Tuesday, 24 May 2016

All Is Good

Amy's exams are well and truly underway now. Yesterday was English, specifically 2 written pieces on Of Mice and Men and An Inspector Calls. Today was Food Tech followed by Geography. She's doing OK and seems glad that they're underway. It's a bit sad that all these geography notes she's written and used for revision over the past weeks will be of no use any more. It's only me that feels like that though, she's glad to see the back of them.
Every day Thomas takes a sandwich, apple and a biscuit or packet of crisps to school in his lunch bag. Every afternoon this is what he brings home. Exactly what I packed less 2 bites of his sandwich which is only bread and butter as he doesn't like any fillings. Tonight I will put in fresh water and butter a new slice of bread. Tomorrow he will bring it all home again. He won't eat at school because the dining hall is messy and it makes him feel sick. I don't worry too much anymore. He's made it to 10 and is a sturdy chap plus he eats 2 slices of toast, 2 sausages and half an apple for breakfast every day.
Here's the boy himself, doing what he does best. X-boxing on line with his friends. They were playing FIFA 16 and I've come to accept the fact that Thomas would rather let his fingers do the work than his legs. 
I went to Middleton with Mum yesterday but had to go back again today for a black t-shirt Thomas needs for his planet show. Another late request from school, something they seem to excel at. Anyway, while I was there I picked up some wool for another knitting fest I have on the go that requires me to make these super cute little bonnets. 
I've been disappointed with the stocks I bought. Apart from 3 stems which I've had to cut down the rest only lasted about 3 days before drooping and going soggy. I shall be reverting back to roses this week I think. 
The weather has been lovely today and all the doors and windows have been open to let the fresh air in. 

Without wanting to tempt fate it's good to be able to say "all is good at Number 38". 



  1. Glad to hear Amy's exams are underway and she is doing OK. Yes, a pity her revision notes won't be needed any more; such neat hand writing, too.

    Too bad about Thomas' lunch, but if he eats a good breakfast and then a snack after he comes home, then, that's OK, I'm sure. My daughter used to bring home half her lunch and eat it on the way home or as soon as she got home. Love the look of concentration on his face as he plays his game!

    Oh, now what can you be making that you need to make those cute little bonnets? Looking forward to seeing what you are making now!

    1. I've told her not to have a ceremonial burning of any notes just yet. Don't want to tempt fate just in case things don't go to plan and she needs them again.

      Thomas does eat a good breakfast and that seems to see him through the day so I'm not too worried. He tends to eat his lunch when he comes in from school although he won't have the one he took to school. I have to do it all again. I have to get a new packet of crisps out of the cupboard and a fresh apple from the fridge and the bread has to be replaced with toast. He's a star isn't he.

      Hoping to show the knitting in a couple of days. I've 'designed' this project myself so want to make sure it's OK first. xx

  2. You school makes me mad Suzanne! What are the staff doing??? We have a small room where sensitive around food children can go eat if they wish for whatever reason. Plus now it's fine, children with packed lunches can picnic on the field if they wish!
    However, he certainly doesn't look like he's suffering, BUT lunchtime is a social time and your school is spoiling it for him! He'd be so spoiled if he was in my charge!! The roses are beautiful.
    Exam season will soon be over hurrah! Little bonnets - what next?!!

    1. His school might have provision for children but I've never asked because it's not just the dining hall that bothers him, it's people eating in general, so even with a small group there could be issues. He specifically can't sit with anybody who eats with their mouth open or drops food onto the table and doesn't pick it up or even does pick it up and eats it instead of putting it in the bin and god forbid anybody burps, even when it's done discreetly, the knife and fork go down and mealtime for him is over. His ideal lunchtime would be eating in a room on his own.

      Cannot wait for exams to finish so we can all move on with this part of our lives. Hoping to show the knitting in the next couple of days. It's something I've 'created' myself based on another rectangle, so want to make sure it looks OK first. xx

  3. You are getting very clever! Can't wait to see it! If Thomas was in my class, he'd be able to be with me, on his own! I'm the same with messy noisy eaters!!! I'm so tired. Half term can't come quick enough!

    1. It's been a stressful one hasn't it as well with SATS, I can understand you being ready for a break.

      Haha, noisy eaters! It's awful when people don't have basic table manners. His headteacher does 'how to eat nicely and use your cutlery properly' demos on the stage at school, but really it should come from home shouldn't it. Mind you I think we're a bit old fashioned with meals and table manners here at Number 38. We sit together every evening and eat at the table and I know we're lucky to be able to do that, work patterns etc. often dictate the opposite, but some children don't have a clue about the basics. xx

  4. I always feel really relieved when you post about Thomas's little foibles and eating and such like. Violet has so many issues, and I often find myself thinking 'why can't she just be normal', then feel bad because she IS normal, she just has her own way of doing things, and liking things. She often brings home a packed lunch that has barely been touched. But like you, I've given up fretting. she has jam sandwiches EVERY. DAY. urgh. But what to do? She doesn't like ham/cheese/salad/cheese spread. She likes nutella and peanut butter, but school have banned all nut related things due to a few kids with allergies. Can't gripe about that, they have to keep kids safe, but wow, it really does cause problems. Violet would eat peanut butter sarnies every day, but I can't put them in there, so it's nice and sugary jam instead - Stupid!!!
    We've been rebellious with snack this week. Instead of the usual boring old chedds, we've smuggled in a snack pack of Jaffa cakes! ha ha!

    Those stocks should have lasted longer than that, I am shocked, nay, disgusted. Mine usually last a week or just over, so I am disappointed for you.

    Glad Amy is ploughing through her exams, and things have settled down there.


    1. My boy took jam sandwiches or bread and butter to school for nigh on the whole time he was there. He got s bit adventurous whilst at high school and would occasionally have wafer thin ham on wholemeal. High living indeed

    2. If I told you Thomas' diet for the past 3 months has been.... sausages, oven chips, some broccoli, cheese & onion crisps, apples, rich tea biscuits, toast, the occasional glass of milk, about 4 servings of salmon and maybe 2 servings of roast chicken (when I say servings I'm talking 4 mouthfuls),then you might feel better about Violet. And I'm not exaggerating. That's his diet at this moment in time. Tomorrow he could well decide he doesn't like any of that any more and choose something else to eat for 3 months.

      Nothing wrong with jam butties, the generation that live forever were brought up on them :) And I believe the Queen is partial to one for afternoon tea.

      Rachel, had to smile at your boy with the ham. Maybe once a year Thomas will try a ham sandwich declare he loves it then never touch them again. He used to eat tuna but he's so over that now.

      What can you do? The worry of it could send me to an early grave, so I refuse to go there. It is what it is which is basically a Jamie Oliver nightmare haha. xx

    3. Ooh forgot the scrambled eggs! When a diet is so limited it's important to list everything! xx

    4. I'm so jealous! My lad won't eat eggs at all unless it's pancakes or Yorkshire pud. I wept when he was a toddler and he tried scrambled egg and instantly spat it out. A nutritious quick easy meal idea GONE
      He's been brought up ( fetched up ) on weetabix! I reasoned weetabix was better for him than the infernal chicken nuggets n chips diet that most kids had. He made it to adulthood though! All that worrying for nowt!

    5. That's the thing isn't it. They tend to live even on what we consider to be a c**p diet. I'm too old to be fussing about it these days. If it's sausages he wants, it's sausages he gets. xx

    6. It really isn't worth the heartache!! I'm with you! X