Sunday, 6 March 2016

Friday, Saturday, Mother's Day


At last, snow has arrived at Number 38! Not enough for school closures though much to Amy and Thomas' disappointment. I had to check the websites several times before they set off, "just have another look Mum, to be sure". But no, school was officially open and off they went. Mark was going out so he did the school drop off while I sat at home gazing out of the window. I've zoomed in a little, but this is the view from my corner of the settee.
Friday is usually my guaranteed day of being 'home alone' and I look forward to it all week. So I don't mind admitting I was slightly peeved when Mark was back home by 9.15am because he couldn't get onto the motorway. Then at 11am there was a phone call from Thomas' school to collect him because he was complaining of a sore throat, followed by a text at lunchtime from Amy saying they were all being sent home and could she have a lift. So the weekend began early here at Number 38!


The snow has all gone and so has Thomas' sore throat. I've no idea why the teacher rang me, they usually make the children persevere to the end of the day regardless of how ill they are.

Amy is in school this morning for a 3 hour maths session. She's gone off quite happily with her friend, the incentive to giving up her Saturday morning is the fact they've all been allowed to order pizza from Dominos for their lunch.

My jigsaw is finally complete. This one has taken longer to do than usual because I've been sewing and knitting.
Speaking of which, the sewing machine has been put away now and I expect it'll be a few weeks before the urge to get it out again takes over. Knitting seems to be my thing at the moment, these teddies are so easy to make it's a shame not to have one on the needles. And I've also finished The Ice Twins today which was very good indeed, even if it was a little spooky. 
And 'Project 3D Solar System' is underway. Believe it or not, these balls of fondant icing are planets. I really didn't want the mess of papier mache and buying different sized Styrofoam balls would have mounted up price-wise, so I went for what I thought was an inspirational but cheap option of ready roll icing. I'll give them a couple of days to dry out then Thomas can paint them and stick them onto some black card in their orbit positions. 
Mum came down and her and Thomas got the chess set out. It's been a while since he's played but he remembered all the moves. They both get really engrossed in this game and they played for an hour. 


Happy Mother's Day to everybody. Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing day.

I got cards, a rose and a DVD that I'd dropped hints about since seeing it on Sadie's blog. 

Rachel at Eternally 28 wrote a post today about Mother's  Day which also rings true here at Number 38. No longer do Amy and Thomas jump excitedly on the bed first thing in the morning with presents and breakfast on a tray. It's all rather more subdued these days. This morning I came down and Thomas wished me Happy Mother's Day, but didn't look up from his computer and Amy rolled out of bed an hour later to watch me unwrap her present, then she rolled straight back in again. 

I honestly don't mind though, I'm here, they're here and I know there are plenty of people out there who have no Mum to celebrate today with and Mum's who have children no longer with them. I'm blessed to have both. 

On a more upbeat note, this had me in stitches. Thomas has a cracking sense of humour and comes out with some classic one liners which have us all laughing.
We've been to see Joan and took her some toffees. The staff were handing out glasses of wine and bitter to all the residents as it was a special day. You'd think a little tipple would keep them quiet all afternoon, but I don't think it'll make any difference really as they had to wake most of them up to give them the drink!

Matthew and Sophie popped round in the afternoon with this lovely basket and a bottle of champers, which me and Matthew drank there and then! Sophie has her scan tomorrow and they'll find out whether it's a blue or pink baby. We are all really excited to find out.
And that's it for now. I was going to watch my DVD before Call The Midwife but I've run out of time. I believe tonight's episode is going to be a real tear jerker so I have my tissues at the ready. 

Back tomorrow. 



  1. I am pig sick with jealousy over your snow. Not a flake here, not a poxy flake! I am fed up with living in the tropical corner of the UK, we never get proper snow any more :O(

    Love your little planets, so cute. I took the polystyrene ball route when Violet had to do the planets, though the sun was made of papier mâché (actually, kitchen roll) and then a whole lot of glitter. Told Bill that the next time I come up with a brilliant idea with paper, glue and glitter, to just remind me of all the mess made last time. There was also a wooden construction to hang the stupid planets from. Dear God! Why?!

    I am keen to know your views on the film. I was in tears minutes in. Just so frustrating and emotional. Brilliant, but sad. I felt it sort of touched on other issues not just the one of voting, but just barely. The way the suffragettes were treated by the police was so shocking. I didn't expect to see that.

    Love the sentiments in the card! ha ha! Kids! Totally corking. Violet had written a list of things about me (apparently), but had missed out the 'shouting, telling me off, being moody/bossy' parts. I appreciated that!

    Hope you had a gorgeous Mother's day. xx

    1. I know how you feel. We seem to have missed out on most of the snow this year so Friday was a big surprise.

      I try not to use glitter any more, I don't mind the mess it causes, but I go around with a sparkling face for days after. I wish the teachers would stop with these projects. Thomas has no interest whatsoever in them, but panics about getting into trouble if he doesn't take one in.

      I was going to watch the film yesterday but ran out of time. Amy wants to watch it with me so I'm hoping to settle down with her tonight. I'll let you know what I think.

      The thing about children is they just say it as it is don't they. Whether we want to hear it or not. But there's always something they come out with that makes me laugh.

      I had a lovely day thank you. And I thought about you while drinking the champers with Matthew :) xx

  2. Hahahahaha love Thomas's card! Did he forget to put 'your son' after his name?!! Hahahahaha it's made me laugh!!
    My little Y1 nephew wrote in my sisters card
    To mummy
    I really love you and I'll love you until you die.

    1. Haha, no he didn't sign off 'your son' which is very unusual. That's so funny what your nephew put. Sometimes Thomas will bring up death and after the obigitory "I don't want you to die", he'll then go on to say what he's having of ours after we've gone. The house is a definite but he's willing to split the cash with Amy and Matthew! xx

  3. When you said you'd finished The Ice Twins I thought you were knitting some pale blue/white sparkly teddies!!!! Sounds like you've had a great day xx well deserved

    1. Haha, no but sparkly teddies sound fun. I knitted something with a silver thread in it once and it was lovely. Just realised my blue and red teds match the book Liz sent to me. I'm debating what colour to do next. Might go for something a bit paler. xx

  4. Happy Mother's Day! It's on May 8th here. Love the flowers you received, and the card from Thomas. I just checked and we have had 1.8cm of snow since January 24th. That's unheard of. Everybody keeps saying 'When are we going to pay for this'? Eastern Canada have had tons of the white stuff, they must have got our share as well-we're not complaining!! Although the farmers do complain because they say they need the moisture.

    1. Thank you Janice. I had a quiet but lovely day. It snowed pretty much all day here on Friday and I think we had about 3 inches, but as fast as it came it disappeared. It had all melted by Saturday morning and we had blue sky and sunshine. No wonder we British talk about the weather so often, it goes from one extreme to another in such a short space of time. I hope that's it for you as well although I can understand the farmers wanting it.

      Mother's Day seemed too early this year, I wasn't really ready for it and Easter will be here before we know it as well. Everything happening so soon seems to make the time fly by, just wish things would slow down a little. xx

  5. Great message in the card from Thomas. I like the fact that you are making a potentially edible solar system!

    1. It crossed my mind to do cake pop planets but rolling icing was much easier. Thomas will be painting them this week, under duress, as he's not really keen on doing anything like that. I'm going to get it done sooner rather than later so it's out of the way. xx

  6. Cake pop planets? Sugarpaste solar system? That's way out of my league but such great ideas. Love the comment in the card. Bet that went down well with your mister! One of my cards simply said, 'From Golden Boy, your favourite'. Ha, only as long as he keeps churning out the bakes!