Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Piggy Banks and Money Lending

It was Thomas' school trip today. They went to Madame Tussauds in Blackpool. Personally, I can't think of anything more boring than looking at waxwork models but Thomas seemed to enjoy it and recognised Morgan Freeman and Justin Bieber. At least he went on this trip. At his other school they went to the Pleasure Beach 3 years on the run and as he hates rides he didn't go. 

They were allowed to take £5 to spend and when Mark picked him up from school the teacher wanted a word with him. Apparently one boy hadn't taken any money so asked Thomas if he could borrow £2 for an ice-cream which Thomas happily lent him, but then a group of children wanted to borrow money off him as well. The teacher was on to it pretty quickly but not before the first boy had bought his ice-cream lol. We've had to point out to Thomas that although he thinks he's only lent the money to the boy he might not actually get it back. If he doesn't then for the sake of £2 it's a valuable lesson about not lending money unless you're prepared not to get it back. 

Still on the money theme I opened the 'save the difference' tin today. I've not put anything in her for quite a few weeks, but there was still £40.70 in there. 
We also have a piggy that we feed with coppers and 5p's. There was £7.90 in 5p's which are in a dish on the windowsill to dip into when we go shopping, the 2p's will be taken to the caravan for the arcade and the 1p's I'll change at Tesco next time I'm down there. 
We went over to see Matthew, Sophie and Sienna this afternoon. They'd had a bit of a rough night. After her 8pm feed she didn't settle until 1am. Matthew had a theory that if they kept her awake today she'd sleep tonight. Not sure how he thought he was going to go about doing that, but Sienna obviously wasn't playing ball and slept for the 2 hours we were there. 

I'm crocheting a border around this fleece today. I've gone for cream and brown and think I'll buy a ball of orange to give it a zap of colour.
Amy has been to Manchester today job hunting. She was asked to fill in a couple of application forms and left her CV with a few stores. Tomorrow she's coming to Bury to carry on her search. Not sure whether she'll have any luck or not but she gets 10/10 from me for effort.



  1. I hope he does get his money back. I've had a few situations of similar nature crop up with Violet over the years, some kids genuinely do want to borrow and some ... well, they don't!

    So many pennies! I shall have to start calling you Fagin, with you gathering and counting your coins ;O)

    Sorry, but I'm laughing at Matthew's lovely idea of keeping a teeny newborn awake in order for her to sleep better at night! If he can work out how to do that, and write a book, he'll become a millionaire! But things will settle down soon enough. Just feels like a lifetime at the start.

    Love your colours in the fleece photo.

    By the way, reading your comment on my blog I'm here to tell you that you had better NOT ever even think about stopping blogging. I would not be happy.
    That is all.

    Have a lovely evening. xx

    p.s Violet was home today due to the strikes. It was so nice having her home and not being poorly, felt like a real treat!

    1. I'll let you know if the debt gets repaid! As kind as he is, he'll be really annoyed if he doesn't get it back. It's Not so much the money but the fact the boy said he only wanted to borrow it. He'd definitely expect the boy to keep his promise.

      At least you can laugh about Matthew. We had to keep a straight face:) Mind you his theory seemed to involve him just tickling her chin occasionally.

      I won't be stopping blogging but if I did I'd have to go cold turkey. It's definitely addictive as far as I'm concerned haha.

      It was only Y1 that didn't go into Thomas' school, everybody else was in as normal. I can imagine having Violet home without her being ill was a big bonus for you both. Hope you had a lovely day. xx

  2. It's carnival in St Annes on Saturday and Sunday which might appeal to Amy and Thomas. I feel for the new parents as we had a girl who didn't sleep till she was four and a half years old-please don't tell them that lol! Enjoy your weekend and hope the new towbar is a success. Nice to have your own vehicle at last. I have started my big declutter and need stirage boxes for my DVDs-old fashioned I know but I like them. I hear the siren call of IKEA. Catriona

    1. Amy was the same. Terrible sleeper and awake at 4am quite often ready to start the day. Don't think she slept a full night until she was about 11, no kidding.

      Thanks for the info about the carnival. We'll have to have a drive in and have a look. Good luck with the declutter. 'We still have loads of DVDs. I should get rid of them really. Mind you a lot are Disney and the TV at the caravan has a DVD player in it so I might keep a few for Sienna when she's older and comes to visit us. xx

  3. I hope he gets the money back, but if he learns the lesson and it only costs him two quid he can count himself lucky! Fingers crossed Amy is offered a job soon.

    1. It's not easy finding a job these days even if you're a student. A lot of adults are only offered part time work. They don't seem to be allowed to work on tills either. How times have changed. When I was 16 I worked in a newsagents and was able to sell cigarettes and top shelf magazines but that's certainly not the case these days.

      Thomas willbe more annoyed that the boy said he'd give it back rather than losing the money. You're right though for the sake of £2 it's a good lesson he's learned. xx

  4. I'm with Sadie in having a chuckle at Matthew and his sleep theory!! They should stuff the housework and just sleep when she does!!
    Thomas is so kind and generous and good on the teacher for being on the ball. What a strange trip though!! What was the educational
    Value ??!!! Our s hook never just goes on a 'jollY'. We went to the wax works a few years ago. It was shocking!!! Like 'nailed it' versions!!
    I've got blanket envy.
    And I love collecting coins. I save 50ps, 20ps and 5ps
    I spend my 2s and 1s! I switched last year.
    I've collected £2 since they came out as they are a rare occurance in change here - I've nearly £400!! Don't even know what I'm saving them for...but I don't want to break into them!!!

    1. Our school*

      And when I said we went, I mean me n HG n the kids! NOT SCHOOL !! Durrrr

    2. She hardly moved in hospital so I think it came as a shock when she wouldn't settle last night. His theory is great though isn't it. Maybe a couple of years premature...

      No educational value at all for the trip, but it was their summer day out and we didn't pay a penny towards it this year. The PTA paid has paid for every child (420 pupils), so I'm not complaining. The fact they weren't in class was probably good enough for them and the teachers :)

      You're very good not dipping into your £2's. I'm very impressed. xx

  5. O'er...waxworks give me the creeps.
    We save wompys and twopys in a large tin for Ruby....must find one for Marlowe now....and hubby saves 5p's. Both tins are nearly full again so they'll be getting counted soon.
    Your Thomas is such a lovely little boy. I hope he gets his money back.
    Good luck to the new parents with getting baby into a sleep routine and to Amy on her search for a job-x-

    1. It's surprising how it mounts up isn't it. My half of the 'save the difference' tin will be put to one side for crafty stuff.

      We'll see if the money is returned today. I'm not holding my breath. I think the boy would have been sent with something if his parents had wanted him to have spends, but you never know. xx

    2. It's surprising how it mounts up isn't it. My half of the 'save the difference' tin will be put to one side for crafty stuff.

      We'll see if the money is returned today. I'm not holding my breath. I think the boy would have been sent with something if his parents had wanted him to have spends, but you never know. xx