Sunday, 27 March 2016

Lucky Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter! Hope you've all had a lovely day.

Mine started even later than usual. I got up at 10am which was actually 11am so a very late start even by my standards.

We started the day with a typical Easter Sunday breakfast of chocolate eggs. No smile from Thomas this time, his mouth was too full of the good stuff. 
We were going to Aunty Edith's for tea which meant I didn't have to cook, so I made a brew and picked up my knitting. I've started a little jacket with a hood for the baby. 
Then it was time to pick Amy up from her friends, go and visit Joan, then head over to Aunty Edith's for tea.

We've not been in long and I'm on here trying not to think about all the packing I need to do tomorrow. 

And look at this. As Mark drove onto our drive there was a lucozade bottle rolling around and when he went to pick it up he spotted a wet and crumpled £20 in the corner. There was nobody around to ask if it was there's so it's now on Number 38's radiator drying out nicely. 
It'll be a busy day here tomorrow but I'm hoping to do a quick post and catch up with what you've all been doing over the weekend. 

Until then. 



  1. Happy Easter Suzanne! Glad you've had a great day and £20 too. Spending money? The little jacket looks so sweet. I love to knit for little people, their clothes are far prettier. Good luck with the packing. X

  2. Happy Easter!
    Don't envy you doing the packing! it sounds so simple 'oh, I've got to pack', in reality, it's a bit of a nightmare!

    Fab luck with the £20. I love finding loot. Late last year, Bill gave Violet and I a lift to school, it was raining hard so he'd turned back nd picked us up. He dropped us off in the car park of the pub next to school, as I got out I looked down, and there was a crumpled up £5 soaking in a puddle. I picked it up and handed it to Bill, telling him it was his thank you. Felt great to find cash like that.

    Hope tea was nice, and that you haven't all scoffed too much choccy! :O) x

  3. I'm writing this waiting for Mr 18 to get in from a night out. If fallen asleep but the HG woke me at 4am to tell me he wasn't in. I texted him and he said he was going to find a taxi. He should be here soon. Bloody kids!
    The little cardi is so cute and I hope Thomas wasn't to sick after a day of chocolate!! Happy packing!

  4. Hope the packing goes well. If you're anything like me there'll always be something that gets left behind but as long as it isn't one of the kids or the mister! What a lucky (and well timed) find. I'm not one to gloat ( me? gloat?) but yesterday I'd been to the farmers market and baked a Victoria sponge whilst (ahem) some people were still a-bed!

  5. Good luck with the packing! Enjoy your found money.

  6. Happy packing and have a great holiday!

  7. Hope the packing went well & that you have a fab holiday x