Thursday, 10 March 2016

Since Monday ....

.... I've been to Rochdale Town Hall to watch Thomas perform at the Music Festival. I've never been inside before and it's a beautiful building. I didn't take my camera, so pinched this off their website. All the children did really well and Thomas' school came 2nd.   
.... I've cast on some pink wool and started knitting a blanket. It's not a big one but a perfect size to pop over baby when she's in the car seat. The pattern is easy enough but one wrong stitch and it's a b****r to sort out. I've had to pull it off the needles a couple of times to get back to the knit row. There's a bit of counting involved as well and every time I pick it up, it seems to be a cue for the family to start talking to me or asking me questions so it's hard to concentrate properly.
... I've been shopping, well, who would be able to resist:) 
.... I've decided olive bread with smoked cheese and a handful of grapes on the side is perfect for lunch when nothing else inspires you.
 .... I've watched Suffragette. I loved the fact that the story was told from a 24 year old laundry girl's point of view. Even after 'getting the vote' in 1918 she still wouldn't have been eligible to vote as the initial criteria for women was dependant on wealth and being aged over 30. It was another 10 years before all women over 21 were given voting rights. 'Emeline Pankhurst' only made a brief appearance but the storyline portrayed the injustice of what women went through and how badly they were treated with no rights over their children, possessions, money etc. 

To be fair, on the vote front, many men didn't fare much better and it wasn't until 1918 that every man over 21 was given the right to vote. Prior to that it was dependent on class and ownership of property.

The really interesting thing is at the end of the film there is a list of the year countries around the world gave women the vote. I was amazed at some of the European ones, Spain 1931, France 1944, Switzerland 1971, Portugal 1976.
.... I've bought some rafia for a project I want to have a go at. It seems simple enough but I have a feeling it will be messy and not as easy as it looks. 
... I've breathed a sigh of relief that Amy's German oral exam is over and done with and the 3D Solar System model is complete.
.... I've been to Thomas' parents evening.

... I've been making lists. Lots and lots of lists. Holiday, travel, clothes, Easter, school projects, craft ideas, you name it, it's on a list.
... I've started another book. It's a good read and the story is told from the point of view of a slave and the daughter of the slave owners, who to the disgrace of the family, becomes a Quaker and fights for abolition.

I'll be back on Sunday and all being well I'll show you what I've used the rafia for. 

Hope you've all had a lovely week and you all enjoy your weekend.



  1. I just love seeing a new post from you in my timeline! That blanket is gorgeous. I find I count louder and louder to drown out questions when the family come near, I mean for crying out loud, don't they know we are knitting??!!!!
    The space model is amazing! I can't wait to see your rafia project- Easter bonnet/basket is my bet X

    1. Laughing out loud here Rachel. I do the same. Shake my head vigorously and count each number louder and louder. Then they say, oh sorry are you counting!

      The space model will be winging its way to school tomorrow out of my way and off one of my lists. I can't take credit for the idea, I just google until I find something I think we can do that will look OK and not cost too much. I spent £3.49 on this.

      It is an Easter craft thingy but not a bonnet or basket, although I quite like the basket idea and might look into that especially as I need one to put my makes in, if they work that is.

      Hope you're still enjoying having Miss 21 back home. Bet it seems like she's never been away doesn't it. xx

    2. I'm loving every second - because it's almost time for her to leave!

    3. Aww Rachel, kids just shouldn't be allowed to grow up should they. I used to joke to Thomas that I was going to ask the Doctor for a tablet to keep him as a little boy, but he got quite worried about it so I've had to stop. Not that he'll probably ever leave home. I think Amy will fly the nest sooner rather than later. Girls seem so much more independent somehow. xx

  2. you have been so busy. Puts me to shame. I feel as if I haven't achieved anything at all this week.

    love the space project. Turned out so well. Am really curious to your raffia project. Glad Amy's German is out of the way now.

    The blanket is looking so good already, I am envious of your knitting ability. Such a talent to have. And I don't blame you at all for shopping for little baby dresses, they are too cute to resist!

    Lists. I love a good list. I've decided that I need to carry a notebook at all times, so I can jot down the things that ping in my head. I keep forgetting things I don't want to forget.


    1. I've had something to do every day this week that's taken me out of the house and I'm a bit fed up of it. I like a day or two in the home just doing what I fancy. Next week seems a bit quieter but things crop up from nowhere, so we'll see.

      I love knitting and I'm enjoying making the blanket. I know a lot of mums don't always go for pink and blue these days but I've taken my lead from Sophie who said she was going out to buy pink things when she found out it was a girl, so I think the colour will be acceptable lol.

      Yes, why is it that you always think of things when you've not got a pen or paper near you. It always happens to me in the bathroom. I can think of a dozen things I need to do/buy while brushing my teeth. By the time I get downstairs I'm lucky if I can remember one.

      Going to catch up on blogs today, so I'll speak to you later. xx

  3. What a busy post - well done Tom's school on coming second, blanket looks lovely, dress - very sweet, lunch looked good and the solar system is cracking. xx

    1. Thank you. It has been a busy week. I'm ready for a couple of days to myself in the house now, but that won't happen until next week, if at all. Today I've taken the car in for a service, my friend is coming for a brew and I've got an invitation to celebration assembly this afternoon because Thomas has won an award. Then of course it's weekend. I love my own company, just can't get any of it at the moment lol. xx

  4. The blanket looks so sweet. One of the hardest things for a Grandmother is trying to resist buying baby clothes, especially for girls, as there are so many darling choices : ). Well done Thomas' school at the music at the music festival and to Amy and her German exam.
    I just watched Suffragette and wish the younger women would watch it and catch some of that energy regarding women's rights.
    You have had a busy week and I am looking forward to see what the raffia is made into.

    1. I'm really enjoying making the blanket. I've got into the pattern now so even if somebody talks to me I know where I'm up to! You're right, there are so many lovely things out there it would be easy to get carried away. But the blanket and dress will be it until baby arrives. Their big gift from us is a set of bedroom furniture they wanted for the nursery.

      It's hard to believe the fight for votes was only 100 years ago and also how late some countries were in acknowledging women's rights. And of course there are plenty of countries that still don't. I think there's a general apathy about most things these days from men and women. I like to hold onto the belief that if we really needed to stand up and be counted we'd still have it in us :)

      Have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Would you be able to share the baby blanket pattern. It's lovely.

    1. Thank you. I found it on Ravelry and I've used it before. It's called a waffle blanket by Alexis Layton if you want to have a look. But the pattern is as follows:

      Cast on 158 stitches. This gives you a blanket 51 inches x 40 inches. 10 of these stitches are for the border at the sides (5 stitches each side). Then the pattern is made up of a block of 4 stitches. So if you want a smaller blanket cast on 10 for your border then however many multiples of 4 you think you will need. I just wanted a little blanket for the car seat so I'm working with 78 stitches.

      Knit 9 rows
      1st Row : Knit
      2nd Row : Knit 5 *P4, YO* repeat to last 5 stithes then Knit 5
      3rd Row: Knit 5 *Drop YO, YO, Slip 1, K3, PSSO* repeat to last 5 stithces, K5
      4th Row: Purl

      Repeat until you've got the length you want. Then knit another 9 rows and cast off.

      Hope that makes sense :) xx