Thursday, 3 March 2016

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Thomas has a new skill. Clicking his fingers. He clicked so much over the weekend that he's got blisters.
School sent out 2 lists on Monday giving us plenty of time (insert sarcasm here) to come up with certain clothes and props by Friday for the dress rehearsal of a show they're doing. On top of that could we please make a 3D model of the solar system or a planet by 23rd March.
On the way back from Winsford we stopped at Lymm. We parked at the 'top' of the village and walked down through the centre to the river at the bottom.
The houses are in a beautiful setting and it must be lovely looking out over the river every day. The weir was quite noisy though and I wonder how loud it actually is at night when everything is really quiet. I know with all that running water I'd be in and out of bed going to the loo every 10 minutes if I lived here. 

Lymm is definitely classed as a village but it has an abundance of cafes, pubs and restaurants including Italian, Turkish and Thai. It also has lots of independent businesses like this florist and butchers which gives the streets an extra charm. Sorry about the photo, my camera doesn't always work when I zoom in. 

The weather was fine and we were able to have a walk along the canal.  
Where we saw a few barges chugging along.
And of course plenty of ducks.
There were lots of little streets with cobbles, which might look quaint but they are very hard on the feet and I was silently grateful to Edgar Purnell Hooley who invented tarmac in 1901, (I looked that bit of useless information up!).
Lunch was in the pub by the canal and the half a lager shandy went down a treat. Mark had scampi and chips and I opted for a cheese and chutney sandwich which consisted of 2 slices of unbuttered bread, 2 plastic cheese slices and a dollop of chutney and a hair! Refund duly given we set off home.
In the evening we went to Thomas' school for the Robinwood presentation. Thomas enjoyed it but we found it boring watching photo after photo of every child who went apart from your own. I think Thomas' face appeared 4 times in the hour we sat there. It was a bit like one of those nights in the 70's where people used to get their projector and slides out to show you their holiday, only without the bottle of Blue Nun to take the edge off the boredom! That's the beauty of blogs. If you don't want to go on somebody's day out with them, you can scroll down quickly or come off altogether.


I went to the new part of Bury this week where all the big stores are to do some holiday shopping for Thomas. An hour in Primark and he was sorted with t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, shorts and swimming shorts. This little lot cost £52 and will see him through the year and quite possibly next year as well. His old clothes look as good as the day we bought them because he hardly wears them! 
It's my turn next week. I need to go through the 'summer case' in the wardrobe and remind myself what I've got before I go spending. No point buying if I don't need it and I try to keep it to the bare minimum anyway as there's generally not much opportunity to wear floaty flimsy summer tops and dresses in the UK.


Today was Thomas' penultimate World Book Day today - hurrah! Here he is as The Artful Dodger. I might have bought this costume but it wasn't without its problems. He didn't like the feel of it. I knew he wouldn't. Neither did he like the feel of the long sleeved top I had in mind for underneath it. So we decided he would wear his PJ's to keep the material from touching his skin. That was until he realised this morning it was PE day and he didn't want anybody to know he was wearing pyjamas. So at 8.30am it all came off and we started again with tracksuit bottoms and a school shirt. I'm making his costume next year!
That little drama out of the way I went off to Lidl. It's grey and miserable here again today and I think I'm subconsciously trying to bring some colour into my life.

Yellow roses on the windowsill
Still upright tulips on the mantelpiece
And a fruit salad in the making
This afternoon I got the jigsaw out and had a good hour with the birds. Mark has gone to collect Thomas from school, so I'm now enjoying a quiet cuppa, catching up on blogs, although the bloggy world seems very quiet this week.

It's dancing tonight, it's been 2 weeks since we went and I'm hoping we do something a little slower than the cha cha cha, it completely knackers me out and I'm fit for nothing for the rest of the night.

I'll be back on Sunday. In the meantime, hope you've all had a great week so far. Enjoy your weekend.



  1. ow! those blisters! Ow! It's a big deal though, when they finally get the knack to clicking. Though after hearing it constantly we might regret the moment they cracked it!

    Your fruit & flowers pics are glorious, I love them!

    Lymm looks like a lovely place to visit. I agree that cobbles look nice but are nasty to walk on. The times I've nearly broken an ankle walking in heels over the things.

    The Artful Dodger looks great! Ha, I had to laugh at the complaint of the fabric. Violet is exactly the same. Everything is scratchy, labels have to be cut out, still not happy, moan, moan, moan. We had a row this morning, she didn't want to wear her strawberry printed skinny jeans. She was no longer Violet Mackerel, but Chloe from the Dork Diaries books. Which was fine, we decided Chloe would dress in the exact same way, and we plaited her hair as a final flourish. But today it was decided the skinny jeans felt 'funny'. I told her to do a few lunges and soften them a bit, but no, still a glut of moaning. In the end I told her it was the strawberry trews or school uniform. Ha! But we always have some sort of issue with any kind of clothing, and it sounds the same for you. I should save money by not buying any out of school clothes, because when home, Violet lives in jogging bottoms and trusty old t-shirts that all look shabby/too small, or failing that, she stays in jim jams. The amount of stuff I put in charity bags that she *whispers* hasn't even worn and now they're too small. Total nightmare.

    Yes, blogging world is very quiet right now. I've blogged for the last time this week. Might blog on Sunday, but only if I am presented with a glut of diamonds on Mother's Day (won't happen, I've asked for a pink & white striped mug and am using it already, and a Mac lip pencil! That'll do me :O)

    have a fab end to the week, enjoy your weekend xx

    1. He's constantly clicking at the moment, it's driving me mad but at least he can't whistle yet haha.

      World Book Day went off OK in the end although he was most disgusted when the teacher stood him next to an oompa loompa to take a photo because she thought he was Willy Wonka, and that was after they'd gone around the class standing up and telling each other who they were.

      Oh yes, I have plenty of "it feels funny" comments with added shuddering just to make sure he's got the point across. Had to laugh at you telling Violet to do lunges, we made Thomas wear his costume the night before for an hour so it would soften up, (not a chance, it was like cardboard). I wonder how many other Mums across the country went through similar scenarios yesterday.

      I've given loads of nearly new clothes to charity simply because Thomas hasn't worn them. The past couple of years I've really cut down on what I buy him, I think I actually spend more on his PJ's, which are also a waste of money because he won't wear the tops and I can never just find the bottoms for sale. I can't say I blame Violet and her old faithfuls, there's nothing nicer than lounging around in comfy clothes. I think my brain actually works better when I'm in my PJ's.

      I shall pop over to visit on Sunday just in case you do get diamonds, but if you're not there, have a lovely day with Violet and Bill. 'Speak soon'. xx

  2. Thomas looks great but I feel your pain with the sensitivity to fabric thing. Flo wont wear shop bought fancy dress costumes because the material is always so cheap and nasty. I have always had to make her costumes. Last year for her birthday (it was a Frozen thing!) she wanted to dress up as Elsa in the coronation dress and I knew there was no way I could make that myself and make it look like the one in the film. Neither was it the popular Elsa costume (the one in all the shops was the blue dress once Elsa had done the whole Ice Queen thing). I did find a coronation dress on line (4 x the price of the more popular dress) but it was made in decent quality fabric so Flo was happy to wear it and that is the only time she has worn a bought fancy dress. For World Book day I always had to make something from scratch. At her new school it is only the pre-prep years that dress up for World Book day. She does have to go to school dressed as an Ancient Egyptian in a couple of weeks, so I need to get busy with fabric for that.

    Lovely flowers. I think I will pick some up tomorrow. Have a good weekend and a Happy Mother's Day x

    1. I might enrol Thomas in Flo's school before next WBD if they don't dress up! I might even post a note in the school suggestion box that they just stop with all these costumes and take their favourite book in instead. Grumpy Mum that I am lol.

      I'm sorry for saying this, but it makes me feel better knowing Thomas isn't the only one with regards to clothes feeling funny. I've never bought anything before for WBD for the same reasons as you, but even making something is hard, I'm not a seamstress and material still comes into play, so the whole combination of what to go as, what I can sew and what material I can find makes the whole thing a blooming nightmare. Anyway, it's over now for another year thank goodness.

      It seems so early for Mother's Day this year and Easter is only a couple of weeks away. I feel like it'll be Christmas again before we know it. Hope you have a good weekend as well and enjoy your Mother's Day. xx

  3. Hello ! It feels like AAAAAGES since I've 'seen ' you! Wrote an incredibly witty lengthy comment that just disappeared grrrr
    But basically I said
    OUCH to the clicks blisters, it made me wince. Though I bet you are mentally chopping off the fingers to stop them clucking!!
    BWBD - Bloody World Book Day - I stuck to my guns this year and didn't dress up, to show those that hadn't/wouldn't/couldn't it was ok! I had to rescue a little cherub from ks1 who was in meltdown. All it needed was for me to suggest they take their costume off and out their PE kit on instead. Instant calm.
    The kids were high as kites and it's REALLY tricky identifying them whenever they are not in uniform! Your fruit salad looks very healthy. I've some kiwi fruits and plums slowly being ignored and going mouldy in the kitchen. I bought them with good intentions. Le sigh!
    I'm grrrr with you too re the school lists. The bit I'm most grrr about is the zombie. Kids seem obsessed with them these days. I never even knew what one was until I was at secondary school watching hideous horror movies out of my mother's way!
    I'm currently binge watching my way through the Walking Dead. I'm still hooked. I have to put the child lock pin in though to see it. Zombies are not for kids!!

    Right that's quite a lot of rambling, but it feels like I've not seen you in forever!! Xx

    1. Rachel! Hello there. At the risk of sounding like I'm your stalker my cut off date for not hearing from you was tomorrow when I was going to drop you an e-mail to see if all was well with you.

      The zombie outfit is for the Spring Show. Thomas' class will be dancing to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and then making a big leap to the opposite end of the scale their second song is 'Singing in the Rain'.

      World Book Day went off OK, once we'd sorted out what he was wearing underneath that is! So far this month requests from school have been WBD costume, WBD leaflet for the book fair, spring show costumes, 3D solar planet model and a choir festival which I've had to buy a school jumper for because he doesn't wear one but he needs one for this. The Easter Egg decoration thing hasn't been mentioned yet, but no doubt that will be coming soon.

      I'm not sure I believe you didn't get dressed up, I bet you just don't want to admit it and then be badgered for a photo haha.

      Right, going to 'knock on' at yours now and see what you've been up to since you went AWOL. xx

    2. Haha didn't thriller have a rating for the video? Or did I just make that up? Schools genuinely think parents are made of money!! It's the dreaded BOOK FAIR coming shortly....
      I'm glad you were doing your good citizen bit and checking on your elderly!! I just don't have much time in the week sometimes to blog! I have been dressed up in the past, just not this time!

    3. It did didn't it. I remember Top of The Pops wouldn't show it and there was no internet for illicit downloading either. How did we cope!

      Yes, book fair is here, but I don't buy anything. I'd rather just give school the commission they'd make on the book than buy the over priced thing itself. Amy wanted a Jacqueline Wilson book one year. It was £12 at the Fair but I'd seen it for £5 in Asda. Needless to say I went and bought the Asda one.

      It's stupid what goes on at schools these days. At the old school an artist would come in (nobody special, just some random person), and get the kids to paint a picture in a certain style. Then he'd take all the paintings home, mount them in a £1 frame and open a 'gallery' in the hall. Parents were then invited to buy the painting for about £8 I think.

      It makes me sound really mean and as though I don't want to get involved. But honestly, it's something every month, and on some occasions every week. And I've only got Thomas. Think about the people who have 2 or 3 children bringing requests for this, that and the flipping other home. xx

  4. Sorry, I just can't get past the request for a 3D model of the solar system. That seems to be a very big ask. I think I'd have to go with a black hole!

    1. Oh Liz, the black hole has really tickled me. I'm at the end of my tether with school requests at the moment, it's getting beyond a joke. The thing is your average kid/parent won't bother making anything (I know, I've asked Thomas before how many kids take things in and it's only a handful), but Thomas has to follow the 'rules' and any requests are written in stone and have to be completed, so I can't just say "oh, don't bother this time", he'd worry about it so much, it's just easier to do it. Hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day. Everything seems to be early this year and it's throwing me a bit. xx