Monday, 7 March 2016

Jabs, Vets, Docs, Scan

It's been a bit of a medical day today.

Amy had her MenC jab at school and her arm is aching but apart from that she's fine.

After dropping Thomas off at school it was straight to the vets so Sparky could have his boosters. I don't really think pets need vaccinating every year and ours have only ever had the initial ones and always lived to a ripe old age. However, it's a condition of them going into kennels so it's got to be done. I bought flea drops and worming tablets while I was there as well. Total cost £67.20.

At 9.45am I was back at school collecting Thomas for an appointment at the Doctors. While there I bought a school jumper for the music festival he's taking part in tomorrow. Another £12.95 handed over.

He's been complaining of pains in his legs on and off for a few weeks and says his knee keeps giving way. He's never walked right since he broke his leg 7 years ago, he has a slight gait and can sometimes limp until his leg has 'warmed up'. I've had him back to the surgery several times about it over the years but they always said nothing was wrong. Anyway I thought I'd better take him to the Docs again and it turns out, as I suspected all along, he has LLD, (leg length discrepancy), or to you and me, one leg longer than the other. It stems from his fracture when apparently his bone over-compensated while healing and grew quicker than in his other leg. Anyway, he's been referred to a specialist and we're now waiting for an appointment to see what they can/need to do. 

Phase 2 of 'Project 3D Solar System' is now in place. Painting the planets. The sooner we get this done the better. Thomas doesn't really have any interest in these projects but we do them because the idea of him not taking one in sends him into a complete panic. Never mind that half the class don't bother, we at Number 38 have no choice if we want to avoid a meltdown. This is his "I really want to be doing something else rather than painting balls of icing" face.
I've just done a trade with him. Get on with the painting and you can have  my laptop. An added bonus is he sits in the lounge with it so me and Amy get the games room and will be able to watch Suffragette. 

And finally, we found out the colour of the baby today. It's a pink one, so we have a grand-daughter on the way. Can't wait. 



  1. aw, a little baby girl! Fabulous. Now you can get knitting all things pink :O)

    Your little geezer does look like he'd rather be elsewhere (and again with the bare chest! He's a tough guy all right, it's been freezing here today and I suspect the same for you).

    I wonder if they can do anything for his leg? It's a tricky one.

    Ok. I must away. Just watching Ghost Adventures on You Tube though I really shouldn't watch it before bed. I often wake up after really scary ghost dreams, and it's all my own fault for watching stuff like GA!

    Hope you enjoy the film. xx

    1. I think I'll make a little blanket for her car seat. I have some pink wool in the box that I can use.

      He really doesn't like doing anything like this and although I help I refuse to do it all. Part of his life lessons are if he's really worried about not handing something in I won't always be there to do it for him and he has to put some effort in himself.

      I hate anything scary or supernatural. The Ice Twins left me feeling a bit spooked out in places.

      I got 20 minutes into the film and was quite happily watching it through the Xbox when Thomas took the controller thingy to play a game on the laptop and it somehow linked to the DVD so it was FF, rewinding, jumping and pausing. I'll watch it tomorrow afternoon when I'm on my own. xx

    2. Forgot to mention his leg. The doctor said there are a number of options but it depends on how severe the difference is. He measured it at 2cm longer than the other. According to Dr Google the cut off point is a 2cm difference before they think about surgery, but I don't think they'll do that. Unless the Doc has mis-measured and it's more. They might just give him a shoe insert (wedge thing), so he's not putting any extra strain on his hips and back. Sounds simple, but they don't know Thomas and his quirks about how things feel. I can't imagine him being happy with anything in his shoe. There's never a dull moment as they say. xx

    3. in regards to the shoe insert sometimes you can sneak one in under the insole that comes with the shoe. There is also the option with leather soled shoes of the sole of the shoe made thicker.

    4. Hi Candace, I think if anything it'll be a shoe insert. The other option is to shorten the leg by surgery, which is easier than trying to lengthen the leg, but I really don't think the difference is big enough for that. We'd try the insert but because of how Thomas is with the feel of things it might be better to do something to his shoe. I expect it will be weeks before we hear anything about a referral so nothing is going to happen any time soon. xx