Thursday, 26 May 2016

Clip of planet show

This is my side table next to where I sit. If I'm being totally honest, I'd have something to say to Mark if his table was such a mess, but as it's my stuff it's quite acceptable.
Still popping in and out of the house 'doing things'. Today's jobs were taking Sparky to the groomers, buying bedding for the caravan, PJ's for Thomas, popping to school for the planet show, then back out again to pick Sparky up. The PJ's are size 10-11. The bottoms are for Thomas and I usually just give the tops to charity but Amy has claimed them this time as they fit her.

And the rapping planet was an absolute star if you'll pardon the pun. In fact all the children were fantastic. Thought you might like to see a clip of dance they did at the end. Before anybody mentions children's privacy the dancers are all wearing alien masks and the planets sat down at the front aren't that clear. Plus, I might only have just mastered posting video clips myself, but I'm well behind other parents. Before the day is over proud parents will have posted this all over social media. 



  1. Replies
    1. CAMPERS? My phone changed DANCERS to CAMPERS!!!

    2. The predictive text on your phone cracks me up. Campers indeed haha. Yes, they were really good weren't they. Every class has a dance lesson each week and they tend to learn their moves for shows etc. there. The teacher is called Sally and they all love her. xx

  2. pretty jealous of the performance, to tell you the truth. Violet's stuff has always been a bit long winded and a whole less slick that this one. Which makes me sound really mean, but it's truth!

    oh yes, I'm sure loads of people would have shared this on FB and all sorts. Our school one put on a total ban on everything including photos, just because some utter nitwits had plastered everything on FB including the name of the school/teachers/other kids! Twits.

    You have a beautiful mess. Can't show you the mess I've got in various places, I'm too ashamed. I seem to make puddles of crafty mess everywhere.

    Am very behind on so much myself this week. Should be working on the party stuff but I've lost my groove a bit. Today is a PD day, so a certain someone has been a bit demanding. So far today, it's been declared a spa day (not for me I should add), a face pack has been applied, a leisurely bath been had, demands for Lego from the garage, then demand that I put it back when a dead spider was found, another box brought in in its place ... it's THAT sort of a day. Argh!

    Still. it's half term, and that's always good :O) x

    1. Thomas' old school put on very basic shows, no music, lights or even a stage at any of them. The first time I went to a show at this school I was gobsmacked at how good it was.

      There was a total ban for a while on photos etc. at the school as well because there were some looked after children who attended. That was until common sense kicked in and the 3 or 4 children affected were discreetly taken to one side so that parents of the other 200 pupils could take a photo. At this school the Head just asks us to be considerate of what we do with photos and video clips.

      I'm sure your party pazazz will return. From what I've seen you seem to have the majority of it sorted and some things just can't be done until the day can they, just to add a bit of last minute stress to the fun haha.

      Sounds like a busy day at yours. Hopefully Violet will have got most of her demands out of the way now and settle down for the rest of the holiday :) Had to laugh about the lego having to go back because of the spider, that's the sort of thing that would happen here.

      I'll be popping over to you later on tonight, but if you haven't posted anything, hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. They put on quite a good show! Well done, Thomas and kids. I won't show you my side table - it's not even a table, it's the corner of the piano! Way messier than your table!

    1. Ooh, you should really share your corner with us Bless, I'm sure it'll make you feel better haha.

      The show was really good. Couldn't get a clip of Thomas as he was too close to the children next to him and I didn't want faces to be really obvious. xx