Friday, 19 February 2016

Tray Bake Trial Run

The meal last night was lovely. Although Matthew pops in to see us every now and then we've not seen Sophie since before Christmas so it was nice to catch up with her. She has the neatest tiniest bump I've ever seen, unlike me, who looked like a whale at 3 months in both pregnancies. They bought Amy a lovely pen which is very apt as she's always writing something or other .
Amy does her food tech practical exam next week - the real thing - so today she did a trial run of her tray bake. She's a bit of a messy worker with no concept of tidying up as she goes along. They get marks for putting their hair up and washing their hands so I'm sure there'll be marks for wiping and clearing as you go, although Amy assured me there isn't and she'd tidy up at the end.
They have 5 hours to do their bake and she had the sponge, jam and creme pat done and dusted in the first 90 minutes. The lemon curd gave her a bit of trouble but she cracked it in the end and although her meringues tasted lovely she needs to work on her piping skills and try and get them a similar size.
They've been told marks are based on skills used and the difficulty level of making each thing, with not much emphasis on taste. Which is probably a bonus. Not that there's anything wrong with what she's made, in fact individually it all tasted delicious, but the lemon curd and jam combination was a bit sickly.
At least it will be one exam out of the way. And I think this will be her one and only trial run thank goodness because my kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it when she'd finished. The plus side is, if it all goes to plan on the day, she'll have plenty of time to wash up.  

In between popping in and out of the kitchen to see what's been happening I've done another teddy face and made up 10 pencil cases.
Tomorrow I'll pop into Middleton to see if I can find some more stationery. There seems to be a shortage in Middleton and Bury of small rulers, pencil sharpeners and notebooks so I'm not sure if it will be a successful shopping trip or not; I can but try.



  1. hmm. food tech. Clearly, I need to encourage Violet towards that option when the time comes! I could do with someone else in the house to do some cooking now and then.

    Got to say, that looks rather yummy. Amy should be proud! You too. You give a lot of encouragement :O)

    Lovely pen. I think it's perfect for a 16th, when the recipient writes a lot. Makes me think of an amusing little tale. Bill wanted to buy me a pen as a wedding present. Hs! I suggested we didn't get married if he thought I was a pen kind of girl. I got my Jimmy Choos and the wedding went ahead! ;o)

    1. I don't actually know what she's done on the course to be honest. If she's made 6 things its as much. It does look nice, but it's really sickly.

      The pen is perfect for Amy, an absolutely spot on gift. I can understand Jimmy Choos being more appropriate for some though. Did you wear them on your wedding day? Thank goodness Bill understood and it was a fairytale ending. xx

  2. It was called Domestic Science when I were a lass at O'Level. Totally world's apart from Miss 21's "Food Tech" lessons/exam
    I seem to recall her making the same thing with slight variations for months. I seem to recall it was a scones based thing. I was sick of the sight of them!

    1. Yes, in our domestic science lessons we actually made food. Proper things like shepherds pie, cheese & onion pie, casseroles, fish pies, scones, cakes, biscuits. Meals we could take with us when we wended our merry way into life. These days they seem to concentrate on whatever their exam is based on.

      The most pointless make she did was chicken pasta salad. She needed to take in a bought pre cooked chicken breast, tin of sweetcorn, peppers and tomatoes. The only thing she cooked at school was the pasta. Complete waste of time. It's the most pointless GCSE I've ever come across but as it's a technology school it was that, sewing or woodwork. xx

  3. I love to cook but Domestic Science bored me rigid, I had been cooking at my Grannies elbow for years and jam buns and sultana scones did nothing for me. It was called Home Economics when my younger sister did it.

    1. I learned a lot from my Mum and Nanna as well Pam. There's nothing better than being taught by the true experts. I've just remembered in our Domestic Science lessons we also had to do things like hand wash jumpers, iron a shirt and darn a sock. We also had sewing lessons and in the first term we had to make our PE skirts. Sadly even though they purport to be bringing these skills back into schools the lessons are sadly lacking. It's certainly a far cry from how you or I were taught. xx