Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Murder Most Horrid

Today started much better than yesterday with a bowl of porridge and strawberries.
Followed by a quiet 5 minutes with my Angels, who tell me that I am to forget about time. Which is all well and good but that dratted 3pm school pick up doesn't half put a spanner in the works. I have redeemed myself though because I never wear a watch, so I was one step ahead of them today.
We all know what this means don't we.
Hobby time! Which this week means more quilting. I've done the front of the brick one. It wasn't too difficult as it's just straight seams.  I also had an email from Dress A Girl and the pencil cases and dolls I sent will be on their way to Uganda next week.
If I was in the business world I'd have 'touched base' with Mark, but as I'm not I just phoned him for a chat instead. He'd  just got back from an afternoon in Cleveleys. Amy had been shopping again as she needed some nail clippers, but the shop refused to sell them to her because she was under 18. I'm not sure what they thought she was going to do with them and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be classed as an offensive weapon by the police, but who knows, maybe I'm out of touch and death by clipping is a murder most horrid these days. 

One of the things I'm really enjoying about just me and Thomas being here is the lack of cooking I have to do. Tonight, I made a salad, popped some bread in the toaster and spooned some smoked salmon pate onto a plate. Perfect.
And apart from a bit of pottering around doing this and that there's really not much else that's happened today. I'm enjoying having the house to myself, the peace and quiet is lovely and Thomas is no trouble at all. 



  1. sounds like you are having such a good week so far. I'm a smidge jealous! I also want that salad.

    Your quilt looks fab. You are such a kind person to do so much making for various charities.

    Ah, death by nail clippers. Agatha Christie should have thought of that one. I can just imagine Miss Marple looking wise, and saying 'did you notice the nail clippers on the nightstand, Inspector Craddick?'. She missed that one, didn't she?!

    Funny thing is, that if any dubious soul wanted to procure a knifes/scissors/nail clippers in order to commit a crime, they'd probably pinch the things in the first place, rather than wait to be served politely and get a receipt ... and caught on camera!!


    thanks for your comment (and email) you are kind. Yes, by the way, it is a rose. I'm going to see if it still has a label on it so I can tell you the name. it's so pretty in real life. xxx

    1. I am having a good week. I love my own company and might just encourage Mark to stay put for a bit longer haha.

      I love making and the fact somebody will get some use out of what I do is doubly gratifying. I probably wouldn't do anything if I didn't have somebody to give the things to. I don't really need dozens of pencil cases, knitted dolls or quilts :)

      The nail clippers saga is a tad over careful isn't it. It'll be hairspray and deodrant next which is really dangerous because 'you could definitely have somebody's eye out with that' hahaha.

      Hope Violet is getting better. I'll e-mail you tomorrow for a catch up. xx

  2. The quilt is lovely and I might just pinch your idea and have a go in the summer. I must look on eBay for fat quarters! I need to crack on with the 80 jobs I've got on the go first though!! Bloody work keeps getting in the way!
    Death by nail clippers would be very slow, drawn out and painful!!! Enjoy your peace n quiet!

    1. It's a pesky little bugger that work thing isn't it. Stops people doing all sorts of things. I'm all over the house with this quilting project, the table is covered in bits, the ironing board has been up for 3 days and the floor is ankel deep in off cuts. I keep thinking of all you posh people who have crafting rooms, you lucky things. At least I don't have to keep clearing up so that we can sit down to tea. xx

    2. I'm sure Thomas wouldn't mind tea on his knee in front of the TV for your art once in a while! Ha ha posh ha ha ha my craft room is spotless at the minute because my sewing machine is still downstairs ont dining room table! I've not moved it upstairs yet.

    3. I'd move it up there quick or you might find yourself with a squatter in your craft room. xx

  3. You mean you didn't know that nail clippers were the weapon of choice for thugs and yobs these days!!

    That salad looks lovely.

    1. Haha, no I didn't. I'm still stuck in the knives, guns and iron bars era. But I shall be sleeping with the nail clippers by the bed tonight just in case we have an intruder. I ate a full beetroot while I was making the salad! xx

  4. Your quilt top looks great! So colorful and the pattern you chose showcases the fabric nicely, too.

    Is that Wendy curled up on the chair with all those cushions around her? She looks so comfy!

    I've never heard of having to be 18 to buy nail clippers!

    1. Thank you. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Yes, it's Wendy. She's curled up next to me as I type this. Makes my arm ache though as she won't budge and my arm is half up in the air!

      No, I've never heard of the nail clipper rule either. I think it may well have been an over zealous worker, or else Amy looks like a proper thug haha. xx