Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Too Excited to Blog Properly

I'm too excited to blog properly tonight, but didn't want to leave anybody wondering about whether pink baby had arrived.

The short answer is no, she's not put in an appearance yet, but after being induced this morning, Matthew rang a couple of hours ago to say waters have broke and contractions seem to be coming thick and fast.

So, we are just sat here waiting for news. We've had a sweep stake on time and weight. I think Thomas will be the time winner, he's guessed 11pm and is excited not only about the baby coming but the fact he's looking good to win a fiver!

Right, that's as much as I can manage. I'll pop on tomorrow morning to update you and blog as normal tomorrow night. 



  1. Hope all goes well with the delivery. My best wishes to the parents and the new baby.

  2. exciting stuff! Well, it's 6.23 on Thursday morning as I type this, fingers crossed that little bundle of gorgeousness is here now, safe and well. xx