Thursday, 17 March 2016

Three Days

Day 1

Treats: I asked Mark to bring me some Rose Pouchong tea back from London for me to try. It must have been a good day business wise as I also got some Assam tea, a box of pink champagne truffles and a tea for one F&M teapot, cup and saucer. Lucky me!
Relatives: My Dad's sister and her husband came to visit. They're both in their late 80's and still going strong. It's ironic really, as my Aunt was the eldest of 4 children and all 3 of her siblings have passed away. Her brother was in his 20's and her sister and my Dad were in their 40's. We spent a lovely couple of hours chatting over tea and cakes and discussing their favourite subject - their ailments and all the doctor and hospital appointments they've been to. Bless them. 
Middleton: New Tins. Thought they might be useful for my knitting, crochet and sewing bits and at £1.69 for the set they were a bargain.
Day 2

Bury: A new swimming costume with tummy control. I still haven't lost that bag of potatoes that seemed so do-able all those weeks ago, so I've gone for the cheats option. Plus a pack of canvases and some embroidery thread for another project I have in mind.
Henna: The Elephant in the Room! Drawn freehand by a student under the watchful eye of a tutor. Cost £4. Rather sweet actually. Thank you for all your comments about this :)
Moving On: From tattoos to eye make-up. It's becoming obvious Amy is ready to leave school with all its rules and regulations and get to college where there's more freedom with clothes and make-up.

Day 3

Knitting: Purple hat. 

Lidl: Tulips, daffodils and these cute little bundt cake moulds.
Tea Drinking: Rose Pouchong has a delicious hint of Turkish Delight to it. Personally, I'd prefer more of that flavour than the rose petal that comes through but it's still a lovely tea. It's an acquired taste but one that I've taken to quickly. 
Retro Craft: I bought all this embroidery thread for £1 and thought I'd try sewing onto canvas. I painted the 4 mini canvases I bought from The Works and set to. I wanted the finished product to look like string art.
It was easy enough to do but the needle left quite big holes, so I bought some map pins and pushed them through just to neaten it up and to give it that finished string craft look. Because there's no thickness to the canvas the pins aren't secured in any way, they just sit there.
It's not a problem as even stood up they stay in place. I have 2 more to do. One will be a flower, the other a hot air balloon. Just in case you're wondering, these are a boat and the sun. My 'theme' is Summer and they're for my shelf when I next change it over.
It's quite therapeutic making patterns and I can see I'll have to control myself with this craft. 



  1. oh thank goodness you like the tea! I don't mind telling you I was worried that you'd just hate it. It IS an acquired taste, as it's not the usual tea, but I think it's so refreshing. I have mine with a slice of lemon. And I am not a lemon in tea kind of girl!

    Aw, old folk and their love of the health issues! Bill works for an old girl every other Friday, he'll ask how she is, and then gets a whole run down and all her ailments, doctors visits that week, and planned visits for the next. Seems she is always in need of some kind of treatment!

    Love Amy's eye make up.

    Gorgeous flowers, and how clever you are with your artwork. It looks just like string art!

    :O) x x

    1. Aww, I wouldn't have held you responsible for the tea. I know what you mean though, it's probably not something I'd confidently recommend to people.

      Haha, poor Bill, I bet he spends as much time listening as he does gardening. I think there's only 40% of my real Aunty Jean left, the rest is made up of new hips, knees and shoulders. No wonder they live to such a ripe old age these days lol. xx

  2. Aren't you the lucky girl with all the nice treats! I like Amy's eye make up and the elephant looks like it's fading already. You have been busy with your crafting. The canvases will look really nice on your shelf. Woke up to snow this morning and a cold wind. The snow was all gone by this afternoon but now, after supper, it's snowing again! We've had no snow since January and now it's Spring it decides to rear it's ugly head again. Oh, and I really like the little bundt molds.

    1. I don't think it will last longer than a couple of weeks but she's asked if she can have another one for Lanzarote.

      I'm with you on the snow front. There comes a point where it's just too late and spring needs to arrive.

      I'll be making little cakes in my bundt tins tomorrow. Hope they turn out OK, they're silicone and I've never used them before. I'll post a photo on Sunday either way :) xx

  3. Lucky you with lots of treats, my husband doesn't do surprises but I'm still lucky with him. The tea does sound nice I might look out for some though I will be popping to Lidle first for some bundt moulds xx

    1. Mark doesn't really do surprises either. I knew I was getting the tea because I'd asked for it! The other things were definitely surprises. It'll be years before it happens again. Oh yes, get some of the bundt moulds, they're so cute. I'm making little lemon drizzle cakes in them tomorrow. xx

  4. What lovely treats, and the art work is really clever. x

  5. I know, I'm very lucky aren't I. It doesn't happen often so I thought I'd better take a photo for posterity lol. I really lost myself in the string art. You can go on forever making patterns. xx

  6. I've some of those moulds - I use em for jelly!!! When I'm n a diet and I want some sugar free jelly to feel like a posh pudding! Love those string art, I did a huge peacock once - got it as a kit as a kid and my mum had it on the dining room wall for ever! Sadie's metallic threads could be used for this!

    1. Yes, I've seen them used for jelly as well. I'm the only one who likes it and it would be an extra treat to have a fancy shaped one.

      I had a string art as a kid too. Mine was an owl and Mum also hung it on the wall! The metallic thread would look really good for this kind of project. My owl was done in a silver sparkly thread. I can see it now. xx

    2. Yes, my peacock was sparkly thread too! I can see it now. A black felt coloured board with nails already in and I guess I must have followed some kind of paper pattern. It had a full tail up of fancy quills. I wish I'd kept it now. I'm going to google it!!!

    3. OMG, I can see my owl. And your peacock is beautiful. Yours must have been the posh version because I can clearly remember sitting on the kitchen floor banging the nails in myself.

      Something else I always had was a sequin doll. I loved them. I can't do linky things but just type in sequin craft dolls. String art, sequin dolls and jigsaws, I must have had the patience of a saint back in those days. xx