Sunday, 19 June 2016

I LOVE caravaning!

I don't want to bore the pants off you all, but here's a flavour of our first weekend  as returning caravaners. 

We collected her Friday afternoon and after a very thorough handover we finally hitched her up ready to go. Yes, she has a gender :)
The handover actually lasted well over an hour so to pass a bit of time Thomas went into role play mode and 'drove' me and him to Blackpool, using the key fob as his radio.
Being a taxi driver is obviously exhausting as after 5 minutes into the real journey he was fast asleep and catching flies.
The caravan site is exactly as I remember it and this was the view from our pitch. We always went to this end of the site so that we could keep an eye on Amy when she was playing in the park. The only difference I could see was the park equipment has been updated and there is a fence around it now.
Thomas didn't feel like socialising this weekend and it was only a couple of hours before we came home that he decided to have a go on the swing. He can be a bit accident prone in the outside world so it really came as no surprise that when he sat on it and leant backwards he fell right off! Didn't stop him having another go though. 
We didn't arrive on site until gone 5pm so by the time we'd unpacked all the boxes and set up most of the stuff we were pretty jiggered and decided to leave the awning until Saturday. We have a bit of a love/hate relationship with awnings. We hate putting them up but love them when we've done it. This is a new fandangled blow up awning which still took a while as we needed to figure out exactly how to do it, but next time I don't think it will take more than half an hour to set it up. 
So, are you ready for a tour? The caravan is a tale of two halves. This area at the back is perfect for Thomas to sit at and play his Xbox.
While we get to sit at the front or in the awning watching the world go by.
I wouldn't normally show you the inside of my fridge, but the amount of food and frozen stuff you can get in here amazes me. And there is a built in microwave above it.
This is the sink and brewing up area. There is a lift up shelf so that there is more space to work on and there are cupboards and drawers everywhere you look. Whoever designs caravan interiors really puts a lot of thought into it.
There is absolutely no need for daily ablutions to fall by the wayside either, much to Thomas' disgust, showers are available on site or at 'home'. 
And unless you're particularly partial there doesn't have to be a pot noodle in sight.
We knew we really wouldn't want to come home but of course Thomas has school so after some discussion we came up with a plan which sees myself and Thomas back at Number 38 while Mark and Amy stay on for a few extra days.

I'm quite happy with the arrangement. I'll be caravaning again next weekend which will be here before I know it. Although what's the betting the next 5 days will really drag by now I'm looking forward to something. 

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend. 



  1. aw, I'm glad you had such a good time.

    Thanks for the tour! :O) x

    1. We had a brilliant time. Busy but we knew it would be. Hopefully all future breaks will be a bit more relaxing. xx

  2. Oh Suzanne, it's fabulous. Thank you for showing us around. The purple corner looks great and Thomas looks very settled. I'm thrilled you had such a good weekend. X

    1. Thanks Jules. I do like colour but the purple is a bit brighter than I'd normally go for, but I'm really glad I got it, I think it looks great, even if I do say so myself haha.

      Thomas was well and truly settled. PJs and Xbox, talk about home from home! xx

  3. Everything about your post makes my heart sing especially as we'll be viewing the site from the other end hopefully on Thursday. Will Amy and Dad still be there? Love your optimism about the awning next time!! If you are there next weekend, may I introduce us to you?? Happy caravanning for many years to come to you all. Catriona. PS. We have a Sterling Eccles Topaz which we bought for our Ruby wedding nearly 5 years ago!

    1. Oh you must definitely come and say hello Catriona. We were going to put it in storage this week then go to Southport next weekend but because of the hire car situation, Amy's prom night on Friday and a couple of other bits that have cropped up, we've cancelled Southport and are staying at Blackpool until next Sunday.

      I don't think you'll meet Amy as Mark is bringing her home Wednesday, but me and Thomas will be going back over on Saturday for the night. We'll be in the same position (next to the water taps), so please come and say hello and have a peek at our new home. It would be lovely to meet you.

      Haha, yes you have to be optimistic about awnings or you'd never put one up! See you soon. xx

  4. That's one posh 'van you have there! I'm pleased to hear you had a lovely weekend trying her out.
    I'll await with interest your awning info because with the old caravan we bought last summer we have a very old fashioned heavyweight awning. Lovely and solid when up but Hard Work. When we had a more modern caravan about 10years ago we had a pop up awning - easy to put up but useless in anything more than a slight breeze. So now we need to find a happy medium between those - so all info gratefully received!
    Enjoy planning all those weekends away

    1. Thanks Sue. I love it and we had a great time in her.

      We had a 'proper' awning last time but you're right they weigh a tonne and are really hard to put up. Fast forward 8 years and 2 backs that aren't what they used to be and there's no way we'd be able to manage one like that again.

      Now that we know what we're doing this up one shouldn't take any time at all. We bought the 3 section one so there are 4 main frame things to pump up (each one only took Mark about 8-10 pumps to get them up, but I could easily have done it) and then there are 6 supports inside which took about 5 pumps each. But the beauty is these will stay pumped up now and we'll just store them under the beds when we move.

      The other thing that's changed is the ground sheet. It used to be that heavy it was like laying a carpet but this is really light and makes a big difference again to humping stuff around.

      It was raining quite heavy when we came home and it was a bit windy but it all seemed fine. I don't think it would blow away in a hurry. I'd say it could well be the happy medium you're looking for. xx

  5. Replies
    1. We had a lovely time. Looking forward to going back this weekend although it will be only be a flying overnight visit. Me and Thomas are going to go over on the train so that'll be fun as well. xx

  6. So glad to read that your first weekend away in the new caravan went well. Thank you so much for the tour - the interior of your caravan looks great! Very neat and compact, but all the comforts of home! As you said, very well designed. The purple appliances bring a nice pop of color, I think. Now you have me wanting a purple toaster! :)

    1. Glad you like the tour. It's very snug and cosy but as you say has everything you need, plus the awning gives us the extra space for eating in. Oh you have to get a purple toaster, I wasn't sure about the colour but I'm really glad I went for it. Hope you are keeping well. I'll be popping over later to catch up with you :) xx

  7. How lovely for you to try it out straight away. Too bad you and Thomas had to come back early. Here's to many more happy and fun outings in your caravan which is fabulous by the way.

    1. It was great to pick up, hitch up and get going. In all the excitement we completely forgot it was our wedding anniversary on the day as well, so we've given each other half a caravan each haha.

      I'd have loved to have stayed with Mark and Amy for the week but it's really frowned upon about taking children out of school. Thomas would have probably spent the week worrying about being in trouble when he went back and us getting fined that it just seemed best to come home. I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it over the summer hols though. xx