Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sweet Sixteen

As of 7.13pm Amy was sixteen years old. How she's gone from being a doll like 5lb 6oz bundle to a 5'4" 16 year old who can make me laugh or annoy me in a split second is beyond me. And how I've gone from being in my early 30's to my late 40's so quickly is quite scary. What's even scarier is when Thomas is 16, I'll be 54! Anyway, moving on quickly. 
Today there were balloons
Cake with sparklers 
Cake for breakfast
And half eaten cake with the remaining sparklers lit when Aunty Edith came.

There was a visit from Grandma and lots of cards, gifts and money. 
And tonight there was a meal in Manchester with Matthew and Sophie. She's doing her own thing with friends on Saturday and although we offered to take her friends out with us, she just wanted a family meal. 

I went down memory lane for 10 minutes and got her baby box out. The lemon outfit is what she came home from hospital in and the little shoes were the first pair she had when she was about 6 months old
There are scan pictures (quite a few as I had a scan every few weeks), her birth tag, name tag, a ribbon and flower from her christening cake and the thread I was stitched up with after the section! All these things I can remember as clearly as though I'd given birth to her today.
I also came across an English book from when she was 6. Always brought up to tell the truth I love how she says school is 'a bring place' (boring place)! I think she ran out of time because knowing Amy she was about to write.... do this, do that.
And I love this little photograph album. It's full of the sweetest pictures of her (biased I know), from when she was about 3 years old.
Last night we got her to check what she can legally do now that she's 16. Here goes. She can buy a lottery ticket, ride a moped, get married with our permission, leave home, although she was quick to point out we can't throw her out. 

She can consent to her own medical and dental procedures, have sex, join the armed forces (with consent), earn minimum wage, buy premium bonds, invest in a cash ISA, order her own passport, drink alcohol in a pub with a meal but not buy the drink herself.

Quite randomly she can also fly a glider. Which is nearly as random as me keeping my C-section suture thread. And which, being the nosey parker I am, makes me want to know if there's anything you've kept as a memory that might seem quite strange to other people.



  1. My twins just turned 16 in January. It's crazy to think that they can be on their own in 2 years. On their birthday this year I made a list of all the things I want to make sure to teach them between now and then. I'm so excited for their future, but selfishly wish that time would slow down a little. Some times I want to strangle them, but most of the time they are truly wonderful and I will be so sad when they go off on their own. I really enjoy reading about your little family. There is so much love in that home - it really is beautiful.

    1. Twins! I always wanted twins, one of each. Happy Belated Birthday to them :) I can relate to everything you've said about time slowing down and yes, as much as Amy can have her moments they are few and far between and she really is a lovely girl and no trouble to us at all.

      I'm going to have to make a conscious effort now to let her become more life savvy if you know what I mean. She's pretty independent but there are some things she still needs to get to grips with and I'm going to have to let her learn how to do them without jumping in to help all the time.

      Your comment about our family is lovely, thank you. xx

  2. I share today a birthday with Amy today, the 18th.
    I can remember my sixteenth quite well although it is oh so many years ago.
    Happy Birthday Amy and a wonderful year ahead.
    Pam in TX.xx

    1. Happy Birthday Pam. Hope you had a lovely day as well :) Amy is quite thrilled that she has a birthday buddy in America. She'll be wanting to celebrate over there with you next year! And I daren't tell Thomas. He wants to work in the Greater Manchester Police Force but live in America. Not sure how that will work out haha. Yes, 16 is a distant memory for me as well. xx

  3. aw, happy birthday Amy.
    Yes, how quickly the years go by is a scary, scary thing.

    I have the name tags from the hospital. I had stitches, but not in my lower tum area (TMI), so they were not kept! ha ha. Bill has her belly button clamp complete with gunky umbilical stump thing attached. I find it vile, so haven't looked at it since, not sure Violet will want to look at it at any point either. I've kept all of her baby teeth. They are wrapped up in envelopes or tissue, and every now and then I find one when looking for something else. Freaks me out every time.

    Best thing I kept was one of her curls. When she was young, her hair curled gorgeously right at the ends. I cut one off, tied it up ,and have this perfectly formed curl. Now her hair grows like mine, dead straight and boring, not a curl in sight.

    Thanks for sharing so many pics of such a special day. xxx

    1. That made me laugh Sadie re the baby teeth. My HG has kept them all. A hideously gruesome tub of teef in his wardrobe.
      It's not so much, Suzanne of what I kept, it's how much I kept.
      Basically, apart from a few clothes I passed on and sold along the way....... I'VE GOT IT ALL!!!
      Pram, cot - though my sister had a loan of that for a few years, steam steriliser, baby bath, bottles, bottle warmer, clothes, shoes, toys etc etc etc.

    2. Rachel! I'm laughing my head off here at what you've kept and have to ask the question Why? Also, where do you keep it all? Do you want to pass them on to your two or can you just not bear to give them away. I think I might have Amy's crib in the loft, (it was a lovely rocking thing with a canopy, think fairytale princess), but I'm not even sure about that. I could have given it away to charity in one of my many de-cluttering moments. I can't believer you've still got everything. Makes my suture threat look quite paltry. I'm well impressed lol. xx

    3. Bill would be in good company with my mum. She kept my stumpy thing which was tied with a piece of string. She'd get it out occasionally and it was a dried up shrivelled pea type thing. I'll have to ask if she's still got it. I often thought, why not a tooth or lock of hair lol.

      I have quite a few teeth from the kids but not all of them and I couldn't tell you if they're Amy's or Thomas' as they've all got mixed up in my jewellery box. I've got curls as well and I'm sat here now wondering where they are. xx

  4. Grrrr cut myself off before I finished!
    What an absolutely beautiful young lady you have raised. She deserves a lovely birthday and such a cutie at 3 with those curls!

    1. Aww, thanks Rachel. She's not bad lol. Her hair has gone darker but those curls are still there. She can't have it cut short as it's too curly. Not so cute at 16! xx

  5. Lovely post - lovely memories. We have a memory box very similar to yours (without the C section thread, wasn't offered mine!),home from hospital outfit, scans, first shoes etc.

    1. They're lovely to get out every now and then and look at aren't they. Thomas' is in the loft, I need to get it down, and his has a tiny nappy in it. I'm always amazed at how small it is and how it was huge on him for the first couple of weeks. xx

  6. Happy belated birthday wishes to Amy. I know what you mean about cookery in school these days. It seems to be a bit of a half-hearted attempt, not the real life skills that they really need. It would be easier to say what I haven't kept. Little jars with curls, teeth, hospital tags... I've even got a little packet of staples!! (Used instead if sutures!) The loft is full of toys, rocking horse, swinging crib, Lego, playmobil, children's books etc etc. I lie in bed at night and think of all that stuff in the loft and wonder that it's a miracle the roof doesn't cave in!

    1. Hi Alison, Amy says "thank you" for the birthday wishes :) You are spot on with cooker lessons being a half hearted attempt. Taking the course certainly hasn't set her up for life that's for sure.

      Oohh you sound like Rachel at Eternally 28. She's kept loads of stuff as well. There's no way I'd get rid of a rocking horse, I love them. I got rid of all Amy's stuff when she was about 2, determined I was never having another baby (she was a nightmare), then had to buy everything again when Thomas came along! I have to say though, second time around I didn't spend anywhere near as much or buy as much stuff either. You live and learn as they say.

      I had staples when I had my ectopic and thought they'd do the same again after the C-sections, but they reverted to good old needle and thread which seemed really old fashioned. xx