Tuesday, 17 May 2016

No photos but ....

Thomas came home from school today full of the joys of spring. They're doing a class assembly for parents next week about the planets and he's been given a part. He's Uranus and he has about 8 lines to learn which he's been repeating over and over since he got in. It's quite a big thing for Thomas to stand up on stage and actually say something. He doesn't mind doing shows but he usually prefers to blend into the background. 

Amy on the other hand is not doing so well. She's been 'signed off' school for a couple of days for study leave which means she'll still get her mark even though she's at home. We're aiming for her to go in Thursday and Friday and then next week rather than staying in school in between exams, she'll come home to revise. I have to say, this is definitely not like Amy. She's usually so happy go lucky it's very obvious something isn't right, so I've made an appointment at the Docs tomorrow.

Tonight we had steak for tea. I felt in the mood for fillet and a glass of wine, plus steak is Amy's favourite. She also loves peppers so I made a huge salad and put plenty in. I love prepping colourful food, it makes me feel healthy before I've even eaten it. 

I knitted my last finger puppet dolly tonight. I've made 30 and tomorrow I'll be showing you a few of the finished ones. 

Until then. 



  1. Congratulations to Thomas for having being given a part and for being willing to take part! Please tell him that I wished him all the best!

    And please, please give Amy a big hug from me. I am glad you are taking her to see the dr. Such stress isn't good!

    1. Thank you Bless. I will pass the hug on. It's certainly not like her to be like this. I have to say school are being very supportive though and I think this stems from the fact even they know it's so out of character.

      Thankfully it's only a week before Thomas' show so not too many days to get through before he does his thing. He's worried but proud of himself as well. Bless him. xx

  2. Thomas- you will be great and I think your ma n pa n sister n nanna and your ma's bloggy chums will be very proud of you and your bit will definitely be the best.

    Amy - I hoping the doctor will tell you that as soon as the exams are over so will your stresses. These exams are just eight weeks ish of

    Your. Whole. Life.
    It will soon pass
    The worst that can possibly happen is a resit. And you'll know what to expect if you have to, which I doubt very much because your mum tells us about all the hard work you are putting in. Make sure you have time off. Maximum 40 minutes study at a time then a break. 20 minute chunks of study are best. Good luck sweet girl X

    Suzanne - you do right taking her to the docs and I hope it's 'just' exam worries. The pressure young people have on them and put on themselves is immense. I wish I could tell you it gets easier - but I'm afraid you need to gird yourself! The exams are like the nothing bit. It's the wait and the what iffing that's a sleep taker. I hope she doesn't fret too much over the Summer about results day. This bit of parenting STINKS. I can say this. I've done it twice and just about survived! They do not tell you this in the baby books!

    Infact, I demand a refund!

    Are you going to make Mark, Amy and Thomas model the finger puppets for the photo?!

    1. Thanks Rachel, yes put like that the exams are just the beginning. I'm not sure it is 'just' stress of exams. The Doc was really good and we have a plan of action. xx

  3. Not enough fingers and toes for those puppets!
    Hope Amy gets through and Thomas enjoys being a planet

    1. They're addictive. And knitting isn't half as messy as sewing either, although I'm not overly tidy when I do either.

      The planets are 'rapping' their way through the information. I'll be posting a few of Thomas' lyrics later on today. xx

  4. 30 finger puppets?! You should put on a show. Well done Thomas. He is bound to be brilliant. I hope Amy manages to take it all in her stride as much as possible. There are so many pressure on our young people these days. X

    1. Knitting them isn't a problem, but my goodness the rest of them is a bit of a fiddle. No going back now though. Hair, eyes, mouths, arms, beads all need to be done.

      You're right, there is a lot of pressure on young people and it's a fine line between trying to get them to see it's not the end of the world if they fail vs. them thinking their life is practically over. It's pretty intense and hard going at times. xx