Saturday, 27 February 2016

Quiet Saturday

There's nothing much to report today.

Amy has been ice-skating with her friends and they're back here now waiting for a Dominos delivery.

Thomas has bought some sort of add on package for an Xbox game which has kept him busy.

Mum came down for a coffee. 

I've been to the post office, the chemist for my prescription and Sainsburys for a few bits.

And this photo pretty much sums up the rest of the day.
Hope you've all had a good Saturday.



  1. It's been good! I'm watching Back in the time for the weekend, it's the 80s. Taking me back!
    We've been out, not far, had brunch out. Seen my dad. I've made the lamb kofta curry from scratch from that sainsburys magazine using the freshest ingredients from Aldi! It's actually not bad fat/calorie wise and so tasty!
    But mostly sitting down chilling!!

    Perfect X

    1. I watched the Back in time for dinner series and really enjoyed it. I'll have to find the weekend one. Your Saturday sounds lovely. Unusually we didn't have a take-away, it was a 90 minute delivery time, so I rustled up my own curry instead which wasn't half bad,even though I say so myself. xx

  2. a quiet Saturday is a good Saturday in my view. ooh, is that a spot of afternoon tea I see there? Lovely.

    We've had a quiet day too. Bill went off to see his mother as usual, I've cleaned the house and changed sheets as things have been neglected for the past couple of days, and Violet has been playing with loom bands and lego friends stuff.
    McDonalds for tea. I'm going to read a bit of '25 beautiful homes' magazine and then go to bed early. A good day :O)


    1. It was a spot of the old afternoon tea. Just for me and Mark though, as Amy had gone ice skating. We had it while watching Mr Selfridge, a perfect combination!

      Yes, it only takes a couple of days for things to get behind on the household front doesn't it, especially if there's a poorly little one who needs your attention.

      Your Saturday sounds pretty relaxed which is always good. Did Bill have his usual Mickey Mouse Clubhouse haha? xx

  3. I like the look of your quiet Saturday. Mine featured a charity shop drop off (the last of my aunt's stuff) and a very delicious blueberry and lavender cocktail.

    1. Ooh, Cocktails. Now that does sound a good Saturday. Did you make it yourself or did you go out for a treat? If you made it yourself, will you post the recipe, it sounds delicious.

      Glad to hear you've finally worked your way through your Aunt's things. It's hard going isn't it. I expect you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. xx

  4. I had a busy Saturday, housewiffery stuff in the morning and gardening in the afternoon. I did manage knitting in the evening, I have been watching the "Back in time" programs, lots of memories there. I still have jacket with huge shoulder pads and loads of heavy embroidery, one day I will do a make over job on it.

    1. Hi Pam. Sounds like you had a full but productive Saturday. My gardening consists of pots and I don't usually do those until May, but in April we generally have a tidy of the shed, paint the decking, wash down the patio etc. Actually they're mostly Mark's jobs and I provide the coffee!

      I watched the back in time for dinner series which was really interesting. Haven't seen the back in time for weekend ones yet. I wore padded jackets as well and always wore tights with little bows or designs at the back of the heel. It was very Dynasty meets Diana back in the day. xx