Thursday, 5 May 2016

2 minute jobs

Bargain of the day at Lidl was geraniums reduced to 50p. I picked up three. Plus some lilies. I still have tulips from last week and roses from the week before. The roses are in water but are drying out. I'm thinking if they stay looking this good, maybe I can keep them as dried flowers.
Lunch today was fruit and porridge. I do that sometimes. Have no idea what I fancy so opt for a bowl of porridge. I made it too milky but after leaving it for 5 minutes it thickened up and I just popped it back in the microwave. I ate it outside in the sun and whilst it was by no means haute cuisine it was just what I wanted.
I've knitted another doll. They grow quite quickly doing a couple of rows here and there. Instead of knitting a back and front I did an all in one. I couldn't reverse my brain properly though because the pattern on the dress isn't right but I don't think it matters too much. Pinned out like this it reminds me of Siamese twins. I think it's about time I bought a new ironing board cover.
And today I thought I'd list 5 two minute jobs that I do every day that I get fed up of doing every day. They really do only take 2 minutes as well but the repetitiveness of them is so boring. 

So here goes.

1. Bleach and scrub the toilet
2. Garden poop patrol (doggies not us!)
3. Sorting colours from whites in the laundry basket
4. Putting the caps back on both tubes of toothpaste
5. Bringing cups and glasses downstairs from drinks of water needed in the night

Anybody else do something every day that takes hardly any time at all but gets on your nerves?



  1. I like how you buy yourself a bouquet of flowers each week. :) Those roses would make stunning dried flowers! 50p for geraniums sound like a good bargain. You are going to have a lot of color in your garden, this summer.

    1. I love fresh flowers and the store I buy them from sell them for such a good price it'd be a shame not to pick some up. I seem to be having a love affair with geraniums this year. Perhaps I'm drawn to them because they don't need much looking after. If there are any left this week I plan to pick up some more. I've fallen behind with my blog reading this week, I blame it on the puppets! but I'm hoping to come over and visit you at some point this weekend. Hope you have been keeping well. xx

  2. yes I do. Scooping Dud's loo (apparently no one else is able to do this), emptying dishwasher, which is such a Pampered Person Problem, but ick, I just hate it, making packed lunches. Why? No idea. I just get all huffy and think 'ew, got to make packed lunches now', clearing up after dinner each evening, I just want to go and get in jim jams and relax.
    Oh, I'm sure I could go on and on, but yes, there are loads of stupid little things that I have to do and every time I have annoyance doing it.

    Bargain with the geraniums! Good idea with the roses. I do that sometimes when I have pretty flowers sent to me and I want to keep a little memory. I turn them upside down and leave them to dry somewhere. I've got some pale pink ones from Mother's Day attached upside down on a pinboard! They've kept the colour really well.

    Love seeing your knitting projects.

    blimey, I need to close my computer. Nearly half seven and no one is dressed and ready for the day yet! eeks! Happy Friday xx

    1. Oh I hear you regarding the poop patrol. I'm the only one capable of doing it here as well. I supposed all our niggles are first world aren't they, but a niggle is a niggle!

      Planning to pick up some more geraniums this week. Knowing Lidl they'll have been reduced even more! The roses are still in water but I'll take them out this week and let them dry. They're so pretty I hope they dry out nicely.

      Time has gone nowhere this week. I've not even kept up with my blog reading. Mind you I've faffed around for England so that could be the reason. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. The teddy pin cushion is very worrying - who are you thinking of when you stick the pins in! :-0

    1. Well now you come to mention it, a few people flit across my mind, but honestly I don't cast any spells as I'm sticking the pins in :) xx

  4. I'm with Sadie re the dishwasher.
    Also packed lunches. I get up and make them every morning and grumble to myself every morning thinking why didn't I do them last night?!!
    And daily, I find myself putting away the margarine from where the menfolk have buttered their toast. Because clearly they cannot lift a knife over to the sink and reopen the fridge to put the butter back. Grrrr

    1. I do the kids as soon as they get in from school. It's a routine. Empty boxes and bottles, wash, dry, make lunch, in fridge. Done and dusted. I've always done mine the night before, there's no way I'd ever leave myself enough time to do them in the morning.

      Oh yes, margarine is definitely another one along with leaving the bread out. Grrr indeed haha. xx