) xx

  2. Enjoy your time with Sienna! You still managed to get a lot done even with her there! Those cookies look delicious; love the expression on his face!

    1. Yes, but you should see the state of the house. I may as well have not bothered doing anything. It looks like a bombs hit it. The cookies are delicious. It's a BBC millies cookies recipe and they really do turn out like the real thing. What's Thomas like haha. He posed purposely licking his lips. He really plays up to the camera when he's in the mood. xx

  3. Oh bless you. Just when you think a routine has been established it all goes out of the window. I hope you have had plenty of those cookies as a reward for all your efforts. Am I missing something with the training? Oh no! It'll be something else I should have done but didn't. X

    1. Well, in all honesty, Grandma Sue's routine was only a 24 hour thing. But 0/10 to everybody who's had Sienna since she left us last Friday for not putting more effort in haha.

      Mine didn't get any training either but Sophie said Sienna likes to look at the book so I've taken a picture for them! Babies do like black and white and to be fair she does fix on it - sometimes. xx

  4. Thomas looks like he's about to pinch a couple of those cookies and leg it out of the room!

    You really are making me want to get home and start decluttering. Which is good. Have lots that needs to be done, so I need the motivation.

    Even though she's been a racal and messing up your routine, have fun with Sienna! :O) xxx

    p.s thanks for emails, you are making me chuckle with some of the things you say! x

    1. The cookies have already gone, and I admit I've had more than my fair share. They're delicious. A BBC millies cookie recipe. Really easy and just as good as the real thing.

      Oh Lord, you should see my house. There's stuff everywhere. Most of it Sienna's but caravan stuff as well. Feel as though I may as well not have bothered. The bedroom was on the rota today. Not gone up there because I think I might just crawl into bed to sleep rather than do any work. And we're away now until Sunday so my fantastic rota lasted all of 2 days. But I'm sticking with it in between what we do although I think it'll only really come into force when Amy and Thomas are back at school.

      Plenty of time for decluttering when you get home, enjoy your holiday :) Although I think we are similar. When I'm out of a situation I can think about it more objectively and plan what I'm going to do, then I'm itching to get back and get started. xx

  5. I'm laughing here at the daily hand eye co ordination exercises!! However did my offspring get by without this?!!! I'm only chuckling because my neighbours have 6 month old Baby boy who has been going to music classes, dance classes, swimming lessons, poetry classes and sign language classes and has a daily routine planned to the nth degree. They wake him up if he's not awake for an activity session!!! I blame the nut job Gina Ford! The mum can be overheard telling her baba that if he wants milk he needs to ask for milk! He's six months old!!!! I do A LOT of eye rolling. Sienna is super adorable. I'm wondering how long it took for Thomas to scoff those cookies!
    Have a good sleep when you've handed the baby back!!

    1. I'm laughing my head off here because I know exactly what you're talking about. Baby massage was the big thing when Amy was born but I didn't take her although I swore to the midwife I would. I think she may have been on commission actually.

      There is NO WAY I would wake a baby up to do an activity, how mad is that. But it's all milestones and competitiveness now in parent world and it's easy to get caught up in it. Have to say though, Sienna's pretty good at asking for milk - by screaming the house down!

      I'm not sure how anybody born before 2000 has actually survived without pureed avocado either.

      Cookies were gone within a couple of hours, but we all made pigs of ourselves with them. The Willy Wonka saying of one is more than enough certainly doesn't apply to these.

      Supposed to be cleaning the bedroom today but if I go up there I know I'll get into bed, so I'm steering clear. I have no willpower anyway, let alone when I'm knackered. xx